5 Things We Learned From Watching the Trailer for the Upcoming Season of ‘Sister Wives’

"We're baaaack!"
“I’ll be back, blubbering on your televisions by the end of the month!”

A brand-new season of Sister Wives is coming our way later this month, and on Wednesday, TLC released the first Season 8 trailer. While the nearly two-minute clip promises to show some “Big Changes” for the Brown Family, it seems the Kody & Co. are still rehashing the past.

The trailer gives us a sneak peek of what we can expect to see when the new season starts on November 27– and, yes, they have somehow managed to stretch Meri Brown‘s Great Catfish Caper into yet another season.

Here are five things we learned from watching the Season 8 trailer:

1. Brown family women wear camo-print lingerie to clean the bathroom…apparently.


During a clip from Maddie Brown’s bridal shower, she is gifted a camouflage-print bra and panties set, along with a toilet bowl brush and cleaner.

“This is what you wear to clean the bathroom,” Christine says.

The gift makes both Maddie and Christine embarrassed…and the rest of us hoping that this is just a joke.

2. Mykelti’s boyfriend, Tony, made sure to propose on-camera.


Like her sister, Mykelti is eager to get hitched. Her boyfriend, Tony, whom at the time she had only been dating a few months, decides to propose…but not before calling in the TLC camera crew to capture the Kodak moment. While he and Mykelti are randomly sitting on some cliffs (as you do), Tony gets down on one knee and pops the question, and Mykelti eagerly accepts. Unfortunately, Mykelti’s parents aren’t thrilled, and encourage the couple to wait another six months to get married (and do the nasty!)

3. Mariah still hates Meri.


Meri’s only child, Mariah, is still all butt-hurt that her mom allowed herself to be catfished. Mariah claims that she knew all along that Meri’s beau was a phony, but Meri refused to listen to her, and Mariah can’t get over it.

Even when Kody (surprisingly) takes some responsibility for driving Meri into the arms of another man/woman, Mariah refuses to blame anyone but her mother.

“I think this is one of those conversations that was a mistake to have filmed,” Kody later tells us.

4. Meri and Janelle still hate each other.


Last season, ever-sparring sister wives Meri and Janelle resolved to work on their strained relationship in therapy. However, it seems that Meri and Janelle haven’t come very far since then in terms of repairing their relationship.

“The word ‘developing’ makes it sound like we’re getting to be best friends, and that’s not where we are at,” Meri tells us of her and Janelle.

5. Meri and Kody are still not getting along.


While chatting with Kody about Mariah hating her, Meri says that she would like to have an intervention with her daughter to demand Mariah like her again.

“I’d like to have one with you too,” Meri tells a confused Kody.

A tearful Meri later tells Kody, “I feel like I’m doing my life by myself.”

Watch the full Season 8 trailer below! Be sure to click here to read our recaps of the previous season of ‘Sister Wives!’


  1. Meri would not believe Kendra, Robyn, or Mariah about Samuel. Who got hurt the most? Her own daughter, Mariah. Mariah is still writing the Samuel group with questions.

  2. Meri’s true character is now known to the world. Mariah, who was once a star, is now the laughing stock wherever she goes. It is impossible for Mariah to forgive what Meri has done to her. FACT

  3. I feel sorry for Meri. She doesn’t have 5 or 6 kids to occupy her time so I’m sure she is lonely. Wyy exactly is Mariah so mad at her? Kody was never even that angry so there’s no reason she should be holding a grudge!

  4. So tired of Meri playing the victim and expecting everyone to just treat her like everything is fine. You broke trust with the entire family and you really don’t want to be there so they’re not going to hug you and say “no big deal!”. Meri and Kody can’t bear to be together, she’s never going to be ok with Jenelle and she pretty much put her walls up a long time ago, time to throw in the towel!
    Excited to see Maddie’s wedding though!

  5. I’m so tired of Kody’s same stupid look of confusion every single time Meri tries to have a serious conversation with him.

  6. Kody doesn’t like Tony because he is Hispanic. He probably wouldn’t be allowed to hold the priesthood in the AUB so I doubt he is enthusiastic about his daughter marrying him. With Caleb if they decided to convert at some point they would be welcome but I don’t think Tony would.

  7. So by big changes, what they really mean is that everything is exactly the same? Meri’s miserable. Kody’s an ass. None of the kids really understand why their parents are into polygamy. And the older kids will do anything to get away from Daddy Dearest and their 4 moms.

    Without even watching the preview, I would guess other topics to be addressed this season will be: a family vacation, everyone worrying about money, and Robyn worrying about King Solomon not getting enough attention.

  8. I don’t watch this show regularly but I know what happened with the catfish thing with Meri. She obviously isn’t happy or else she wouldn’t have been talking to someone online. Why is she still with Kody? Kody obviously is only invested in Robyn and the other two wives have a bunch of kids with him so it makes it tougher for them to leave.. Meri on the other hand is an empty nester and has every reason in the world to leave. I guess the TLC paycheck is probably the reason.

    1. Meri needs to act like a mother instead of trying to be her best friend and lay down the law with Mirah. Get the f### over it! Your dad neglects your mom and she’s reaching out for the love and affection she is lacking. Mirah could show some compassion for her mother instead of throwing her under the bus

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