Andrew Glennon Gives First Interview Following Amber Portwood’s Arrest: Says This is a “Golden Opportunity for Amber to Get the Help”

“I’m ready for that apology whenever you are…”

In the wake of the July 5 arrest of Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood, Andrew Glennon says he is moving forward and focusing on the well-being of his son, James. However, in his first official, on-the-record interview since Amber’s arrest, Andrew didn’t exactly slam the door shut on his relationship with Amber.

“There’s gonna be a lot of healing that needs to be done and repairing,” Andrew told DailyMailTV. “As far as relationships go in the future … a lot of healing has to be done for everybody.”

Andrew, who is seeking sole custody of James, said he remains optimistic for “the best resolve of the situation.” He described the unfortunate event as a “golden opportunity for Amber to get the help for herself and her family and her kids.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Amber was arrested July 5 for domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and domestic battery in the presence of a child after she allegedly attacked Andrew with a shoe while he was holding 14-month-old James. Andrew claimed that Amber also pulled a machete on him that night. Andrew has responded to fans on his Instagram account, but this marks his first sit-down official interview since the alleged incident.

He told the news site that, right now, his priority is to “provide James with a safe, secure, happy environment.”

“I just need to put more happy memories into him,” Andrew added as his voice cracked. “I need to do what’s right for James and take the right steps for myself.”

Andrew also said the July 5 incident left him “real shook.”

“I’m not well.”

“If you could imagine having your whole world and everything that you love flipped upside down in a heartbeat, that’s it,” Andrew told the site, later adding during the video interview, “My anxiety level is heightened. It’s just a bad situation all around.”

The no-contact order that was put in place shortly after Amber’s arrest has since been lifted, allowing her to see James, though the no-contact order with Andrew remains in place.

DailyMail TV also reported that Andrew recently decided to “walk away” from appearing on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and that he will not allow his son James to appear either.

During his interview, Andrew again addressed the rumors that he had been unfaithful to Amber, which were sparked by a message Amber had posted to Instagram.

Amber deleted this message shortly after posting it…

“There was no infidelity on my part,” he said. “I made that mistake in my life ages ago and I swore to myself to never make that same mistake again.”

Andrew also noted that his name was “never mentioned in the post that [Amber] released,” and instead he blamed the whole thing on “rough timing.”

In an Instagram comment posted last week, Andrew told a fan that someone close to Amber told him that Amber’s post about cheating was about a ‘friend’s relationship.’

“[Amber] took it down when it was ‘taken the wrong way,’” Andrew wrote. “OK, fine, but when all those stories came out [about me cheating] she never once thought to clear the air and my name…that hurt deepest.”

‘People are just going to slap it on me,” he told DailyMail TV. “It’s a bashing of my character and what hurts I guess is the fact that she hasn’t come out and made a statement to say, you know, ‘I wasn’t talking about Andrew, I was talking about somebody else.'”

Amber has yet to respond to Andrew’s latest interview.

Watch the full interview with Andrew below! 

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Amber, get the help you need. You can’t just stop taking your meds. Get yourself well first and get your family’s back afterwards. You have a big support system in place. Do what you need to do. I will pray for you and your family.

  2. His first “official” interview, maybe, but he’s been quite the busy bee on social media and that’s probably not something someone burdened with an abundance of brains would do during a custody battle.

    I think they’re both sloppy, but I think Ambien has shown she cannot take care of herself time and again, plus, she has zero interest in parenting her first child for years. I don’t think she’s changed at all in that time, she just worked harder at not showing how fucked up she still was, and she even failed at that. Late night video rants, getting physical with people, wailing at a door with a machete like she was cosplaying a horror movie villain.. You know, acting batshit crazy. None of these things are a ringing endorsement for her ability to sanely parent a baby.

    Andrew is the obvious choice as far as custody goes, especially since Ambien is a repeat domestic assault offender who admits herself that she isn’t on her meds. She needs to get her shit together for longer than a few months at a time and without some random guy wiping her ass for her on the regular.

  3. My husband did the same to me. My poor son doesn’t want to be with his father but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about expensive lawyers and who can afford the best lawyer wins. So sad so sad

    1. So I presume you attacked your husband while he was holding your child and chased hombre with a machete? How does this situation begin to compare with yours? If your husband got custody there is a reason.

  4. Amber has been getting good, professional help for years. Amber committed a violent crime. Indiana is strict on crime and she is already a convicted felon for a prior domestic violence. Amber is going back to “gel” where she belongs.

  5. Ugh… Andrew–STOP! Don’t give anymore interviews. If this is your attempt at supporting yourself and James, please rethink it. Stay quiet and get yourself a low key job and put James in a reputable daycare while at work. Giving interviews and talking to the public is jumping into the fray that you and James need to avoid.

  6. When she was going through post partum after James and Catelyn went to visit her, I thought Amber should listen to Catelyn and go get the long term help that she needs to live. I give Catelynn a lot of credit for putting the time in to work through her trauma. Amber needs to put the effort in but it’s easier sitting on the couch complaining. Gel does not offer the therapy that Cate did in AZ…not even close.

  7. How is she not in jail waiting trial. Repeat offender. She obviously didn’t get message the first time she got locked up. People like this are a danger to society and herself, and for the love of God do not reproduce any more children. Thank the lord she didn’t get through that door with the machete. The only help she needs is getting that orange jumpsuit back on.

  8. I honestly don’t get why this cheating rumor is still circulating.

    Just to make things clear:

    going after someone with a machete >>>>>>>> cheating

    (that means it’s way worse)

    I’m sorry to say this but if he did all that, no one would have questioned his motives. I don’t care what sex you are, if someone goes after you with a weapon, you ARE the victim. Of course Amber isn’t sane and I don’t even like this guy (like I don’t get it why he though she will act differently to him as she did to her exes) but to the baby’s best interest is to live with his dad!

  9. I think Amber has exhausted any help…how much help can you get before you change your ways? She thought prison would help, it didn’t, she’s constantly going to therapist after therapist and getting medicated…it’s almost hopeless at this point. But he knew what she was before he got involved with her, I don’t know why he possibly thought she would change for him, when she won’t even change for her kids.

    1. I think Andrew was fooled by Amber. All we ever hear from her is “i’m not what you see on tv”, so on and so on. People are multi faceted and with Amber and others like her, when it is good it is beyond great, when it’s bad…well it’s horrible. It’s a tough and complicated situation. But I think MAYBE Andrew thought Amber was playing a character in front of the cameras. I also believe Amber probably fed him a lot of lies or mis truths as a way to justify her behavior, which she often does.
      The thing with Amber is you simply can not medicate yourself and the problems go away. She needs therapy. She needs to get to the root of her anger issues and learn some coping mechanisms for her anger ie anger management. There is no simple solution for her issues. But she has to want it and actually apply herself which it seems she has no motivation to do so. IMO jail isn’t going to help alone, she certainly kniws the difference between right and wrong and should be punished for her actions. But I also believe she needs to seek therapy and long term possibly life long. Therapy does not make you crazy it keeps you from going crazy and I wish we as a society would push that rather than pushing the notion that if you need therapy or counseling that there is something wrong with you.

    1. Why are you people attacking Andrew and he was holding baby Andrew. A machete!!!! You say denigrating things about his appearance and call him names. Just sick. Besides Gary had to get custody of Leah. Amber please get help. I always liked you because your struggle with mental health is obvious. Let’s be supportive on what is best for all of them. Stop the name calling.

  10. Andrew don’t be a douche and send amber to prison. Make an agreement for her to go to a treatment center. James is a baby and needs his mother. Gary already stole her daughter

    1. yes, little James needs a mother, not that nut job named Amber. Throw her ass in jail for 6 months. She shouldn’t even be able to see her children and should be forced to have her tubes tied.

    2. It is not Andrew’s decision. He does not make the laws. Even if he wanted charges dropped, do you think authorities would just let that go? It doesn’t happen. You could beg the courts that all you want is for them to get help, because no one wants their loved one to go to jail even after being abused by them, but the law is the law and once you have broken the law — in the presence of a minor no less– there are consequences. As an adult you are responsible for your actions and should never allow anyone to push you to the point you loose control. And if you feel like you are getting to that point you seek the help you need to regain control.

    3. Tracy, at this point it’s not up to Andrew to decide what will happen to Amber. Amber’s case is in the hand of the prosecutors of Indiana. Amber is going back to “gel”.

      1. I doubt it. Her lawyer will undoubtedly get a plea deal for reduced charges, she won’t have enough points to go to prison.

    4. And just how did Garry steal Leah???

      She was and is an unfit mom, a lazy, whining, entitled bitch.

      The court awarded Garry custody…

      Smh stole her daughter.

  11. I hope everything comes out the light Amber. I feel Andrew used you to become a dad now he wants to take your baby away from he reminds me of my daughter dad. You deserve better get the help you need for you kids & move forward don’t look back.

  12. Andrew get a life stop living off of a women that’s all you men do I’m sure that what happens wasn’t as bad as you say !!!!

  13. Amber’s problems are so deep seeded. She never allowed herself to get the help she needed. She went from Gary to Matt and then Andrew. Never stopping to allow herself to bond with Leah and obtain the education needed to pursue a job. I remember 10 years ago seeing her own mother being so distance with her and kind of abandoning her, when she was pregnant, over her live in boyfriend (are they still together?). So maybe Amber has her own abandonment issues that she is now repeating with her own children. Andrew may be the best pro-active parent for James. Andrew has the family money to help him obtain a good attorney. I believe that he will get sole custody of James. I know Amber loves her children, but she needs to work on herself and NOT get involved in any other relationship. But I just have a feeling that she will repeat her pattern. Even if MTV drops her, WE TV may pick up a show called “Being Amber Life after MTV” or something like that. After all, all Amber knows is reality TV. Andrew was stupid to even get involved with her. No thought of any common sense between the two of them about bringing a child into the world and raising it.

  14. All I think every time I see her mugshot is that is definitely the face of the Amber we have seen repeatedly – when she’s let her anger go too far, when she gets on social media talking about how she’s a real G “rill woman”, when she threatened Farrah, when she abused Gary. How can anyone see that pic and not recognize her signature look?

    I am quite certain that Andrew is a flawed human being with character flaws & moral failings like the rest of us. It will still never serve as an excuse for or validation of her choice to abuse yet another person.

  15. This big, dumb goon is just as nutty as Amber. Only a nut job would date Amber……. and he found her on a reality show. As far as I am concerned, they are both dingbats and losers.

      1. Me thinks someone protests too much! If he keeps repeating the denials over cheating, theeennnnnn he was probably cheating! I DO like Andrew, to a point, BUT, then again, I believe he was nudging, pushing, and tapping buttons that he KNEW would set her off at times she was the most vulnerable.

        1. Youre a dum-dum if you are defending her. Amber is a repeat offender. We all watched her slap the crap out of Gary, & tried to push him down the stairs.
          Matt posted a pic of his face scratched up & a black eye.
          I believe Andy completely. Hes s dum dum too. You guys should hook up, I hear hes looking.🤣

  16. He needs to get help , too. Who in their right mind goes after someone on a marriage boot camp show especially someone who is exhibiting questionable behavior? I Didn’t watch the show but I don’t think I need to watch to say amber was acting up on that show, too.but he went after her anyway and began a relationship. Why? He’s not or wanted the exposure and money.

    Andrew, please seek help and stop the blame game. Get your own house and a real job. They say you have a job but I’m not buying it. What’s stopping amber from coming back to finish the job since he’s at her house like a sitting duck? Makes no sense.

  17. WHY is he doing these interviews and responding to Instagram comments?! Obviously, Amber’s attorney has told her to STFU about the case, Andrew needs to do the same. Although, it must be hard to see what people are saying, and not being able to defend yourself about it, like those assholes saying he’s lying about it and did something to make her do it.

    1. Yeah, I know. Andrew and James are the victims. I don’t get why people feel the need to defend Amber at ALL.

  18. Good for him, she needs to be off the show too. I don’t think she has a chance of getting any better if she stays on the idiotic show!

    1. I agree @PatBrown. Amber needs to get some motivation via a job or school. Something productive to occupy her idol mind.

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