Andrew Glennon Gives Status Update on His Relationship with Amber Portwood; Says the ‘Teen Mom’ Star Needs to Stop Ignoring Her Downfalls

“Fine, but don’t think for one second that you’re getting the couch.”

The chances of Andrew Glennon rekindling his relationship with Amber Portwood are looking more and more slim. Andrew recently gave an interview to Us Weekly stating that Amber is “in total control” of their future relationship… though his bitter-tone seems to say otherwise.

“She is in total control of the future of this relationship, but if she wants to pass the buck to someone else, ignore her downfalls and not do what’s right, that’s on her,” he said. “Amber needs help and the sooner she acknowledges that, the healthier and happier she will be.”

(Cue Amber’s eyes bugging out and steam coming out of her ears as she reads this…)

Nearly a month after the Teen Mom OG star was arrested for allegedly attacking Andrew while he was holding the couple’s 14-month old son James, a source told Us Weekly that Andrew and Amber are “as good as done.” 

In addition to claiming that Amber and Andrew are reportedly over for good, the magazine’s source went on to accuse Andrew of being a “dirty fighter” and of using social media (and James) to hurt Amber.

“Andrew took James for a haircut and has posted many pictures of James — Andrew is rubbing it in Amber’s face that she can’t be with her son and Andrew is still staying in the house she owns,” the source continued. “Also, he’s a dirty fighter.”

In his interview with Us Weekly, Andrew denied that he was posting photos of James to upset Amber. 

Something tells us Amber can hold her own in a fight…

“[Amber is] quick to attack by posting accusatory messages and deleting them,” Andrew said. “[She is] grasping for any forgivable explanation to her own actions when there was none. Just like it has been in past incidents.”

Andrew argues that he chooses to post photos of James on social media “to let everyone we love know that James and I are OK.” He also fired back regarding Amber’s own social media behavior, specifically her “posting accusatory messages and deleting them”—a clear reference to Amber’s post in which she hinted that he had cheated on her.

Amber deleted this message shortly after posting it…

Just last week, Amber posted (and almost immediately deleted) about protecting “people” who had been drunk driving. Most fans assumed her post was aimed at Andrew as well.

As a result of the July 4 incident, Amber was charged with one count of Criminal Recklessness committed with a deadly weapon; one count of Domestic Battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old; and Domestic Battery by someone with a prior conviction. While Amber’s no-contact order regarding James has been lifted, the no-contact order with Andrew remains in place. 

Aside from defending himself and his social media activity, Andrew said Amber remains a presence even when she’s not physically around their son.

“There can’t be any indication of me wanting a family more than me taking care of our beautiful son and keeping him safe,” Andrew said. “He sees photos of her every day, smells her smells and plays with toys they loved to play with.”


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(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 

60 Responses

  1. I dunno something still seems fishy. Andrew kind of gives off the vibes of a clout chaser.

    It really broke my heart to see amber on last nights episode because she is aware of what’s going on but Andrew doesn’t seem to get it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t egg her on somehow


  2. What ‘Land of the Lost’ said is the biggest myth going around about Andrew I believe. I did a little research of him. His father was a successful cinematographer , that is for certain, made a very good living in the entertainment industry, no doubt about it, but by no means was he making what stephen spielberg money. Andrew’s father passed away in 2006 and that is 13 years ago. I’m sure the family money is dwindling by now. I also believe it’s very possible that Andrew could have blown threw his trust fund/inheritance during his addiction to drugs and alcohol. I also believe Andrew always lived in the family home in Malibu, not in his own home in Malibu. Even IF his family was still very wealthy, doesn’t mean he, himself, has money. Maybe he got cut off or maybe there is just not that much anymore? As far as Andrew’s “career”, he was part of a camera crew. A technician of some sorts. Not a producer.

    Let’s put it this way, no wealthy, educated man in his 30’s (should be wise by that point in his life) from Malibu would ever go for the likes of Amber. Ever. There had to be a hidden agenda, there. This is obvious. What was his agenda? More money? Fame? Because no one knew who this guy was before Amber Portwood. The teen mom franchise is worth A LOT of money, thee most successful show in MTV history and a lot to be gained from it and he knows this. So many things he can obtain from being on this show that he didn’t have before. Interviews that he will get paid for. He could get his own show one day. Write a tell all book. He will have more women hitting on him. So yeah, there’s all that to be had…..and more.

    And if you compare his criminal past with hers, his is by far sketchier. Addicted to the worst drug known to mankind (heroin) and arrested for it. Arrested for carrying a gun while on parole (who needs a gun in Malibu, seriously?) DUI, Stalking protection orders by not one, , (who but two different girlfriends (that says A LOT).

    So stop with the “he comes from money and has his own career”, because it sounds beyond asinine.

  3. There is something seriously off about Andrew. I watched Marriage Boot Camp and Amber was out of control. She was is an emotional wreck and her behavior was embarrassing. The question I had while watching that show is what was it about Amber that Andrew found attractive? She was physically and verbally aggressive with everyone in the house, but for some reason, Andrew was drawn to her.

    Andrew seems like a decent guy, but there is something off about him. Amber rarely allows him to speak, but some of the things he says are so passive aggressive, it’s shocking (Leah using Daisy Duke as a screen name).

    While Andrew may have grown up in an affluent area and come from a family with money, there is something strange about him choosing a woman who has no class.

  4. Amber has a history of violent behaviour, there is televised proof to support that fact. She was willing to attack Gary while being filmed. Imagine what she’s capable of when the cameras aren’t around? People need to stop defending her erratic and violent behaviour just because she’s a Z-list celebrity. Andrew is a victim, it doesn’t matter if he’s 7 feet tall and 300 pounds. He was attacked by someone who claimed to to love him while he was holding their infant son. He did the right thing, he reported it and got out of the relationship before Amber’s antics escalated to a point of no return. There is NO EXCUSE for Amber’s behaviour, it is a well-established pattern, not a one-off that can be blamed on Andrew.

  5. slAmber’s issues are so transparent. She has struggled for years with misplaced anger, suicidal ideation and violently acting out. I do want her to get better, but I just don’t see her getting out of the darkness. She lacks accountability.

    Andrew seems like a stand up guy who probably wanted to try to fix someone who is broken beyond repair. Unfortunately they had a kid together and will forever be tied whether they’re together or not.

    slAmber acts all fucking bananas in order to manipulate those around her into doing what she wants them to do. It may not even be something she is aware that she is doing- hence mental illness. I have a close family relative with Bipolar 2 and BPD. I spent years walking on eggshells around her before the last bridge was burned. Dr. Phil-ing her out of my life was the best thing I could do.

    I wish Andrew and James luck. I don’t have hope that she will get better. Her head is too far up her ass.

    1. It’s not enough for those around her (her mom, brother, cousin, Gary, Kristina, Andrew, Leah, or anyone else) to tell her that she needs help. She will most likely have to hit rock bottom and then realize that she needs help on her own. And people shouldn’t be spouting negativity and hate at her either. It won’t make her see the light and get better any faster. As a matter of fact, it will probably make her spiral farther and farther downward!!!!

  6. This site is pathetic. As long as the comments/opinions are in support of Andrew, it’s all?????, but the second someone comments or shares an opinion supporting Amber, it’s all ?????. Neither one of them are innocent little Angel’s. But they CAN fix their problems. EVERYTHING is curable!!!!

  7. I don’t see how Andrew is playing dirty here whatsoever! He clearly has loved James since day 1, unlike Amber has! I truly believe that Amber only had another baby for the show, and was super duper beyond excited that she was pregnant by a man,{who actually had a real job,lived in Malibu, who wouldn’t steal any money or anything else from her,and came from real money}, unlike her other past relationships… {cough cough Matt and Gary}, whom she’s had, not only rage, but huge financial issues with! Gary holds Leah over Amber’s head like a gold plated carrot, and she has to pay dearly to see her, hence why Gary doesn’t ever have to work, but even when Amber has Leah, she’s not all that great with her, camera crew or not!
    IDGAF if she has BPD with Bipolar Disorder, she’s not the only person who has it! I have Bipolar, and my daughter unfortunately has BPD with Bipolar Disorder as well, and she’s not even close to being as self absorbed as Amber! Yeah, my daughter screams her head off, and throws things, but never at anyone! I was 19 when I had her, and she’s 23 now, so I don’t have time for all their bullshit… Same goes for Caitlyn’s nonsense! They BOTH make me sick! Being a good mother means you have to make sacrifices for your children! That doesn’t mean you get to go out of town, or go to a spa, when your barely newborn baby is born! Sorry… If you can’t TOLERATE these sacrifices, then don’t bother having children! Ugh! I hate these bitchass girls!
    My main point here is that… Andrew is an awesome father! He truly loves his son! Besides Taylor, and Tyler, he’s an excellent example of a father on this shitstorm of a show!

  8. Yeah, you’re right about that. Marriage isn’t the issue here. Amber needs to truly be held accountable for all of the crap that she pulls. She also needs to quit the fake crying. To quote her, “I’M DONE!!” Sorry, y’all, I had to say that.

  9. I love Amber and she is a good mom. My son just went through this so I can speak from experience, it’s the Klonopin that makes her act like this and do things. Her doctor put her on this medication because of these things but the medication is making it worse not better. She needs to be Weaned off of Klonopin. It is a very very dangerous medication. And the withdrawals from it killed my son twice and they were able to bring him back. Amber please take this message and run with it I’m only thinking about you having a happy heart and your son back and wants the Klonopin is out of your system you will see things so much better. My son is now back to being himself and I want you just like that Amber I want Amber back!!!

    1. So true. Not all medications do the same things for everyone. I was on birth control (for period regulation) for nearly 3 years but it seemed to be making everything (the symptoms and bleeding) MUCH worse. And when I asks the dr about it, she said and I quote, “sometimes we can put a person on a medication for something and the exact opposite happens”. So, I have been off the bc for two years and things are MUCH better.

  10. How is he a dirty fighter?
    She is the 1 fighting dirty with her mysterious posts about cheating & DUIs
    While the interview(s) is a little shady but can you really blame him?
    Maybe if she didnt post all of that crap insinuating he cheated & would drive drunk he wouldnt have to do interviews to defend himself.

    Her posts are fine completely ok but if he posts a pic of his son on social media he is wrong? He is rubbing it in her face? Maybe if she took her meds (didnt skip doses so she can drink) she wouldnt have these episodes

  11. Jeez, when will enough be enough of the he said/she said with these two?

    Really wish BOTH would stay off social media and actually do what they claim to be doing. That would be Andrew taking care of James, and Amber getting the help she needs.


    Full stop.


  12. Stay strong bro. No one deserves to be a punching bag for a no talent angry drug addict with self esteem and daddy issues. Get a good lawyer and avoid the man bun warrior. You are a battered dude, no means no. #metoo

    1. WRONG
      He has more money than her. She is not that wealthy.
      He was in the industry for years before he met Amber. Behind the scenes os the family business, his father won awards (atleast 1 Emmy) I’m sure they have a lot more connections than Amber if that was his goal.

    2. Ummm… I guess you aren’t aware of the fact that Andrew makes his OWN money, but also comes from money as well! Sooooo…. He doesn’t need her money, nor did care for the fame! He did apparently need her for one thing, which is his son, whom he deeply loves and cares for wayyyyy more than Amber even cares about herself! And that’s hard to do!

  13. Ok, Andrew, I don’t think you need to defend yourself anymore. SANE people know you were the victim. Now leave the media alone and be with your son who needs you more than anything.

  14. I don’t understand why anyone would even think for a second that Andrew cheated. Andrew is not someone who cheats. He’s a large lump of a man who was blindly loyal to Amber until she came at him with a machete. He sat there and took her abuse up to that point and probably wouldn’t have ever left unless something insane happened, which it did. The fact that Amber posted that knowing people would assume she was saying he cheated on her shows how insane and far she is willing to go to not take responsibility for her actions.

  15. So much victim shaming with Andrew. If the roles were reversed everyone would be saying poor Amber. If he didn’t post pictures he would be blamed for shutting Amber out of Baby James life, now him posting pictures is rubbing it in her face. He can’t win!

  16. “She is in total control of the future of this relationship, but if she wants to pass the buck to someone else, ignore her downfalls and not do what’s right, that’s on her,” he said. “Amber needs help and the sooner she acknowledges that, the healthier and happier she will be.”

    Amber, if you’re reading this, do NOT fall for this load of pure fucking manipulative gas lighting BULLSHIT! He has NO intentions of getting back together with you. This is his way of trying to tricking you so you don’t fight back in court and he is also saying this so he doesn’t looks good in the public’s eyes! Do NOT be fucking stupid this time Amber!!!! Amber you should KNOW now what he is about!!! I always supported you but if you continue to be stupid enough to let this guy or any OTHER guy cap your head up, I can no longer support your stupidity! This guys had bad intentions from the start to use you and you KNOW this NOW. Ugh.

  17. Remember in that episode recently where they’re going to the psychiatrist and he asks her how many doctor’s she’s been to trying to get help, and she says something like “At least 10”? That was a red flag. There’s no way that the first 10 doctors were all that useless and didn’t know how to help her. Her mental health diagnoses are not all that unusual.

    My guess is that either 1) each of them said something at some point that she took as criticism and she got mad and left and moved on to the next doctor, or 2) they had ideas for medication and therapy that were not a quick-enough fix for her, so she moved on. You have to give it time. There’s no magic pill.

    Not every doctor is a good match for someone, but out of THAT many, there’s no way she couldn’t have found a good match.

    I am still rooting for Amber, I see through all her tough-girl crap. I work with emotionally-disturbed adolescents and she has so many classic issues that CAN be helped. But doctor-hopping isn’t the way.

    1. Gotta say that your “logic” behind why she’s having an issue finding a good doctor isnt necessarily right. It’s very challenging for people with bpd to find a good fit as far as a therapist. Do some research on BPD. one google search will bring up tons of articles and studies about how common it is for therapists to have less sympathy and be dismissive with people with bpd because there’s the stigma that you cant believe anything they say because they’re trying to manipulate you. It’s called triangulating. I’ve heard several of my coworkers over the years make comments about this and it’s disheartening. It just adds to the stigma. Dont shame someone for behavior that is a side effect of their mental health disorder that they’re constantly grappling with. It doesn’t help them or the situation, it makes the burden heavier.

      On the note of her diagnoses not being “all that unusual”… Bpd is actually one of the more complicated mental health disorders. Add in the combination of potential mania from her bipolar on top of the bpd and it just ramps everything up and makes it more complicated.

  18. And he watched her front line and center on that show since he was part of the camera crew of that show. He is the one that reached out to HER after she left the show. He knew exactly who she was and what he was getting into. He is a grown ass man and now want’s to cry. He needs to take responsibility for his decisions. Oh wait, he is, because he never loved her to begin with. He saw money signs and fame from day one. There’s a lot to be gained from the Teen Mom franchise and he knows it.

    1. My comment above ^ was also in reply to someone else’s comment that I cannot find now. I don’t know why comments don’t wind up where they are suppose to sometimes. This was my reply to someone else, not my own post.

  19. They both need to stop airing their issues with each other via interviews with gossip outlets and social media posts.

    Leah likely has internet access and reads this shit (Gary and Kristina can’t block everything and kids at school likely bring this crap up to her). James will be able to read all of this one day. The internet is forever, deleting shit doesn’t make it vanish.

    They’re both acting like kids in high school. He said, so she said, so he said.. it’s fucking insane. Parent your kid(s) and deal with it privately, like adults.

    1. And obviously, you knowing very well that Leah and James will read this one day, you should not participate in the bullying, tearing down or saying anything negatively at all about their mother, no matter how you feel about her if you care about Leah and James so much. I know everyone would agree, no matter what their parent may did, it hurts to see anyone else speak badly of them.

  20. I’ll admit I watched the marriage boot camp because of this. No shade meant, but I agree with Andrew, Amber needs some help. Not one moment of that show did she take any responsibility for her actions and temper. it was always some one’s fault for pushing her. She has no concept that the only thing in this world we can control 100% is how we react to what’s going on around us. I really hope she gets help, because unlike Jenelle, I think there is a lot of love that lives deep inside her if she can get past both her traumas and arrogance that has sprung from it.

  21. I agree this is a golden opportunity for Amber. Instead of reveling in her illness, work on getting past them.

  22. James is Andrews son too, and if he wants to take pics, that’s up to him, amber would do the same if James were with her.

  23. Well hell Andrew if only the whole TM cast would take responsibility for what they do. Instead it’s a shit show.

  24. This is why you shouldn’t spread your sperm around without being married. Let this be a lesson for young men. Don’t be an idiot like Andrew and spread your seed with whacked out women that you aren’t married to. Cover up!!!!

    1. This has nothing to do with marriage, which isn’t essential to a healthy, loving family.

      This is a lesson in not having unprotected sex with a crazy bitch. Especially one you just met! If you decide to ride the crazy train wrap that shit up.

      1. Marriage isn’t essential to a healthy loving family? That’s your lowly opinion. Sure it is. And let it be clear, Andrew is a grown ass man who met Amber is his 30’s, so he certainly should have known better if Amber is not the type of woman he wanted.

    2. Why the down votes? This is true. It’s not even like Andrew was surprised by the crazy, he had front row seats to the show. On top of riding dirty with everyone being just gross, it’s just as irresponsible of the man to make a baby with an unfit parent.

    3. What on earth does this have to do with being married or not? She’s bat shit crazy, always has been and always will be. Don’t make kids with people like that AND don’t marry them or you’ll end up in a nasty divorce on top of a custody battle.

    4. O boy, looks like old uncle Nibs needs to spread my wisdom again. As far as “spreading one’s sperm around without being married” line, Sir Nibs has dumped about a 55 gallon drum of my seed around for the last year. Here’s the truth bomb, sex is like 5th grade math, you need to show your work. Meaning, never nut inside, ass, boobs, back, tummy, face, mouth are all good options, but NEVER in. Like I said before, I haven’t dumped one in since 6th grade, but, you live and learn.

      Thank you for your time.

      1. EXACTLY!! Andrew wants to act all innocent, but I’ve never seen amber as bad mentally as she was on marriage bootcamp. I was sad for her but she wouldnt shut her damn mouth. Acting so arrogant and self centered. Ridiculously that’s when he picked her out, after just getting out of an extremely toxic years long relationship with a manipulative older man. Even if he genuinely cared for her when he saw all of that when he was there for marriage bootcamp, just the relationship circumstances themselves, she needed time to process and heal from all of this. Almost like he seemed out a vulnerable younger woman, who he thought he could make into a good woman and fix her. That is so selfish on his part. And at his age come the fuck on. That is not we adults choose partners. We rationally think about our actions before we take them, he may be the quieter one, but I guarantee, he eggs her on in fights when she most likely needs to calm the fuck down(hey he picked her knowing these mental issues), and most likely takes serious issues she had and throws them in her face. He is part of all of the problems, cause she took the machete plunge and he called the popo, doesnt mean shit. I’m sure shits happened and she didnt call the Five O on him. Honestly I dont believe the situation was as bad as he made it seem, and popo calling, getting the other in legal trouble, in relationships is also a betrayal. He needs help he can point the mental health she needs to get help shit all he wants I See Him. Old men don’t look for someone to fix to be in a relationship with. Selfish fucking shit. it will never work. And its bc of the reason that he looked for someone to fix up and settle with is why it wont work. The other parter feels it, it’s not genuine, it’s not love, its CONTROL.

        1. I agree with everything you say except the part “he saw a good woman and was trying to fix her”. I think he saw a “rich troubled woman” and was trying to take her for everything she had. But everything else, is spot on.

          1. So true!!!!! He is WAY too quick to agree/comfort her!!!! At least Gary and Matt knew enough to give her her space and THEN agree/comfort her!!!! All SMART people should know not to throw ammo at a smoking gun and not expect it to fire back at them!!!!

    5. I’m confused, being married to a specific person for the rest of your life doesn’t always mean that you will be 100% committed to that person. People cheat. So, @Lesson For Young Men, before you start preaching morals, think!!! Marriage is just a piece of paper. If the people who are getting married don’t go into the marriage and take the “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part” vow seriously, NOTHING is gonna stop them from being unfaithful, spreading their seed around and making babies!!!!

      1. Exactly hannah. Marriage is a choice two people make together, to work through all of the problems that come along with relationships, no matter what they may be, to never give up on eachother and to try and always work together as a team. Lots of people get married on a whim, for the excitement and attention and they think it will help fix the problems they already have. They dont think these things through. Marriage is no joke and it is not an easy fun ride. If your wife or husband is going through the lowest time in their lives and their acting fucking crazy your gonna have to suck your shit up and wait it out and support them, not do thinks to make them worse even when their being selfish af. I was 7 years into my relationship when I got married and I still had no idea.

        1. Everybody acts like all of this is on Amber but it isn’t. Yes she has issues. But Andrew knew that when he jumped into the sack with her 3 FUCKING WEEKS after meeting her, this is just my opinion, but I think he wanted the attention. People should think before they act because it often times results in the making of a child who has to be brought up in this SHIT!!!! And it is THEM who ultimately suffer!!!

    1. Just its ok to post crap insinuating he cheated & broke the the law drinking & driving but he is evil for posting pics of his son on social media for his family & friends (because no1 ever does that)

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