Jenni Farley Allegedly Breaks Up with Boyfriend Zack Carpinello After He Was Shown Flirting with Angelina Pivarnick on Latest Episode of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’

“Oh hellllll no!”

Jenni “JWoww” Farley may have updated her relationship status to single following last night’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

According to TMZ, Jenni has allegedly ended things with her 24-year-old boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello after it was revealed on Thursday nights’ episode that he had gotten a little too close to Jenni’s roommate Angelina Pivarnick. Zack was accused of putting his arm around Angelina’s waist at a Las Vegas club, putting his hand on her leg and possibly touching her butt.

Jenni took to Instagram after the episode aired, telling her followers she was “pretty hurt” and that she felt “disrespected” by someone she believed to be a friend and by another who claimed they loved her.

“For 5 months I was kept in the dark about this,” she continued. “For 5 months I was naive, probably laughed at and made into a story line that will forever haunt me. My heart hurts on so many levels. One thing I learned from tonight’s episode is know your value. Don’t ever lower your standards.”

Before the episode aired, Angelina reposted a video teasing the drama to come between herself and Jenni this season, encouraging her followers to “all be judges for yourselves.”

Earlier on Thursday’s episode, according to People, Zack was seen grilling Angelina about the details of her sex life, which didn’t sit well with Angelina, who is currently engaged to Chris Larangeira.

“I just met you, 24, and you’re literally grilling me about my relationship with Chris,” she told producers in an interview. “Like, bro. This kid is 24 years old, he knows nothing about relationships. He’s probably been in non in his entire life. And another thing, too, he doesn’t know me. So what the f*ck is he doing? He’s such a weirdo.”

Angelina eventually directed her frustrations at the source.

“Why are you riding me about these things and you’ve only known me for 20 minutes,” she asked Zack. “From now on, my sex life is none of anyone’s business and what happens in my sex life is off-limits.”

Angelina took to Twitter as the episode aired, reiterating that Zack’s prying was “not cool,” however, Jenni soon fired back, arguing otherwise.

“Ummm you told zack about your sex life via FaceTime when we were with Lauren’s in Vegas… and also how you can’t stand Chris because he doesn’t pay attention to anything you say but I’ll save that for another day Angelina,” Jenni wrote.

In the wake of this week’s drama, Jenni’s ex-husband Roger Mathews surprisingly had some well wishes for his ex in her currently relationship.

“I want peace with my ex-wife for my kids and if there is turmoil in her life an din her household, it’s just not a good thing for our children, so I wish nothing but the best for her,” he told Us Weekly. “I wish them all well and I hope Jenni and Zack can work through their issues if they deem it worth saving. I’m focusing on myself and my children. Onwards and upwards.”

UPDATE! Zack has publicly apologized to both Jenni and Angelina. Click here to read what he wrote!

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24 Responses

  1. She feel head over heels for another man basically the minute she decided to divorce. It was obvious this one won’t last. He is way too young and probably isn’t really seeking for a relationship, he just wanted a “cougar” who he will sleep with. Also, she went public with this romance way too fast.

    Meanwhile, as much as I don’t really like Roger and think he is a tool, even if he is dating someone now, he isn’t making a big deal out of it how he moved on and is taking time to be there for his kids.

    She is 34 but she acted like a teenager. You are a mother, you need to find a guy who will be a great step father to your kids, not a boy toy!

  2. I mean, did anyone else notice how when Jenni asked 24 how his flight was, he said he couldn’t relax because the seats weren’t very good. I kinda took that as him hinting that she should’ve flown him out first class. Made me think he sees her as a sugar momma or something. There were just so many subtle little red flags like that throughout the episode and that’s BEFORE you even take into consideration how he behaved at the club and in the elevator at the end of the episode. Dude is a creep and I think he was just using Jenni for money and/or fame.

    1. Who paid for the flight though? I’m asking because I complain about the plane seats and having no leg room all the time whenever I fly but I also pay for my own tickets.

  3. Not defending Jenni in any way because karma came for her for what she did to Ronnie, involving herself in his drama and how she treats Angelina, but she has known 24 for awhile as it is her best friends little brother. He was actually at her and Roger’s wedding so he already knows her kids.

    1. Which is creepier IMO. Hey kids, it’s Uncle Zack sleeping over in Mommy’s bed! Now you will never see Uncle Zack again because we broke up and he’s a creep!

  4. … or is MTV drumming up this drama to get viewers to tune in – a little fishy since this happened five months ago. Although it’s doubtful since usually MTV does everything on the up-and-up ?

  5. Roger is so full of shit, but anyhoo…

    I’m all for getting your groove back via some new meat but this kid never seemed that into her and she just went on and on and ON about how much sex they were having, probably just to piss off Roger. I’m sure the kids will love hearing all about all the new dick mommy was getting after breaking up with daddy. Also, I always take pics with my 5 year old in front of wine bars.

  6. Even though she’s being pretty messy this season, I like Jenni. I liked her a lot the other seasons…I think she’s behaving like that because of her divorce, and misery loves company, so hopefully this is just a phase…however, I have no idea what she thought was gonna happen when she decided to date a 24 year old?? She’s a 34 divorcee with 2 kids, and thought her relationship with basically a boy would work out??

  7. I could see the uncomfortable look on Angelina’s face. Yah she didn’t push him off, but she almost looked lost. That guy is gross. He just wants his 15 mins.

  8. First of all, this is a rebound so it’s not like it was ever going to be everlasting love. This relationship had an expiration date right when it started. Secondly, if this was filmed and played out months ago on the show, why is Jenni acting like she just found out?

    1. Because she just found out via the episode that aired last night. She wasn’t present for it and believed him over Angelina, at the time.

      But what does it say about Zack that he decided Angelina’s garbage bag ass of all people.

  9. Honestly, why is she blaming Angelina, I watched Last night and it seemed like Angelina was just trying to not rock the boat, it’s not like Jenni would believe her anyways, all of those guys are super disrespectful to her, like I get it, she’s annoying, but you don’t need to be disrespectful, and honestly, they are all annoying at one point or another LOL

  10. 24 was a pig, you could tell right from the get go last night. He reminded me of a a wolf with that leering smile. He was in to Angelina almost immediately.

    Also Jenni was straight up lying to him about the thing with Jen. She started that whole thing! The way she’s acting this season, she’s making Angelina almost likeable. ?

    1. So it looked like in next week’s preview that Jenni and Angelina got into a fight over all this. I wonder if Angelina told Jenni about what happened and Jenni didn’t believe her and then she saw it for herself on last night’s episode. He came off like a slimeball anyway.

  11. All I have to say is KARMAAAAAA!!!!!! She’s a hypocrite cause all those years ago when Ron was cheating on Sam publicly on national tv and EVERYBODY in the house knew about it and not one damn person, including her “girls” Jenni and Snooki – or even Angelina – told her about it and lied straight to her face. Now she sees what it was like for Sammi so I don’t feel bad one bit ??‍♀️

    1. IIRC, Ronnie didn’t actually cheat on Sammi in that time because they were actually broken up! Not defending Ron in any way (I dislike him with a passion) but I never got it why Jenni made such a big deal because officially they weren’t together, yes, they lived together but that was just because of the show…so why did she make it look like he cheated? She basically told his (at that time ex) what he did. I think it’s no one’s business, especially your ex’s what you did when you were broken up (even if they get back together).

      Am I missing something here, did I remember it incorrectly? And as far as I know, Tom cheated on her too.

    2. Didn’t they write Sam that note that told her what was happening with Ron behind her back, and that was one of the final straws that led to Sam and Jenni fighting?

  12. He gave me the creeps the first time I saw him. The way his eyes squint and the corners of his mouth turn down when he smiles. All fake, all for the cameras. I don’t know what she saw in him.

  13. I would normally say that’s what she gets for dating someone younger but men of all ages just can’t keep the peen in the pants.

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