Ryan Edwards Finally Comments On Rumors He Was High While Filming ‘Teen Mom OG’

"I'm not HIGH! HIGH! I just need a nap..."
“I’m not HIGH! HIGH! I just need a nap…”

Ryan Edwards (and his eyes!) became the talk of the Teen Mom Internet Universe after he appeared on several episodes of the show looking… well, like a used dish rag. From his frighteningly huge, non-blinking eyes, to his slow and slurred speech, Ryan appeared to be on some sort of drug, in the opinions of many fans watching.

However, Ryan (who rarely uses his social media accounts) had not made any comment on those episodes…until now.

In a video captured by the paparazzi organization Hollywood to You, a disheveled-looking Ryan is shown walking through a parking lot in Los Angeles (presumably while he was in town filming the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 reunion special last month). Ryan, his girlfriend Mackenzie Standifer, his mom Jen Edwards and ‘Teen Mom’ producer Jaala Webster were ambushed by the pap, who asked Ryan about the episodes.

“People were saying you were high during ‘Teen Mom’….” the pap asks a still-bug-eyed Ryan. “Did you see there were reports of that? Is that true?”

Ryan laughs at the statement, and says that he was not high.

“Well people were saying that your eyes were all blood-shot and bulging and stuff,” the pap continues.

At that point, Producer Jaala jumps in to defend Ryan.

“Sometimes he’s…tired,” she says, as she steers Ryan & Co. away from the cameraman. “Can you leave him alone? We’re just trying to get to the hotel.”

“So you’re just tired, Ryan?” the pap asks.

“Yup,” Ryan says as he walks away.

Before asking the questions about the drugs, the pap wanted to know what Ryan’s plans are when ‘Teen Mom’ finally ends. His response is hardly surprising.


Someone give that man a nap!

Watch the full clip below:

(Photo & Video: Hollywood To You)

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  1. First of all they need to give the dude a break. I don’t know how adg agitated how would deal with cameras following me around, and his baby mama constantly putting him down. Eveyone is not built for that shit. And at least he tried because he wanted to show he had grown as a young man. I wish him and his wife luck.back off him and worry about your own husband. I never see him WORK!!!!!

  2. He should be tired. Leave him alone everyone. Mooching off his parents for all these years must take a lot of energy! Almost making it to his sons baseball games, on camera interviews sitting on his couch… The poor man must be ready to collapse at he end of the day. I think he should join Matt and ambers couch club so he’s not so alone though. They can all sit together

    1. Especially this girl… She has a small child her self.. I honestly don’t know how she can allow her son around him with all the issues he has.. I’m sure her christian school teacher mother is so proud :/

  3. I am in no way defending Ryan or his behavior. The only similarities that I wanted to point out is that I have recently began taking an antidepressant called cymbalta, since the day that I started taking it my eyes AND pupils are enormous! I feel kinda foggy headed and “out of it”. Is it at all a possibility that Ryan is on some kind of antidepressant? I kinda doubt it, but just wanted to point it out… he does act depressed, doing nothing 24/7 and staying indoors. I hope for Bentley’s sake that ge gets his shit together.

  4. What does he have to be tired from? Not having a job and hanging out with a new girl every other week must be so exhausting. Let’s be honest, jen probably still spoon feeds him and wipes his butt.

  5. I don’t know if it’s drugs or a medical condition… doesn’t hyperthyroidism cause protruding eyes and other things e.g. sleep disorders, mental issues, etc.?

  6. When tired, you dont look like tweaker!

  7. Does anyone remember last years Halloween episode, when Bentley was waiting for him to go halloweening?. He was high af, sitting there mumbling his ass off…time and time again if not mumbling and slurring his words, eyes bugging out of his head. After all ask Leah you need to come down after flying high for days on end…just sayin.

    1. Yes!!! He also showed up & they had already finished trick or treating in the neighborhood. He had gone to get his costume & face painted, but that prob was an excuse for him to get high, then get his costume & face painted. Sad for Bentley! Jen is one of the biggest enablers I’ve ever seen. Their son is almost 30 & she cried constantly since he moved out saying she misses him being around. So, she misses him marinating 24/7 on couch, being blasted (high), his cat killing, upsetting Larry, etc.?! She should really hop into reality so she can comprehend how damaging enabling is.

  8. Jaala….. fricken seriously ???!?!! Tired from exactly what ?? Sitting round his house ( that mom paid for ) chewing tobacco and cashing cheques now makes you tired ?? Does MTV think we were all born yesterday ??!!

    I notice that Ryan’s dad is not there … obviously he’s finally given up on his loser son …

    Love the quote from him tho about what he’ll do when teen mom ends …..’nothing’ ….. sums up what they will all be doing

  9. Ok serious question, when does everything think Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 will finally be cancelled for good? My prediction is sometime in 2017, I hope not 2018, but it’s possible. I say 17 what does everyone else think? It came on in 2009 16 and pregnant, so that’s almost 8 years already.

    1. The sooner, the better.

      It’s time for all these girls to finally grow up, and face the consequences of their choices, without the benefits of a MTV huge paycheck.

    2. I don’t see the show going anywhere anytime soon. The cast needs the money, because their only talents are spreading their legs (and backdoors) so nobody is going to willingly quit….and the show is such a hot mess it’s really hard not to watch, so they’re going to have viewers….I can only see the show ending if the kids get sick of filming, and I wouldn’t see that happening for another few years…I give it until 2018/2019….and I wouldn’t be surprised about follow up specials happening when the kids are teenagers.

    3. I predict another 7-10 years. Look at how long Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on. People are invested in the cast members lives and want to see what happens next. And the cast all need the money and keep making life choices that make people want to watch. As long as they are having more babies and in new relationships people will watch.

  10. I know Jaala is just sprouting off the usual MTV enabling crap we have seen with all the TM cast just because she has too, but intervening with “he’s tired” is just making it more obvious he has something to hide and they’re helping him.

    It’s like the Steve Harvey interview with Leah, when Dr Drew was hovering over her and ensuring nothing incriminating came out of her mouth.

  11. “He’s just tired sometimes.” Come on, really? If someone is sleeping as much as your average cat and they aren’t on some sort of drug, they seriously need to see a doctor.

      1. Yeah, he puts cats to sleep (w/ pellet guns) for fun…psychopath. Maybe that’s exhausting to him, being a violent cat killer wears him out. It’s his only hobby that requires him to exert some energy, aside from his chewing tobacco. I think Larry was utterly disgusted & fed up w/ Rhine for being a cat killing druggie. I hope he keeps it real w/ Rhine & Jen both since they made up now.

  12. Tbf I’ve noticed this about Ryan’s eyes for years. I think he just does that with his eyes when he’s being animated or thinking.

  13. He is NOT going to admit that he is STILL using meth when he wants visitation with Bentley.
    How many people that are currently using drugs openly admit it? Do people really think that Ryan is going to say, “Yes, not only was I high but I smoke meth every day!”

    Watch the Father’s Day episode again. He was so high I thought he would float off the couch.

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