‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion: Ryan Edwards Talks About His Heroin Addiction; Blames Maci Bookout for His Poor Relationship with Son Bentley

“Let us guess? That dern Maci put you up to asking about this, didn’t she?”

Part one of the Teen Mom OG Season 8 reunion showed Ryan Edwards coming clean about his opioid addiction… and coming for Maci Bookout regarding his relationship with their 10-year-old son Bentley.

As fans of ‘Teen Mom OG’ may recall, rumors of Ryan’s alleged drug use began in 2016 and were followed by an arrest for possession of heroin in 2017, a trip to rehab and a second arrest (for violation of probation) that ultimately landed him in jail for three months. With Ryan’s addiction being a crucial story line on ‘Teen Mom OG’ in recent seasons, many have wondered how exactly his addiction began and on Monday’s reunion episode, Ryan finally provided some insight. 

“Mine started out with painkillers and addiction wasn’t even thought of, ya know what I mean?” Ryan told reunion hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa Diab. “I was like, you can’t addicted to anything, that’s just homeless people walking down the street or whatever, ya know what I mean?”

“If that were the case, I wouldn’t have made my millions or acquired this sweet blazer collection.”

Ryan went on to recall the first time he “felt uncomfortable” because he hadn’t used— something Dr. Drew suggested was due to withdrawals. (Aside from his cushy gig as ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion host, Dr. Drew is an actual addiction medicine specialist, as well as an internist, in case you didn’t know!)

“I didn’t know what it was, I thought I was just sick,” Ryan said of his withdrawal symptoms. “I came home and I was telling my buddy about it and he was like, ‘Well, here, do this, and instantly I felt better. After that, it was every day, all day.

“I remember saying that ‘I’ll never use a needle,'” Ryan said. 

Ryan then told the hosts that he didn’t know what made him start using heroin; however, he said once he began he “never went back to doing anything else.”

He also described what living with addiction has been like for him. 

“Um…it ain’t fun, Dr. Drew. I’ll tell ya that. It ain’t no trip to Food City, that’s for sure!”

“[My wife] Mackenzie asked me what it’s like and I described it as living in a cage and you can’t do anything, you can’t really go anywhere, you can’t travel, it’s awful,” he explained. “Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I can’t say I’ll be sober for the rest of my life, because I don’t know that. I’d love to be and I’m willing to do pretty much whatever it’s going to take.” 

While Ryan’s time in jail (and in rehab) caused him to miss out on the birth of his son Jagger—- something Ryan said he was “highly pissed” about—– it also caused him to miss out on time with Bentley. Though Ryan said at the reunion that it’s difficult to talk to Bentley about his addiction, he was quick to criticize a comment Maci made earlier this season about him being more of an “uncle or friend” to Bentley than a father. 

“No uncle was ever THIS cool, right Bentley? Bentley…?”

“Maci talks a lot of s**t,” Ryan said. “Like, I’m tired of being nice about the situation. He’s mine, too. He’s not just hers and it doesn’t matter what she says, it matters what I know and what really happens and what I see. She can say I’m his uncle, I don’t give a f**k to be honest.” 

Ryan then told Dr. Drew what he believes is truly affecting his relationship with his son– and it has nothing to do with drugs.

“What is affecting my relationship with Bentley is Maci,” he said. “I don’t know what she tells him about me, I’m sure some of it’s probably not good. Then she goes on TV and she says whatever she wants.” 

“Sorry, guess it’s back to only talking about T-shirts, PCOS and Taylor’s balls again.”

Ryan said he wanted to establish a relationship with Maci, and Mackenzie interjected that the restraining order Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney have against Ryan needs to be addressed in order for their co-parenting to resume. 

“To make it better what has to happen is number one, either that restraining order has to be lifted or we have to wait until next May when it goes away,” she said. “Ya know, last year we were sitting here at this reunion and I was backstage and I heard [Maci] tell Dr. Drew that she was going to go home and lift it and here we are, however many months later, and it’s still not lifted.

“You wonder why Ryan doesn’t reach out to you? Because he legally can’t.” 

“Let me remind y’all, it’s been 365 days, 3 hours, 27 minutes and 43 seconds since Maci said she’d lift that dang restraining order.”

Earlier in the reunion, the topic of the restraining order was addressed when Maci and Taylor were on stage. During that conversation, Taylor said, “I think we’re fine where we’re at” when he was asked by Dr. Drew what needed to happen for he and Maci to lift the order. 

“We don’t have any communication with him, even at a couple baseball games they’ve come to, we can all be there, we’re not going to get in like a knock-down, drag-out fight in front of Bentley at a baseball game,” Taylor said.

“As long as Ryan behaves, he won’t have to feel the burn of a leather pocket t-shirt to the face.”

Next week on the second part of the reunion, viewers will see Maci sit down with Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry. 

Stay tuned for The Ashley‘s Reunion recaps! 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Seriously first all Ryan and his family need to stop blaming maci for his stupid act of getting into drugs . He is the one who did the drugs and got caught and went to jail and rehab several times and his family just sit back and baby him. Maci is being a mother to y’all son and protecting him.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    The problem is that ya don’t take accountability for your actions and that does effect Bentley more as he gets older. If you don’t sit down with him and start mending things he will resent you for everything and bring up everything that you truly did wrong as a grown up, I should know that my parents divorced but were never truly there for me when they were together so I asked the court for emancipation @ 17 and It was granted

  3. “It’s all Maci’s fault.” I remember when at least Larry would defend Maci, but now, they all listen to Mack Truck.

  4. Bingo….he had dry mouth and bug eyes…heroin..no…uppers most definitely. Drew said hows your sobriety? What clean person doesn’t say….hey 64 days sober etc…he just said…going good. He’s not sober sadly. Better questions….are you going to meetings…do you have a sponsor? I’m shocked Drew didn’t ask.

  5. Know what would make this reunion “must see TV”? If they drug tested him on camera backstage. Put up or shut up Ryan.

  6. Ryan has been a deadbeat, lazy, piece of shit father since Bentley was conceived. He has never, NOT ONCE, shown interest, concern, care, love, etc. for Bentley since BEFORE he was even born. He should be THANKING Maci for making sure Bentley was safe and taken care of because he has never been a father. Does he have custody of Bentley at all? Because he shouldn’t. And I know Bentley goes to Jen and Larry’s on Rhine’s days right? They are all lucky Maci hasn’t taken that away from them because we all know they completely enable Ryan and if I was her, I wouldn’t even want my son around any of them until they made serious and consistent changes. She should’ve taken him to court for sole custody back in season 1, cause Ryan doesn’t deserve it. He is clearly on some type of drug and as always, his crazy ass wife and enabling parents are ignoring it. Ryan will be back in jail before we know it

    1. He can’t say that, because he doesn’t know what lies ahead to tomorrow or next week? Recovery is a day to day thing. Yes, only he can ultimately decide what he should do/should not do, but there is this thing called peer pressure. It is oftentimes hard to overlook it and do as your heart/head tells you to do. I have two recovering addict friends (one has been clean for close to 2 years and the other was clean for 4 years when he relapsed and went back to rehab). And neither one of them will say “I will stay clean for the rest of my life”. Because they DON’T KNOW what tomorrow will bring!!!

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        You are right about they can’t say for the rest of their lives, but blaming Maci because he hasn’t been able to be a father is a load of crap. She has never stopped him until it was in Bentley’s best interest. He never wanted to stop what he was doing or change his life around to be a father. The least he should have said was I’m going to try my hardest to be the best Dad I can be and stay sober.

  7. What an incredibly stupid, selfish, disgusting, deadbeat dad, blame throwing MORON. Ryan and all of his enablers absolutely disgust me. They should all thank Maci for everything she’s done for their son, yet they continue to trash her. I don’t know how she handles it all so gracefully. If Bentley was my son, I would absolutely fight for full custody. Ryan will never take accountability for his actions. Despicable.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Ryan might be clean from opiates-but not drugs…the signs were all there. The dry mouth, the somewhat slurred speech and his bug eyes. Can’t hide that stuff. Looks like maybe a combination of prescription drugs. Bc he seemed to trying really hard to seem sober. He blames his mom, he blames Maci and his friend to told him to try it. Mac is going to get a taste of Maci has been dealing very soon when she has 2 kids and zero help and he’s out running around again. I actually feel bad for Ryan’s parents-but they played their part in this too. Now’s he’s going to be an “uncle” to 3 kids instead of one….Mac is Idiot of The Year for having more kids with this loser! (and they had NO CHEMISTRY on stage). Keep telling us how good things are going for you guys-but we can see the truth!

  9. In 10 years, that’s probably the most he’s ever spoken. The exaggerated head sway and bugged out eyes make me think uppers but hey.. you do you boo

  10. hes not clean. maybe from opiates, but he seemed very adderralled up, and the fact that he’s still taking ZERO accountability for any of his relationships or actions also screams to me – NOT CLEAN, NOT working a program.

  11. Lucky for Bentley he has a great Dad. Taylor.
    I wonder if Ryan is on Suboxxen (spelling?) to help w/ withdraw. He is a spoiled self entitled, man/child.

    1. Taylor is a great dad? How many DUI’s does he have? Can Maci and Taylor get past a MTV segment without a beer in hand or close by?? Alcoholism is just as bad as any drug addiction. It is just a much slower path of destruction.

  12. Sure, Ryan, Maci just pulled that restraining order out of thin air to poison your co-parenting relationship. I’m sure it had nothing to do with you threatening their lives or anything like that.

  13. Your relationship with your oldest son failed because of YOUR actions, Ryan. When he was an infant, you spent every night partying with friends instead of spending quality time with Bentley that would have helped build a stronger bond. Then, when Maci finally had enough and left you, you continued to ignore your son, and instead chose to party all night and sleep through the day. Then, during Bentley’s most formative years, you chose drugs over your child. And now you are going to blame Maci (who has kept Bentley safe from you and all of your antics) for your lack of a relationship with your son? HA! Clearly, you have learned nothing from the steps of your sobriety. You are still misplacing the blame for your actions, and you are still deflecting. You owe Maci an apology for the years of hell you gave to her and Bentley, and you need to thank her for raising your son while you were too screwed up to help her.

  14. So was Ryan supposed to be sober…? Idk if it’s heroin but he definitely looked like he was on something. His eyes were the size of dimes

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Why is nobody talking about how Ryan was acting? He was high as hell on something.

  16. Ryan is the reason for Ryan’s poor relationship with Bentley. He can’t even blame the drugs, because he was a disengaged father from the beginning. Even when Bentley was very young and Jen was desperate for Ryan to do things with them when Maci dropped him off Ryan wasn’t interested. And when Bentley got older and started to have some of Ryan’s interests Ryan still wouldn’t put effort into spending time with him.

    1. Remember one of the the 1st seasons of TM, she said to Rhine that she can’t understand why he doesn’t want to spend time with him (Bentley), and Rhine basically just brushed her off and went out with his friends. Also remember how he said he will be back when Jagger turns 3? At the end of the day Rhine doesn’t want to be a dad to any of his kids, he never has. Maci always seemed to make it pretty easy for him to be a father to Bentley…she’s just (understandably) fed up now.

    2. I agree. This whole blame game hes playing is weak af, we all watched him be an absentee father for years before the drugs. He was already estranged from his son, heroin just sealed the deal, its the ultimate excuse to not parent- cant cuz hes high.

    3. Ryan seriously has no clue and Mackenzie is just as bad. HE is the reason that he has no real relationship with Bentley. His parents took Bentley on Ryan’s weekends, because Ryan was either too high or sleeping to be a proper parent. His parents have enabled his behavior for years. He obviously did not learn a thing in rehab. He needs to learn to take responsibility for his own actions and quit blaming/deflecting. Mackenzie isn’t helping things, either. Maci has tried her best to keep Bentley safe and as insulated as she can about Ryan. He needs to thank her for all that she has done, instead of tradhing her. He seriously needs to grow up.

  17. It’s very very obvious that he has a loooong road ahead of him and STILL hasn’t gained any clarity whatsoever

  18. By him blaming her that’s his way of deflection of addiction he will never be clean til he has a sponsor an diffently gets away from his parents,they are enablers, the real problem is shame that’s the biggest thing with his relationship with his son,if their is no change in habit’s his new family will be the next one he will blame.ITS A SHAME.

  19. Ryan: shut up. You were a deadbeat before you were addicted, you are a cheater, a catkiller and you threatenened Maci’s family. Bentley is a good kid because of her. Prove yourself first.

  20. Ugh the coddling of these losers at the reunion so far is so frustrating. Neither Drew nor Nessa asked any tough questions at all! Just like “oh you guys are so great telling your story, you’ve changed so many lives!”
    Just inflating their egos even more. Over it.

    1. RIGHT !!! How about get a dang job. Go volunteer somewhere, go to school, just get OFF your lazy butts & do something.

  21. I call bull shiot! He doesn’t act sober to me, their sherade is all for the cameras, his wife eats it up. This is all typical addict behavior and he takes zero accountability. I’m so over he and his wifes crap.

  22. I don’t understand why they have reunions. They are so boring. Every year it gets worse and worse. What a waste of time.

  23. I think we all know that if it weren’t for Jen and Larry, Ryan wouldn’t even bother to see Bentley. The truth is, Bentley is now old enough to have his own feelings about Ryan choices. Do you think he likes to go to school knowing that every kid and teacher there knows his Dad is a drug addict? He is old enough to have to deal with his fathers problems, which this current season has shown has had a negative affect on him. Maci is left picking up the pieces as usual and has to watch her son suffer even though she could easily shut him out of Bentley’s life. Bentley doesn’t need Ryan but is stuck with him because of his relationship with Jen and Larry. It sucks for everyone, and Ryan’s poor me victim attitude is disgusting.

  24. Ryan, you were a crap parent before the drugs. I remember Maci’s 16&P episode and the early days of TM.

  25. Ryan’s never been a father to Bentley! To blame Maci instead of a drug addiction is delusional. I don’t think Maci put a restraining order on Ryan for no reason. No responsibility was taken by Ryan, which isn’t a surprise.

  26. My favorite part of part 2… Tyler’s sister bragging about her sobriety and carrying her chip around, then also guzzling free champagne at the end. Addiction is addiction, doesn’t matter if you switch from an illegal addiction to a legal one.

  27. Y’all. It is so hard for Rhine. Maci never lets him get loaded around HIS own kid. God! Then she just gets a restraining order against him because she always has to be in control. And the cops wouldn’t even let him see the baby that he really, completely wanted to have get born. Y’all, he was mad about that. Serious. Like, people are just so unfair to Rhine. He’s always working hard and making reasonable choices, but Maci can just say whatever & then the cops do what she says. It is so not fair!

  28. Glad he’s finally admitted that he has a problem, but this whole blame Maci crap is ridiculous. Parent or not, I wouldn’t fully trust my kid to be left alone with a heroine addict who has a psycho for a wife either. He made some serious threats against Maci and her family. The fact they don’t realize he broke trust, and trust isn’t just handed to you because of some easy words you say, as opposed to proving you’ve changed, is insane to me. Maci isn’t the bad guy in this. I do hope he keeps up with his sobriety if he’s truly sober.

    1. So its macis caught he missed the baseball games and so much more? He makes me sick.drew did also.I mean really ryan is toxic.

  29. Ryan has never been a father to Bentley but, at the same time, I do think that Maci and her husband make it harder for Ryan to have a relationship with his son. Agains the odds, Ryan could get clean and sober for 5+ years and I suspect Maci still wouldn’t trust Ryan. It’s like every beer drinking Maci segment of the show involves her “trash talking” Ryan.

    1. Would you trust a former heroin addict around your child? Coz I sure as hell wouldn’t.
      Even before he was on drugs, Ryan was a negligent and absent parent. It’s been ten years. He doesn’t care about Bentley and it shows in every single scene of the show since the beginning.

      1. Maci has always been very controlling when it came to Bentley. She’s even admitted that. Even before drugs if Ryan didn’t do what she wanted she would threaten to take Bentley away. Ryan was a trash dad don’t get me wrong. He could have fought for custody. I’m just saying Maci never seemed to be an easy person to coparent with.

        1. She was “controlling” for good reason. Ryan was inattentive and negligent even before the drugs. He left all the hard work to Maci and his parents, so why would Maci trust him? It wasn’t about Ryan “not doing what she wanted.” What she wanted was for Ryan to actually parent his child. He has never stepped up.

          1. She went on vacation the same place Ryan’s family did just to keep on eye on Bentley… She was extra.

      2. I disagree with that comment. I’m a former heroin addict and you’d never be able to tell, unless I told you. You could have an addict around your child now and not even know it. Teachers and daycare workers don’t have to disclose on their applications if they were ever an addict! And believe me, a lot of addicts get by without ever getting in trouble with the law. I didn’t look like your typical user while using either. I showered daily, took care of myself, etc. Gone are the days where you can pick an addict out out of a lineup or find them under the bridge. They’re living next door, hell, in a lot of cases they’re living in your house. Thankfully, I’ve been clean 3 years and have a beautiful baby boy that’ll be 6 months old on the 8th.

        1. Congrats !!!!! You are so 100 % right on about not knowing. Pain pills made a lot of addicts out of everyday people. I know a few. And they have jobs, and families

          1. She’s ugly to me (especially on the inside). She’s been a bitch to me, so it’s my turn now!! You know what they say about payback, “it’s a bitch”.

          2. The comment about @HAVESEVERALSEATS inside ugliness was supposed to go under the comment from @STRANGER.

        2. Congratulations! On your sobriety as well as your little boy!
          And you couldn’t be more spot on. When I was an addict, I held a job and looked like a functional human. Nobody could see what was happening inside.

          1. She is not ugly and doesn’t look 50 you psycho. Get off the computer and go seek help you troll.

      1. “Talk about the pot calling the kettle black” indeed. You know, you’ve got a serious problem, showin yourself around here calling @Haveseveralseats ugly when you are the most horrendously hideous person I have ever encountered online. Your ugly is on the INSIDE. @Haveseveralseats is a beautiful person, inside and out, for bettering herself, overcoming her life struggles, and dedicating herself to a beautiful baby. You, on the other hand, spend your life doing the best you can to ruin a perfectly good comment board with your weak af attacks on all, and may I remind you that every1 here greatly looks forward to the day we no longer come across your nasty little opinions, namecalling, idiotic rambings, all caps shouting, foulmouthed trolling.

        1. Do you know this @HAVESEVERALSEATS person (outside of this shit site)? Because her words are NOTHING BUT TRASH as far as I’m concerned. And if you are waiting for me to go somewhere, you’re waiting on hell to freeze over. ‘Cause bitch, I ain’t going nowhere!!! So, put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

          1. No I dont know her personally. I just have eyeballs and can read 👀 And sweetie Im not waiting on u for a damn thing lol, u just a basic troll 😂

    1. He looked higher than damn kite. Fidgeting, twitchy, bug eyes. Also clearly not accepting that he has a problem. Okay Ryan, it’s Maci’s fault you have a shit relationship with your kid, and it has nothing to do with you being a heroin addict… riiiiiiiiight…

      1. Exactly!
        And now we know why he went to jail, rather than stay on probation. No more probation equals no more drug tests, so he’s free to get high, rather than get his shit together.

        1. And, Maci did mention that. She said ryan needs to pass a drug test. But, Dr. Drew & the family did not want to talk about that. If you are clean take the test.

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