‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Goes on Instagram Live For First Time Since Audio Leaks; Tells Followers “People Make Mistakes,” Discusses Matt Baier Interview & More

”Member me?!”

Amber Portwood has finally resurfaced on social media, just weeks after several disturbing audio clips of her verbally and possibly physically abusing her ex Andrew Glennon were leaked.

The Teen Mom OG star jumped on Instagram Live in the wee hours of the night (around 4:30 a.m. Indianapolis time), marking the first time she’s appeared “in public” since the clips were posted. (She has been instructed by her attorneys and manager to stay off social media, but apparently Amber couldn’t help but log on.)

In the video, Amber (wearing her “Velma from ‘Scooby Doo’ glasses) thanked her followers for their support, while also shutting down rumors that she is a “sociopath” and a “psycho.” Unlike her previous Instagram Live sessions, where she bashed and even gave Andrew some thinly veiled threats, Amber was subdued in this one, talking more about her future plans and mental health.

“I’m laying low, guys, until I’m able to speak. I’m laying low,” Amber said before talking about how hard it’s been to stay off social media.

“It’s been really crazy to go through my DMs lately because of all the negativity; however, I just kind of stopped doing that. But I’ll be back in my DMs and on here talking to you guys soon, helping out with things. That’s the number one thing I love to do. I’ve definitely found peace, staying strong….I’m doing OK. I’m OK, day by day…It’s been crazy not talking to any of you guys.”

Amber stated that she is staying positive amidst all the turmoil in her life. As The Ashley previously told you, Amber is currently facing some very serious legal charges that could send her back to prison, as well as a bitter custody battle with Andrew over their son James.

“You guys know how much I appreciate all the support, especially through such hard times,” she told her fans. “It’s been crazy, it’s been a crazy life for the last couple months.”

Amber said that, despite what’s been put out there for her fans to see (and hear), she is confident that she can show them another side of her.

“I think I’m more empowered at the moment to move forward in my life and honestly show the world a whole different side of things, that will hopefully happen…” she said. “I won’t listen to the haters, don’t worry. People do judge what they don’t understand and that is OK.”

“You know I’m serious because I’ve got my Serious Spectacles on, guys!”

When some of the 1,000+ people on her Live session called her out for saying a lot of the same things she’s said in the past, Amber acknowledged that she has made some mistakes.

“Yes I have [said all this before] 10 years ago,” she said. “Like I said, people make mistakes. It’s OK. It’s called life.

“You guys know that everybody in life goes through ups and downs and we honestly just have to learn from everything that we do and move forward…and I think, you know, I think understanding is a great thing for a lot of people to learn” Amber said. “Understanding other people’s lives, and I think I’ll have my day to explain a little bit more. I don’t really know if I want to, I feel like some things are already explained.”

Here’s a breakdown of some of the other things Amber discussed in her Live session:

On her ex Matt Baier doing an interview about her with a vlogger:

“I hope that didn’t offend you, Ambuh!”

Last week, Amber’s ex-fiance went on the Without a Crystal Ball vlog to discuss his time with Amber. When Amber’s followers asked if she had watched Matt’s interview, she said she had, and gave her brief thoughts on it.

“Yeah, I did see Matt’s interview,” she said. “But there were a couple of things that were not…I don’t know if he doesn’t remember [but they] just weren’t true. But we did, uh…yeah, yeah. I didn’t like see it see it but I heard a lot about things.”

“I don’t know if Matt [was looking for clout],” she responded to a fan’s question about it. “Listen, people do what they want to do.”

On people calling her a “sociopathic psycho”:

“No I have not been diagnosed with that, I promise!” Amber said. “It’s been 10 years going to a psychiatrist, about 10 to 15 different psychiatrists and I’ve never been told I’m a sociopath.”

She later added that she hopes to one day be rid of her mental health issues, which she says include bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

“I’ve been going to a psychiatrist for 10 years, and hoping to get that cure, but as you guys know there’s just not one. Maybe one day.”

On her inability to pick a good man:

“I do pick the guys with Dad Bods, though!”

When one of her followers stated Amber has a tendency to attract narcissistic men, the ‘Teen Mom’ star denied it.

“I don’t know about that. Honestly, I think that there are really great mean out there that I do attract, I’m just a sucker for love, y’all,” she said. “I don’t know. I think I jump into relationships very fast is what I think. I think I don’t fully look at the pictures of the situation of why I’m in that relationship until it’s, I guess, too late..I will never stop loving.”

She later added, “I think certain kinds of people bring out the worst in you, not just in relationships.”

On how her mental health affects her choices:

When someone tells Amber to take responsibility for her own actions…

When some of the followers on the Instagram Live pointed out that Amber is responsible for her own behavior, she had quite a bit to say.

“Behavior is a choice. Absolutely, behavior is a choice, but mental health is not a choice,” she said. “There’s never excuses necessarily, but just understand you might be uneducated on certain things.”

She then seemed to be hinting that she wants to tell the “true” story regarding the audio leaks.

“One day I’ll be able to speak on certain things that have been brought to your guys’ attention…It doesn’t mean everything that I do I’m proud of. However, it does mean that we have choices to move forward, so that’s good.”

Amber signed off her Instagram Live session, telling her fans that she would probably not be able to get back on social media for a while.

“I love you guys. I will probably not be talking to you soon but I wanted to let you guys know that I am OK,” she said.

On Friday, she made a post to her Instagram account feed for the first time in over a month.

“But he who endures to the end shall be saved….?,” she captioned a photo.


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But he who endures to the end shall be saved….?

A post shared by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__) on

Amber is required to appear in court on October 31 for a pre-trial conference regarding her pending criminal charges.

“Defendant to be here next hearing if planning in resolving case,” court records state.

Watch Amber’s Instagram Live session below!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

76 Responses

  1. How can she parent her children is she sleeps during the day and is awake during the night?
    And James was her second chance to show the world…

  2. Team amber.

    She’s just misunderstood, she doesn’t need yall bitching, and calling her a bad mom.
    She’s never been given the chance, to show people her how she parents her kids, she loves them so much, just give her a chance, if she had Leah with her full time, she’d be even happier.

    1. Please. Ambien has had numerous chances to prove how much she values being a parent.

      Guess what? Dick was chosen over Leah. Every. Single. Time.

      Preferred crusty, disgusting, Smegma Mouth Matt dick and trips to NY, Boston and Las Vegas over taking Leah. ✅

      Preferred Hodor dick and trips to California over taking Leah. ✅

      She threw her son onto the bed for crying and laid him out on the floor for playing with the cabinets in the kitchen. Big bonus for smacking up his father while he was holding James and triple win for coming after them with a machete. ???

      There’s no misunderstanding here. She’s fucking psycho and a terrible excuse for a mother. She’s simply an egg donor and incubator.

      1. Only because Andrew and the nanny were there.

        If left to Ambien. that baby would have been left screaming in a crib from 6 am to 4 pm. She was busy sleepin’. ??☁

  3. And you’re blaming Andrew for recording her so he’d have proof?

    Let’s compartmentalize for a moment, and see if we can address just this, without discussing Amber.

    He chose his explanation for those cameras. That explanation was that he put them up for surveillance while out of town. He gave the world that explanation, of his own volition. He did not say it was for proof of abuse.

    That being said, it would seem reasonable that the owner of the house be informed of their existence and location.

    And house surveillance while traveling usually does not extend to the bedroom.

    She may have violated him, but this was a violation on his part as well.

    If he wanted the world to know he was recording abuse in order to seek help, he could have offered that explanation from the beginning. He did not.

    1. He isn’t the one who committed a crime. He doesn’t have to explain shit.

      Last I checked, Ambien didn’t own that house either. I’m pretty sure records were pulled on it and it was shown she rents it. Yup, just looked, g’head and Google “Amber Portwood rents house not owns“.

      Also, cameras aside, voice recording in Indiana is 1 party consent. The surveillance video hasn’t been released to anyone but police and lawyers.

      Victim shaming is fucked up.

  4. “I think understanding is a great thing for a lot of people to learn – understanding other people’s live.”

    Please, please, please Amber: learn to understand that children need love, attention and care. Or does “a lot of people” not include YOU?

    “I won’t stop loving.” Please, please Amber, give that love to your children.

    “I’m sure I can show my fans/the world an other side of me.”

    Please Amber, never mind your fans/the world. Show it to YOUR CHILDREN!

  5. Amber,

    calling someone a fat bitch = negativity.
    Threatening to kill someone = negativity.
    Violence = negativity.
    Not wanting to ‘watch’ (???) your own child = negativity.
    Am I wrong?

    You can prevent a pregnancy. Are you uneducated on that?
    A child needs love, attention and care. Are you uneducated on that?

  6. For many people Amber can keep quiet forever because the audio tapes have said it all.

    So instead of “sending love” and babbling on about her “beautiful souls” on Instagram (who like Jenelle’s beautiful souls basically tell her what she wants to hear), she needs to continue her search for the right psychiatrist. Clearly, after going through 10 to 15 of them (and she’s still just as erratic and unbalanced as she ever was) there has to be at least one out there who can help her with the mental illness she claims most of her haters just DON’T understand.


  7. I wonder if Amber will get the same dormitory and assigned bed unit when she returns to the Indiana Department of Corrections?

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She doesn’t “attract narcissistic men”, she’s the narcissist

    1. Seriously. Both Gary and Andrew seem like okay enough people. It’s not like a bunch of men with their shit totally together would want her. They have much better options than a lazy, abusive teen mom.

  9. Ambien is so fucking desperate for attention that even when she’s told to stay the fuck off SM because she’s proving how unstable she is with every post, she can’t help but hop on,lol, in the wee hours of the morning, no less, pronouncing “look at me, look at me!

    I’m also a big fan of, “It’s been 10 years going to a psychiatrist, about 10 to 15 different psychiatrists..” so.. clearly, not any kind of consistent treatment and with hopping this many chairs, she’s obviously avoiding dealing with what she’s being told are the issues.

    She doesn’t want help. She wants a crutch for her reprehensible behavior. She wants to bitch and moan that she wants to be cured, while doing shit to do the next best thing, manage her issues and get on some meds to help her do so.

    She should be institutionalized. She’s a danger to others. I couldn’t care less if she fucks herself up. Have at it. In the mean time though, she’s fucking up her partners who at least can defend themselves if they have to, but for God’s sake, her kids, those innocent kids don’t deserve this…. she’s 100% certifiable. She’s batshit crazy and she’s violent, and guess what? She knows it. She thrives on being like this. It is who she is. She is “rill“, hear her roar.

    If ever there was a good example of the need for forcible sterilization, this bitch is it.

        1. Hey Bruja
          Here in the Uk we’ve had torrential rain for days, my dogs are reluctant to go out.
          I need to build a damn ark lol.
          Hope all is well with you ??

          1. I’m good, hon, thank you! I hope you’re holding up well too!

            Rain, we had a teeny bit today but, but it’s been terrible dry for over a month. I’ll trade you!

      1. 10 -15 shrinks in 10 years, that says a lot.
        She wants someone who will agree with her and not tell her some Home truths.

    1. I was going to comment but after reading yours I don’t feel the need to. You said everything way more eloquently than I could Bruja! I still remember how she hit Gary until his ears were bleeding in front of little Leah, then kicks him in his back as he is walking down the stairs! Or the time she was in a hotel room with Leah and her father came to visit, shortly thereafter Gary comes to pick up Leah and Amber attacks Gary again! These are not “isolated incidents that happened 10 years ago” as she likes to say. It’s who Amber IS and always will be!

      1. Thank you, Gemma.?

        Yeah, poor Gary. Hell, poor Leah. He’s really been gracious with Ambien and she’s made sure to spit in his face by not even getting her shit together.

        At least Leah has Christina. Poor James has no mother at all. ?

    2. Stop putting her down.
      Amber loves her 2 children.
      She’s being bullied so much on this shit site.
      Buy shit people.

      1. BoO hIsS! Poor Ambien. How she hath suffered. *sobs*


        ? ? ?

        No she hasn’t. She’s a lazy, sloppy, stupid, abusive, dick addict. The only thing that concerns Ambien when it comes to “her kids” (lol), is who is getting up with them, who is feeding them and who is going to shuttle them the various places they need to go.. cause guess what? It sure as shit won’t be Ambien

        I’m also gonna giggle over your opinion that she’s being “bullied” on this site. No, she actually isn’t because we’re not talking TO her. We’re shit-talking about her on a site dedicated to snark.

        verb: snark; 3rd person present: snarks; past tense: snarked; past participle: snarked; gerund or present participle: snarking make snide and sharply critical comments.
        “they even snark about her family background”

        noun: snark; plural noun: snarks
        snide and sharply critical comments.
        “a worthwhile blog cannot live on snark alone”
        Origin: mid 19th century: originally in the dialect senses ‘snore, snort’, ‘find fault’.

  10. The notion that she “helps” people is bc of those social media groupies that say how much they love and admire her. Jenelle and Farrah have them too.

    She believes their attention and affection is real.

    1. Wasn’t she the one who got a reply from a fan who said she became a teen mother because of her?! I read it somewhere. Some girls really look up to this mess.

      Amber, you will be 30 soon for f*ck’s sake! Take some responsibility for your actions! Her hopping from one psychiatrist to another won’t help her heal, I have the same one for 3 years already and I honestly am starting to realize why I act like I do sometimes and try to get better every day. She doesn’t want that. She just want someone who will agree with her that either there’s nothing wrong with her or that something is so horribly wrong that she doesn’t have to be responsible for what she did.

      She deserves gel time and I hope she serves the whole sentence now. I’m sick of this woman for endangering her kids!

  11. 4:30 she was probably up with the baby, silly! Or heading to an early yoga class! Or doing drugs all night in her closet! Normal stuff, c’mon!

  12. Once again blame her bipolar. You bet she chose her behavior. She has chosen again & again to abuse others in her life. She thinks she is above everyone else & says whatever she has to AGAIN to make excuses & mtv continues to give her that platform so they can profit from it. She needs to be fired. She is not a mother, she couldn’t handle Leah as a baby & she cant handle baby James. She is nothing more than an abusive bitch.

  13. You call the violent abusive relationships love! You are a very abusive person & one day will seriously hurt your children if you are allowed to be around them. Your behavior is psychotic!!!!

  14. “I’ll be back in my DMs soon……helping out with things”
    Wtf is she talking about?? Do people go to her for advice or something?
    I’m sick of all the so-called Teen Moms; the real teen moms are on Unexpected now.

    1. That’s a lot of psychiatrists to run through in 10 years. Maybe she should have been seeing a psychologist as well the last 10 years as well.

      1. And the one she has seen recently, at least, is an adolescent psychiatrist. She certainly has an adolescent mentality but adult psychiatry is where she should be.

      2. Maybe all those Psychiatrists had the fucking shits of her and that’s why she moved around a lot. But seriously seeing that many Psychiatrists in as many years is truly done by a drug seeker. I don’t know about Indiana but in the state I am from you see the Psychiatrist for diagnosis and medication and then you see a Psychologist for weekly/regular therapy. You don’t see the Psychiatrist often but for med checks and there is no fucking reason to go through that many in that short of time unless you’re doing something shady. Are there even that many Psychiatrists where she lives?? Really Amber, we’re not stupid. You can try to feed us a line of bullshit and say we’re not educated on the subject (as if you are!!) or that we’re not in the industry or what ever but we know better dear. Do you even realize how much of a fool you are making of yourself. You better lay low until they haul your sorry ass off to gel. You should be embarrassed by your behavior. I probably wouldn’t ever show my face again.

    2. She always mentions “helping out” in regards to social media but never elaborates and I have also been wondering what the hell she means by it. I’d be interested to hear her explain how she helps. Until then I’m going to assume it’s another one of her delusions.

  15. Beating your bf, chasing him with a machete, saying those HORRIBLE CRUEL THINGS you said about him and even your innocent baby is NOT a mistake and has nothing to do with your mental illnesses. You went to 15 doctors in 10 years and you are the same aggressive, violent person because is NOT your mental illness, it’s you. You are not an empowered woman, you are a simple bully.
    You need to grow up and go to jail ASAP

  16. Same old Amber. Goes on IG to get an ego boost. Once a piece of shit always a piece of shit. She was getting depressed and went live so her enablers could stroke her ego and hypocritically tell her what a great person she is. The only ones who think that, are losers who wish they had a life like hers. By sucking up they think they will get close to her. Wake up people! You enable this cunt now, and later she won’t even know or care to know who you are. I don’t know who is worst Amber, or her suck ups?

  17. None of what she says matters, she is going to prison. Besides chasing someone with a large knife or not wanting to care for a child and threaten someone. Are not just mistakes. That kind of behavior is SICK!and she needs to be punished. I would also keep her away from seeing those kids unsupervised.

  18. When will these people learn that taking responsibility for their shitty behavior will help them out a lot more than blaming their mental illnesses or other people?

  19. Amber will always try to blame someone or something else:Gary, her childhood, Matt, Andrew, MTV, her children. She will never take responsibility for her own mistakes and as long as she has people around her enabling her and telling her how good she is she will continue do not take responsibility.

  20. The only thing that came out of her IG live was that, once again, she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions.

    1. She needs to go to prison. She needs real life consequences for her actions. She can’t hide behind MTV forever.

    2. Amber most people do not understand mental illness and how it affects your behavior. My daughter had bipolar and post partum and other major illnesses and she said and did things that she normally would never have said or done. We all knew this so we just considered the illness. She regrets everything. Andrew had no business recording you over and over. He should have sought help for you. He’s the monster trying to take your baby and your money and job. He’s a loser mooch unemployed lazy fat ass looking for money. He’s not fooling me and I hope your lawyers see right through his plan. Good luck stay strong and maybe from now on stay single.

      1. So are you Amber or one of her family members?

        I had horrible postpartum depression after my first baby, I also have terrible anxiety and was dealing with an abusive, mentally unstable addict husband putting more stress on everything. I never chased anybody with a machete or attacked anybody holding one of my babies.

        And you’re blaming Andrew for recording her so he’d have proof? For not getting her help? She’s a grown woman! She is responsible for her own actions, not him. I begged my husband to get help for his problems and he CHOSE not to and kept beating me while I was pregnant with our youngest. So by your logic, I deserved it because I couldn’t force him to get help, right? I mean, he’s mentally ill, so obviously he’s not responsible for any of his actions. Unless you think it’s different just because he’s a man?

      2. I have bp2 and bpd. I understand the struggle and the ups and downs, the anger. Never have I ever behaved in any way like amber. Getting better takes a lot of time and work. Amber doesn’t want to do it. Trust me…I know all about mental illness. Amber is not bipolar1 with psychosis. She knows what she’s doing and she’s making people with mental illness look terrible.

  21. “Self Awareness”. Self Awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment.

    My name is Amber, I have none of this…….

  22. She’s such an attention whore she can’t do what her lawyers instruct her to do and stfu and stay off social media. This shit will get you into legal trouble the more you do it idiot.

  23. Well amber, I hate to tell you, but I am well educated and familiar with your mental disorders. There is absolutely No excuse for your behaviour. People with mental health issues try hard to break the stigma and try to show others that we are just normal people. You completely crush that and make it look like people with the disorders are all horrible. Thanks so much…

  24. Amber nothing you show us or tell us will justify or change the way we look at what you’ve done. Focus on yourself, what you’ve done and accept responsibility. No one believes you anymore because you’re a liar. You won’t change. You did make a mistake you made a choice. Nothing you can do will change if. It will just make you look crazier. You have NOT A FUCKIN thing. A later you’ll say “I can’t show you because the judge won’t let me.” Liar liar pants ????

  25. Amber you are the problem. It’s not that you pick bad men. You only are trying to get back in good with MTV. I thought you could make it without MTV. I thought you were a multi millionaire. I say BS.
    Love how this site isn’t bringing up Kail begging for money on a go fund me account. The b goes on a month long Hawaiian vacation and begging for money. That would be a funny story.

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