‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Ryan & Mackenzie Edwards Expecting Second Child Together

“He keeps puttin’ babies inside me!”

Ryan Edwards is about to become a father…again.

The Teen Mom OG star and his wife Mackenzie are expecting their second child together, Mackenzie confirmed in an Instagram post on Friday.

“Baby Girl Edwards is coming in January!” Mackenzie posted as the caption of a sonogram photo.


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Baby Girl Edwards is coming in January! ?

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Ryan and Mackenzie already share son son, Jagger, who was born in October 2018 while Ryan was in rehab. Ryan is also the father of 10-year-old Bentley (whom he shares with Maci Bookout), and Mackenzie is the mother of Hudson, her son from her first marriage.

In the comment section of her post, Mackenzie told a fan that Ryan’s mother, Jen Edwards is thrilled to get her first granddaughter.

“I’ll be [Jen] is over the moon,” the fan wrote.

“That’s a major understatement,” Mackenzie responded.

Ryan hasn’t spent a lot of time at home since the birth of his son, Jagger, last year, what with his rehab stay and three-month jail sentence. However he obviously made the most of his time with his wife. Based on the month Mackenzie stated that the baby is due, the baby must have been conceived right after Ryan was released from jail in April, after spending three months behind bars. 

Although Ryan’s mom may be excited for the new baby, many ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans expressed their surprise about the pregnancy, given the problems Ryan’s had maintaining his sobriety, and the issues in the couple’s marriage. Mackenzie received so many negative comments on her pregnancy announcement, she eventually turned off the commenting for the post.

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106 Responses

  1. As fellow Mothers already know, by the time your body produces enough pregnancy hormone to register a “positive” result, you conceived 3-4 weeks PRIOR. The dates sure don’t add up. They just DON’T.
    I hope Ryan asks for a DNA test. If I were him, I definitely would.

  2. Omg! How is this happening? He hasn’t been a father to the kids he has. He is obviously deep in his addiction and needs therapy. This will not improve his behavior, this might kill him. Why is everyone supporting this????? And WTF is that girl thinking? That this baby will bring them closer together. I say let’s sterilize them both

  3. Really Mackenzie??
    Where is your parental responsibility? Ryan is a full blown addict that needs to go to a long term rehab facility. Guess your ok with raising your children without their father. Thank God for Jen.

    1. Like I said before, I’m all for Ryan getting the help he needs and for Mack to stand by her man. But there comes a time when she should say “enough is enough”. But as the saying goes, “Misery loves company”. And Lord knows she’ll need it because Ryan won’t be around to help her. He was a lazy, selfish human being before, during and after Bentley, he has been the same for Jagger, and I am sure he will be the same for this little one.

    2. I agree with your statement….but wanted to add Ryan in there as well. She didn’t make the baby on her own. Where is his parenting responsibility?!

      1. I agree, Ryan was there during the “fun part” of making the child(ren) but when it comes to the work end of it it will be “Bye bye Ryan”!!!

  4. What a bimbo!! Another really smart decision by Mackenzie to have a second child with her useless, unemployed drug addict husband. Other than the show, neither one has a real job in the real world. Are they planning to live with Jen and Larry or her parents for the rest of their lives? I feel so sorry for those children.

  5. I remember when Nathan told Jenelle she was “trailer trash that won the lottery”. Not as nuanced as I would have put it, but moments like this remind me that his sentiment was right. Those people in your life or that you hear about that have six kids they can’t take care of, or make other life-changing decisions that are blatantly illogical…these are those people, they just happen to be on TV. I guess we want to hold them to a higher standard for that reason, but most don’t know much outside of where they live and the free trips to NYC. Few are college educated, or come from stable environments. It’s sad, really. A lot of the motivation to grow and do better is stunted by being on TV and making lots of money, because in a way their bad or unhealthy choices are validated. Of course Mack is having babies to try and keep/fix her husband. She probably doesn’t know any better.

  6. She’s literally farming out human beings to solidify her spot on that show she WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH!!!! Fat checks speak.

    MTV should’ve fired her when she was talking shit.

    1. They all shell our more kids, to have a spot on the show, mtv only care about ratings $$$$.

      1. That’s true. MTV only cares about ratings and the revenue from a popular show. The women and men who are having children need to show some responsibility of their own. It is not MTV’s responsibility to raise these children or police the actions of the adults. It appears that Mack does not understand her husband is an addict and she will be raising her children alone while he is in jail or rehab.

  7. On last weeks show they showed Ryan laying on the couch the whole time while Mack was taking care of the baby and on the porch she, and Ryan’s parents were talking about how out of it he was since he got home, suffering from PTSD. She also complained about being a single Mom. So let’s have another baby!

  8. She also seems to think she’s some kind of upgrade from Maci. Actually, she’ll never be even half as good. Mack, go away!

  9. Jenelle getting her kids back, Amber arrested for domestic violence again, and now this. I feel like us Teen Mom fans are being trolled like crazy. Every time I come on this site I am flabbergasted at the new posts. What is happening?!

  10. When she got pregnant the first time, Rhine said to call him when Jagger is 3. He isn’t even a year old, and now she’s pregnant again, so now Rhine will have 2 babies to ignore for a few years. And big congrats to Mack on being 22, with 3 kids, the last 2 by a heroin addict who doesn’t even like her. Those poor kids.

    Besides that, I’m betting anything that Mackenzie thinks she’s finally got one up on Maci, because she’s giving Ryan (aka Jen), a girl. Maci may have done some stupid things, but the smartest thing she ever did was dump Ryan’s worthless ass.

  11. I’m sorry to say this, but the stress of having two very young children so close in age is going to cause him to relapse. Remember when Bentley was an infant and Ryan and Maci lived together? Ryan was out every night, partying with his friends because he couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a parent. Mack intentionally got pregnant TWICE with someone who has a very slim grasp on his sobriety. Mack has officially reached a Jenelle level of delusional thinking. Good luck, kids. You’re going to need it.

    1. I hate to break it to you, but the two babies won’t be the reason he relapses!!! He ain’t got the willpower to stay clean to begin with!!!! If he had the willpower he could stay clean for more than a month!!!!

    2. If the timeline has anything to do with it, Mack was like 5 months along with Jagger when he went into that “90 Day Intensive” stuff. So he should be going back to rehab any day now!!!!

  12. He got out of gel and gave her that built up prison load, nothing anybody could against a prison load. You’re getting preggo.

  13. He doesn’t need anymore kids he can’t even take care of the 2 he already has and she needs to quit getting mad at other making comments about him it’s bs!

  14. Um, so Ryan got out of jail on April 15. She literally had to get pregnant on the car ride home.

          1. I hadn’t even noticed you spelled it wrong, until you pointed it out.

            Ffs stop being a bitch

          2. I wasn’t being a bitch. Seeing as how you are always pointing out my mistakes, I just thought I’d point it out before you had a chance to!!!

        1. I tend to think that they went for the latter option of him jacking off in jail and her coming home and inseminating herself. It’s a little more disgusting but it would be more their style???

      1. If she got pregnant ON his release date, that would put her due date at January 6th. Girlfriend wasted NO time getting knocked up again.

        1. That bitch is loose as a goose. No matter when she got pregnant, Ryan is a worthless POS choose for a Daddy!!!!

  15. How does she know it’s a girl? I’m due in November and JUST found out I’m having a girl. If she’s due in January she’s only like 3 months along. The sex shouldn’t even be discernable on an ultrasound yet.

    There’s something weird going on here.

    1. You can find out out by amnio or blood work ALOT quicker then you can waiting on an ultrasound!!!!

          1. Yeah it’s part of the testing in some states for genetic issues they normally do it for older moms but you can opt to do it privately. The baby’s dna is in the moms blood stream from about six weeks.

            To be fair we were pretty sure we were having a girl at our three month scan – there is something called the nub theory but it’s not accurate.

    2. They suspected my niece was gonna have medical issues so my sister had a amnio at month three and was able to find out she was having a girl!! And for those of you who care about how my niece is doing, she was born 3 weeks premature but PERFECTLY healthy. And today she is the most amazing and smart 9 year old I have ever met in my life. She knows things her teacher doesn’t even understand!!!!

    3. I found out my now 4 month old son was a boy when I was 10 weeks along, via non-invasive prenatal testing, aka a blood test. Tells you if there are high chances of chromosomal abnormalities, and tells you the gender.

  16. Oh Mack, you can try and capture him with another 10 kids, he’s still going to go to dating apps and cheat on you. And possibly relapse. I get that you’re a codependent mean dumbass and you wanna live this “he’s my man regardless” life, but please please please with sugar on it, think of the children!! How do you think they’re going to grow up with a father who’s sobriety is as volatile as Amber’s mental health, in and out of jail and constantly, publicly cheats on you? Why bring another innocent human being into this mess? Children do not have the option to choose wether they wanna be born. However you do have the option to choose using birth control. And that’s true for all the other pathetic low lives like Jenelle, Amber, etc.

  17. She is a monster. There is no way he wants another baby. I genuinely feel sorry for Rhine at this point. He can’t even get 5 minutes to attempt to start getting his life together without this bitch yanking him into another life altering situation. Does she think This trap baby can motivate him to change everything and love her? It isn’t going to happen. You now have 2 kids that will not have a decent father, and you most likely just shoved your husband back onto the needle.
    Also, this bitch must Get Off on the hate she gets from strangers. Did she actually think ANYONE would be happy for her??

  18. I’m all for Ryan getting the help he needs and Mack doing the “Stand By Your Man” routine. But he hasn’t been there for Bentley, and if it wasn’t for Jen and Larry that poor child wouldn’t have anyone dependable in his life. And poor little Jagger hasn’t seen his Daddy enough to even know who the man is. So, all they need is to bring another child into this world that they (especially Ryan) will inevitably let down!!!!

  19. Mackenzie is either too stupid to use birth control or planned this to try and keep him again, either way she is stupid. Ryan has missed most of Jagger’s life and Taylor is Bentley’s real father figure, he has always stepped up for him when Ryan was to lazy or to high to show up.

  20. What happened to that nursing career then Mack????

    Que Rhine’s Relapse in 3,2,1

    His trigger is about to be set off!!!

  21. When the TM money train ends, with two mouths (and counting) to feed I guess Mack could always go back to her wedding planner business and Ryan can…oh, wait a minute…

  22. Yeah, sure, bring another baby in this train wreck of a marriage, that’ll help!

    Another child to be neglected by his father, HOORAY!

  23. What is she maybe 23 years old?? She is living in a fantasy world. He may have not been on heavy drugs when Bentley was born but if you’ve been a viewer since the beginning, you’ll know Ryan has NEVER had any interest in being a father! If it weren’t for Jen & Larry all 3 of Ryan’s kids wouldn’t know his family. Mackenzie is a naive young girl to think having kids will change Ryan. He was high as a kite on her wedding day! She was in a rush to get married and like most brides she didn’t look happy at all that day. Rush wedding/marriage & rushed family= disaster! So sad!

  24. She has to secure that MTV paycheck. Now that she is pregnant she has a more interesting storyline. With Mack it’s all about the ?????

  25. Well Alf-Kenzie isn’t known for her smart choices. What a moron bringing more innocent babies into this mess she calls home. Yikes!

  26. Let’s all pray for every baby and Kid that’s on or has been on MTV. The past few days have been crazy….. custody -arrests -pregnancy announcements….: ???? for the babies/unborn/kids

  27. Trap baby Edwards! Next up is another for Tyler… and it’s a girl again….. I’m jk ???

  28. What responsible, well thought out, prudent decision. Should Mack call him when this one is about 10?

  29. She posted that ultra sound picture, and surprise! Rhine posted nothing…shows how excited he is about this baby. This chick got pregnant by an addict when he was literally days out of jail. She didn’t even give Rhine the chance to readjust to society…she even said herself that he was traumatized from jail, and instead of helping him, she went and got pregnant by him during his trauma??…Once again she took advantage of Rhine and caused him to make a permanent decision while he was vulnerable. I’m not sticking up for Rhine, he is an adult and shouldn’t have gotten her pregnant, but he’s an adult with very clouded judgement at the moment…this pregnancy is all on her. She is so sneaky and conniving.

    1. Right? She literally just said last episode that when he got out of jail he didn’t want to be touched. So… she legit forced herself on him to create another baby? I do not understand having that small of a brain to think that’s a good idea. Wtf.

  30. She is so stupid…2 out of 3 of her kids are going to have a Butch type father figure, and she’s going to be a single mother of 3…and we don’t really know much about Hudsons dad…is he even in Hudsons life??…She is such a moron. Yea it takes 2 to make a baby, but if you knowingly procreate with an active addict, all the drama you endure is on you….and I don’t need to see anymore scene on TMOG of her bitching about how she didn’t sign up to be a single parent, because YES, YOU DID.

    1. Two things-

      A. I fat fingered it and thumbs downed you. Shoulda been an up.

      B. I think Hudson’s dad actually has a pretty decent chunk of custody of Hudson. I feel like I’ve read that a bit before.

    2. You say this is all her fault but you’re not sticking up for Ryan. Which one is it? I can’t stand this woman but she didn’t make the baby by herself. And unless she raped him, he didn’t have to stick it in there so…

      1. He is not of sound mind right now. We all know he is not sober, and people who are not sober do not make good decisions. Mack is sober, and instead of being the responsible party of the 2 and having protected sex, she decided to have unprotected sex. If roles were reversed and Rhine was sober and Mack was an addict, I would blame Rhine for taking advantage of a vulnerable Mackenzie….Mackenzie is notorious for taking advantage of Rhine. She married him once while he was high as hell, and another time when he was drunk AF, knowing both times he was not in the right state of mind. I’m sure Rhine didn’t bust in her with the intentions of making another child. She did this.

  31. Has Ryan even taken a break off Tinder and jail to see his first child? I don’t recall the first trap baby being 3 years old yet.

  32. Come on… he doesn’t even like you…. you just have a hole… maybe you guys got busy in the silent woods right after he was released!!!!

      1. Ryans sober success rate just dropped.
        Most irresponsible, immature, illfated, idiotic decision ever.

  33. That was quick ? Have a feeling she wanted another baby especially a girl. In her head it would probably be the favorite as Jen only had a son.

    1. Right! These teen moms are wildin out today…Mercury is gearing up to be in retrograde, but this is just crazy.

  34. TheAshley, I’m praying for you (lol). I run a website – not TV related – and know how exhausting it can be when there is a major news story with updates, never mind multiple huge news breaks in a 12 hour span. We’re a small niche operation with just a few writers, too. On bad days I’ve resorted to speech to text when my fingers start going numb. Praying to the gods of MTV that you get a few low key days, and that Kail and Leah don’t do something crazy like decide to get married or contract some strange flesh eating disease while in Hawaii.

  35. Please be a responsible person and get rid of the loser who can’t take care of his children

  36. Yeah, because Ryan needs another kid. Why don’t you guys let him be sober for an entire year before you keep throwing kids into the mix?? Mack and Ryan don’t even have jobs. Do these two even get paid that much from Teen Mom?

  37. Great another child for him to ignore. Jen and Larry to support, and Maxi to bitch about while drinking. Then she’ll cry in bed at night (why does Taylor put up with that?)

    Someone should tell Mack what is causing the pregnancies? Cue relapse in Food City parking lot in 3…2…1

  38. She is trying to get a permanent gig on Teen Mom plus child support $ and anything else she can hang around Ryan’s neck to keep him around. I bet he is thrilled to death.
    Poor Bentley.?
    # que Tinder in 1 2 3 ….

  39. Ohhhh such a good idea for a heroin addict fresh from prison…bring the stress and busyness of an infant into the family — they’re so smart!

  40. What is going on in Teen Mom world! Was there a full moon or something? This girls are keeping the Ashley in business today!

    1. Did she not learn from her wedding when Ryan was drugged out? Or her first pregnancy when she had to have someone else post the pictures and try to defend her? Seriously this would have been RIGHT after he got out… just such bad decisions and everyone can tell it isn’t because she *loves* him, she loves the fame

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