‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Says She’s “Moving Forward” From Andrew Glennon Following Her Arrest: “I Need to Stay Single for a Bit”

“I don’t need a man…unless one comes along on Twitter…or on the set of a reality show I’m on….”

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood spoke directly to fans over the weekend, chatting on Instagram Live about everything from her current relationship status, to her mental health, to her feelings about her baby daddy Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina

Amber’s followers were eager to ask her questions about her recent arrest, as well as where her relationship with baby daddy Andrew Glennon stands following the battery allegations and custody case he filed against her after the events that allegedly took place on July 5. While the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star was not able to answer all of the questions about her legal situation, she did reveal that she plans to stay single.

(Amber did not use Andrew’s name at all during the conversation, but it was obvious that she was talking about him.)

“I’m about as subtle as a machete whacking a door!”

“I’m doing good. I am happy and healthy,” she told a fan. “I’ve lost a lot of weight though, but I’m so happy and healthy. Even though I’m going through a really hard time, I still help people…I’m staying strong for sure.”

She then added a dig at “people” (which we can assume is Amber’s code for “Andrew.”)

“Keep praying, some people need more prayer than me, that’s for sure…I am thinking about my kids at night. I don’t know about others. I’m not out partying at night. I’m thinking about my kids.”

Amber’s Instagram Live (which is no longer available for viewing) was long, so The Ashley has broken it down and is listing the most interesting tidbits here for you! 

On finding love again or starting a new relationship: 

“I am definitely moving forward,” Amber said, later adding quotes that almost certainly confirm that her and Andrew are done. (It’s pretty obvious they’re not giving their relationship another try based on Andrew’s actions and recent comments, but this was the first time Amber really addressed it.)

“I just think I need to find a Midwest boy and stay single for a bit,” Amber said.

Later, she was asked by a fan if she thinks she will ever find love again.

“Um, I’m a real woman from Indiana. It’s not hard for me to find a new man.”

“I’m 29, so if I don’t [find love again] it’s weird,” Amber said.

She then seemed to be insinuating that her last relationship was not what she thought it was.

“You have to be in love before to find love again,” she said. “I loved, I can say that. I loved with all of my heart, I just don’t know if it’s the other way around.”

“I think I am a sucker for love and romance,” she said later. “I think things can be misconstrued when cameras are on people and I think I am very trusting of people. I trust very easily. I’m a sucker for love.”

When a fan told her she should come to California (which is where Andrew is from), Amber made it clear she was not into that idea.

“I am not liking Cali right now!” she said with a laugh.

“California? I’d like to push California down the stairs right about now and throw a TV at it!”

On her current relationship with Gary and his wife Kristina: 

Amber’s other baby daddy, Gary, has attended Amber’s recent court hearings and has supported her through the ordeal, along with his wife Kristina. Amber expressed her appreciation to them, and told her fans that Gary and Kristina are standing by her “for good reason,” insinuating that they believe that Amber is not guilty of all the things she’s accused of.

“Just saying…I don’t think he would be supporting me,” she said. “Big ups to Gary and Kristina, and everybody and my whole family. I’m just going to say that everybody I know is supporting me. 

“Thanks, Gar-Bear!”

“There’s reasons [they’re supporting me] guys,” Amber added later. “We are close and I love them a lot. I really do.”

On taking responsibility for her actions:

Amber was adamant that she is a better person now than she used to be, back when she was arrested and jailed for beating up Gary during their relationship.

“A lot’s changed in a decade guys,” Amber said. “Do not listen to certain things. A decade is a long time, people change for the better…some, I can’t say all. I can only speak for myself. I’m not insinuating anything. I admit my faults. I believe that I’ve always admitted my faults, actually. It took me a while in the beginning when I was younger but I’ve learned to admit my faults. I hope I’ve grown. I think I have.

“I’ve been getting the help that I need,” she added. “Like I said, remember who I am, not what you hear. So, let’s be positive. I don’t want anyone sticking their foot in their mouth at the moment, so let’s just be positive.”

On rumors that she’s back on drugs:

Some of the followers on Amber’s Instagram Live commented on her calm demeanor. She insisted this is the “real Amber.” 

“This is me usually 24/7,” Amber said. “I am usually calm and collected unless I have something crazy going on in my life…like people.”

Hmm…I wonder who she could be talking about….

“Gee, I wonder…”

Some of the followers credited recreational drugs for Amber’s calm and collected demeanor, claiming she looked “spaced out” during the Live session. She quickly shut down any claims that she was using drugs again. 

“I’m speaking clearly, I’m answering questions but I look spaced out? No,” she said. “Honestly people are always going to say I’m on drugs, because [I was] a decade ago. It’s literally been 10 years since I’ve been even in trouble and I’m still getting people talking about me being on drugs. People can not let things go. It’s been 10 years guys.”

“I’m not in rehab. I don’t have a reason to be in rehab,” she later added.

She did state that she is on prescription drugs to help her mental health issues.

“I’m on medication though so I think I’m OK,” she said, adding that she is already working with a psychiatrist.

On getting to see her son, James, and his living situation:

While a no-contact order remains in place barring Amber from seeing Andrew, the no-contact order keeping her from baby James was lifted last month.

“I can’t really update you guys on a lot of things, honestly. I can say that I see my child and I love it every time,” she said.

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A little boss since day one❤❤🙌

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Amber has not lived at the Indianapolis home she once shared with Andrew since her arrest.

“No I am not at my house,” she told a fan who asked where she was. “I am letting…um, other people stay in my home for the sake of my child. But that’s what a mother does. She sacrifices until things are figured out. I’m not going to say where I’m staying.”

(In case you were unable to see through Amber’s veiled statement, the “other” person she’s referring to is Andrew. Obviously.)

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber and Andrew are currently fighting for custody of their son. Last month, Andrew filed for full custody of the one-year-old, and he recently informed the court that he intends to move back to California with James. Amber is also facing several felony charges stemming from her July 5 arrest. Her attorney is due to appear in court on her behalf on October 10.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Why is Teen Mom not firing her? They fired Jenelle, it is now time to fire the abusive Amber. She has abused her significant other, on camera, yet she keeps her job. You could tell Andrew was eventually become a victim of abuse just by the way she would explode at him over literally nothing. Fire her, I don’t want to see this awful person on my screen anymore. She is constantly blaming her victims, its sick.

  2. I seriously doubt she is herself. She needs her bed and sofa. Give her a break. Mom’s sofa just isn’t the same. 😂😂😂😂

  3. Gary and Kristina support her, but don’t want her anywhere near Leah unsupervised? Sounds about right. Gary didn’t want her around Leah before this happened (and Leah didn’t want to be around her either). Amber is “thinking” about her kids because neither dad wants her within 100 ft of them, but she’s wants to pretend like Gary actually believes her.

  4. Wich people and how does she help?
    Does she give food to Homeless? Is she an emergency surgeon ?
    Maybe she helps people in the same place where Drugnelle saves them. 🤔

  5. If she’s going to be making public statements she should at least tell the truth. I don’t believe for one minute that she’s “happy and healthy”. How could she possibly be happy? She wasn’t happy when she actually had James in her home and in her care so how could she be happy now, that he’s out of her care? Oh…wait

  6. “I just think I need to find a Midwest boy and stay single for a bit,” Amber said.

    Um…those are opposite things.

  7. Perhaps her future lies in an upcoming season of Love After Lockup. I see a cross-over opportunity, don’t you?

    I would not be surprised for her to quickly fall in love with some other loser who’s crafty enough to hitch his trailer to her fortune. Another Matt, another Andrew–there will be another soon enough.

  8. “I still help people… I’m not up partying I’m up at night thinking about my kids”
    Uhm, okay! #1 mom! As long as you’re THINKING about them, that’s totalllllly the same as actually being there for them. She drives me insane.

  9. It’s normal operating procedure to make the abusive partner move out of the family home if there are kids to ensure that the kids routines aren’t messed up, she didn’t let them stay she was most likely told to leave 🤦‍♀️

    1. I don’t know. I was told to load the kids up and leave and to call the detective when I got out of town so he could release my husband. I mean, I wasn’t actually forced to, it was just strongly suggested that I get out of town because they had to let him loose by midnight that night. They said if I chose to stay, though, they’d just arrest him again as soon as he got home because it would be breaking the No Contact Order. Things may vary state to state and with different situations, though.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    All these teen moms keep saying they’re “helping people.” How exactly are you doing that?

  11. Lol the only “moving forward ” she’ll be doing is in the penitentiary line at the cafeteria, and as far as “being alone” ..well its real brave to say that after u attack both baby daddies 💁‍♀️ what a maroon

  12. When she returns to prison, I wonder if Amber will go back to the same dormitory and be she had before? Of course, this time she will have a high priced defense attorney at her side but I still think she will get a short prison sentence. Indiana is a very strict State.

  13. Can someone explain how Amber acts crazy in front of her kids with a weapon and proper action is taken, while David has acted violent with a weapon in front of kids and three kids remain in their house, isolated in the middle of the woods with no repercussions. No arrests, no nothing and Jenelle basically stated they were black out drunk and things got physical and nobody even removed the children, they responded to the call and left them in the care of the guy who just assaulted his wife while she’s taken to the hospital. Like ummm….what?!

    1. South Carolina laws versus Indiana laws. You would be surprised at different laws are applied in different States. Right now, in Cook County (Chicago), gang members caught with a gun are getting $100 bonds.

    2. Because Lurch and Jenelle have limited their violent, drug fueled insanity to the Carolinas (both North and South). Those states aren’t interested in prosecuting white, straight, NRA supporters.

  14. OMG Amber! You act like you’re a fucking martyr. Gary doesn’t even trust you with Leah. Let’s get that clear. Gary and Kristina are supporting you for Leah’s sake, not yours. Spin it how you want. We know the truth. Don’t act like there is some big behind the scenes shit that we don’t know about. All that bullshit talk is just you not taking responsibility for what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter what you’re fighting about or how you want to fight about it but when you put your hands on someone or hit them, then you are in the wrong. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know what people are feeding into your delusional mind but they aren’t doing you any favors. You said you’ve kept your nose clean since getting out of jail?? Wtf? What about the video that pretty much keeps playing every time I come to the Ashley about how you will bust a bitch. You said it’s still in you. What about trying to attack Farrah? Sure Farrah is a pain but trying to slug it out on stage and videos where you’re threatening people is NOT keeping your nose clean. And those we have witnessed with our own eyes. Don’t say they didn’t happen. Don’t know who you’re trying to fool with your bullshit. You deserve to lose your kid and go to jail. Stop blaming others for your bad behavior. Stop making excuses for your bad behavior. There is no justifiable reason for what you’ve done. Your sick Amber. Your mind is so fucked up you don’t know right from wrong. Your half wasted mother and bubby need to quit feeding your already mentally unstable mind with bullshit.

  15. I reckon she’s on a heaping helping of Seroquel and Xanax. Anti-psychotic medication works wonders for mood disorders, but side effects include not being able to speak in complete sentences or make a speck of sense.

  16. I’m over her “I’m a victim” tour. She’s accused Andrew of anything and everything hoping something will stick.

  17. I didn’t watch the IG live, and I don’t know who in their right mind would spend their free time doing such a thing, but it sounds just like same old self pitying Amber.

  18. Amber needs to be in therapy, actually be sober, and take her bipolar and BPD medications as prescribed!! She has probably needed this for over a decade. I don’t think Andrew was the actual problem (though he doesn’t have a lot of common sense getting involved with her in the first place).

  19. Dude, a mother sacrifices her own needs, not their CHILDREN! You gave up Leah to use drugs. You gave up James cause you can’t handle your own aggressive behavior.
    Andrew might not be a saint, nor is Gary but the abuse they suffered from you is not their fault! You complained that Andrew irritates you? Leave him then! But his “annoying” behavior does not justify your abuse. Take responsibility for once, not drugs.

  20. Two kids she doesn’t see but she is “I’m doing good. I am happy and healthy,” she told a fan. “I’ve lost a lot of weight though, but I’m so happy and healthy…………….. Mother of the year.

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