‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Crashes Car with Her Children in the Back Seat; Doesn’t Tell Baby Daddy Thomas Ravenel

“Let’s not tell Daddy about this one, ‘kay?” 

Well this will certainly give Thomas Ravenel something to add to his custody case… 

ABC 4 News in South Carolina reports that Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis was involved in a car wreck last week in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. According to the collision report, Kathryn was traveling north on Highway 17 when she became distracted by her children in the back seat.

Her vehicle then reportedly struck a guardrail and went on to hit three trees and two light poles before coming to a stop on the southbound side of the road. The Mount Pleasant Police Department shared news of the incident on its Twitter page, though it was noted in the collision report that seat belts and car seats were in use at the time of the crash and there were no injuries.

While Kathryn and her kids, Kensie and Saint, thankfully walked away from the accident without injury, this incident is sure to be something Kathryn’s ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Thomas will use in his fight for primary custody.

According to The Blast, Kathryn kept her car accident a secret from Thomas, and “he is very upset” that he had to find out about the accident from someone else. 

This is not the first time Kat’s less-than-stellar driving skills have gotten her into trouble. In January, Radar Online reported that Kathryn had been involved in an alleged hit-and-run crash in October of 2018, which happened to be caught on camera. 

Thomas went on to use the hit-and-run in his favor, citing in court documents that Kathryn’s handling of the accident (or rather lack thereof) showed a “gross lack of character and integrity.” He also claimed the incident caused him “concern” regarding Kathryn’s “ability to be a moral example and role model for the minor children.” 

We’re beginning to think Kensie and Saint are the real role models here.

As The Ashley previously reported, Thomas and Kathryn’s battle for custody continues to play out as both sides keep the accusations against one another coming. 

The couples’s bitter battle began last year when Kathryn filed for primary custody shortly after it was revealed that sexual assault allegations against Thomas has been made by the couple’s former nanny, Dawn Ledwell. While Thomas is set to stand trial for those allegations, he recently made some accusations of his own, claiming that Kathryn is using drugs again after she reportedly tested positive for marijuana. Kathryn denied Thomas’s accusations and allegedly was able to produce a negative hair follicle test the same day. 

Thomas and Kathryn’s custody battle is ongoing, to the surprise of absolutely no-one. 

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  1. As someone who lost my mother similarly, your mind is a million miles away when you know your mother is dying. When they are in hospice care, hospital, home or wherever- you are distracted. And I felt like I was in a brain fog of varying proportions for this whole year.

  2. I’m no Thomas fan but Kathryn was completely wrong for not telling him. While nobody was hurt, the wreck seems to be significant by the amount of trees and light posts she hit and he should have been notified. It’s not the crime but the cover up.

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