‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Released After Spending Over 24 Hours in Jail

“Cheers to getting sprung from the clink!”

Amber Portwood has finally been released from jail, after spending a night behind bars!

The Teen Mom OG star was released from the Marion County, Indiana, jail on Saturday afternoon, according to online court records obtained by The Ashley. The records confirmed that Amber had bonded out.

Amber— who was jailed early Friday morning and charged with Grade 6 felony domestic battery– will need to appear before a judge on Monday, July 8 at 8:30 a.m.

“Home sweet home! I’m glad to be out of gel!”

The mother-of-two was arrested after her second baby daddy and current live-in boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, allegedly texted Indiana’s 911 system in the wee hours of Friday morning, stating that he felt his life— as well as the life of the one-year-old son he shares with Amber— was in danger. 

According to local news source The Indy Channel, “Arriving officers say the male victim told them his live-in-girlfriend assaulted him while he was holding their one-year-old child.”

Andrew has yet to make any sort of public statement, and Amber herself has not yet to spoken out. 

While Amber & Co. have remained silent about the alleged domestic battery, Amber’s nemesis— former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans— was all too happy to post a statement that was obviously directed at Amber.

“All I have to say is at least I learn from my past mistakes,” Jenelle tweeted hours after the news broke about Amber’s arrest. 

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Amber and Jenelle got into quite the squabble a few months back, when Amber criticized Jenelle’s husband David Eason and claimed he was abusing Jenelle. (David has been surprisingly silent since AMber’s arrest and hasn’t taken any swipes at Amber.)

Amber’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star, Cheyenne Floyd, was not amused by Jenelle’s jab at Amber, and took to her own Twitter on Friday to let her know.

“I’m just sayin’…if you didn’t have custody of any of your kids less than 72 hours ago, you shouldn’t be throwin’ shade, Jenelle!”

“Jenelle should be the last person ‘throwing shade’.. hate when people kick a person when their down,” Cheyenne wrote. “I stay out of everyone’s drama but I am sorry that irritated me.. anyway back to positive vibes.”

MTV has also not released any sort of statement about the incident. From what The Ashley has heard, MTV was not at Amber and Andrew’s home this week to film, so the alleged incident was not filmed.

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. The only reason why I still watch this show is because they added Cheyenne. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and she has a heart of gold. I sure hope her boyfriend from Baltimore (Matt) treat her better than her “baby daddy”. Cheyenne actually brings some class to this dysfunctional show!

  2. I was really sympathetic to Amber, until the episode a couple weeks ago where she bitched and complained that she “had to take care of the baby and wait on Andrew (who had sinus surgery) hand and foot. I’m not going to sleep at all!” OMFG – seriously?!? Do they BOTH need you to wipe their butts? In that case, I’d complain, but all Andrew had to do was “take it easy” and not lift the baby. Big deal. You’re a mother – that’s what mothers DO!!

    1. You got that right, idk why they even picked her as a replacement for Farrah. She wasn’t an teen mom from Season 1 from 16 and Pregnant (she wasn’t even a teenager when she became a mom!!!!

  3. As a recovering addict myself (4 yrs this August), I saw a huge red flag when she “chose jail”’over rehab. Drugs are rampart in jail, which I’m sure Amber knew. She somehow thought she deserves a “cookie” for choosing jail time – and she’s harped on that repeatedly. Amber needed (and still needs rehab). Anyone remember how upset she got when the TM cameras caught all her prescriptions? Treating depression/bipolar/borderline is one thing – but I have a feeling she is probably self-medicating with anti-anxiety meds such as Xanax, etc. As a self-proclaimed opiate addict – treating her other underlying mental issues with other addictive substances is NOT the answer. This arrest doesn’t surprise me one bit. Her explosive FB live, this “do-over” baby w a man she knew for a matter of weeks……Spending 24 hrs back in jail isn’t even CLOSE to waking this girl up. She needs long-term treatment, period. She needs the multiple 6 week therapy retreats a HECK of a lot more than Cate. Amber; a train wreck that won’t ever stop until she seeks serious treatment. Choosing jail over rehab was the WORST decision she could’ve made all those years ago. She could only play house and pretend to be “ok” for so long…….the truth always comes out. I hope she accepts the help that she is undoubtedly being offered by MTV.

    1. First of all congratulations on your soon to be 4 years of sobriety. I had such high hopes for Amber (and still do). Like I said in a previous post on this page, I think that the judge should’ve FORCED Amber into rehab then, and if it didn’t work then she should have been forced to go again. As well as a third (or fourth time), however many times it takes!!!

      1. I remember that she did go to rehab back in the day, but couldn’t hack it and decided on jail instead. 🤔

        1. This is exactly why I think the judge should’ve FORCED Amber to go to rehab. I don’t think he should have given her choice!!!!

  4. Is that drink, the scrapings off the bottom of David’s boating ( lol business )

      1. This post wasn’t even about Jenelle and David. It was about Amber. Idk why you even felt the need to bring that sorry POS up?? This website is an opinion site, so if you don’t want people to comment about you and the things you write than you SHOULDN’T write them!!!!

        1. On other articles, many commenters make a comment about someone who isn’t related to the article.
          Yet you constantly bitch on mine??
          You need help you are nuts

  5. There has to be more to the story. The man is twice her size! WTH could she have done, that he couldn’t have overpowered her himself. Looks to me like he knows how Gary got custody of Leah. Maybe he wants out of the relationship and plans to follow what happened before, in an attempt to get custody of James. It was valid with Gary and Leah, but I’m not buying it this time.

    1. I just re watched the pre surgery episode of TMOG. Amber warned Andrew that there was gonna be a meltdown, he should have been prepared!!!!! Wakey wakey Andrew (those anesthetic drugs should have worn off by now)!!!!

  6. This show has strayed so far off of its original path. It was supposed to depict the realities of having a baby as a teenager. As hard as being a teenage mother is, I truly do not see these situations as being the reality at all. The show should be called “Teen Mom and What Happens When She’s on TV”.

    Like MTVs The Real World, it started out to be an earnest depiction of young strangers living together but still living their individual lives and working out their issues. This degraded into young people getting into violent altercations, hooking up, and drinking NON STOP until REAL trouble finds them, all to be aired for our viewing pleasure.

    I’ve been watching Teen Mom since the very beginning (like all of you) and I’m ashamed to say that I was entertained by all the bullshit. But it’s starting to feel very gross watching all this child abuse and exploitation, because that’s exactly what this has turned into.

    1. I don’t really think it has strayed, it’s just that MTV wants to showcase as much drama as they can.

  7. Jenelle always has something to say on social media but I have never heard or read anything about her saying something to the person’s face. That’s what you call a punk. Jenelle better watch what she says about Amber because I believe that Amber will kick her ass. Now I would pay money to see that.

  8. I thought for sure the law would be back at the house today when she got home and finished him. He must of bolted.

  9. Here is what I don’t understand. The first time amber got arrested they said it was from what they saw on tv. How come no other person has had things filmed and not be allowed in court. Doesn’t seem right to me. I’m taking about jenelle and David and all the crap that we had front row seats of them breaking laws abusing kids etc. None of that is admissible in court ? Idk

    1. Because after what happened with Amber, MTV had something put in the contract that says they are allowed to depict a story-line how they want and that the footage is heavily edited. Because of this, nothing that gets shown on Teen Mom can be used in court anymore.

  10. I’d think having to be awake, out of bed, and dressed by 8:30 in the morning should be punishment enough…….(sarcasm folks, sarcasm…)

  11. I personally think that this is good!!!! Jail is a horrible place to be in. I know this because of the things that my friend’s who have been in jail have seen!! They have seen people get beaten, stabbed and commit suicide almost everyday. The judge should be filled in on her present mental condition and ORDER her to receive treatment instead of giving her the choice of prison or treatment!!! The judge shouldn’t have just thrown her in the clink!!!! The girl needs help!!! And if she isn’t going to look into getting it herself, then she should be forced into getting it!!!

    1. She didn’t get the choice in court between prison or rehab. She could have tried rehab again; instead she asked the judge to sentence her to prison. Which he obliged her with.

      1. Yes she did get a choice, the judge asked if she wanted 6 months in rehab or 5 years in jail. She chose the 5 year jail sentence (but only served 17 months)!!!

  12. Talk about CPS investigations, I think one should definitely now be done on Amber’s household to make sure little James is safe there.

    Amber, girl please stop masquerading as an OG prison gangsta and start being a mother to your kids.


    1. I think in this case, because the charges brought on Amber specifically involve a child, CPS will automatically be involved. Thank goodness. I mean, I think Andrew can care for James just fine by himself. Amber is the one who needs court ordered supervision around that baby, and Andrew would probably let her around him more than he should.

  13. But what we all really want to know is was Andrew at home waiting for her? Where is he and where is the baby? Let’s hope he has the sense not to immediately forgive a person who put his child’s safety in danger.

    1. In my state, a DV charge automatically gets a no contact order, Amber may not have been allowed to go home.

    1. Same in CO. I’m shocked she was able to bail out on a domestic violence charge. I thought you couldn’t bail out on those kinds of charges until after your first appearance. Maybe the laws have changed.

  14. Jenelle thinks she’s from her past mistakes?? But she’s still with the guy that murdered her dog and beat her son??…and Jenelle has been arrested WAYYYYYYYYY more than Amber….she needs to shut up, because just for that I’m sure another arrest is coming for her soon.

    1. Eh, I’m going to go with she got her self in some trouble here . Andrew already gave his statement when she was arrested, he may have even had marks.The state should pick this up, no problem.
      Andrews cooperating would be a help but not necessarily needed.
      I don’t know if the docket is viewable, most likely reads “ The State of Indiana vs. Amber Portwood

      1. That’s true, the state prosecutes, and the state is the “people” but DA’s don’t take them to trial unless there is a cooperating witness. I have worked hundreds of these and that’s just the way it works. DA’s, and courts are simply too busy, not enough staff and without a witness it’s hard to get 12 people to agree on anything.

  15. Just more Teen Mom losers. Mark my words, she will be back living with James soon, if she isn’t already. James is a pu*sy and when the time comes, he will not even cooperate with the district attorney for prosecution, the case will be dismissed, Amber will go free and they will be living together and nothing will change!!!

  16. I wonder how long this has been going on. The whole surprise career move from Gary is starting to become less surprising. Amber is a loose cannon. She brawls with others on social media, refuses to film, goes weeks without seeing her daughter whose 30 minutes away, doesn’t have an actual job or intention on getting back one, and beats on her partners. I’ll bet this has been building up or happening for a while and Gary knew he needed a stable career and income to fall back on when Amber gets them all kicked off the gravy train.

    1. Well, you have a point, but I think the main finger of blame goes to Jenelle and the dogkiller. They’re the ones who have finished this franchise, IMO. Jenelle’s little dig there is 100% jealousy, she wouldn’t mind at all if the rest of them lose their jobs too.
      I agree 100% with Cheyenne.

    2. Well at least he called the cops and Amber got arrested. Another mistake Jenelle hasn’t learned yet

    3. And you know this from what? Her 45 mins on tv every week? Her social media posts? WE DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE IN ACTUAL REAL LIFE!!!!!! You do not know how often she sees her damn kid. You don’t know 1/2 of what you seem to think you know. Jesus Christ y’all amaze me at how quick you are to judge people for things you read online.

      1. Hi amber. Maybe if u cared about your kids as much as u do about the way people think of u you wouldnt be mad all the time. Loser

  17. I know producer Morgan Freeman has no morals so maybe MTV can make a show called “Battle Royale Teen Mom”? It would consist of Amber, Janelle, Kaitlyn and Farrah forced to live together in a small house for 30 days. They would have no cell phones or access to internet. The last one in the house wins!

  18. MTV is a virtual cesspool. Raise the bar and stop watching. I pointed out years ago that MTV’s job is to normalize dysfunction on behalf of Dem power-grabbers that want a dumbed down population that is 100% gov’t dependent.

  19. I just wonder where baby James is. Did Andrew pack up and move to a hotel so he can fight for, and win, custody? Or was he waiting for Amber when she got home?

    He was worried enough to Text 911, so she didn’t hear him on the phone. I hope Amber came home to an empty house!

    1. Andrew is probably living with her again already. He won’t cooperate with the district attorney so the case will be dismissed, Amber’s charges will be dropped, and they will all be living together in chaos once again. Andrew is a weeny.

      1. I’m not sure about Indiana law, I know many jurisdictions now will not let a victim drop the charges. That aid, this is the easiest money Andrew has ever “earned” so I think he will stick around. He’s so big and mushy, it’s not as if Amber could do any harm to him without a weapon.

        1. That’s true, the state prosecutes, and the state is the “people” but DA’s don’t take them to trial unless there is a cooperating witness. It will be the state to drop it, not Andrew. I have worked hundreds of these and that’s just the way it works. DA’s, and courts are simply too busy, not enough staff and without a witness it’s hard to get 12 people to agree on anything

  20. She’s going to go to court Monday, enter her not guilty plea , and be off to Catelyns home away from home spa; blaming all this on medical issues.
    All of this garbage going on is making it easier to not watch the show anymore.

  21. Jenelle saying she learned from her mistakes is probably one of the funniest things I read all week. Thx, I needed that!

    Tbh, Andrew should dump her ass and seek custody for their child. I mean, I don’t think he is perfect but at least he seems to be the better parent. (like Gary was to Leah always)

    1. The girls have become too dependent on that MTV money…. with a few exceptions… Chelsea for one. They have no life skills to be able to hold down a real job…again there’s a few exceptions. They can sit home and boo hoo or get off the couch and make something of themselves….. Caitlyn and Amber to name a few. What’s next? Teen Mom Grandma????

  22. No surprise she was bonded out. What I want to know is when she got home, did she wash the “Jolly Rancher Hairspray” she brags about making in jail first, or did she go right to the couch? She was gone for over 24 hours, I wonder if the perma-indent on the cushion had time to start popping out?

  23. Amber and Jenelle are just like the other teen moms. They will never learn. They are all spoiled by MTV. They have no reality of what the real world is about. UNSUBSCRIBE!!! Iam in my own way trying to help the kids. I will not subscribe to them or watch TM again.

    1. I’m kind of surprised she got out before she saw a judge. In Colorado Springs I think if you get arrested for a DV charge you cant bond out until you see a judge first. I guess she could have seen a judge but it seems weird if she did,especially since it’s a holiday. Oh well.

      1. I thought the same thing! That’s the way our court works as well. No bond until you go in front of the judge. (Columbus,Ohio) Now i need to find out how it is there for non”celebrities” 😀

        1. Almost all jails have 24/7 first appearance judges, nobody has to wait out a weekend or holiday for first appearance. I don’t know why gossip sites keep pushing that narrative but I guarantee you Amber has already seen a judge. All they do at first appearance is read the charges, NO plea is entered.

  24. Who posted the bond to get her out of gel though?? I hope it wasn’t Andrew. She’s a badass woman who don’t need no man…to bail her out of prizzin.

  25. Janelle hasn’t learned a thing. She chose David over protecting her dog & kids. She still doesn’t think of do right. Yes, Amber has issues & we don’t know what transpired at 3 a.m. the other night. Did Andrew over react? Did he provoke her or did she just snap? We don’t know but at least she knows if she needs help to go get it. Unlike Janelle just making excuses for her crazy husbands behavior & actions. Just look at how much happier those kids were away from them.. Good luck to Amber. I don’t think she’s just that baby at all. Hope it all works out.

  26. Amber’s already out and throwing her own shade and Jenelle. How petty and to think I was so crushed for her. SMDH some things will NEVER change

  27. The babes are dropping like flies, Gary’s strapped, Ryan busting nuts all over town, David is capping dogs, Joe’s music career still hasn’t taken off yet, the game is over, over I tell you.

  28. Ok Jenelle, which of your past mistakes have you learned from, exactly?? You’ve been repeating ALL of them for like a decade now…….

    1. Possible lessons:

      Call the cops on your spouse before they beat you to it

      Purchase an isolated swamp so no one can hear screaming, holes being punched in the walls

      Call 911 every other week, at a minimum, so emergency services no longer take you seriously, in turn, allowing you time to smoke a blunt and calm down

      Marry someone with a longer criminal history than you, so you are both equally terrified of breaking probation.

      When in doubt, blame everyone else

      If the cops do intervene or you get arrested, head directly to your She Shed to fill everyone in on your ‘drunken misunderstanding’

      Are those the lessons Jenelle has learned over the years?

      1. You forgot:

        Never, ever be without a soulmate. Otherwise, you might be alone to face your choices.

        1. And make sure you dump your kids with your parents or out the backyard when you don’t want handle them.

          And…start your own online business selling crap.

      1. Oh and after a stint at some restaurant years ago, Jenelle learned that working wasn’t for her and has never tried it again.

  29. These delusional MTV “celebrities” need to get a heavy dose of reality. They think the laws don’t apply to them and they can get away with anything. Duhnelle might have slipped out of her mess but sooner or later it will catch up with her and she won’t be able to pay her way out of it. I miss the real MTV, you know Musical Television. Now it’s just an industry churning out stupid people.

  30. What mistake did jenelle learn from, exactly? Was it the doing drugs? Getting arrested? Putting men before her children? Or could it be that she learned from getting engaged to someone she barely knows? Staying in abusive relationships? Having children before she is stable?? Has she finally learned to respect her mom? Perhaps shes learned to count her blessings? No, those all dont fit! What could she be referring to?? *eye roll*

    1. Jenelle is probably looking down on Amber because someone got arrested. Jenelle’s learned from her mistakes! “Call 911, but when they get there tell them it was just a drunken misunderstanding so no one gets arrested” seems like her new police protocol protip.

  31. Why would MTV fire her? They didn’t fire her the last time she committed domestic violence and they filmed it.

  32. So Amber most likely will be able to keep her job after this arrest? So if a “teen dad” on the show was arrested for assaulting his female partner on the show he too would be allowed to keep his job? Not even factoring in this is her second assault arrest involving a minor being present. I always think “good for these idiots getting this reality tv money who cares what the the internet says there still getting paid.”!But this is disgusting because AGAIN she will definitely be keeping her job.

  33. Does Jenelle really think she has learned from her mistakes? Because everyone else here in the real world just sees her repeating them over and over…

    1. Amber should be fired by MTV. Domestic violence is no joke, especially when children are involved.

      1. Agreed- this is twice (that we know of) that she’s been guilty of domestic abuse. She needs to be held accountable for her actions and get help, not sit on a couch earning money for nothing and continuing to abuse everyone around her.

        1. So it’s Not OK to do legal porn and work for MTV but you can beat someone’s ass and still work there, makes sense.

          1. And do drugs and risked ppl lives driving under the influence..That’s A ok too for MTV

      2. What mistake did jenelle learn from, exactly? Was it the doing drugs? Getting arrested? Putting men before her children? Or could it be that she learned from getting engaged to someone she barely knows? Staying in abusive relationships? Having children before she is stable?? Has she finally learned to respect her mom? Perhaps shes learned to count her blessings? No, those all dont fit! What could she be referring to?? *eye roll*

    1. If they don’t fire her, it will definitely look very bad on MTV’s part. I’m not defending David at all but he was fired over offensive tweets, not violent behavior. If they don’t fire Amber, it will be hard core proof of how out of whack our society is on certain issues. If we are in a place where political correctness is more important than actual physical assault (especially when a child is involved) then that is pretty scary.

      1. I bet she doesnt get fired. MTV was just looking for a reason to fire David & they used his social media accounts against him granted what he said wasnt right at all.

    2. I think it will all depend on: will sponsors back out if they don’t. That’s all that matters to MTV. The more drama, the better, until the sponsors start threatening to leave.

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