Farrah Abraham Settles Lawsuit With Viacom Regarding Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ Firing

“Whatever…Viacom…and Michael.”

Farrah Abraham has agreed to settle the $5 million lawsuit she filed last month against Viacom and the producers of Teen Mom OG.

Variety reports that Farrah’s attorney filed a note with the court stating that the case had been “amicably settled.” Terms of the settlement were not made public, but TMZ reports that part of the settlement agreement states that the lawsuit can not be refiled.As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah– who got the boot from the long-running reality show on October 30, 2017 (and has been squawking about it ever since)– filed the lawsuit in a Texas District Court, claiming that she was harassed, wrongfully terminated from her job, forced to endure a hostile work environment and was made to “fear for her life” on the day she was fired.

According to the legal paperwork acquired by The Blast last month, Farrah claimed in her lawsuit that she was wrongly terminated from her ‘Teen Mom OG’ gig and harassed for “not conforming to gender stereotypes.” She also claims her firing came in part because she complained about the harassment. In addition, she claims she was discriminated against and not paid out the full amount that was agreed upon in her Viacom contract.

The lawsuit named Morgan J. Freeman, New Remote Productions, Viacom, Eleventh Street Productions, and Anxious Eleven as defendants.

Farrah has yet to respond to The Ashley’s request to comment on this settlement.

UPDATE! Farrah’s outspoken father Michael Abraham has released a statement in regard to his daughter’s settlement. In his statement, Michael insinuates that Farrah did, indeed, win something in the lawsuit.

“I’m proud of my daughter, she’s a role model, fights for what’s right, and I’m proud she’s winning in life not just in TV,” he told The Ashley. “This is her time to go big so other women can start making wise choices in their lives. No matter what people or organizations do or say towards other people to tear them down, to use them for their own gains or objectives – it’s wrong and more people should stand up for their rights to be treated with the highest respect, especially women.”

Michael declined to state specifically what the settlement terms were.

On Twitter, he told nay-sayers a few more details.

“MTV & Morgan begged Farrah to stay on the show the last 3 seasons. Karma did come full circle-they settled because they were wrong-stay tune for my book that will provide all the details MTV & Morgan was afraid would come out! This settlement was a win win for everyone.”

(Photo: MTV)


  1. If their was any kind of settlement I am sure it will bar her from being able to “tell all” in a book or release and specific details. But I have read on other news sites that the case was fully dimissed aka thrown out and no judgement was given. Do you know anymore about this The Ashley??? I cannot stand Farrah and even tho I am not that invested in watching Teen Mom anymore, I love all recaps of it and I love not seeing Farrah AT ALL on the screen.

  2. Michael only stands up to people on Twitter or blocks them but he can’t stand up to his daughter.
    I wonder if he gets paid per tweet for standing up for her.
    He also argued how bad Kristen was with the only fact I saw was she made them late alot.

  3. Michael is an a-hole. How can he claim his daughter is a role model with a straight face? This entire family is a disaster. This genetic shite show needs to be cut off. Unfortunately Farrah and Ashley both have spawn. Sophia is going to be a piece of work, probably worse than Farrah. Ashley better just keep her kids away and get a damn good therapist. Michael is nuts, so Amy must also be nuts. Debra is beyond repair.

    Why did she get any money at all? I guess MTV would have done anything to get her out of their faces for good. If they are stupid enough to believe Farrah was the star of the show, they are dumber than I thought. Begging her to stay on for the last 3 years? Please! The show is WAY better without her and us having to witness her abusing people including her kid. Sophia is a spoiled rotten brat and looks like something from a horror movie. That child is not right and she’s not even 10 years old. We’ll be seeing her porn debut when she turns 18. If the rumours are true, she’ll be losing her virginity on camera for a large sum of money. Disgusting.

  4. Someone please tell me how the fudge she’s a roll model… she whines and yells until she gets what she wants. I was raised wrong apparently

    1. Did you see the Tweet Grandpa made with Sophia about getting chickens eggs he hashtag magazines and stuff

  5. Good can she shut up about it now?

    It’s so weird how I used to think Michael was normal and nice. I cannot believe what a short leash Farrah has him on. It’s absolutely pathetic.

  6. Michael an his f’n book talk. Literally, no one will read that BS. What’s the title, “the worlds greatest enabler and his bitch of a daughter.” Sounds like a great read.

    1. She won’t be the one who pens the book, lol. She uses a ghost writer.
      As far as the settlement, they probably just paid out the rest of the season, that’s it.
      Farrah is a pathological liar and will never tell the truth.

      1. Well yeah, but Michael claims he’s writing one. I can’t imagine trying to decipher Farrah Speak in an entire book.

  7. “No matter what people or organizations do or say towards other people to tear them down, to use them for their own gains or objectives – it’s wrong and more people should stand up for their rights to be treated with the highest respect, especially women.”

    How about Kristin, Deb, and the many other women Farrah has demeaned and mistreated?

    Farrah could become a mass murderer and good ‘ol Mykol would be proud of her.

  8. She shouldn’t of gotten anything. She was the one who harassed everyone she didn’t like, she’s the meanest person ever. Best thing MTV did was get rid of her.

    1. She probably didn’t get much. More than likely, they paid out the rest of the contract for this season.

  9. Figures. I didn’t expect it would go to court and I suspect Farrah got a pretty penny out of it. It may seemed frivolous but she probably had a case in some form. It will just inflate her ego more because she feels she took a stand for women and the sex industry.

    Funny how she believed it would be this monumental win and her settlement was outshined by Ryan’s arrest.

  10. Whatever it was they gave her it was worth it. Seriously, f that b in the a and may her porta potty runeth over. I see rugburned knees in her future ;P

  11. We’re all dying to know what Farrah’s reaction to this is. Please print as soon as possible!

  12. Ashley, can you PLEASE get us more deets here???l!! Really, does anyone know any specifics on this other than it was just settled? HELP US OUT, lol

  13. Viacom knew she would try to sue before they fired her and they had all their ducks in a row. I bet it was dismissed and she got zilch.

    1. They’ve already said it wasn’t a judgement ruling but a court attorney filing which means it was not dismissed

    1. Farrah like the other girls on TM are really not that smart, barely passing HS at best. She and Kail hustle more than the other girls, but all they really know is performing in a reality show and goofing on social media.

      Farrah is delusional enough to think by merely threatening a lawsuit she will cash out. My guess her lawyer wanted no part of legal battle with Viacom. Whatever they settled for, it can’t be much and the lawyer probably took close to half.

      Good luck to her getting a another reality gig, the next contract she signs will have her pounding sand.

      Porn is where she will earn a living. Nice going.

  14. Greedy Farrah must have gotten something substantial to have settled so quickly. Unless her lawyer told her she has no case, & she took the first offer on the table. It would have been epic to be a fly in the wall for that meeting.

  15. This girl is such a pain in the ass, they probably settled with her just to make her shut up and finally get rid of her. I do wonder how much she got though. I HIGHLY doubt it was for the entire 5 million.

    1. She didn’t even get 1/2 a million dollars, lol.
      I see, at best, they paid out the rest of the contract for this season. So, they paid for the episodes she didn’t film in. They weren’t under any obligation too, so Farrah would look at that as a win.

    1. She was probably told she would lose by her attorney, so that’s why it settled so fast. Hope this knocked her down a few nothches. Vile pos.

  16. She should have had to pay Viacom due to the hostile, disrespect,and disgusting personality that they had they tolerated for far too long… I truly think she’s mentally ill on top of being a narcissist. She is the most trashy, pos of a human being. It’s also sad that she’s soo delusional, and insecure, yet any comment she doesn’t agree with means everyone is jealous of her plastic fake face, and body… I really never put down ppls looks, but in her case I can’t help it. Truly vile, nasty, loser,biotch. Petiod.

  17. Given the amount of time that has passed since she filed, ti sounds lot more like the court dismissed the case, with prejudice (which means no, it may not be filed again.) I’m with those who think Farrah does not have a pot to piss in these days, funny we don’t see or hear anything more about her “businesses’ that she opened what, last year? She’s squatting in her father’s little house in some tightly packed suburban development, with that poor little horse crammed in a tiny yard, she may rent a Lamborghini for the day to film her “house hunting” but…you will notice NO Realtor was willing to waste his or her time with her showing any place. (The ‘OMG they had a STACKING washer and dryer!” was a hoot though, obviously THAT is something no one could possibly change in a house they were considering.)

    Me, I’m ready for MTV to dump all these losers and let them sink or swim on their own. No more Land Rovers and Caddies, back to 15-year old Honda for one and all. Works for me. They SHOULD be looking at the “Young Moms” show and recognizing…their days are numbers, there are new train wrecks coming down the tracks and about to run right over them. The “old” moms can go back to REAL “reality,” good luck with that girls.

    1. I’m with you. Fire all of them!! They are losers and will be bankrupt within two years. New homes, new cars, eating out all the time, and the new class A Thor ACE motorhome that Amber has. Although I guess Amber would say she went low on that because it’s a gasoline model and not the more expensive diesel pusher model that Thor manufactures.

    2. I agree with you 100% about zfarrah. Who on there right mind would purchase anything at her stores. And the place she looked at had to be small to have a stackable washer and dryer. She will end up like a washed up porn store on drugs by the time she is 40. I hope she didn’t get a dime due to her nastiness and poor decision to continue wupith the porn vs the show.

    3. That was my thought exactly. Farrah’s not fooling anyone. If she was such a great business woman then she wouldn’t be caught dead living with her dad. We can watch her “shop” for houses in LA all we want, but she’s not a real buyer.

      Fake Bentleys. Fake house shopping. Fake businesses. Fake celebrity.

      Your broke girl! You took whatever pennies they offered you – and you’re not fooling anyone.

      1. Has anybody read the reviews of her businesses here in Texas? They’re horrible! I don’t believe for a second that she’s as successful as she claims to be.

  18. Harrased for “not conforming to gender stereotypes”?! What the hell does she mean by that?! Because if we are talking ‘celebrity’ gender stereotypes, she got it all: had a breast augumentation and a whole lot of other plastic surgery done on herself, did a porno, changes boyfriends like underwear, etc. etc. So honey, I doubt anyone was harassing you, if anyone was being harrased, it was the producers but from YOU!

  19. It sounds like she got nothing. Ha! ha! And gender stereotype, feared for her life? She has to be the most delusional person I have ever witness, as well as the most uneducated. It seems like she spouts off these words without knowing what the meanings. Very strange. But I hope she didn’t get any money from the lawsuit.

    1. She also claimed she was a victim of a hate crime, smdh. That is such a huge slap in the face to all real victims of that crime.
      Since that was removed from the suit, she really must have had an attorney, lol. I wasn’t sure if she was really going to have one.
      She uses ghost writers for her books and I thought the opposite for this. I thought she was lying about having an attorney and she was going to represent herself, lol.

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