‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Files an Objection to Andrew Glennon’s Request to Move to California with Son James

“Did you actually think I’d let you hightail it out of Indiana that easily?!”

Amber Portwood isn’t going to let ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon move from Indiana to California with their infant son James without a fight.

On Thursday, the Teen Mom OG star has filed her opposition to Andrew’s Notice of Intent to Relocate Residence, which he filed in August. He has stated that he intends to move back to California, where he is originally from.

“See ya!”

Andrew’s intent to relocate came more than a month after Amber was arrested for allegedly attacking him with a shoe while he was holding James. She also allegedly pulled a machete on Andrew during that July 5 altercation, resulting in her being charged with three felonies. 

While Andrew claimed in his filing that there is nothing tying him to Indiana, Amber is arguing that Andrew having lived in the state for two years and having a child during that time is enough reason for him to stay put. 

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As for Andrew’s claim that he also works in California, Amber called this reason “disingenuous” as Andrew has been earning money as a day trader, which Amber argues can be done from anywhere. (Of course, before meeting Amber on the set of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, Andrew was working “in the industry”– as Amber would say– behind the camera on various productions.)

“You don’t need to be in California, any couch will suffice.”

Andrew has yet to respond to Amber’s rejection of his Intent to Relocation notification; however the couple is no longer “playing nice” with each other. During a recent Instagram Live session, Amber made it clear that she and Andrew are through.

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  1. I believe that if amber Portwood is to say nothing about the case then Andrew Glennon shouldn’t be able to either. That’s not characteristic of amber Portwood

  2. Amber is a pathetic excuse for a mother. Do baby James a favor and don’t contact him once you get our of gel.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    This girl has had mental health issues no body intervened when all the warnings where there She should not loose her son with the right support she can move through this

    1. Amber is a horrible mother and faux celebrity. But…..Does anyone know if Duhnelle is swimming in mud at her swamp? Just curious if Karma, I mean Dorian paid a visit to her and her swamp monster?

    1. And what exactly do you love that she does?

      Beating on yet another baby daddy?

      Ignoring her kids

      Barely seeing Leah?

      Getting into drug fueled rages?

      Pray tell, what do you love,?

    2. Why so many thumb down votes???? Amber was wrong in the moment but mental illness is real. Personally, I don’t think Andrew is immune from mental illness himself 🤷🏻‍♀️Many issues everywhere for sure. I hope these kiddos have stable parenting from both ends sooner than later🙏🏻

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    welp everyone that said it was a bad idea was right, but I guess she doesn’t’ learn that until a kid is involved

  5. Amber’s going to be in gel anyway for several years. I’ll bet she’s seen Leah only a handful of times in the last year and they live near each other….

    1. Does anyone have the answer is to what she is being charged for? I wish that bail wouldn’t be available for most people who go to jail. Teach them that these situations are serious and they have to do their time in jail and wait there until court and prison. I mean if she had a machete in her hands it would be intent of murder, is that correct? What is the longest she could be facing?

      1. Felonies are for: domestic battery, criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon and domestic Battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old.

        I don’t think she actually tried to hit Andrew with the machete, just break the door down? I may be wrong, but this is what I remember.

      2. According to public record she is charged with a felony. Charge 1 is domestic battery but with prior conviction. Charge 2 is criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon. Charge 3 is domestic battery in the presence of a child

      3. I still think an MTV Producer bailed her out of jail. They said the name was a secret, it was a female and not a family member. I bet the producer got her out because they wanted to know what happened. Idk if anyone else was ever going to be bailing her out. Whats weird is in CO of you get charged with DV and its on a weekend, your staying in jail all weekend until you see the judge the next business day. You can’t get bailed out. So its kinda interesting to see how it works in other states.

        Or MtV just paid the jail off to get her out…

        1. In Florida they run First Appearance 7 days a week, weekends and holidays. So if a person gets bond it will happen fast.

  6. I hope Andrew does get full custody. I honestly think Amber doesn’t have the capability to be a a mother. I don’t think motherhood is her thing. Sad but true.

  7. IS it wrong of me to wish Dorian blows David away? Not kill him just injure him really bad. Like full body cast. In a coma. Brain damage. Not being able to feed himself. Not being able to talk. Wearing a diaper. JS.

    1. And Jennelle is his care taker and has to fed him and change his diaper.
      And he is aware of what is going on but can’t help it.
      Man that would be the best Karma in the world.

    2. Dobby never meant to kill David. Just maim or horribly injure…

      Sorry, that’s immediately where my mind went when I read your comment. 😂

      Only reason I’m not agreeing with the whole blow David away thing is cause I have family in the same area being threatened by Dorian.

  8. All I read was the title..

    Why? She doesn’t even take care of him 🙄 hopefully your dada gets custody James

  9. Once she is back in gel getting all that muff thrown at her she will forget all about her son. She will be on a steady diet of fur burgers for 3 to 5. You go girl!

    1. It’s a difficult feat to be a worse parent than Ryan Edwards or Farrah Abraham but I think Amber has achieved it.

  10. 3 pending felony charges and her past criminal history, plus the fact her daughter doesnt live with her!

    I dont think she’s got a winning case.

  11. Amber is a loser, the only reason this sociopath Amber is objecting to Andrew wanting to move back to California, is because that’s what she thinks she should do. She doesn’t care about either of her children, if she did she wouldn’t be in this stew over and over again. She is always on the prowl for a snatch licker, that’s all she cares about. Buy a toy and spend time with you, get a handle on your issues you loser!

  12. Definitely hoping that Andrew will be given full legal and physical custody of baby Jsmes. Amber is not stable enough to manage unsupervised visits with James. On the show, Andrew was almost always seen holding and taking care of James, while Amber lounged in bed or vegged on the couch. She has no parenting skills and seems incapable of properly taking care of a toddler 24/7 all by herself. Amber needs to focus on stabilizing her mental health situation and do what is in the best interest of her little boy.

  13. Amber just wants to be able to see her son as much as she sees Leah twice every 3 months
    If she is smart she will let Andrew take him this way she will have an excuse not to see him
    In all seriousness How do they expect Amber to avoid her son if he is all the way in California.

    1. I wonder if that can be considered in Andrew’s custody case? Amber never utilizes the limited visitation she has with Leah. She can’t manage a few hours after school once a week and every other weekend. Without cameras, I bet she’ll see Leah twice a year instead of every 3 months.

      If Andrew is smart, he’ll tell the court he isn’t opposed to supervised visits. No way Amber will go to the trouble to be on someone else’s time and actually show up. Then he’ll have a good argument to move home.

  14. Let Andrew go home with James. Ambien can send her “letters from Gel” to California, as easily as to Indiana!

  15. Hope that Andrew is allowed to
    Move and take James with him, and I hope amber is sent back to gel.

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