BREAKING! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Arrested On Charge Related to Possession of Heroin

“There ain’t no way I can blame Maci for this, is there?”

Ryan Edwards has a lot of explaining to do.

The Teen Mom OG dad was arrested on Tuesday on a charge related to Simple Possession of Heroin in Red Bank, Tennessee. Ryan — who just announced a few days ago that he’s expecting a baby with his wife Mackenzie— was booked into the Hamilton County Jail early Tuesday morning.

According to Radar Online, Ryan was arrested at his home in Red Bank, Tennessee, on a warrant for petition to revoke, which means he broke his probation related to a past simple possession of heroin charge. Ryan had kept the fact that he was on probation on the down-low from the public.

“He was held on $5,000 bond,” a spokesperson for Hamilton County Jail told Radar. “He was bonded out at 10:15 p.m.”

Ryan delivered a stellar mugshot…

Ryan has claimed to be sober since last summer, when he did a short stint in rehab to get clean from a nasty heroin addiction. (His wife Mackenzie claimed that at one time, Ryan was spending $10,000 a week to support his drug habit.) Viewers watching the current season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ have questioned Ryan’s sobriety, but he and his family claimed that he was still clean. In fact, on Tuesday, Mackenzie gave an interview to E! News gushing about husband’s supposed sobriety.

“He’s in a really good place. He’s sober. I’m really proud of him,” Mackenzie told the news outlet.

A month ago, a rumor was circulating that Ryan had relapsed and was going to rehab. Mackenzie denied those claims at the time, stating “It’s not true at all… If Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test, he would be in jail.”


The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

(Photos: MTV, Hamilton County Police Department)


  1. Hey Jen and larry, THIS would be why Maci does what she does. You’re STILL in denial about what your son is

  2. I could tell he wasn’t sober ! When he first got out of rehab he was drinking alcohol . Can’t clam to be sober when your drinking !

  3. Yeah, the massage thing was weird. You don’t do that with a kid. Kristina may not be Leah’s mom, but she’s doing a much better job. I’ve said it before, Amber should thank God for Gary and Kristina both.

  4. Whoaaa. Psycho theory over here: what if this was Macks goal all along? Young, dumb, broke teen mom who decides to bate in an addicted TM star. Ignore the drug use, play the martyr. Get married to secure financial security, get pregnant so he “won’t” leave her, let him relapse and suck him dry…..maybe she hopes he will OD so she can be done with him but have ties to his story, or maybe she just wanted a kid to have an “innocent” victim. Either way I think she’s one twisted bitch with a motive. She’s ignored wayyy too much to pretend it’s out of love.

    1. I think you’re on to something….and the way she keeps enabling him, I would say that you’re spot on. It’s like a lifetime movie

  5. So now that we know he had a prior heroin charge, I wonder how Mackenzie will keep up the whole “I had no idea he was using drugs and it’s all Maci’s fault for not telling me” story.

    She really has completely taken advantage of someone who is too drugged up to realize it. Her and Matt are pretty much in a similar category as far as I’m concerned. Manipulate their way in and take all the money and fame they can get. When this gravy train stops and all his money has been spent on drugs and legal fees good luck to her getting any child support for her kid. Poor Bentley.

  6. LOL WOW.
    I don’t wish Ryan to be on drugs, but like… come ON.
    If his enabling gross wife and family spent as much time trying to help him get clean as they do squawking about him totally being sober, he might actually be in a good place now.
    What a GREAT time to have a baby.

    1. To clarify my own comment, I am not laughing AT Ryan. I am incredulous at how outrageous this whole situation is, and cannot believe the Edwards family (mainly his psycho wife) have been saying that everything is just fiiiiiiine – when they are front & center to see that it ISN’T, and haven’t been bothered to do a single fucking thing simply to save face on reality TV. Disgusting.

  7. You know the minute Ryan Edwards starts to show any kind of interest or basic human decency toward anything (somewhat – for Ryan, at least – animated conversations on Teen Mom, “enthusiasm” for the new baby) that it’s only a matter of time before the news hits that he’s back on the drugs.

  8. Honestly, I do feel bad for Ryan. Was he a douche to Maci and his son from the beginning? Yes. Absolutely. But we know that he’s struggled with substance abuse for years (according to Dallis), so that’s definitely part of it. Heroin addiction is hell. You can’t just up and decide one day that you’re no longer going to do that without intense physical withdrawals. This isn’t like giving up soda for lent. The poor guy was addicted to heroin, met and was manipulated into marrying a gold digging fame whore, and realistically, he probably wasn’t even capable of giving consent to sex, let alone to make a baby. By capable, I mean sober or even close to it. When a guy has sex with a drunk girl, even if she gives consent, it’s against the law and considered rape. But when a woman does this to a man, it’s no big deal? People should be held to the same standards. Do I think Ryan is a good father or partner? No. I don’t even really think he’s that great of a person to be honest. But I also don’t think he’s a malicious or evil person either. This is a guy who has zero control over his life, who in the past year has gotten married TWICE, went to rehab, been arrested twice, and is now going to be a father all over again even though just last episode he was talking about not wanting the responsibility. As far as I’m concerned, I DO feel bad for him, and I think his family needs to step in, annul the marriage, and press charges on Mackenzie for her predatory behavior, because she was literally a shady guy at a frat party, looking for the passed out freshmen girl. What Ryan needs is help. This isn’t funny anymore.

  9. I feel badly for Bentley, and Maci because she is surely hurting for Bentley. And even though Larry and Jen have coddled him, I can’t help but feel especially sad for Jen. I have a hard time with Rhine due to the cat killing as I’m a huge cat person, but I hope he turns his life around, especially for his family.

  10. This is really heart breaking. The last thing a recovering addict needs is all this scrutiny from the public and a reality TV show. I hope he gets the help he needs for the sake of his family and children. Poor Bentley and I feel for his parents too during this time. It’s just so sad.

  11. Fucking knew it. No one kicks heroin habit like it’s nothing. What a bunch of lying enablers that family is. Bashing Maci, blaming Maci.

    They are going to lose their son because they refuse to acknowledge his serious problem. It’s so fucking dangerous, and you know what takes alot of people? When they are sober for awhile and then decide to do one hit that their body can’t handle because the user thinks he/she can because of previous tolerance.

    Look at Harris Wittels, a brilliant writer for Parks and Rec, just an amazing guy. He was found dead after he had been doing well with his addiction, but took too high dose…and that was it. He was open about his struggle, not any of this denying bullshit.

    1. And lately so many people have been overdosing on heroin that is laced with fentonal. It is a (more) scary and (more) dangerous time to be using heroin.

  12. Well this is it. We are all sitting back watching this man die. And he will die if he doesn’t get a serious handle on this. But the problem is he has a wife that is willing to lie and enable him so she can maintain her TM gig. She is more interested in those checks rolling in than what Rhine is going through. If he hadn’t gotten busted how long would this lie have kept going? Then you have his parents that are completely in denial about there Son. This guys support system is probably just as toxic as the poison he continues to pump into his body!! Wow my God can we sit back and watch this man die on t.v.? I hope and pray not! I hope he goes into a long term residential treatment. But everyone in his life has got some work to do as well. I hope there is someone in his life that is willing to say to Hell with the Teen Mom image and help this guy!He hasn’t been clean throughout this whole season and I think everyone knows it

    1. Thinking the exact same thing. Someone in the Edwards family needs to put their foot down and say that they’re done filming; I think it’s critical to Ryan’s health that they get off TV and handle this privately, not to mention put all of their energies toward his recovery. Sadly, I know Mackenzie will not support quitting the show because she enjoys the paycheck and the drama. I really think Larry is the one who is going to have to put a stop to it and then Jen will go along with him and perhaps if they present a united front and actually stand up to Ryan, he may listen for the first time in his life.

    2. And you know that Mack, his mom and Dad, and teen Mom producers and cameras are all going to insist that he be out of rehab for the birth of the new baby so they can have those nice family pictures and a good “happy family” birthing episode for the show. She’s due sometime this summer we think, and he’s going to need quite a bit of treatment, followed by a halfway house maybe, and intensive outpatient therapy following his inpatient therapy. This is the worst time to add a totally new stresser like a baby. It was already the worst time to get married and move into a new home with his wife. You should not be making huge life changing decisions and be making massive changes to your life and routine when you are attempting to recover and stay clean. They suggest you don’t even go on vacation, or out to dinner where alcohol could be served, or to a party or large social gathering for several months after you leave treatment—but he got married (twice!), filmed it all, and is having a baby!

  13. This right here is proof positive that Ryan’s enablers can come to The Ashley (or go anywhere else) and down-vote all the damn comments they want. But the clear and honest truth of the matter is that, no… Ryan does NOT need a new baby right now.


    My heart truly breaks for Bentley, who since 16 and Pregnant I’ve always thought was one of the cutest, most precious kids on TV. He’s growing up to be such a handsome, well-mannered young guy now through Maci and Taylor’s guidance. The very last thing that poor kid deserves is THIS.

    Neither is it deserving to the innocent new life soon to be brought into this boiling hot mess.

    What a total damn shame.

      1. Girl, same. I’m a beer enthusiast and simultaneously a loving mother of a two-year-old. The comparison of Maci and Ryan of all kind of apples vs oranges and the pearl-clutching you’ll see toward her “alcoholism” can get a bit old.

    1. Yeah the way I am reading this is, he had a past charge for simple possession. He was on probation for it. He broke probation this week and was arrested for it.
      The article does NOT say how he broke probation, so I am not sure we can assume it was heroin possession this week.

      The Ashley, can you clarify please?

    2. So Mack is trying to say that it was all part of the original plea agreement but that is bullshit. Yes, sometimes people do negotiate being able to surrender yourself to get some time before being formally arrested, but you can’t already be on probation if you were negotiating your terms of surrender pre-arrest.

  14. He needs long term treatment. Sending prayers 30days is not going to help. MTV please let him get the care he needs

  15. This is very sad. I understand it’s hard for a lot of people to have sympathy considering he grew up privileged, is on television and makes a lot of money, therefore allowing him access to the best treatment available. This is just further proof that addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. I see a lot of comments on social media about how he’s just a spoiled loser, and can understand it’s easy to judge, especially if you (luckily) have never battled addiction. Happy people generally do not fall into addiction. I think it’s pretty clear that something happened to Ryan as a child (ie: trauma/abuse/etc) that was never dealt with and has aways manifested in his behavior and choices. Add MacKenize to this, who clearly seems to be taking advantage of someone at their lowest point for fame and money (because seriously, who in their right mind would pursue someone to marry and quickly have a child with who is LITERALLY dying? That’s what heroin addiction does. You cannot maintain it for life. If you do not get clean, you’re going to die), and Ryan is in some deep crap.

    No one will change Ryan. Not his children. Not his parents. Not his wife. Ryan has to want to change Ryan. He has to hit his rock bottom, and the sad reality is that sometimes that rock bottom is death. NO ONE actively decides to become an addict. Drugs are often used to fill a void, a depression, an emptiness. Using changes everything from your basic choices to entire brain chemistry. For those who are reacting in a “HA HA! Told ya he wasn’t sober!” way, or dissing him, please try to remember that Ryan is very, VERY sick. Ryan is dying.

    All I can really say is I hope that he finds a rehab that is right for him, and something clicks. This is going to be very, very hard with the added stress of a pregnancy and baby and new marriage. I understand it takes two people to create a child, but I cannot hide my disgust in Mackenize for her behavior and choices, especially when she has a young child of her own. I hope he finds a way to heal and take responsibility.

    1. Well said! At first I was going to say what a loser he was, etc. But the truth is that he is really into hard core drugs. He has had so many people enabling him. I did not realize that he was already 30 years old. He is so immature. I don’t think he has ever had a job (expect MTV). I think he needs to go into a Sober House for a full year! Adding another child is not going to cure this mess.

      1. I think Ryan has had some jobs, even good paying jobs. I know he worked at a US Express, and I believe he worked as a deisel mechanic while he was with Maci. But you are right about the MTV money. He enabled him to have money and not work a real job, which gave him idle time to get into a mess. Even enough MTV money to afford the $10,000 a month drug habit. I think even the house was his grandparents, so he probably doesn’t even have a mortgage. He needs to get off MTV, along with his bitch wife, get clean, and a routine and job to keep himself busy. He himself told Mack that her going to school would give them something to do, however, I don’t know what her going to school would give him something to do. I really don’t want to see him die.

        1. While I don’t have a lot of pity for Rhine, the cat killer, and normally I don’t blame family members because as an adult you should own your actions (unless the come from childhood trauma). However, his parents are unwittingly contributors here. They never saw the cat killing as a sign (I assume) of mental health issues. They let him lay around the house with no direction. They didn’t force him to longer rehab (yes, I know you can’t really force someone but you don’t need to welcome them into a cushy home with open arms if he fails at rehab). Rhine seems to have had no accountability in any of his actions. Even Maci does the vast majority of parenting of Bentley. No wonder Mack the snake could easily manipulate him into marriage and a baby. Rhine needs more tough love than the “poor baby” treatment.

    2. I lost a father to addiction so I know what this family is going though. I do have sympathy for Ryan. I have sympathy for any addict since it is a life threatening situation but at the same time, addiction usually is a result of bad life choices. Ryan, Mackenzie and Ryan’s parents need to hold him responsible for making bad decisions and not make excuses for him. The more blame they put on other people, the more it enables him to continue using. I can tell by the conversations between Ryan & Mack and Jen & Larry that they don’t hold him fully responsible and Ryan himself doesn’t take full responsibility. And you are right, it absolutely has to be Ryan that wants to change in order for him to change. Nobody can change him for him. He needs to to extensive rehab especially since it’s herion. 20 days in rehab for an addiction as bad as he has was ridiculous. He needs to do be in an inpatient program for at least a couple months and then do an outpatient program. He also needs to stop drinking. I hope everything works out especially since he has another kid on the way. It’s too bad his wife is a psycho and is probably not making this situation any better for him.

    3. I 100% agree with everything you said. I don’t want to see anyone die of a drug overdose that could possibly be helped and right now Mack is not being a supportive wife and get him the help he desperately need. If I was in the car with him that day, I would have demanded he pull over and drive his ass to the hospital. He looked like he was dying right then and there, but she was more worried about him putting a ring on it. Selfish as selfish can be. She doesn’t love him and I hope he gets help and realize she does not love him and only using him. He is definitely trying to numb himself for some reason. He knows he screwed up with Maci and she has probably been the only woman he has ever been that truly loved him. Mack must have been

    4. I agree, this is very sad. Your post was spot on. He needs help, not MTV cameras in his life. Way too much time on his hands. With no job, or even hobbies. He needs to loose about 135 pounds. AKA Mack

    5. Love your comment, I think it’s generally difficult for people to understand that yes he has a major problem but heroin addiction is not necessarily something someone wants to have… And it’s not helping that he has enablers and commenters calling him a junkie daily

    1. Looks like Ryan is back to Food City! The Grace Report just reported that he is back on Tinder and tried to hook up with a girl who reached out to Grace. This is definitely not a good week for the Edwards

    1. It’s been three days since they announced their pregnancy! That’s 72 hours, one minute and no seconds that Maci should have fixed Macktruck’s life and she DIDNT!! How DARE she!?

      …..sarcasm, just in case.

        1. Of course she will, this is Mack we’re talking about. She’ll just be mad that she can’t block or delete us when we spout the truth!

  16. OMG say it isn’t so??????????? Helen Keller saw that coming. Let’s be real here. If he had taken that drug test, Mac would be spouting all over about how he passed and Macy still won’t let him see Bentley. She never mentions that he passes and still isn’t able to see him, therefore, he was still doing drugs, hence why no visits with Bentley.

  17. Father of the year, folks ?? How sad that Bentley has to see this one day. I think it’s funny tho how Mack always tries to sound so high and mighty when it comes to Ryan and he embarrasses her literally EVERY TIME: rehab, cheating scandal, not one but two shitty on-air weddings, and now he’s arrested within 24 hours of her pregnancy announcement. She must be making bank over there to think this is all worth it. He is so in love with Maci, when is she going to stop trying to “win” and just let it go? Probably never. She looks like the obsessive creepy type.

    1. I don’t think he was in love with Maci when they were together much less now. Hell I don’t think he shows love to Bentley.

  18. Why is Ryan on probation in the first place? I thought he put himself into rehab without being arrested or any court involvement. Does anyone know what his original arrest was for that put him on court probation?

  19. I predict Andrew will leave Amber and high tail it back to that family mansion in Malibu, California. Mack’s & Ryan’s baby will end up with Jen & Larry, the enablers which means the baby will end up like a Ryan. They are the reason Ryan is like he his. And I’m not so sure if Ryan’s dad is not an alcoholic, which caused Jen to baby Ryan to protect him from his father’s alcoholism and verbal abuse from Larry. I get the feeling Larry can be mean when he is drunk. And didn’t he scream & yell at Bentley during a ballgame and Taylor had to shut him down? And the last couple of seasons, I have noticed his face stays red like an alcoholic. I use to have a crush on him when the show started, but not anymore. Addiction can run in families. I may be way off, but I do hope the babies will have healthy and happy lives.

    1. Karen, I definitely think it’s quite likely Larry has a problem with alcohol. Addiction is often genetic, and you can see glimpses of behavior in Larry that signify an issue. Additionally, Jen is incredibly secretive and protective of the family. There is a reason for this. But secrets kill. While I think it’s sad that many people are using this to drag Ryan through the mud when he literally has a disease that WILL end his life without major change, the only positive is that his addiction/arrest can no longer continue to be covered up (please, no more “happy Mackenize” interviews about how wonderful he is doing with his sobriety) which hopefully force his family to give proper support, which is crucial in recovery. I want Ryan to live, but Ryan needs to want that for himself. I said this in a previous comment, but I really, really hope that Ryan is able to find a treatment facility that is the right fit for him, actually completes it, and follow an aftercare program to get on the right path. I don’t want him to become another statistic.

      1. I agree. We have to remember he does have Bentley to live for and another son or daughter on the way. MTV needs to fire Mack and we will see how fast she divorces him and runs.

  20. I have a question. I have read that Mack lost custody due to Ryan’s drug use in the home. Does that mean they can keep the baby is he is still using? I don’t understand how that works.

    1. They probably can keep their baby. Hudson’s dad most likely petitioned the court and the judge made a decision on his petition. There won’t be anyone to petition on this new baby’s behalf. CPS may be more likely to check their home out, but I’d be surprised if the baby was removed, especially if Mack is sober.

      1. Thank you. Maybe Maci should petition for the baby. He/she may be better off with her than even Larry & Jen since they are enablers. I hate to say it, but I think Ryan should serve jail time because that is the probably the only way he will be able to sta6 clean and possibly get real help.

        1. With three kids of her own, Maci probably doesn’t want to deal with raising another one of Ryan’s children. Especially since it would be one more thing that would tether her to the Edwards clan. You know they will never leave her alone if she tries to get custody of Ryan and Mack’s baby.

        2. Statistically, jail does NOT help addicts in the long run. It forces them to remain sober for a short time while in custody, but jails do not have the capacity, funding, or programs in place that actually show to have any type of real success.

          Rehabs DO. Well, some rehabs. Not all are created equally, but their only purpose is to try to medically and psychologically help and change an addict, their behavior, way of thinking, and get to the bottom of WHY the person began to use to help, heal and maintain. But he needs to find a rehab that is the right fit for him. More often than not it takes multiple times and multiple rehabs to stick. Almost all addicts will relapse, which like most people, Ryan did. The best thing that could happen is for him to have a judge that understands addiction and how it completely changes the brain, and court orders him to complete an INTENSIVE inpatient program and aftercare (one that he cannot just leave when he feels like it). It takes an incredible amount of work and qualified team of doctors and psychiatrists/psychologists, not to mention the number one thing is the person needs to want to change.

          And just to touch on the comment “Maybe Maci should petition for the baby”….why would she do that? She has her own family to worry about, and the last thing in the world I could see her doing is wanting to clean up another one of Ryan’s messes. The baby would have no relation to her, and she would have no right to attempt to do that. If CPS did become involved, there is no reason that Mackenize wouldn’t be allowed to keep her own child (as long as she isn’t a secret user herself, which I see no signs of). There is a slim chance she may be told the child cannot live with Ryan, but that is highly unlikely. As long as one parent is totally sober, functioning and fit, from what I’m reading about TN laws, there likely won’t be an issue and CPS would just do checks. The first priority is for children to stay with their parents, but if that isn’t possible they attempt to find a blood relative who is capable of caring. Maci would not be brought into this.

        3. Jail will not help him, if anything it will kill him literally. My family member turned his life around at 28 from heroin addiction: everyone was there for him but ultimately left him to make the decision to get clean for the last time. He got to the point where he ODd and said to his mom he can’t do this anymore, he needs help. He went to a rehab and got clean, 9 years now. Ryan needs to decide this for himself, not be pushed or cushioned

    2. Mack’s custody arrangement changed because her kid’s dad filed papers, not because the state intervened. It’s different when another person already has legal custody rights. The bar for a healthy parent to step in to change the amount of contact the troubled parent has is much lower than CPS removing a kid from both bio parents.

  21. Wow what a shock. Mac is either a dumbass or..a dumbass! Does she really think he’s doing great or did she really think they could keep this covered up with lies? 21 is young but that doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot! I’ve suspected methadone the last several episodes, due to it being used by addicts in ‘recovery’ but these morons overlooked his addiction for months so it’s no surprise they’ve continued doing it after his hilariously short rehab stint. His parents are probably rethinking the decision to share beer with him now. Good luck with the kid Mac, I’m sure it’ll wake him and turn him into an all star parent. Oh wait, he already is one!

    1. Well we all know Mackenzie always place the blame game. She’s not a very rational thinker. I’m watching last night’s episode right now. I just saw the part where Mack told in Hudson that he’s just like his daddy. How hateful! To Ryan, something like, “I see you walk through the same fire.” What? He hasn’t been through anything that wasn’t his fault.

  22. Whata f**king loser… seriously. And this guy doesn’t understand why he has to be supervised to visit his own son. It’s unreal.

    Grow up and take getting sober seriously. 22 days is going to do shit all. Hence, why he was already arrested for not following probation. He’s had no sober plan, hell, he probably isn’t sober.

  23. Which baby will have it worse: Amber and Andrew’s, or Mack and Ryan? Honestly, what is also sad is I’ve never even gotten the sense that Mack truly loves Ryan, and Andrew and Amber? He’s just her latest infatuation with any man that looks at her twice and tells her she’s pretty, while his involvement with her is just as sincere as Mack’s with Ryan.

    1. They’ll both have it equally as bad for different reasons…one kids stuck with parents who are advocates for domestic violence and stalking, the other one will have delusional parents that have ? for brains. Throw in Jenelle n UBT and you’ve hit the trifecta of train wrecks and bad parenting.

    2. As far as we know, Andrew’s parents are pretty okay. Or at least rich enough to buffer Amber’s terrible parenting. Quite frankly, I think the best thing that Amber could do is move to California to be close to Andrew’s family and let them pay for nannies and good schools. It would actually be way less stress on Leah because it’s easier to understand that your mom lives out of state than “my mom lives 10 miles away and still rarely sees me.”

      1. Isn’t Andrew’s dad dead? And we don’t know if his family wants anything to do with Amber. Amber brings very little to the table and has no class. I wouldn’t be shocked if Andrew eventually ends up with sole custody (since we know Amber can’t handle full-time mom status) and moves back home. I suspect this baby will be raised in Malibu without Amber.

        1. I think you’re right about his dad, but I don’t think the kid would be raised by his mom so much as her writing checks to childcare providers. Personally, I actually don’t think being raised by nannies and boarding schools is the worst way to grow up when they’re good nannies and schools and the alternative is “Borderline Personality Disorder, American Style” or “Malibu’s Most Stalkery”.

          1. Anything is better than being raised by Amber. Even JENELLE spends more time with her kids than Amber does. Nannies would be a blessing for baby James.

      2. You know Andrew is observing how Amber does Leah and her fake ness when she does have her. Does anyone know if one of the two visits (oop! three visits) during the summer is when she took her to get massages? Amber on,y did that for herself and saw it as an opportunity to make a needed appearance for TV. What 9 year-old wants a massage with a stranger touching her? Andrew is a box of rocks if he doesn’t see what kind of “bad mom” she will be. I would be drunk if I took a drink when she has said “bad mim” during the whole series. Doth protest too much. She deep down know s she is not a good mom and she is reminded of that everytime she picks Leah up and see Kristina is a better mom to Leah.

  24. Great start on being a new father and man. Way to step up. I wonder what mack is gonna say. She had no idea. Hes not on drugs. Blah blah blah lol. This is gold.

  25. Well he’s doing great at Fatherhood The Sequel so far. I will say in all fairness to Jen, those were not tears of joy at that joke of a first wedding,and she has been heard saying she hoped they did NOT get pregnant for a while. I was willing to give Mac a chance at first but it became increasingly obvious that she was determined to marry Ryan no matter what,and then the trap baby and here we are

    1. She should have given it a few more years before they got pregnant. Recovery is a long process; he had only been “clean”, as far as she knew for the small 30 days that he was gone off to rehab. Also, weren’t they both trying to get back in school? Especially Mack? Nursing school out of all things, one of the most challenging things to study. You’d think she’d try to do her hardest to at least be fully finished work that before trying to spit a kid out.

      1. They tell you in AA/rehab to give yourself a year sober before entering into a new dating relationship, let alone get married and have an effing baby. I mean, recovery is different for everyone (granted I’m talking about ACTUAL recovery, which is a never ending journey, not a destination, not having your famewhore ‘wife’ saying your ex sober). That poor, poor baby.

  26. “He’s in a really good place. He’s sober. I’m really proud of him,” Mackenzie told the news outlet…Maci said it best….Mack’s so full of shit her eyes are brown.

    Jokes aside I really do hope that he drops Mack, gets the help he needs, and Jen and Larry give him some much much needed tough love.

    1. Her next interview will be something like ‘he found a gram on the ground and was going to turn it into the police in his efforts to clean up the streets’. These two are dumber than a box of rocks.

      1. Oh I’m just waiting for the “drugs weren’t his” excuse from Mackenzie. I’m honestly shocked she hasn’t used that one yet.

        1. The excuse is currently being written in letter form and she’ll read it right from the paper in her next interview. “I’m with Rhine 22 hours hours, the other 2 he’s at Food City but it’s not what you think, we eat a lot and he volunteers to do the grocery shopping”

  27. I just can’t wait for Mack’s pathetic explanation for this. Girl had had so many red flags presented to her, I don’t feel bad about the horrible situation she put herself in. Also, why doesn’t she just makeout with maci already? She’s obsessed with her.

    1. Then talked so much shit the last episode ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ “I don’t think she’s over it yet. He wasn’t the best father, but he was there.” I could’ve slapped Mack through the TV when she said that. How dare you comment on another woman’s experience with a man who was 10 years younger when they were together? You were 11 years old Mack, what the hell do YOU know about how he was as a father at that time??? Also, he’s a whole drug addict and cheater right now… and you still defend him? He drove high as a kite, risking not only yours and his life. But risking putting instant tragedy and heartbreak on Bentley and Hudson; yet, that’s Maci’s fault too, right??? Maci is happily, happily married to her husband and sober business partner. How in the hell do you figure she isn’t over her slummy, bummy, druggy, baby daddy, that your dumb ass married???? How Sway?

    1. “Simple possession” means a person was caught with a small amount of drugs, suitable for personal use, not enough to assume he was selling it to others.

  28. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read the title.
    There’s something really wrong with Mack if she thinks that having a baby with a heroin addicted cheating man child is a good idea.

  29. Well who’s to blame for his addiction now Mack?? Because it sure isn’t Maci’s fault! He was on a downward spiral before Mack, but he has just gone straight to shit since marrying her…And this girl decided to make a baby with him. She gives Jenelle a run for her money when it comes to terrible terrible life choices.

      1. As far as we know I don’t think so, I think he was just lazy at that point, and probably smoked a lot of weed…but his ex Dallys or however you spell her name, said that he was on hard drugs when he was with her, and of course Mack and his parents jumped to his defense that Dallis was lying… Well…apparently she wasn’t!

  30. In the last episode Jen said she hoped they would wait at least a year into Ryan’s sobriety before trying to have a baby…..I’m sure she cried when she heard they were pregnant. MACK IS STUPID! IF she honestly didn’t know he was high before their first wedding, she should have known this time. Fool her once shame on you fool her twice she’s a moron!

    1. AGREED!! And what else is pathetic is that she WILLINGLY brought her son into this crap, and proceeded to get pregnant. Not sticking up for her, but even Jenelle had sense enough to annul her marriage to Courtland and not have a baby with him because she saw what a cracked out train wreck he was! And if Mack married Rhine for his money, she’s extra EXTRA dumb because according to her, he’s blowing through 10 GRAND a week buying drugs! By the time she leaves him, he’s not gonna have any money left!

    2. I think she tried to get pregnant asap in order to possibly get that fourth place on OG. And now with Ryan not being sober, they have a greater story than mom dying of cancer! Maybe Josh should cheat on McKee again?! (That’s not how I think but I’m sure it’s how it went in Mack E.’s delusional mind)

    3. I read a comment yesterday, and it made perfect sense. Mack wanted him to stay high, because when he isn’t high he can’t stand her.. and even kind of hates her, and will talk about divorce from her.

      She needed this trap baby… and then she is just going to complain that he is an absentee dad with a drug issue and woooe is me after HE finally leaves her one day, if he doesn’t die first.

  31. I’m going on a tangent and will get lots of downvotes. My husband was in Ryan’s shoes, and granted I didn’t know him when he was in that situation, it makes me sad. Mack is an idiot who is either oblivious or she enjoys the attention negative or positive, but Ryan needs real help, not this. I have the belief 98% of addicts have the ability to turn around and be amazing people, most are already its just hidden behind drug use.
    I know that it’s fun to snark on mack and call his parents enablers etc but constantly being called junkie, pill head whatever isn’t helping Ryan.

    1. He deserves every ounce of shame he’s getting. He’s damn lucky he hasn’t killed anyone yet.

      I’m glad your husband is in recovery.

      1. Why does he deserve the shame and someone else who isn’t on TV doesn’t? Yes he shouldn’t have been driving etc but he needs the right help. People think shaming an addict is a solution but it’s not

    2. I understand what you are saying. I have a close family member who is a recovering heroin addict. When he is sober he is a great person. I do not think placing blame is productive for Ryan. He needs to get off this show and focus only on his addiction and legal issues privately and with people who are supportive of him and truly care about him. I wish him well.

    3. Yeah, but I always got the feeling that Ryan’s preference for downers and his parents making life as easy as possible for him was masking anger and violence issues that he literally was too drugged up to act on.

  32. I’m actually delighted this happened because it totally vindicates what Maci has been saying the whole time. Shame on Mack, Larry and Jen for enabling him and trashing Maci. She has been the only one of them who has acted like an adult and protected her son from this junkie deadbeat.

    I’m dying to hear what lame-ass excuses they peddle for him now. Can’t pretend it was only “valium” now. Each member of the Edwards’ clan is as bad as the other.

  33. He is really is a terrific role model for those two, soon to be three, kids he has. Well done Mackenzie! ?

    1. I thought drugs made you lose weight. Granted, the hardes drug I have ever done is weed,which did increase my appetite. I have not a clue what heroin dies as far as appetite.

      1. Heroin makes you bloat and you can gain a lot of weight if you are still eating normally and not moving. The “heroin chic” idea comes from people who spend all of their money on drugs and stop buying food.

  34. So he got married high and possibly also made a baby high?! Is this b*tch afraid if he really sobers up, he realizes who he got married to?!

  35. Chattanooga TN resident here. I wonder where Ryan is living now. He is definitely not in the lake house he bought because if he got booked out of his home in Red Bank there is no bodies of water in Red Bank unless you count the duck pond. This is very interesting considering they just announced a pregnancy. Would love to have more details on this one.

    1. I’m fairly certain on one of the episodes it was labeled as “Ryan’s Rental.” So maybe he (Mac) just rented it for the time they were filling. She’s all about appearances. Fake ring, fake fidelity, fake sobriety.

      1. I think last year they said it was his aunt’s house………. that’s where he went when he was fighting with his dad. Maybe he’s renting it from his Aunt. As far as being arrested, he was probably arrested in an area where there are drug deals going down and his booking sheet shows his home as Red Bank, TN

    2. Hey neighbor! I live in Rhea County (Dayton). Originally from Bradley County (Cleveland) and I was wondering the same thing. And was it not scary as hell to see him driving in that video since we travel those same roads? I thought the lake house was in a Ooltewah. Hum! I want to know more details too. There has been quite some time things could have happened since the last episodes. I’m sorry, but I can’t help laughing at Mack. He’s still using and she denies it and could care less about his well being because she is determined to get those MTV paychecks and fame. She deserves what she gets. I do hope Ryan gets help. I would hate to see him die of a drug overdose.

  36. Hey well done mackenzie! You really snagged a good one there, and congrats on having his spawn a cookin’ in that belly of yours! Damn girl ??

    1. Right! His eyes on the show. I thought maybe methadone, but probably heroine. Who are these fools in his family, thinking he’s clean? He was so preoccupied with Mack spending any money too..I guess he needed it for something.

  37. Well, well, well. This is not at all surprising. Do we know how he violated probation or when he first got arrested? I’m guessing it was a failed drug test this time. Mack knew he wasn’t sober and that he’s never been sober. The guy left rehab early and immediately cracked open a beer! For the entire Edwards clan to pretend like Rhine was in recovery is disgusting. Mack knowingly got pregnant by a man who is an active heroin addict and exposes her toddler to him. If I were Hudson’s dad, I’d be meeting with my lawyer right to discuss options to limit Mack’s visits.

    Good thing Maci didn’t buy it and protected her son from his “dad.” If Jen, Larry, Ryan, and Mack had a say, Ryan would have been having unsupervised visits with Benny and driving around with him. I can’t imagine how Maci is feeling having dodged that bullet.

    1. Just like with Amber’s and Andrew’s baby who can’t just go to Gary’s because he is nothing his, this kid also won’t be able to be raised by Maci (she’s not perfect but sure as hell a better parent than those two), she has enough work with 3 of her own.

      Thank God Chelsea balances it out, at least one normal Teen Mom cast member having a baby this year.

      1. Yup. Baby James is screwed. Same with Jenelle and UBT – Kaiser and Jace have their grandmothers advocating for them, Kaden has his mom primarily raising him, but Maryssa and Ensley have no one.

        Speaking of which, apparently Jenelle joined the NRA to “protect her family.” ? 1. She absorbs the interests and personality of whoever she is with 2. Has previously posted that she thinks only police and military should carry and 3. She doesn’t seem to understand what the NRA does. They do not offer protection lol

        1. I saw that NRA comment she made….she’s such a loser. She can’t think for herself and has to conform to soulmate of the moment. She turned into a heroine addict for Kieffer, picked up Nathans dramastic lingo, and now lives in the back woods with Lurch n their guns on the land.

        2. The NRA does offer prepaid legal services if you shoot someone. I like to call it George Zimmerman insurance.

          I’m a gun owner and think the NRA is garbage.

  38. Mac, this is going to be your life for years and years. Ryan does not work a program. He is weak and lacks the motivation to be sober. This is what you signed your kids up for.

    1. FACTS!!!! The man was high when he married her, drunk when he remarried her, cheated on her in a grocery story parking lot, and she has idiotically stood by his side through and through, willingly brought her son around it, and made a baby with him…She’s going to get what she deserves but I feel so bad for the kids involved. The only child protected from all this is Bentley, and that’s because Maci is the only one who sees the situation for what it is.

  39. Wowww….. yeah mackenzie hes doing so well. Blah blah blah. Everyone knew he wasnt clean. Including yourself.she is just so delusional that she didnt care. They just announced yesterday that they are having a baby. This is gonna be bad. I guarantee u cps is gonna get involved and they should. This girl is tied with jenelle and amber for being the worst trash on this show

  40. He was just triggered by Maci, duuh! It’s all her fault! LOL
    Btw can we yell monkey now? Or too soon?

    1. He couldn’t handle the thought of Maci on Naked & Afraid and he just fell off the wagon…. but wait, he’s the one who left her and she’s the one not over him…..

  41. Well…it’s a great thing they went and decided to have a baby! Who doesn’t want to be born to a heroin addicted father????

    1. Wow I’m so surprised! Not really.. My dad developed a heroin addiction in his 30s that ended up killing him in his 50’s. A child is the LAST thing these two assholes need. In my personal opinion, his mother is one of the worst enablers I’ve ever seen.

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