‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Resurfaces on Social Media: Is He Out of Rehab?

“I’m back!”

Ryan Edwards made his way back to social media on Saturday, about a month after  he reportedly went to rehab to deal with an alleged substance abuse problem.

The Teen Mom OG star, who according to numerous reputable outlets, went to rehab in May after marrying Mackenzie Standifer, was apparently out boating with Mackenzie and their friends on Saturday.

He posted a captionless photo of Mackenzie on a boat to his Instagram account on Saturday, but later deleted the photo.

A friend who was also on the boat on Saturday posted a photo to her Instagram account that clearly showed Ryan in the background. Her caption stated that they all attended Riverbend music festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which took place over the weekend.

Ryan shown on a boat yesterday, with the photo caption saying they attended Riverbend, which is currently happening in Tennessee…

Ryan has yet to speak out about being in rehab so it is not known how many days his alleged stay was. (Rehab stays can last anywhere from 28 days to a year or more.)

Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell recently revealed that this trip was not his first time attempting to get clean. Dalis told Radar Online that Ryan had also gone to rehab in 2012, but did not end up completing his stay.

Mackenzie has not officially confirmed that her husband was off getting clean either. However on Sunday, she posted a sweet message to Ryan in honor of Father’s Day.

“Happy Father’s Day to the man who loves our kids unconditionally,” she captioned a collage of Ryan, herself, Ryan’s son Bentley and her own son. “He loves us with a love that cannot be explained. He’s kind, patient, funny, everything we could ever ask for. I’m so thankful for him!”

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

45 Responses

  1. Hey yall leave us alone! I got the ring didnt I! Maci is a psycho and yall are just hatters.

  2. You mean Jen 2.0 is letting Ryan do whatever he wants with no consequences, a la Jen 1.0? I am SHOCKED by this information! No worries though, I’m sure she gives him lots of stern looks. That’s been very effective so far.

  3. Did everyone see that that Ryan and Mackenzie both are talking shit about Maci on social media? Ryan put a meme on his Instagram that said, “I have a dream that one day my psycho baby’s mama will shut the f*ck up.” Then he put his account on private. Mackenzie then posted this on her twitter…”You can only act like a piece of sh*t for so long before it all comes out in the wash #NarcissistAwarenessMonth.” She then put her account on private after awhile. What passive aggressive cowards. They are gonna talk shit and then put their accounts on private because they can’t handle people calling them out on their bullshit?! And wtf is Mackenzie’s problem?! Maci has done nothing to her! If I remember correctly, Maci has said nothing but good things about her. All Maci has done is try to help Ryan get help for his drug problem and these two are going to bash her like that?! They need to grow the hell up.

  4. What ever his issues are I don’t think Maci needs to constantly slam it all over her air time every episode… Shame on her and her husband! It’s a negitive to helping him.

    1. Everyone knew he was on drugs way before Maci ever said anything. It was so obvious he was high when he was sleep all the time or his eyes were wide open. Oh and nice for you to drop by The Ashley, Mackenzie!

      1. Having the veiwers bashing him isn’t helping him at all, so what’s her goal in having it on camera? Same goal Gary had to hand Amber papers on camera… Controversy!

        1. Every person on that show gets hate from internet trolls just like every single person on every other reality tv show, not just Ryan. If he’s going to read stranger’s opinions of him on the internet and let that effect his recovery then I don’t even know what to say to that. And like I said Ryan was the one that made the decision to do drugs and be high on camera. Teen Mom viewers knew long before this season that he was using. He was the one that decided to be high on camera. That was on him, not Maci. I’m not judging him because my dad struggled with addiction too and I know what it’s like. I’ve been watching TM since the beginning and Maci doesn’t seem like the type to want to stir up trouble so I don’t think that what you said is true. When Maci was speaking to Catelynn and Amber about the situation, it was obvious that she cares for Ryan and was very fearful for his life. She just wants him to get help. She’s not the enemy.

          1. Our opinion is not the point, it’s not us that claim to want to help him, Mack claims she wants to help him… My comments reflect her claim to want to help .. All our opinions are NOT helping him! Keep it off the camera ! A drug problem is a serious issue! Great for her concern but flinging it like dirt all over is NOT help, period!

        2. Oh good grief, he’s a big boy, he made his choice to put his life in front of cameras. Don’t like it? Don’t do it then 😉

    2. At some point if she’s allowing him to drive Bentley it’s more irresponsible to ignore his issues. And why be the bad guy for saying no? Is his marriage even legal? Some states require a level of sobriety when making a life commitment that he obviously didn’t possess

  5. Errrr what is the girl pointing at in the Insta picture? Ryan or whatever Ryan had in his right hand that they had to cover with an emoji sticker? Hmmmm…

  6. OMG. Run, Mackenzie, run!!! It does not appear to me that he spent enough time in Rehab! And you’ve got him working on his sobriety on a party boat!

  7. Why is Maci so worried about Ryans sobriety when she is an obvious alcoholic who drank while pregnant. And her husband brought beer in a cup into their car while he was driving but lets not worry about Maci and Taylor just Ryan.

    1. Hi Mackenzie! Your dress is a carbon copy of Macis and Rhine wanted a white dress on Maci–er I mean you remember?

    2. That’s right! If her mouth isn’t running about Ryan it’s because there a bud light up to it . And to threaten to stop his grandparents from visits is so disgusting! Bitches about ryan being an absent dad when truth seems she’s happy with it and lives to be in all control of that little boy. Thanksgiving was WRONG, ask a 7 year old where he wants to go.. Um, where he thinks it’s more fun! Ryan needs to man up , spend the $ and get court orders already!

      1. I wouldn’t let him go there either they enable their son to abuse the drugs, walk away from all responsibilities and let him do whatever he wants. They are as messed as he is and the dad has serious anger issues

  8. She took her fresh out of rehab hubby to a place where alcohol and possibly drugs are served on platter.She’s clueless.

    1. Riverbend is actually pretty tame. It’s not really the “festival” atmosphere you may be thinking of. I mean, I haven’t attended in a couple of years because it was lame, so it could be a completely different vibe now- I doubt it though. There are families wandering around and whatever. It’s not Bonnaroo or something.

  9. I would just like to point out that the smiley face is placed very conveniently. I’d put money on them trying to hide him holding a beer or something.

  10. “Our kids”??????

    This girl was what, 11 or 12, when Ryan’s son was born? She’s known him a year and she’s referring to the children they have with other people as “our kids”? That’s so immature, it’s just ridiculous. I would not want my children near that fame whore.

    1. *Ahem* David. As soon as he moved in with Jenelle, he referred to Kaiser as his kid. (who btw, spend the Father’s Day with his REAL father and looked much more happy than he is ever with UBT)

    2. His son and her son are “our”kids.Like when i say; my child and my sisters child play together,look how nice our cilderen play together.I do not see why that is so negative?

      1. Context. It’s the context. She also describes him as “their” son elsewhere. I get what you’re saying, but it isn’t the case here.

  11. Did you see the meme he posted on IG about wanting his psycho baby mama to shut the hell up? Apparently rehab didn’t change his shitty attitude ?

      1. There is still, very much, alcohol present, all over the place actually. Whether it’s “tame” in comparison to other festivals doesn’t really matter when someone is supposed to be a recovering addict.

  12. I’m kind of disappointed that the Edwards have kept this secret. They should’ve cleaned Ryan up a long time ago. Instead they’ve hidden it and enabled him and this is the result. He will get worse sadly.
    And Maci knew. She totally knew.

  13. I’m curious to know her motivation for getting married right before Ryan head to rehab- wonder if she’s pregnant! If she was smart she would at least wait for him to be clean and sober for a long time. There’s so many fish in the sea, why pick one that is an addict? Is that really who you want to have your kid around?

    1. Exactly. If she isn’t pregnant, I don’t understand that at all. That seems way too desperate. Who knows? Maybe he pressured her into it because he was afraid she’d leave him? I’m pretty positive she’s pregnant though. From what I’ve seen, it seems like those Tennessee men like to get their women knocked up before their weddings.

    2. It might have to do with insurance. I know all of the cast are considered independent contractors so they are responsible for taxes and healthcare. I think she had an actual job so it might be so her insurance would cover his treatment. Since he is over 25 he couldn’t be on his parents either.

      1. Being that she is so young, I just don’t think she’d have a great job with benefits at this point in her life.

        1. When we got married (a year and a half ago) my husband was 22 and a 9th grade dropout that couldn’t even write in cursive and read at an elementary school level and he had good insurance, a 401K, and all that, so I think Mackenzie could also have a job with benefits. I have no idea what she does for a living, but I’m just saying that her age and education (or lack thereof) doesn’t matter too much in that regard.

          1. I’m pretty sure Mackenzie is a nurse. So she probably does have pretty good insurance and other benefits from that job.

  14. This girl is young and dumb…when you get married, then your husband goes to rehab the next week!?…how the F do you think your life will be!? And she’s bringing her son along for the train wreck…jeez girl Grow up!

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