Jon Gosselin Criticizes Ex-Wife & Registered Nurse Kate Gosselin for Not Returning to Work During Pandemic: “They Need People on the Front Line”

“Get to work Kate… without the camera crew!”
“Wait…is that even possible?”

Jon Gosselin is calling out his ex-wife and former Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star Kate Gosselin for not returning to work as a registered nurse during the current C0VID-19 pandemic. 

In fact, in a new interview with The Sun, Jon says he has no idea what Kate is doing to make ends meet, following TLC canceling Kate Plus 8 last year.

“I have no idea what she’s doing for work,” Jon—who works as an IT specialist in a hospital– told the site. “I mean you think – as she claims she has her nursing license – that she’d be on the front line. That would be a good idea. Just saying.” 

“Ooh, this sounds like it would make for a great ‘Kate Plus 8’ special! What do you think, TLC?”

The Sun confirmed that Kate’s nursing license is listed as “active” and set to expire at the end of 2021. 

Jon, who is no stranger to throwing his ex under the proverbial bus whenever he sees an opportunity to do so, went on to compare Kate to his girlfriend Colleen Conrad, a nurse who has worked consistently throughout the pandemic.

“When you see nurses and doctors like Colleen, it’s a calling … it’s like this inner thing,” Jon said. “Or even our [Chief Medical Officer] here, she’s like, ‘I got sick and I can’t wait to go back to work.’ Because she’s devoted to her patients. And then you [have people who] talk, like my ex wife: ‘Well I was a nurse and this and that.’ So there’s people that talk about it and then there’s people that talk about it and actually do it. 

“So if I can call her out right now: If you say you’re this person, then why aren’t you doing something,?” Jon continued, referencing comments Kate has made previously about nursing being her calling. “There’s people dying who need nurses, they need people on the frontline.” 

Jon went on to mention retired healthcare workers coming out of retirement “with no [Personal Protective Equipment] or nothing and just being next to people dying in the hospital.” He said while Colleen, a mental health practitioner, is “on the front lines every day,” he said his job often requires him to go into clinical settings and infected rooms, all of which he considers just part of the job. 

“Maybe I touch keyboards that might be infected – I just put my hand sanitizer on and put a mask on,” he said. “It is what it is. It’s your job, you got to do what you gotta do.” 

” …and that includes throwing some shade at my ex-wife here and there.”

Jon told the site that he and Colleen purchased a tent in case either of them become infected and have to self-isolate from their children. (Jon currently has two of his eight kids– Collin and Hannah— in his custody, and Colleen has kids of her own as well.)

According to The Sun, representatives for Kate have yet to comment on Jon’s latest claims, while Kate herself has remained quiet on social media since October 2019. 

Kate’s social media hiatus came shortly after Jon spoke out publicly about some of his children (the ones in Kate’s custody) appearing in a ‘Kate Plus 8’ special on TLC. In February it was reported that Kate was being investigated by the Department of Labor after allowing her minor-aged children to film the special without acquiring work permits. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; The Ashley) 


  1. Seriously…she hasn’t been a nurse since over a decade. Shes not even qualified to do that anymore…so stfu Jon. Since his ten year gag order lifted hes not shut up about Kate since.

  2. I have never been a Kate fan. I find she is very disrespectful to her children and the way she just put Collen in a school and didn’t visit. It was as if he didn’t exist what a shame. I am glad Jon has him and he seems happy.

  3. First I want to thank you and Colleen for helping us all be safe.I live in Berks County and just wanted to Thank ever person in the medical community for putting your life in danger to protect us all.
    God Bless

  4. First I want to thank you and Colleen for helping us all be safe.I live in Berks County and just wanted to Thank ever person in the medical community for putting your life in danger to protect us all.
    God Bless

  5. Kate hasn’t worked as a nurse in how many years?! I’m not sure she would even be qualified and what about the health and safety of the other children? I’m by no means a fan of Kate but, Jon…really?

  6. Jon’s rant was unnecessary. Per Jon, Kate, who has 4 minor kids she still cares for, must go back to work at a hospital. And it shouldn’t matter whether or not the hospital has proper PPE? That’s just irresponsible.

    Kate hasnt worked as a nurse in a decade, and that’s her decision. Jon needs to stop obsessing and talking about Kate. If it concerns their kids, talk to a lawyer.

  7. Is Jon Gosselin being paid for all his hateful comments against his ex wife. Also I’m seeing pictures of his 2 underage children. Hey Johnny – practice what you preach.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    He is such a bitch! Man, pay child support for all them children you left her with!

  9. Ummm. She has kids to take care of. Wtf? He needs to piss off. I don’t like her either, but I think he’s way worse.

  10. 1: he’s just hoping she gets sick
    2: she does have primary custody of a bunch of their kids, so putting herself at risk is also putting the kids at risk
    3: many employers (in MI) are letting the employees decide if they want to work or if they feel that quarantine is better for personal situations.
    4. At least in Michigan, bc elective surgery is put on hold, many of our healthcare workers are not actually working in their normal facilities. My ex husband is an lpn and typically works in gastro. They are pretty closed down, so they sent him to work in assisted living. I’m in Retina ( Ophthalmology) and I went from 40 hrs a week to 30 ( bc we are limiting cases based on severity)

    1. I’m not sure what part of MI you’re from, but Beaumont Hospitals sent letters to all their nurses stating that if they don’t work, they will be fired. Some nurses are being shifted to other departments, but don’t have a choice if they end up on a COVID floor.

  11. I am not a Kate apologist but I don’t think she can be made out to be a bad guy over this. She hasn’t worked as a nurse in many years AND she has children to which she is the primary care giver that she needs to protect. His children. If she isn’t working what business is it of his. If her kids are taken care of and her bills are paid so what.

  12. He’s trying to kill her LOL…if she doesn’t want to work then she doesn’t have to work…Mind your business sir.

    1. Sick and tired of Johnny’s comments concerning his ex wife. Also why is he allowed to show pictures of his 2 children. How much is he being paid? Maybe Kate needs to take him to court banning him of showing pictures of their 2 that live with him.

  13. Why is this even worthy of an article here? Why give these irrelevant people a platform at all, especially for total BS like this?

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