Jon Gosselin Says He’s “Absolutely Furious” That Kate Gosselin Allowed Their Minor Children to Appear on Recent ‘Kate Plus 8’ Special

Jon and Kate Plus 8, Minus 1 Gag Order

Jon Gosselin wasn’t too happy about his kids appearing on a recent Kate Plus 8 special on TLC… and he’s even less thrilled with the person who allowed it to happen. (Spoiler alert: it was his ex-wife Kate.) 

According to MSN, Jon’s anger was rooted in the fact that a judge previously ruled that filming is not good for the couple’s eight children. 

“I’m furious, absolutely furious,” Jon told DailyMailTV. “[The network] didn’t care. It’s really upsetting that big business and big corporations go do whatever they want, against a parent’s legal right.”

“The judge and the guardian ad litem both agreed that it wasn’t in my children’s best interest to be filmed, but my ex-wife and TLC had other ideas,” he continued. “They put profits and ratings ahead of the well-being of my children and filmed illegally without work permits.” 

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As The Ashley told you last month, a ‘Kate Plus 8’ special focusing on Jon and Kate’s 18-year-old twins Cara and Mady was filmed and went on to air October 1. While the twins (and Kate, of course) were the main focus of the special, Alexis, Aiden, Joel and Leah—the four underage kids that live with Kate—also appeared on the TLC special. Hannah and Collin, the children who live with Jon, did not participate in filming.  

The TLC special was made despite a judge ruling in 2018 that the minor children (the sextuplets) were not permitted to film, according to DailyMailTV. 

In September, Jon told Us Weekly that he fears for his children’s safety. 

“I do know what [Kate’s] capable of, whether it’s mental or physical [abuse],” he previously said. “I have two kids in my house who left a whole pile of money behind. They left fame and money and came to my house. They left it all behind.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that!”

At the time, Jon claimed that other kids no longer want to be on television but continue to do so “because they feel they need to provide a lifestyle for their mother.” 

“They don’t want to film,” he added. “They said they have to film. That’s heartbreaking. Why do my kids need to provide for themselves? They’re kids.” 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Boo Effing Hoo. This creep hasn’t paid a DIME in child support. He didn’t work for the longest time. When the network didn’t want him for the show anymore, that’s when he didn’t want his kids to be filmed. Like Kate or not, she had 8 kids to take care of without any help from their father. So this little worm needs to crawl back in his hole. When he pays for all his kids, and not just the 2 who started staying with him who don’t need daycare, diapers, etc, and what it cost Kate all those years, then he has a right

  2. That’s right. Jon decided around the time of the divorce, that the kids didn’t need to be filmed. I agree with him about that. Kate has had enough time in the spotlight. She needs to go away.

  3. I never liked Kate either, but I’m confused. If Jon only has visitation with the other four underage children, what right does he have to dictate what goes on under their mother’s roof?

    If he has such a problem with it, he should take Kate to court to retain custody of them.

    1. Physical and legal custody are seperate issues. Aside from that, even if he has limited legal custody it would make sense that he’s upset that their legal custodian is making poor choices on his kids’ behalf. It also sounds like he had a judge’s ruling backing him up, but who knows.

      1. I think he did, but I’m sure either.

        I don’t blame him for his feelings either. But as the father, he should have taken further precautions to prevent what happened from happening. Sometimes a parent has to do what the child NEEDS as opposed to what they WANT. But Jon doesn’t want to disrupt the lives they are used to.

  4. She’s not above the the law, court orders, should be accountable for her actions.

    Yet use to getting away with not following the rules, taking responsibility for her actions.

    This example it’s only going to penalize the children in the future, if Mom don’t have to obey why do we??

    Sad situation, good luck Jon

  5. THis would be funny it’s were werent said sad…this dead beat dad would had no job so he couldnt pay child support didn’t want the kids on tv. Would he prefer the streets or foster care?. what a low life.

  6. The fact that he got his son out of the institution that his abusive ex wife sent him too,makes Jon the better parent in my eyes. He got off of the heavy unnecessary medication and the kid look a million times better and happier. Kate is pure evil, how could anyone who works for tlc not call cps on her. Things about her have leaked over the years like having a special wooden spoon for hitting the sextuplets with, putting one of the boys noses in their own waste during toilet training etc

  7. I love how Kate is nice and dry secured under the umbrella while the kids huddle and looks like at least 1 doesn’t get to fit under. So much motherly love.

  8. Of course the kids filmed. No one wants to watch Kate. No one has ever wanted to watch Kate. The only thing special about her is her children. Those kids have been supporting themselves since they were 18 months old.

    But also, Jon, shhhhhh. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by airing this publicly. The kids deserve so much better than Jon, Kate, and their non-stop toxicity.

  9. The 2 kids living with him still have their money safely in a trust, just like the other kids.

    I really doubt TLC would violate a court order.

  10. Just saw he’s a “DJ.” His name is John “The G” Gosselin or something equally hilarious. He needs to grow the hell up. There’s nothing more pathetic than seeing a grown ass man acting like he’s in his early 20’s.

    1. He is a party dj, big deal. He is not trying to book clubs. Who cares what he does for a living? At least he is not sitting around trying to get his kids to do cartwheels on tv to make money

    1. He’s a deadbeat dad that’s constantly reminding everyone that two of his EIGHT kids now live with him as if that proves he was never a lazy deadbeat dad sleeping around with young girls and drinking while Kate earned money, and raised the kids. She had to step up because he wasn’t. She can’t raise 8 kids on a normal salary – I’m sure all the money she makes goes towards the kids and their college. God it must be expensive having so many kids. He’s always been a man child. I don’t know what Kate ever saw in him. Now he’s whining because his kids were on TV recently. At this point, after all the years those kids were on TV and he agreed to have his kids filmed the damage is done. Let Kate earn some money.

      1. “Let Kate earn some money.”

        You mean the kids. Let the kids earn some money. Kate knows that the kids are the draw. She needs them to get people to watch.

        And to be fair, Jon has been against filming for a decade now. And apparently, a judge agreed with him.

      2. What the hell rock do you live under? Kate has never made money and raised the kids. She has had HELP raising the kids since the older two were born (they in fact started hiring help when she was pregnant with them, walnut).
        Kate has relied, 100% on the money they make from being on tv and having six kids at once. He’s certainly not perfect, by a long shot. He was a horrible husband, and she a horrible wife. But he has never actually been a bad dad. She’s been a bad mom since day one, long before the younger six were ever in the picture. She’s the one that continues to drag them around, put them on tv, forces them to act. She has NEVER (and still doesn’t) raise those kids alone. She can’t even BE alone with them, because she doesn’t know how to be a parent. You should pay better attention to the interviews the older two have done-even on live tv. They all absolutely HATE being on tv all the time and having to do this shit.

        If she wants to earn some money she could always get a job like a normal human being. She has more than enough in savings, or should by now if she didn’t actually blow it all the way she does on nonsense shit. Lots of families have 6 kids ad raise them on a single salary job. It’s called having priorities and knowing how to sort them. Of course he let them film when they were little, they both did, that’s a mistake that is on the both of them. At least he was smart enough to realize what a stupid mistake that was. It’s been since decided that it’s a PROVEN bad environment for the kids. The fact that a judge had to put that down in writing FOR HER, is pretty damn pathetic. Jon may have informed the court, but the decision that it’s a bad environment for them was made long before that. The kids themselves told the judge they hate it all.

        Every penny they make now from being on tv, all the gigs she makes them do, all the specials….that’s the kids’ money, NOT hers. She can go earn money like the rest of the world does. I mean, I know it’s hard to get off your ass when your 8 children have been providing your entire livelihood since they were babies, but damn.

  11. He has said he pays no child support.none.never has.he didn’t fight for full custody.but puts her down for raising their she perfect ? No. But he was too busy wearing them tacky shirts and traveling to want to deal with 8 kids.its good money what kid would say no to that ? He is so bitter

    1. Exactly. “WHAT KIDS WOULD SAY NO TO THAT”? You just disproved your “Kate is a good mum” theory with your own question. The fact that 2 of them have finally had enough abuse from her and left all that money and fame to take shelter with their father, speaks volumes.

    2. This is simply not true, though it is in line with the stories Kate has been selling since the divorce. When they divorced in 2009, Jon was on the hook for $22,000 per MONTH, and he paid that for nearly two years. In 2011, when he’d run out of show money, the court decided that Jon would no longer need to pay support–after all, the kids were supporting themselves as well as Kate–but he did have regular visitation with all of his children and he covered their costs when they were with him. The fact is that Kate has never paid “child support” either. Without the sextuplets, there’d be no show and she’d have had to go back to nursing. It has been the kids’ marketability that has given them what they (and Kate) have.

  12. I’m gonna go the other direction and say that Jon needs to shut his thirsty trap. He can protect his kids stopping running to the media every other day. The same goes for Kate. The gag order needs to be reissued. Neither one of them are doing the kids any favors by acting like spoiled teenagers playing telephone. The only one enjoying any of this is their attorneys.

    1. I’ve stopped following them many years ago but the 2children w/Jon look happy and healthy and I’m sure a lot less stressed than the other children.
      Jon does not need to b airing his unhappiness it just feeds into Kate’s insanity.

  13. To clarify – He’s claiming they went against a judges ruling? If so, isn’t that grounds for legal action?

    I certainly agree that it isn’t in the best interest of any child to be on tv regularly/frequently. Aaron carter, Amanda Byrnes, the list goes on.

    That’s why I feel so bad for all the Teen Mom kids. Especially the ones whose parents are crazy and/or receive a lot of backlash (whether or not it’s deserved)

    1. From what I’ve been reading, yes, there was a court order and it’s public record BUT the only punishment for violating the order is a hefty fine which TLC chose to pay so they could film. It breaks down to this: TLC was willing to pay the fine because of how much the special made them in sponsorship money and ECT. Who SPONSORS this show? I want to lodge some complaints. I won’t watch TLC or MTV anymore. Both networks are making money off the backs of abused and neglected children. It’s disgusting!

  14. Kate Gosselin has always been a bitch. Early days when the sextuplets were babies she was hateful to them. She alway treated Jon like garbage. That woman cares for NO ONE BUT HERSELF AND HER HAPPINESS AT EVERYONES EXPENSE!

  15. Hilarious! Yet Jon constantly has Collin and or Hannah in front of cameras every opportunity he has. He’s just pissed he didn’t get a big pay day yet because that’s what he’s after. He’s a deadbeat dad who never paid child support and bailed on his family and left Kate the responsibility of not only financially providing, but taking care of the emotional, physical and spiritual needs as well. Now here comes Jon dressed in white on a white horse to the rescue to be the good, nice parent. Shut up and go home Jon. Kate’s not perfect but she didn’t leave her children either.

    1. The ONLY photos that you’ve seen of the two kids living with Jon have been lifted from Jon’s Instagram. They have not been sold to anyone, unlike the many photos of the children that have appeared over the years, predominantly in People Mag, Kate’s gossip rag of choice.

      It’s amazing to me that so many people have bought the “Jon is a deadbeat” or “Jon is a cheater” stories. It’s really a testament to the high-powered PR TLC has put in service of Kate all these years. Now that the gag order has been lifted, it’s time for some truth to come out.

    2. That is a lie. He paid child support for 2 years. $22,000 a month. He ran out of the money the judge said he no konger needed to pay. He posts his kids on his personal Instagram which does NOT go against that order. Jon is not a dead beat dad he did his best to take care of his kids where as Kate did NOT. She was NEVER alone. She always had help with them children.

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