Details of Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler’s Split Emerge: Custody Requests, Cheating Allegations, “Misconduct” Accusations & More

Time to lay it all on the table…

A day after announcing their plans to split after 10 years together, details about Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s divorce have begun to unfold, including custody plans, alleged prenuptial requests and accusations of “misconduct” within the marriage. 

While the Very Cavallari couple claimed they were walking away from their marriage amicably, The Sun broke the news on Monday that things between Jay and Kristin are already getting messy, beginning with custody plans for their three young children Camden, Jaxon and Saylor.

In Jay’s complaint for divorce, filed April 21, he cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the couple’s split, which he said made “further cohabitation improper and impossible.” Jay went on to claim in the documents that he has “always been the available at-home parent and primary caretaker” of the couple’s three children and is asking that he and Kristin share joint custody. 

In Kristin’s counterclaim, however, she denied that Jay “has always been the available at-home parent and primary caretaker of the parties’ minor children” and went on to argue that “she has been the primary residential parent and that she is the fit and proper person to be named Primary Residential Parent.” 

With Kristin’s requests, she would be awarded primary custody and Jay would receive “reasonable periods of parenting time” with the children. 

In addition to denying Jay’s parenting claims, The Sun reports that Kristin filed papers Friday claiming that Jay “is guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as renders further cohabitation unsafe and improper” — insinuating that Jay had been unfaithful during their marriage.

(As fans of ‘Very Cavallari’ may recall, Jay was involved in a cheating scandal with one of Kristin’s friends on the show last year; however, all parties– including Kristin– denied the rumor at the time.)

Along with primary custody, Kristin is requesting that Jay pay child support and for the children’s health insurance. As for herself, she is asking that the court make equitable division of the couple’s assets and liabilities — including those accumulated during their marriage by Jay through the NFL — and that Jay maintain life insurance coverage, with her as the sole beneficiary.

Kristin is also asking for “further and general relief to which she may be entitled.” 

“Read the shirt, Jay… I deserve this!”

According to The Blast, Kristin signed a prenuptial agreement and Jay wants to ensure that it is enforced when the couple legally part ways. The agreement, according to the site, should cover the specifics regarding child and spousal support as well as custody of the children. 

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  1. The “consciously uncoupling” attitude lasted less than 24 hours lol. Theres going to be drama with this divorce, even though a prenup was in place, because Kristen Cavallari is involved.

    I wonder how much Jay retiring from the NFL and Kristen wanting to pursue business opportunities mattered in their relationship dynamic? He was just sitting at home all day not having any goals.

    As others have pointed out, she got pregnant very quickly after a breakup. Who knows how long they’ve been unhappy and even if the cheating rumors with Kelly are even true.

  2. Prenup provisions about custody and child support aren’t enforceable since they may not be in the child’s best interests. You’d think their lawyers would have known that (unless the site is wrong about that being in there).

    1. I bet that extra 3 weeks they had to spend together on the same island and at the same hotel really helped that marriage out!!
      Kristen from Laguna Beach days and in interviews has always reminded me of a hugely entitled self centered, my needs come before everything else cold bitch!! She was that snotty girl in high school with her nose in the air like her stuff don’t stink bullying and making fun of others. She is a typical Bully talking how tough she is but really afraid of her own shadow!!

  3. Oh, I have a feeling that Kristen is going to make this divorce, painful for Jay.. Kristen, can play, low down and dirty.. (I sincerely doubt that Jay cheated on Kristen with Kelly. Now, I understand why Kristen made a huge issue about it on her show because she knew she was going to, divorce Jay!) I think that Jay, is happily retired from the NFL and just wants to enjoy the rest of his life, where Kristen is busy creating an empire.. Both are in different places in their lives.. I get it.. Kristen, took care of the children and held down the home when Jay was playing football, now that he has retired, she expected him to do the same for her.. Hey, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t..Stay tuned! Yikes!😬

  4. I knew this was going to get petty quick! And, that the little canned “lovingly separating” post was manufactured BS by their publicist. I wondered as successful as Kristin is why she would be asking for primary custody considering she has stated multiple times (and VERY recently) “I couldn’t do what I do & be successful if Jay wasn’t there to take care of the kids and pick them up from school”. Then, I figured it out. Child support. She has a better chance of getting it if she is the primary custodial parent versus joint custody. While she is worth at least 3.5 million (I think more) Apparently, Jay is worth 60 million!

  5. Well, there goes any chance of this not being a super messy divorce. Now i’m curious in knowing how legit the Kelly “rumors” were….was he actually cheating with her? or with someone else?

  6. Marriage is an old antqued concept that doesn’t work anymore with the ages that people live to. It’s totally unrealistic that two people are going to stay married until one of them dies, when people are living to 90 a 100 and beyond. This idiotic concept was thought of when people were old at 30. Such a waste of time to get married. The majority that get married now, will not last until one dies.

    1. Wow, you sound super bitter! There are plenty of people in recent generations who have stayed together for 50+ years. Some people work through issues because they dont feel like relationships are disposable 🙄.

    2. I could respect you not wanting marriage but insulting everyone with a marriage license was rude and uncalled for. Just because you believe that doesn’t mean we all do. I’m sorry you’re too difficult (that’s very obvious by your post) for anyone to put a ring on it. Bitter, party of one!

    3. Marriage was originally derived as a business concept where the man tends to the fields and the women tend to the kids. Families merged thru marriage. However, ever since marriage was developed about 100 years ago where both partners had to be head over heels in love with each other is when it falls apart for many. The expectation that a married couple has to be in love all the time is what isn’t realistic. You have ups and downs in marriage. It isn’t for everyone. However, it is very positive for many people. My parents’ marriage lasted 55 years until my mother passed from cancer and they would have stayed married to the end. And they had a lot of ups and downs that they chose to stick thru. It isn’t true to say marriage has no value. Many people benefit from it and others don’t. Neither should be judged.

  7. Yes, and this is why I never believe it when couples use the term “lovingly separate” (or something of the sort). That sounds like a NASTY divorce. And Kristin wants him to maintain life insurance with her as the beneficiary?? I’m sorry, what?!? I have seen Forensic Files, Kristin, I know what you are planning 🧐. But in all seriousness, your CHILDREN should be beneficiaries, ya greedy witch.

    1. Hahahaha, correct! Yes, kids should be beneficiaries (in trust if under 18)….if they’re divorcing Kirstin should be removed.
      I don’t watch their show but sounds messy…

    2. Yeah that’s very odd. If they are divorced and he dies why on earth should she get anything, especially if by the time that happens he’s with someone else. Should go to the kids only

    3. I could think nothing but the word GREED when reading that she wanted to be the beneficiary of his life insurance! #teamjay

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