’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ashley Martson Says Ex Jay Smith’s Possible Deportation is “Payback”; Jay Promotes GoFundMe to Raise Money to Free Him From ICE Detention Center

“Can I just swipe left on this whole situation?”

90 Day Fiancé star Jay Smith is facing possible deportation to Jamaica after violating a Protection of Abuse and soon-to-be ex-wife Ashley Martson believes he had it coming. 

Ashley’s spokesperson Johnny Donovan told Us Weekly that “Ashley feels as though Jay made his own bed.”

“Ashley has been suffering for a long time– it’s payback,” he explained. “Jay thought she was joking, but no. He made his bed, now he has to lie in it.”

No Jay, your random Tinder hook-ups can not join you in that bed.

As The Ashley already told you, Jay turned himself in to authorities July 3 after learning there was a warrant out for his arrest, stemming from him violating an PFA order filed against him July 1 by Ashley. Shortly after the incident, Ashley, who happens to be facing some charges of her own from a fight with Jay in May, posted and deleted an emotional statement on her ex’s possibly deportation. 

“Mark my words this is the hardest day of my life,” the Instagram Story read. “I can’t believe this is how it ended. The amount of sadness I’m feeling is unfathomable. There is no celebrating over here, just pure heartbreak.” 

While Jay is currently still detained in an ICE detention facility in York, Pennsylvania, a GoFundMe has been created by someone claiming to be a “close friend” of his in order to raise the funds needed to obtain a lawyer. The GoFundMe was later verified on Instagram by someone on Jay’s behalf. 


Currently, the page has raised more than $1,800 towards its $5,000 goal. 

As fans of ’90 Day Fiancé’ may recall, this is but another bump in the road for Ashley and Jay who have had a tumultuous relationship pretty much since the beginning. The couple wed in April 2018 and after learning of Jay’s transgressions, Ashley filed for divorce in January 2019. Ashley ultimately withdrew that filing but re-filed in April. 

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37 Responses

  1. Wait…I thought Ashley didn’t care if sweet baby Jesus himself came down from heaven and told her Jay was a cheater, it wouldn’t change how she felt about him?

  2. Really feel sorry and donated my money, go out and sell what you were freely giving away while married, he’s still a childish little boy that mimicking his idol, his Dad! Take you ass back to Jamaica where the girls find it appealing, because only the sluts here find it cute, fact ask them some female to put up the money. Disgrace to young black men and young men in general!

  3. Ashley’s right,you made your bed, now enjoy it TIL you get back to where you TRULY belong!! Like most foreigners do, you tried to scam her and really didn’t do a good job at it!! All I can and will say is:: HA HA

  4. They’re both idiots. However, people keep saying that he acted this way because “he’s a 20 year old kid”. Where I’m from, if you’re 20, then you’re a grown ass man! He’s not a kid.
    Anyone who would donate to his gofundme needs a doctor

  5. I’m sorry, but Ashley should have known better than to bring a 20 yo child to the US & expect him to behave like a 32 yo. All of this was so different for him. Sounfs to me like she just wanted a boy toy to make her feel better. Shame on you, Ashley. She is no saint either. Look how she dresses.

  6. Karma will pay back a simple woman who seeks revenge rather than own up to her part. Shouldn’t be so thirsty! Should’ve ran like you apparently did before

  7. Let him go back home, because at the Barber Shop from the beginning he really did not want to marry Adhely, and told those guys when he gets his green card he will break up with her, send him home.

  8. Seems a little fishy that several days after she gets charged with simple assault for throwing the fire extinguisher through his window, he’s possibly being deported. I seriously wouldn’t put it past her to make
    this shit up just to stay in the news! One of the ways he can stay here is claiming he’s a victim of abuse, right? Great timing that she’s charged with assault right before all this happens.


  10. He wouldnt have been having these problems if he had of self deported when he realized he didnt want to be married to her anymore. He can have his freedom if he goes home. The dumbfxck doesnt understand that if you wait around for deportation orders you can’t return for at least 10 yrs it more. If he had of went home voluntarily he could have returned on a different visa like student visa. This is why he’s in this situation. Making hand decision after bad decision. He meet a crazy 30 yr old desperate single,mother and decided to be a jigalo, then instead of leaving he kept playing the games of ” oh, baby I love you, even though I’m a regular on TINDER.” The he kept hanging around after the shit hit the fan. He should have packed his bags like Muhammad and got out of Mechanicsburg. Now he’s begging for money to stay. He’s like the friend that comes to your house and y’all get into a big fight but they still want to stay and keep the fight going. GO HOME!!!!!!

  11. Why are we supporting this cheater? He cheated on his beautiful wife just after they got married. He deserves what he is getting right now. She has tried to be the beat person he can be and all he did was bring her down. Pls stop support this jerk.

  12. Send that illegal law breaker home. He’s a scam and 100% liar. Another migrant looking for dumb american women. Sad part is that looks like he’s found another one.tlc is helping our illegal problem by opening another door for criminals to get in. So far how many broke laws but remain in our country???? Start a petition to shut down TLC and k1 visa.

  13. I would not give Jay one cent!!!!!He needs to go back from where he came.Its about time she woke up and divorced him. She was beginning to look stupid and desperate. Go home Jay, we don’t want anymore users like you in the stated. Please send “NO MONEY” Let him swim home.

  14. He cheated so shame on him. Shame on her also because she held the filing over his head to control him. She was definitely old enough to know better.

  15. I wouldn’t give a penny to help him deport him back and fix it so he can never leave Jamaica again get the girl that started the GoFundMe pay for u as far as his life is threatened in Jamaica I think is a lie go back where u came from and stay there

  16. Jay is an idiot u left Jamaica.. A hard country to be bought to America by a lady who would have given you the world. U fool.. U blew it big time… Keep stepping dawg… I only feel pity for your sister who wanted desperately alobgvwith your brother saw a chance at a better life.. Way to go dumb***

    1. This girl needs to go , shes all over everything.. Wannabe something . who really cares

  17. It seems simple to me, on a K1 visa you are granted entrance into the country solely for the purpose of marrying the American citizen you applied for the visa with. If you are no longer married to said citizen, then there is no longer a reason for you to be allowed to stay in the country. The law doesn’t care if you were both using each other and your relationship was a hot mess. No marriage, no visa. Sorry but we have other types of visas he can apply for if he wants to come back.

    1. They’re still married though. She held his cheating over his head for months and refused to file the necessary paperwork for the visa conditions to be changed.

    2. I guarantee you that if they don’t deport him he will be over here making a bunch of babies with the nasty birds he meets online. Sounds like that what his dad does. The government will be supporting everyone of those kids too because as we can see he has no desire to settle down. He has no job or even a license to tattoo in the US and he has no insurance but some woman is saying she is pregnant by him already. We are at full capacity with bum and a deadbeats. We don’t need to import more.

  18. He’s hardly a “man”. He’s a boy that needs to grow up. I wouldn’t give him a penny towards his Go Fund Me.

  19. Ashley’s spokeperson,Johnny Donovan, also represents Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. See the slimeball pattern?

    1. So are you saying that Ashley is the one in the wrong because of who her spokesperson is? She’s at fault because Jay behaves like he needs to be neutered like a damn dog? Ok…..

    1. They can sometimes demand a bail bond.

      She most likely has pulled the new filing which means he only has two options – if he did indeed come on a k1 fiancé visa as some have rumoured not to really use that for the show – those options are a u visa if it is deemed that he is the victim of her court case or a vawa application if he can show he was abused.

    2. I think again it’s clear that he knew what he was doing when he talked to and had sex with other women while still being married to Ashley. I don’t think he deserves help from anyone! Goodness what about the many homeless in the country? Where is that funding? Jay just take it like a man and go back to Jamaica.

    3. If you have no prior felony convictions and have a job they usually allow you to bond out. It’s usually $10,000 full cash though. I’ve known people who got detained and were allowed to bond out while waiting to see the judge which can take years now.

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