New Series “30 Something Grandma” to Show Teen Pregnancy From Grandma-to-Be’s Point of View

Grandma-to-be Prudence gets emotional with her pregnant teen daughter...
Grandma-to-be Prudence gets emotional with her pregnant teen daughter…

If you liked 16 and Pregnant…you’re gonna love 30 Something Grandma!

Although it seems more like the title of a Saturday Night Live sketch than an actual reality show, 30 Something Grandma is officially coming to the Lifetime network later this month!

The three-part docu-series will basically show what happens when the cycle of teen pregnancy continues in a family.

According to Lifetime, ’30 Something Grandma’ will follow three women who are “about to become grandmothers in their 30’s! Having been young moms themselves, these women now face the reality that their own daughters are all about to give birth as teens.”

When your teen daughter's in labor but you still wanna look goooood.....
When your teen daughter’s in labor but you still wanna look goooood…..

The unexpected teen pregnancy brings hardships to each of the families featured: one almost-Grandma loses her job, while another is prevented from moving to another state due to her daughter’s pregnancy. One grandma “has a strained relationship with her daughter.”

Unlike the Teen Mom franchise of shows, who feature the pregnant teen as the main star, this show will focus on the pregnant teens’ mothers. The stars– Prudence, Patricia and Chantel— will be shown coming to terms with the fact that they were unable to prevent their daughters from experiencing teen parenthood like they did.

“The series will reveal the challenges for the two generations as they try to balance their relationships, career goals and personal dreams,” the network’s description reads. “Each family is on an emotional roller coaster as they struggle with the daunting, yet exciting moment that will redefine their lives forever.”

’30 Something Grandma’ is not the only reality show coming to Lifetime that will deal with unexpected pregnancy– at least one more show covering the topic will premiere by the end of the year. The Ashley will be covering that show in another post!

Lifetime has yet to release a trailer for ’30 Something Grandma,’ but the series premieres on November 15.

(Photos: Courtesy of Lifetime)


  1. This show actually sounds interesting. I can’t wait to watch it. Im tired of teen mom so i dont watch it at all. I just read The Ashley’s recaps.

  2. I think Shop is will be on season one of Preteen and Pregnant. Even if Farrah has to pay a boy, since Sophia just might be to scary otherwise. Let’s hope Sophia is a late bloomer. Although, Farrah is already researching early puberty and how to bring it about. Lots of money to be made in reality TV, after all.

  3. This sounds like a hot mess. When will these networks stop exploiting crappy situations and dumb decision making for a profit…oh wait, never

  4. OH, so that’s what the cast of Teen Mom can do in a couple of years when their kids start doing the same. Be on this show!

      1. Why do I feel like she’ll encourage Sophia to get pregnant at a young age? I guess because Farrah lucked out and got picked for a show and has made big bucks, and think the same will happen with Sophia.

    1. In all actuality, who do we think is the most likely to perpetuate the cycle?

      1) Gracie for sure. That little girl is crying out for attention and unless Corey can get a hold of her, I can see it happening.
      2) Sophia. If she doesn’t scare the boys away by growling at them or smacking them.
      3) Jace. I really can see Jace knocking up some girl and then bailing on both her and the kid.
      4) Nova. This may be an unpopular opinion, but Cate and Ty are trash. I really think Nova will continue the trend.

      Ones who I think will avoid it:
      1) Aubree. I think Chelsea will take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen to her.
      2) Carly. For obvious reasons.
      3) Isaac or Lincoln. Kail may be a lot of things, but she is a damn good mother and I think she’ll be able to prevent this.
      4) Ali. Just because of her disability.
      5) Bentley. I don’t think Maci would let that happen. If she can pull herself away from her beers.

      There is only one that I am unsure of and that’s Leah. What do you think?

      1. I think it’s appalling to be discussing the future sex lives of kids eight years old and under. What’s wrong with you?

        1. Take it however you want, but the fact remains that the cycle of being a teen parent is perpetuating. I didn’t say that I hope these kids perpetuate the cycle, I really hope they don’t, but I think some of them will based on how they’re being raised. Wasn’t really discussing their sex life so try not to blow things out of proportion…that’s what is appalling.

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