“90 Day Fiance” Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Battling Fiances & A Really Bad Bachelor Party

Apparently when it's your bachelor party you have to dress like Indiana Jones...?
Apparently when it’s your bachelor party you have to dress like Indiana Jones…?

It’s time to settle on in and get ready for another rousing episode of 90 Day Fiance, where green cards are scarce and the drama is epic! This episode is going to be extra good, as we will get to watch Matt celebrate his fourth bachelor party! Plus, our favorite conniving catfisher, Lowo, is back after a few episodes without him!

We start out by checking in with Nicole and Azan in Morocco. Nicole is getting ready to head back to the United States and it’s time for her to decide if she should bring Azan with her. Azan tells Nicole that he feels she doesn’t respect his culture. Nicole denies this and says it’s just difficult for her because their cultures are so different.

"...or at least not annoying American people..."
“…or at least not annoying American people…”

Nicole says she feels like Azan is ashamed of her, but he denies this. He says he loves her because he feels like she really cares about him. They agree to try and make things work.. For now.

Finally, it’s time for Nicole to go back home, and Azan looks like he’s silently breathing a sigh of relief. Azan’s mother and sister are sad to see Nicole go, though.

“I like her very much and consider her my daughter,” Azan’s mother says. “If they want each other, they will pass through the problems and live in peace.”

Don’t hold your breath, lady!

"Jorge can't come to the phone right now. He's still in his cage..."
“Jorge can’t come to the phone right now. He’s still in his cage…”

Meanwhile, it’s Day 40 and Jorge should be preparing to marry his Russian fiancé, Anfisa, but things are not looking good. In fact, the show’s producers are having trouble even getting in contact with the couple. (Maybe Anfisa has punished Jorge by erasing his phone, again? Or maybe she finally got hold of Jorge’s credit cards and is making a run for the border and/or mall?)

Production finally gets in touch with the couple and—shocking!—they are not getting along at all. Anfisa says she got into a fight with Jorge and kicked him out of the apartment. Anfisa threatens to leave and go back to Russia.

Girl, bye. Go  back to where you came from and practice your smizing for when you become America’s Next Top Model.

Jorge is just chillin' by the hot water heater...
Jorge is just chillin’ by the hot water heater…

We find out that poor Jorge was stuck sleeping in the garage for a night because his fiance wouldn’t let him back inside.

“It is hard being in a relationship with someone who thrives on conflict like that,” he tells us of Anfisa.

She proceeds to call Jorge stupid and threatens to throw all of his stuff out the window of “her” apartment. She tells him that she wants him to pay for a flight for her to go back to Russia. Of course, Jorge agrees.

"Oh...you again. Just leave your wallet on the counter and go please."
“Oh…you again. Just leave your wallet on the counter and go please.”

Later, Jorge tries to apologize to Anfisa, but when he goes in for the hug, she’s not having it because Jorge dared to come to her empty-handed.

“He didn’t even bring me flowers or anything cute,” she says. “He needs to prove that he loves me.”

Better get out the ol’ charge card, Jorge! That ‘love’ expression is gonna cost you some big bucks!

"I always tell the truth..."
“I always tell the truth…”

Next, we check in with Narkyia and her boo, Lowo. It’s been a few weeks since this couple’s been featured, and we learn that in the time they’ve been MIA, Narkiya has become increasingly suspicious of her catfishing non-prince-of-a-fiancé.

Either Lowo is a serial liar, or he legit has some of the worst luck of any person EVER. He told Narkyia that there is a delay in him getting his K1 Visa and now he has to go all the way to Vietnam (where he used to live) to get a paper for his Visa.

""Mmmmhmmm. We'll see about that, boy!"
“”Mmmmhmmm. We’ll see about that, boy!”

Narkyia decides to call his bluff and says she’ll be traveling to Vietnam to meet up with Lowo and make sure he is telling the truth. Girl, if you have to fly across the world to make sure your man isn’t lying…. maybe you shouldn’t be engaged. Just sayin’…

Lowo gives us his version of recent events.

“When I started talking to Nakyia, I was talking to other women and trying to start a relationship and get a green card to live in the U.S,” he says. “But I stopped because I fell in love at the end of the day.”

Sure. You meant to say you stopped because you finally found a sucker who would buy your lame stories and marry your lying butt.

"I put all her old Myspace pics up in the bathroom! She's gonna love it!"
“I put all her old Myspace pics up in the bathroom! She’s gonna love it!”

Later, Lowo is bringing Narkyia back to their Vietnam hotel and it’s all prepared. He has balloons, cupcakes, flowers, and he even printed her selfies out off of Facebook and taped them to the wall. When a guy prints Facebook selfies out and sticks them to a hotel room wall, you know he means business!

Next, we check in with Chantel…even though her story line is boring compared to lying princes and gold-digging Russians. Chantel’s family is still mad about her lying to them about being engaged to Pedro. Chantel’s brother, River, is very mad that his sister lied to him and their family. (He’s also a 20-something that still refers to  his parents as “mommy and daddy” so it’s kind of hard to take anything he says seriously.)

Anyone else wanna make a T-shirt with this photo on it? Just us? Ok...
Anyone else wanna make a T-shirt with this photo on it? Just us? Ok…

Chantel and Pedro meet up with her parents for dinner. Chantel’s mother, who is rocking yet another cowboy hat, insists that her daughter and Pedro get a prenuptial agreement. (She’s gotta make sure Pedro doesn’t get his hands on that exquisite cowboy hat collection!) Chantel says her parents don’t trust Pedro.

“Nobody trusting Pedro because of you,” Pedro says, before getting some epic side-eye from Chantel.

To lighten the mood, we head over to Matt’s bachelor party. This is, of course, his fourth marriage, so this is the fourth time he has had a “last fling before the ring.”

“I was worried there might be a constitutional amendment or something about having your fourth bachelor party,” Matt says.

Oh, Matt. Just stop trying to make jokes. You’re embarrassing yourself….

"If Mom sees me touching a boob, I'm dead guys, DEAD!"
“If Mom sees me touching a boob, I’m dead guys, DEAD!”

All these  45-year-old men get on a party bus and act like they’re 21-year-old sorority girls heading out to da club.

“Matt, one of your ex-wives is gonna be stripping for us tonight,” his friend yells. (He’s kidding…we think…)

Another one of Matt’s “friends” claims that Alla is a “Russian bride from online” and tells Matt that he shouldn’t be marrying Alla at all, in his opinion.

"I think I felt a boob..."
“I think I felt a boob…”

The guys bring a stripper on the bus and Matt doesn’t want to participate because, well, he’s being filming and no one wants footage of themselves pawing all over some stripper floating around the Interwebs. The stripper starts grinding on him and he looks miserable. (What if Matt’s mom sees!? She may ground him and not let him go to his own wedding!)

“I thought we were gonna have a good night but my friends just end up razzing me the whole night on my next marriage and bring some stripper on the bus,” Matt says.



Next week on ’90 Day Fiance,’ Lowo and Narkyia finally meet up in Vietnam, Jorge’s sister basically calls Anfisa a gold digger, Matt’s weirdo best friend still doesn’t trust Alla, and Nicole finally returns home to her daughter.

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  1. I think the title of this episode should be ‘no means no’. I honestly cringed when Matt kept saying no and his weird middle aged friends kept pushing that poor skinny stripper on him.

    I honestly think that Azan is relieved Nicole was going home so he didn’t have to keep telling her to keep her needy paws off him. Oye, these people.

  2. After watching Jorge proving how stupid he is we will have many more foreigners thinking all Americans are stupid and needy. Jorge should really be ashamed that so many people are watching him make a total fool of himself, besides Jorge it is your opinion of what beauty is, fix your nose and mouth babe.

  3. I don’t get why Chantel’s parent are so insistent upon a pre-nup. She has no money. She lives in a tiny efficiency apartment in GA, where she could get a decent sized apartment for only $600. She can’t even afford a wedding dress, but her parents think Pedro is out for her money? Lol

  4. The Americans on this show are so embarrassing at times….
    -you have Jorge who is willingly being used by Anfisa because he’s so desperate for a “beautiful” domesticated wife. I cannot knock Anfisa for her hustle. She has told Jorge time and time again that she does not love him, she only loves his money and he STILL stays and acts like the sun shines outta her ass…She’s never hidden her motives, and even called him out a few episodes ago. She was like yea i’m with you for your money, so what…..would you be with me if i were fat and ugly? I don’t think so….Anfisa keeps it real.

    -Matt is a mama’s boy that needs to grow a pair of balls. I can totally see why he’s been divorced so many times.

    -I cannot stand Nicole. The girl is such a whiney immature brat. It’s crystal clear that Azan is only using her for that visa….theres no way in the world that he would put up with her behavior if he wasn’t using her. When they get to America and she starts expecting him to show ridiculous amounts of PDA and wants him to take care of her daughter, it’s not gonna end well! I’m surprised he’s with her knowing that she has a kid….he must be very desperate to get outta Morocco.

  5. Matt is a beta male, effeminate, closet homosexual, and so are his brother and friends. Nasty, slimy creeps who probably visit gay bathhouses for hookups. Not one manly man in this bunch. They all probably suffer from low T and have to take boner meds.

  6. It would bring me great joy to see Jorge in the middle of anfisa being an unnecessary bitch.. Say “alright bitch grab your shit and wait in the lobby for your taxi, sayonara” and just point at the door and smile ?

  7. When I was but a wee lass in college, it never ceased to amuse the living turds out of me to see the really nerdy freshmen, the ones who’d spent their while lives really sheltered, get drunk for the first time. About half a beer in they’d be stumbling, slurring, telling each other how they’d be best friends forever, and totally freaking out man….. That was Matt’s bachelor party, in a nutshell…

  8. Are you watching the happily ever after episodes after these with Danni an Mo? Man those are great!

  9. Matt and especially Jorge need to take lessons from Lowo on how to greet or apologize to your woman! Since the confession, Pedro no interesting no more!

  10. I hate Anfisa but have mad respect for her also. Yea she’s a golddigger, but she knows it, and she makes sure you know it too. She’s not fleecing Jorge or playing him because she’s been honest the whole time about only being with him for his money. If Jorge doesn’t like it, he can leave.

    I practically heard a record scratch noise when Matt said “next marriage”. As if he (or his mom, or friends, or…) doesn’t talk about his other 3 enough, now he’s calling his impending nuptials the “next”. Promising.

    1. Agreed. Anfisa is a horrible human being. But all things considered, she knows it, and really isn’t pulling a bait and switch. She straight up says she’s in for the money. And if Jorge either, A) is too stupid to still get it, or B) knows and marries her anyway, then he deserves what he gets. And she raises a valid point – would he even bother if she was fat and ugly? (Though she’s not attractive at all in the face and I’m sure all he notices are those big bolt on boobs… wonder if he bought those…) Check and mate (dear God, don’t let them breed.)

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