Mackenzie Edwards, Kail Lowry & Morgan J. Freeman React to ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan Edward’s Drug Bust


Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards got arrested yesterday after allegedly violating his parole for a charge of Simple Heroin Possession– and the ‘Teen Mom’ cast and crew had plenty to say about it!

After news of Ryan’s bust broke on Wednesday morning, several of the show’s cast members spoke out, as did Ryan’s pregnant wife, Mackenzie. As per usual, Mackenzie insisted that her husband is still sober and the arrest isn’t what it seems.

“Possession of heroin was the original charge from April [2017] before he went to rehab,” Mackenzie told Radar Online, adding that Ryan is sober. “Part of his case was he had to be booked. Everything is fine.”

However, she refused to comment on what Ryan did to break his probation on Tuesday.

While Mackenzie held back, Kail Lowry sure didn’t! The Teen Mom 2 star slammed Mackenzie on Twitter, accusing the new Mrs. Edwards of taking advantage of Ryan’s drug problem.

“Kinda wanna share my thoughts on Ryan and Mackenzie,” Kail tweeted at the start of her Twitter rant. “People struggle with addiction – and that’s unfortunate enough. But IN MY OWN OPINION I see someone who came in & manipulated a situation to her own benefit. To secure a check. Then went a step further & got pregnant so that when they split, she is set with a couple dollars. But that’s MY OWN opinion.”

Morgan J. Freeman, the franchise’s executive producer, was a bit more sympathetic to Ryan and Mackenzie’s struggles. After news of Ryan’s arrest broke, Morgan encouraged the show’s fans not to judge Ryan.

“Please remember addiction is a disease,” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “When in its grips, you lose the power to choose and are fueled by an insane urge to use even when you don’t want to. So have empathy and compassion for those who suffer. Judgement can kill, so be careful.”

On Tuesday, Morgan revealed on Twitter that he, too, struggled with substance abuse issues. After a ‘Teen Mom’ viewer accused him of aiding the cast members in their addictions (particularly Amber Portwood), Morgan responded.

“I offer help to all who ask for it. Period,” Morgan tweeted in regard to the ‘Teen Mom’ casts. “Have you ever tried forcing help on an addict? Try it, and then come back and talk to me. Or better yet, watch an episode of Intervention.”

Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast member Simon Saran took Morgan to task for his comments.

“As long as [Morgan] keeps paying this man, he will continue to use drugs,” Simon tweeted, along with Ryan’s mugshot photo. “Don’t trust words, even question even actions, but never doubt patterns! Morgan you remind me of The Jigsaw. It’s time for this s**t show to end. You know everything that goes on in their lives. You continue to enable them and cause them to resort to drugs and bribe them to have children they can’t take care of for your own financial gain!”

Other than Mackenzie, those closest to Ryan have remained silent on his arrest. Even his baby mama Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney have refrained from commenting on the arrest so far.

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Did anyone else think that it was odd that Ryan was sucking on 2 suckers (pain pops..?) during Mack’s ultrasound?
    He was definitely high in the car shivering/ nodding out (she gave him the same look she gave him when he nodded out on the way to the wedding) and before they left he said he had to get home because “I’m hurting” (his excuse to her to use. Just Sayin’

  2. I watched this show for a long time with our high daughter..she is now 22 and this show has come to the end of the line, in my
    Opinion. It has reached the grasping, ridiculous point of something barely kept alive. It is time to go. It did a good job, but never really has represented the true picture of unwed teenaged mothers.

  3. I am not a fan of Mack but who the hell is Kail to give an opinion about manipulation? And securing a check? Have a look in the mirror Kail

  4. The part from Kail made me LAUGH SO LOUD! She would know master manipulator behavior so well wouldn’t she! Not like she manipulated Jo. Or Javi. Or Chris. For a check. Good lord.

  5. “Addiction’s a disease”…NO IT’S NOT. It’s a choice.

    Cancers a disease.
    TB is a disease.
    Polio is a disease.
    Chicken Pox is a disease.
    Diabetes is a disease.
    Heart failure, thyroid, Anemia, these are diseases.

    Drug addiction is a CHOICE.

    1. Addiction IS a disease. That’s not even debatable. It’s classified as such in the medical community, and causes complex changes to the brain a plethora of other issues. Do you think someone would CHOSE to take a path of debt, destruction, and death? There is a reason addiction is overwhelmingly co-concurrent with mental illness. If addiction is a “choice”, why would people continue to use and go down a path that causes you to literally lose everything, from money, family/friends, freedom and life? It’s not fun. It’s one of the worst thing on earth and at a crisis level. I understand it is hard to understand unless you have struggled with addiction, which you clearly have not by your comments. But I encourage you to research the many studies that have been done that show why it is a disease. One of the most positive and helpful things that can be done is to stop stigmatizing it, stop making ignorant comments and assumptions. That is one of the mail reasons why there was so little decent treatment in the past. Thankfully as the medical community has come to understand addiction, change is starting to happen, which in turn saves lives.

      “….walk a mile in their shoes….”

    2. How about when you get lung cancer cuz you smoked cigarettes?? So all other types of cancer fall under your catergory but not that one, or??

    3. The choice to use the first time is a choice. But the whole definition of addiction is that your body and brain’s need to use is uncontrollable and it is no longer a choice you are conciosuly and logically making anymore. Your brain is no longer able to weigh the pros and cons and make a neutral decision about using. After you use an opiate for the very first time, your brain’s wiring literally changes to crave that drug. Your brain and your psychology will trick you into thinking that you NEED to use again, that it’s not a big deal, that you won’t become addicted, that you’re not addicted. Some people have a genetic predisposition to addiction, so that their brain has a harder time rejecting the need to use. Those are the people who may be more likely to become addicted. Some people may be able to use a drug once just to try it, but then are able to fight the residing of their brain. Others are not. And that is a physiological issue, not a willpower issue. And then, after a very short amount of time of using opiates, your body becomes dependent on the drug to even function properly. Things like eating, sleeping, and even going to the bathroom become dependent on whether or not you have the drug in your system. There is a very serious physical withdrawal from opiates that is the number one reason why addicts can’t just stop, even when they want to, even when they have no money to use, even when they’re living in the streets, and have no access to their families anymore, and have sold everything they own. Their bodily functions become so abnormal, and their withdrawal symptoms interfere with every part of their life. Even once they get clean and get over the physical effects of the drug, their brain is forever changed and will continually crave the drug and try to trick them into using “just this once,” again. So while the decision to use in the first place is a choice, addiction is not a choice. It’s like saying that while the decision to have unprotected sex is a choice, herpes is not a disease. Of course herpes is a medical disease, even if someone chose to have unprotected sex. Or like saying that heart disease or diabetes is a choice because people have chosen to eat a poor diet. It doesn’t work like that.

    4. I see your point and I agree.
      Diseases are not caused by external forces such as injecting heroine into your own arm.
      Addiction is not a disease. It’s a habit, a dependence. Yea, it sucks for those people and the families that have to go through it together. I’m not denying that, but also, as Babs said, “I’m not the one who stuck a needle in her arm.” He chose that lifestyle. He liked it. He fucked up his brain and got that unnatural rush of feel-good hormones charging. So stupid of you Ryan☹️

    5. Long time reader. First time commenter for the sole purpose of telling you how utterly dangerous and reckless, not to mention misinformed and from my standpoint disgusting your post is about addicts. I am a recovering alcoholic. I have six years under my belt. I am also epileptic, I have a heart condition that can make an otherwise typical seizure for me, fatal. If it was a choice to be an addict…. By that logic in my mind, the fact that I could have a fatal seizure due to one drink should deter me, should it not? Well it doesn’t. It isn’t what keeps me sober. Now. I have NEVER felt comfortable with the term disease. I have never referred to it is a disease. But it is a disorder thought process of the brain. In saying that..
      Would you say that bipolar disorder is a choice? How about autism spectrum disorder? Is that a choice now, am I missing a scientific research article that show it is not a developmental disorder that is present from birth? LIVE WITH YOUR IGNORANCE TOWARDS THINGS YOU HAVE EITHER NOT LIVED, ACCEPTED OR TAKEN THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND. From both sides. I chose to pick up that bottle. But I didn’t choose the thought processing that is associated towards drinking that is so vastly different from those around me.

  6. And ryan is still on tinder. I literally just read the headline and this is what i did..???????????????????????????????????????????????? omg. Thats what she gets. Wonder what lie or excuse shes gonna use on this one. Wow

    1. Apparently, she called the girl and demanded answers! ?

      I think The Grace Report is going to spill some tea.

      1. How about instead of asking the girl what shes doing ask your doped up husband. Omg i usually dont like to bask in others misfortunes but this is hilarious. Not happy that she is pregnant though. That is just sad.

        1. This attitude is basically how Mack responded last time too. Some ridiculous Instagram post displaying her wedding ring with some caption about how she’s the wife as if anyone actually wants a piece of Rhine. Ummmm yeah you’re embarrassing yourself, Mack. I feel so much second hand embarrassment for her. One day she’s going to realize how immature and stupid she was.

          I feel sorry for Bentley, Hudson, Maci, Taylor and this unborn baby. Mack deserves every bit of this.

  7. I feel so badly for Bentley, Jenn and Larry. We all saw him spiraling back,down the black hole again, it was painfully obvious. I hope this is a wake up call and he gets the help he needs and stays in rehab much longer this time. Hes goingto need every tool in his arsenal to stay sober when he comes out, to another unwanted baby with a wife he can’t stay faithful to. I hope hes getting help for the sex addiction too.

    1. Is it a sex addiction? I’ve never heard that or even thought that about Ryan. Not everyone who cheats has a sex addiction. Sometimes they’re just assholes who don’t respect their wife. Sometimes their wife is a shitty person and they don’t even like her anymore but rather than go through the divorce, they cheat.

  8. I guess he ignored his mother’s sage advice about waiting until his health is stable. This is what happens when you go to a bogus rehab for 3 weeks and don’t do any real work on your addiction and the underlying issues. It’s been obvious for a long time that he is not actually clean. I don’t know any successful addicts who abstain from one substance yet justify using another like Ryan claiming to be drug free but drinking alcohol and getting wasted. He needs to go to a legit 60-90 day facility and complete the entire program. Mackenzie is an idiot, but that’s not news. She’s the perfect enabler.

  9. Mack seems to be saying that he was arrested this time for violating his probation and that the charge this time was not possession. Like he did something that violated his probation and so he had to agree to have cops come and arrest him. Something like failing a drug test? Or skipping a drug test? Or having a gun? Traveling without permission? Or missing too many probation appointments? I’m trying to think about what he could do to have violated his probation that would take awhile for the courts to find out about so that they would have to call him, tell him about it, and say he needs to be booked. If it were something like assault or possession, he would be arrested immediately and the charge would be assault or possession. But it seems like they’re trying to say he did something that violated his probation and when the courts found out about it they had to book him. But Mack is such a liar it’s hard to believe her. And she’s so stupid so it’s hsrd to understand what she’s trying to say.

    1. I’m confused too. She makes it sound like it was a formality due to the arrest last year, but it clearly states on his mugshot he was arrested for violation of probation. And it looks like he is stiil using based on his physical appearance in his mugshot. I bet it was a failed drug test. She is such a liar.

    2. Plus it cost five grand to bail him out! would they do that for a simple parol violation? i dont know anything about this stuff thankfully.

  10. I think it’s the hair and makeup. The Mom hair cut coupled with the brassy blonde color that you see on Southern and Midwestern snotty, conservative, judgemental PTA moms and church ladies. And then she wears so much makeup and bronzer and she looks orange. Like bad spray tan, wine obsessed, cigarette smoking, laying out in the sun 35-year-old real housewife of Tennessee. She always has a snotty, judgemental look on her face, too, which reinforced the whole “I’m better than you and using my totally wholesome morals and prefect family values life to look down on you,” attitude and look. The things she’s dealing with, and trying to sell us on, and cover up for are all things we associate with someone in her mid-thirties, too. She’s a gold digging divorcee, who married a grey-haired man that doesn’t seem that into her, and then had a vow renewal/second wedding, and she’s trying to project a happy perfect life on social media and TV, complete with new bandaid baby, to cover up for his drug addiction, and his cheating, and his inability to stay awake and engage with people, including his wife and children. They’re newleyweds but they’re acting like people who have been married for 12 years: he’s totally disinterested in her and their kids (his Bentley and her Hudson) and is picking up ladies behind the food city. If there was ever a sexy spark, it’s long gone and he looks st her and treats her like she’s his mother. She’s already covering up for his mid-life crisis type problems like the drugs, drinking, and cheating by throwing flashy second weddings and having a baby. They’re living the life of 40 year old people who are on their second marriage and just about ready to call it quits out of boredom.

  11. This scenario accounts for almost all the current opiate addictions in the US. Taking opiates, unlike what Big Pharma led us to believe, re-wires the brain and imprints it, leading to addiction. It is no more a “choice” than someone who chooses to have cancer or an autoimmune disease. Until the US can treat the disease, not the symptoms, we will continue to lose thousands to addiction. The federal government just passed a bill to allot $3 billion to help fix the opioid crisis. In comparison, they allot $32 billion to AIDS and $700 billion to military/defense. I am not saying those two programs should be cut. I am saying it is a mere drop in the bucket.

  12. Since Jen still sleeps with 9 year old Bentley when he’s over there, it’s little wonder what Ryan’s problems are. Can you say “mommy issues”?!

  13. What a shame. I’ve always thought Ryan has some sort of other things going on.. he’s extreamly unhappy, from day one he’s been very uncomfortable with the cameras , I wouldn’t rule out some touch of autism either. His wife isn’t in love with him no doubt and the show itself.. they don’t care about him, they need him for the segment as Maci’s story has no drama for hem ( she’s too normal) without this poor, sick man.

    1. thats a sadly accurate observation. he has always acted a little off, even all these years later you’d think he’d be used to the camera.

      1. Maybe he’s been so wary of the camera bc he didn’t want to be on camera looking high. He probably didn’t want that documented proof. It sounds like he’s been using for a long time, like years, and he and his family were very wrapped up in hiding it. If I were high all of the time I wouldn’t really want cameras in my face, broadcasting my weird eyes, slurring, and inability to stay awake to the nation. And before he was using heroin, I always thought he was at least a pot head.

  14. One thing I think we can all agree on is that Mimi Jen still looks good thou. Dam girl, you are ageless.

  15. The Ryan and Larry fight had to have been extreme, as Larry said he “hated him” and “never wanted anything to do with Ryan again, EVER.” At the time of their fight, Ryan moved into his Grandmother’s house (Larry’s mother) and I have always thought either Ryan stole from her, or tried to take out a reverse mortgage on the home, a home equity loan, SOMETHING regarding the home and Ryan stealing..other wise Larry would not have gotten that heated. I hope that is revealed one day, as it is one of those WHAT HAPPENED moments the MTV show likes to gloss over. How often do you hear a father say he HATES his only son, and NEVER wanted to see him again…the only thing that could cause that would be Ryan doing something shady, sneaky and/or dangerous to Larry’s Momma..

    1. I thought it was for stealing his tools, which Larry may have found out Ryan sold them for drug money. I believe Larry would have gotten blood boiling mad to say those words to Ryan. I may be wrong and it was something worse they are not telling. But we also know how mad you can get when you have things stolen from you, especially if it was your own son.

    2. I think the house was actually Jen’s mothers. I remember something about Larry telling her she better not just hand it over or sell it to him cheap or something along those lines….

  16. Mack, he was high as a kite at your first wedding and drunk at your second. Honey, please. Stop.

    Hey Kail, how’s the giant tax lien against you story going? This was a good way to deflect from it.

    1. Kail probably knows Mack better than we do and just how desperate Mack has been to get Farrah’s spot. Apparently, Mack announced the pregnancy at the reunion, Kail grew up with an addict mother, and knows what a difficult life he/she will have. I personally do not like Kail, but I’m sure she cares about Ryan & Maci, especially Bentley and she first hand knows what a predator Mack is. She is also entitled to express her concern on social media, just like we are. The hard drugs Ryan are on can mean life or death. That is way different than financial issues.

    2. Oh yea, She will get very pissy when they try & talk to her about her business. But she is in everyone’s . She had to chime in on the Gary & amber stuff as well. Some things are public record, is tax lien info ? She needs to move on, I ff thru her TM parts.

  17. So, are we all in agreement that this his original arrest was behind Ryan getting thrown out (to another house he doesn’t have to pay rent at) and he and Larry’s major fight?

    And Mackenzie..oh oh OH Mackenzie , had the nerve to go on the reunion with her Seasons of Love, 525,600 minutes of Maci, letter, claiming she had no idea Ryan was an addict, alll the while he was running around luring cats to kill them, passing out behind the wheel of a car, while Driving, on their wedding day, after getting /arrested for herion / A MONTH before they got married?

          1. Apparently he was luring stray neighborhood cats to his house to shoot and kill them. He says that they were peeing in the garage and scratching his cars…… who does that??? Cant u just close the garage door or something???? This happened maybe 3 years ago

      1. Isn’t killing animals like he did a sign of a sociopath? That’s scary. A sociopath has no feelings, so that would explain a lot about Ryan.

  18. You mean a grand two weeks in “the hab” and no after care wasn’t enough to resolve a severe heroin addiction?!? Who woulda thunk!?!? But hey y’all, he’s been passing drug tests for his lawyer so everything is fine, this is just all Maci’s fault.

    Also, in this case Mack should keep her letters about hours, minutes, and seconds to herself because Kail would snap her like a damn twig. Just sayin.

  19. Simon, you douchy dawg: you make an excellent point. But I hope you’ve made some nice pocketmoney out of “dating” Farrah! ?

  20. Kail go away! No one cares about your opinion . Oh well I guess it takes a looser to know a looser. What exactly do you know about morality? You seem to do real well talking about everyone else, but go all Hulk if anyone says anything about you. You are dismissed thank you.

      1. yes she did, they bought that first house on a VA loan, great medical and dental coverage and he’s gone a lot. perfect set up for Petty Betty.

  21. It must be a cold day in hell! Am I actually nodding agreement to the likes of both Kail and Simon?! I may not love the sources, but they’ve both read my mind this one time. MTV needs to stop encouraging and enabling these PARENTS to self-destruct for $$$.

    Maybe Mack should have met up with Adumb’s Baby Mama #2 for a glimpse into her future before she was so eager to pull the goalie.

  22. Him driving with his eyes closed was filmed in May…and he was arrested for heroin in April…then Mack was absolutely full of shit when she read her letter. I mean we already knew that. But she completely and totally outed herself here.

  23. Maci was right, Maci was right, Maci was right ( I was singing)
    Has Big Mack been tested for drugs yet?
    And now we know why he was so worried about the money at the the wedding.
    Hey Mack and Ryan Jenelle and David are always looking for new friends

  24. He still looks like the same vacant, high moron that he was before “rehab”. I don’t get this Mackenzie chick, putting your child and fetus in danger getting knocked up by this vacuous junkie all for an MTV paycheck. Where is your common sense? You probably turn away while he shoots up!!

    1. I doubt she is even pregnant, anything for a storyline. Now she can fake a miscarriage and blame Maci for it boo-hooing in her paid for online articles..

  25. I don’t understand why Kailyn has to give her opinion on everyone. No one has talked about her life. Granted Mac and RYan have alot of issues but what gives her the right to comment. Stay in your lane Kailyn. If Kailyn had a heart she would get help for her mom who’s an alcoholic. Kailyn needs to shut her pie hole and call MaC to help her find a good baby daddy number 4. Narcissistic Betch.

    1. …But… she totally said what most of us are thinking/have said here. Also, Morgan is right, can’t force an addict to get clean. However, he could kick Ryan off the show (wait, does Ryan still film for TM?) and certainly NOT hire him/Mack for a regular on TM.

      1. Why does Kailyn think she can comment. She’s always commenting on other people but throws a hissy fit when it’s done to her. When did Kailyn become a saint? Kailyn did the same thing to Javi. She used Javi for his military benefits and to go to school for free. Kailyn is a bully.

        1. Eh, I don’t agree with a lot of the choices Kail has made (like the clusterfuck that was her last pregnancy) but Kail did go to and complete college, she also had a TM paycheck when she met Javi so I think she probably would have married him anyway since he looks a lot like Jo and seemed easy to manipulate. She has an opinion because she *always* has an opinion on anything TM related, and isn’t that kind of her job now with her podcast? And Kail has way more of a right to say anything than Farrah’s paid on/off again boyfriend Simon

          1. Exactly she’s doing it to get ratings for her podcast. Kailyn is only in it for herself.

    2. They all say what they think about her, she can say what she thinks about them. I’d rather be like Kail than be a junkie like Ryan or a fake liar that tries to put on a facade to the world like Jen and Mackenzie.

      Bentley and Isaac are both awesome kids. They were raised by Maci and Kail. Jen raised a disaster of a son in Ryan and Mackenzie just got pregnant on purpose knowing her husband is addicted to heroin. They get zero respect from me.

    3. Say what you will about Kail (and there’s a lot you could say), but the comment about her mom is unfair. Her mom put her through hell repeatedly and has burned Kail every single time she was given a chance. It’s not on Kail to continue to try to fix her mom.

  26. Ryan is an addict and needs help. He needs a family who doesn’t sugar coat or enable him. He needs a family who will hold him accountable and help him deal with his problems openly. He and Mackenzie have no business having a child, Ryan needs to focus on getting and staying 100% sober, no drugs and no drinking. Ryan needs to repair his relationship with the one child he does have. He needs to take his responsibilities seriously. Maci was right not to trust Ryan and wait for the drug test results. People may not like her but she always does what is best for Bentley. Mackenzie is annoying, naive and underhanded.

  27. Bahaha, wait…is the screen grab @theashley used in the top collage footage from her turning off the cameras on the way to her wedding with Ryan driving high? I love Ashley’s sense of humor using the devil in the details 🙂

  28. Yes it is a diseasse. But he has everything he needs to get better. Support, MTV, money and 2 good reasons to go to rehab. He chose not to for years. Addicts without money, shooting up on filthy needles would die to be him. So man up daddy.

    1. He has to want it though. The one thing he doesn’t seem to have is a will to get clean and stay sober. Nothing else will help him, not his money, parents, wife, job, or kids, unless he wants to get clean.

  29. WHY DOES SHE KEEP LYING?!?! Seriously, I never thought ANYONE would be more delusional as Farrah but she honestly takes the biscuit.

    He could be in the background, with a needle in his arm with a pharmacist there saying “I can clarify that what he is shooting is heroin” and she would STILL say “no, he’s not on drugs”.

    Ryan is a junkie, what’s her excuse? Neither of them are fit to be parents. They’re another Jenelle and David.

  30. Her and Sarah Huckabee Sanders must be related defending these dudes at all costs even when it makes them look stupid.

  31. Kail didn’t you manipulate a situation to your benefit when you married Javi?? Weren’t you after his benefits??? I think you thought you were benefitting when you got pregnant this last time but it didn’t work out the way you planned did it?

    1. lol Kail’s always owned that she married Javi for the military benefits, and Javi married her anyway….and yup she messed up this last time by getting preggo by a bum, so if anyone has the clout to call a spade a spade, its definitely her!

    2. Javi and her BOTH agreed they should get married for the benefits, and they’ve both always maintained that too, lol. It was a stupid decision(I think everyone can agree on that one), but there was no manipulation there at all.

    3. Watch that episode again – and listen more carefully this time. Everyone that says this about Kail is way wrong. She has her faults but this one isn’t true.

  32. I’m sorry but I can’t stand this anymore without commenting…why in the world is Ryan’s family constantly enabling him? I wish Mack realized how much she is hurting Ryan and addicts in general by constantly covering up and denying his problem! It’s a disease and he needs to get help…which he is far less likely to do with his family so ashamed and embarrassed teaching him to feel the same. Ryan needs to come to terms with his addiction and feel comfortable to admit the truth before he will be ready to seek help. His family is literally KILLING him

  33. Mack posted on her ig 6 days ago an e-card saying your crazy is showing, might want to tuck that back in and now we know why she posted it! If he was arrested in April that is what pushed him into rehab, not her. And any addict pushed into rehab by law isn’t ready to get clean, therefore they will fail. Her claims of an ultimatum and not knowing of his 10k a wk habit are bull. I was under the impression that if you had to be booked into jail for a prior offense they gave you a set date to report, not come hauling you out of your house so I’m wondering if he skipped out on his report date? I’d kill for the real version of this mess.

  34. when mack is forced to admit whats going on she”ll say it was just a slip due to the pressure of another baby. And of course everything is fine

  35. Somebody should hire Mack as a celebrity publicist. She’s a natural, going straight into damage control, “he’s sober, this isn’t what it seems. No more questions, thank you.”

  36. Everything fine….fine is not the word you use when you and youre husband are newyly marries with a baby on the way. It should be everything great.

    1. It is the crapgoblin way. She will do anything to keep going. I look at it as a gofundme for new babby lol

      I’m sure she will be crappin in many cereal bowls in the next few months to attract an audience, though she does have a face for radio as they say.

    2. Yet I have to wonder, just how much money can one of the Teen Dads have, compared to a 30 year-old who went to college and worked full-time continuously thereafter, without a $10K/wk heroin habit?

  37. For someone who claims to hate teen mom so much, Simon sure does comment and insert himself a lot lol it’s actually really annoying

    1. Yeah, but I’m am here for anyone calling out Freeman. He exploits drug addicts and little children for personal gain. He enables them and helps cover up their bs (and CPS investigations) at their children’s expense. He does it for a hefty paycheck and then acts like he’s so concerned about Ryan. Nope.

  38. It’s going to take Mack some time to realize making these stupid public proclamations are doing nothing to help hers or Rhine’s images. Once again, Mack is making public statements that sound like whatever she is saying in her head to try to convince herself that she hasn’t hitched her wagon to a train wreck. For the first time ever I completely agree with Kail. I feel sorry for Jen and Larry (yes they enable, but I think they always meant well) and Bentley. This guy is a disaster completely ill-equipped for adulting, all that time he and Mack spent fake-commiserating about how much he wants to spend more time with Bentley and how great of a step-parent he is was obviously b.s. to the viewers, he needs to be off the show because it looks like his problem could end up with very tragic implications.

  39. Mackenzie is straight up trash… Honestly,i hope ryan gets the help he needs and when he comes through the other side and is no longer permanently high, I hope he manages to get away from her nasty ass. She saw n inch and she took a mile, trap wedding, trap baby. I truly believe she supports his drug habit because she’s scared of what he’ll think of her when he’s sober… I hear there’s rumour of him sniffing round tinder again?

    1. I believe that rumor has been confirmed. The Grace Report uploaded a video today with proof.

    2. Gotta disagree with the trap baby. Even though he’s an addict it takes two to make a baby and in 2018, if you’re not using protection then you wanted a baby ??

      1. An addict doesn’t make wise, sane, or sound, decisions, hence the trap baby. He’s, clearly, not clean and likely hasn’t been for some time now, so while I really don’t enjoy the thought of sticking up for him (addiction aside, he’s an asshat of epic proportion), I also don’t enjoy seeing people manipulate addicts. It’s really not all that difficult to manipulate an addict, either. I’ve seen my own sister do it (and she, herself, was/is an addict). I don’t make excuses for an addict’s behavior, regardless of how not sound they may or may not be, but there is no excuse for any type of manipulation.

        1. Absolutely agree with you. Ryan is not in the right state of mind to make life altering decisions…and she can play dumb all she wants but it’s clear as day that girl knew Ryan was/is not faithful or sober, yet she enables him and got pregnant by him anyway. It’s selfish on her part, and shows that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Even Jen stated that she wanted them to wait until Ryan’s health was more stable before they thought about having kids, but Mack selfishly got pregnant anyway. There is no doubt in my mind that Mack has always been well aware of his addictions, and she still willingly chose to give her son Hudson a full blown addict for a step father, and now she’s bringing this unborn child into this situation. She is out for fame (which is quickly turning into infamy) and a paycheck.

      2. But, if Ryan was a girl and a sober man impregnated her knowing she was high out of her mind, wouldn’t we call that rape? Mack is sober and knew Ryan was not in the right state of mind to consent to sex, let alone make a baby. We saw him say that he does not want another kid right now. She is truly vile. Ryan needs help and instead he is surrounded by enablers, including his own parents.

  40. OK we all know this chic Mac is a low life opportunist. Do think maybe she may have helped him get heroin? It would be the simplest way to control a situation. Just saying I could be totally wrong.

    1. Hell, I wouldn’t put it past the bitch if she gets it for him, encourages him to use, and possibly could ontentionally overdose him so that she will get everything and play a grieving widow. I’m beginning to hate her more than Farrah. I never thought I would say that but Macj is a predator and decided toi intentionally hurt an innocent baby bringing it into this mess. Shame on her.

  41. I am so sick of people treating addiction like it’s completely involuntary. Addiction is a result of making bad choices. Everyone is warned to stay away from drugs because it can ruin your life. People chose to ignore that warning and do it anyways. That is their own fault. Yes, there should be sympathy considering it’s a life threatening situation but they still need to be held accountable. If excuses are made, it does nothing but enable them to continue using.

    1. Some drug addictions can be accidental….for example, someone gets prescribed oxys for a back surgery, they accidentally become addicted…when they get taken off the pills, to avoid withdrawal they resort to heroin….Does that make it ok? No….but it’s very unfortunate when those situations happen, and they happen a lot more often than not….but I see what you’re saying…if you start doing it out of bordum then that’s on you ??‍♀️

      1. I know those situations happen but most of the time people just experiment with drugs because they chose to.

    2. I agree. I’ve had a life from hell…like I could write a bestseller on all the insane crap I’ve been through. Yet not once did I take any drug. Why? Because at some point when I was 6 or 7 someone taught me that drugs are bad. End of story. It’s not rocket science.

      I’m sorry that addicts are addicts but I hate people ranting about “It’s a disease!” as if it’s something you’re born with that’s not at all your fault. It’s not like poor Ryan is some innocent victim. He was given everything he could’ve ever wanted in life, his parents are together and still in love, he has an awesome son, he fell into a slew of money, And he winds up a heroin addict? Selfish prick. He’s a complete moron for trying any drug. Sorry not sorry. I’ll save my sympathy for BENTLEY.

  42. Hmmmm I hate to agree with Kail but…

    Morgan just… wow. By keeping this show going, you are 100% enabling drug use/abuse, animal abuse, child abuse, and all around terrible life decisions. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I created these monsters and give them the cash & fame to do the shitty things they do.

    1. I agree. Freeman has basically supported Ryan’s drug habit by supplying him with the MTV cash to pay for the drugs. Technically, Ryan is using while working for MTV, and any real employer would fire his ass. But a Freeman feeds off the drama and needs keep the ratings to kee0 the show on. I’m sure it was Mack’s idea to get pregnant, but Freeman probably encouraged it and offered her more money to keep the drama going.

    2. MTV is a business. Their # 1 priority is to make money. That’s the whole point of being a business. Morgan works for them, and if he kept doing things that cost MTV money, he’d be fired. Yeah it sucks but I don’t blame him for wanting to keep his job to feed his own family.
      I don’t think MTV would fire him for protecting the innocent children, like if he reported seeing Ensley neglected or Kaiser alone outside wandering down the street. But Ryan is an adult with an adult wife and adult parents — the responsibility is on all of them waaaaay before Morgan comes in to play. Why should Morgan risk his job for Ryan when Ryan, Jen, Larry, and Mackenzie aren’t risking anything?
      Ryan is a complete idiot for getting addicted to drugs. He had the whole world at his feet. He threw it all away to get high. Zero sympathy except for Bentley. Not only that, MTV offered him rehab and he left early and partied as soon as he got home. Do you know how many people would kill for a free rehab stay? MTV doesn’t owe that to him and he spits in their face. He’s disgusting.

  43. I agree with Kail!! Mackenzie is an opportunist who is trying to benefit off of Ryan’s demons. For her, this entire situation is about personal gain, that’s why she married him TWICE while he was under the influence, and got pregnant when he was less than a year out of recovery. If she loved him AT ALL she would not have gotten pregnant by him before he got well, and she would have NEVER went through with that sham of a marriage!

    1. She did not get pregnant by herself?? I see what people are saying about him not being sober but he’s well aware how babies are made seeing as how it’s his second one. Plus it’s not like he’s making millions and millions of dollars, more than the average joe, but not enough that women are breaking their necks to trap him. I think his wife liked the little taste of fame she’s gotten but making that baby wasn’t all on her

      1. This dude is constantly cracked out on drugs, and cannot make the most rational decisions right now…He thought driving totally zonked outta his mind to his wedding with an MTV camera pointing right at him in the car was a good idea…if he’s the one with impaired judgement, and she’s the sober one, then YES….her getting pregnant is all her. She knew about his drug arrest in 2017, so she knew he wasn’t sober….and she knows what can happen if you have unprotected sex since she has a child of her own…if she had his and her kids best interest at heart, she would have avoided getting pregnant right now, and used a form of birth control.

      2. Yeah, but Ryan had a handful of girlfriends between Maci and Mackenzie and nobody got pregnant. Mackenzie is super controlling. She and Maci were friendly under she turned on Maci. She was sober during their first wedding when he was clearly out of his gourd. I have the feeling she’s even more manipulative and controlling behind the scenes and has a hissy fit when things don’t go her way (a la that infamous letter reading session on the reunion). Ryan, wherever his pros and cons may lay on any day of the week, is a weaker, more malleable guy who’s clearly not often in his right state of mind. This pregnancy was undoubtedly Mackenzie’s idea and she is the puppet master. Any sane woman would stay on birth control under the situation was right to have a baby with a husband who is (allegedly) getting his life together. A lot of dudes won’t will wear a condom if they’re told they don’t have to. He may have gone along, but it’s not like he has a frame of mind to think clearly. And she’s pushy. And in regards to the gold digging, he may not be a multi-millionaire but I can’t imagine there’s a ton of wealthy people at her disposal–they don’t live in Beverly Hills… And she’s also a fame whore, as you alluded to which still makes her an opportunist. This baby was ensuring her ties to this franchise and a paycheck. No doubt.

      3. You CAN control your own birth control 100%. So, yep, it IS all on her. Yes it takes 2 to make a baby-at least when sex is involved in that baby making process. But women aren’t helpless little animals, WE have absolute control over whether or not we are ready to become pregnant. Yes it should come down to BOTH *adults* to make this decision together. But when one is gorked out of his mind 24/7, the other party must make the adult decision to not bring yet another child into that situation. It’s not rocket surgery.

  44. Does Simon understand that Heroin is a poor man’s drug? Ryan will do drugs whether he is on the show or not.

  45. So another lie is exposed. Ryan went to rehab because of the charge, not because Snakewife gave him an ultimatum like she claimed on the last reunion. Mackenzie just keeps digging herself a deeper and deeper hole every time she speaks. She needs her mouth stapled shut.

  46. Jen Edwards made her instagram private today. Mack def took advantage of his addiction. All she wanted was $ and attention. Last week there was an article on radar that she was saying she’d pray for Taylor because he had a truthful twitter rant about those two. I laughed when I read it.

  47. Have to wonder what kind of parallel universe I’m suddenly living in – when I actually find myself AGREEING with Kail Lowry.

    Hopefully now, Jen and Larry will at least try to help their son, instead of feeding into his delusional bullsh*t about being clean and sober after a totally bullsh*t 30-day stint in a rehab clinic last year.

    Many of us already knowing , that 30 days is barely enough time to pop a pimple, let alone cure a heroin addiction.


  48. LOL. again Mackenzie with “everything’s fine”. If this is from April 2017, how come we only fou d out about it now?!

    You’re such a liar! Someone protect this innocent child as soon as she gives birth!

  49. So if Freeman had performed porn in the past, would he be sympathetic toward Farrah? Not a fan by any means, but…just sayin’. Addiction may be a disease but I do have to say I don’t see much difference between voluntarily trying porn and voluntarily trying heroin for the first time, and let’s be real…it’s not like Ryan fell into drugs because he had a rough upbringing in which he was responsible for too much. Ryan most likely fell into drugs because he’s never had to be responsible for ANYTHING.

    If Teen Mom OG is cleaning house, they should get rid of Ryan, too. Keep Jen and Larry, we all know she’d be giving Ryan the money anyway, and at least then I wouldn’t have to see Mackenzie on my screen anymore.

      1. I’m fully aware of that, and they made some side comments regarding it, but they tried to make porn the main reason. She’s vile, but then claim she’s being fired because she’s vile. Freeman straight up told her that if she continued with her “adult content,” then they could no longer “share her story.”

        1. I think driving while high off your gizzard is pretty adult content and I’m not sure which is worse, Farrah risking causing someone innocent mental anguish or Ryan risking causing someone innocent’s death in a fiery car crash. I don’t like Farrah, but I think Ryan should go too, and take his wife with him.

  50. Whoah hold up Ryan is 30 years old? So Maci was 16 and Ryan was 21 when they got pregnant with Bentley. MTV you bold scoundrels! For the first time , I seriously believe that MTV is up to no good.

  51. Excellent question! She claimed that she had no clue and found out right after the wedding and he was in rehab immediately after that. Now there was a heroin charge involved? Soooooo that’s probably why he went to rehab. To try to get out of the charges. And she absolutely knew.

  52. Great, now I agree with Kail. Thanks, Mackenzie ?

    And Morgan trying to play innocent bystander is just gross. This man has concealed drug use by Leah, Jenelle, David, Adam and Ryan for YEARS. Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley were all born with pot in their systems and this POS has covered it up every single time. For him to pretend like he gives a d@mn is just unbelievable.

    And Mackenzie. No. Just no. He was not arrested now for April 2017 charges. Stop acting like we don’t know what’s going on. He violated probation and that’s why he was arrested. So he f’ed up somehow – failed drug test, didn’t show up to a parole meeting, new drug charges. It’s not nothing and everything is NOT fine.

  53. Technical question, if Ryan got arrested last April for Heroin possession how can Mackenzie claim to have not known about his addiction?

    1. I hope Dr. Drew calls her on her shit about this at the reunion! Would pay money to see her stupid face and Maci’s reaction. Maci was right about her. Mack is a TM2 reject looking for a pay day. I hate to agree with the hulk, but Kail is right

      1. Dr. Drew does a crappy job of holding people responsible (Kail, Jenelle, Leah, Farrah)I wish they would get a real host who isn’t afraid to get people to own their ?

      2. He won’t. He calls out all the wrong people. I tried hard to like him, but he’s an idiot. He always calls out Barb but never Jenelle. The last straw for me was when he pressured Randy to thank and compliment EFFING ADAM. GTFO with that crap.

      1. Because not only did she enable him I think she may have even helped him get heroin. This was all about control. Wow she may not be as stupid as she comes off. If you wanted to control a situation you would make sure he was still using.

    2. Great point!!! When did his driving incident happen? Wasn’t it like Mayish? She’s so desperate for things to seem “fine” that’s she’s contradicting herself.

  54. For once in her life, Kail may be right!!

    She needed this trap baby… and then she is just going to complain that he is an absentee dad with a drug issue and woooe is me after HE finally leaves her one day, if he doesn’t die first.

    1. “after HE finally leaves her one day.” Haha so true, if openly cheating and a brutal public drug addiction in which he endangers her (……and others’) lives doesn’t do it, she ain’t leavin’ for nothin’.

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