‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 to Resume Filming After Investigation Finds No Misconduct Occurred on Set

“Seriously? I just unpacked!”

Bachelor in Paradise lives!

The sex-and-alcohol-filled ABC reality show, which has been surrounded by scandal for over a week, will continue, according to ABC and Warner Bros.

The show had been on hiatus due to allegations that Season 4 participants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson possibly engaged in sexual activity when one or both of them were too intoxicated to consent, causing a producer to file a misconduct allegation.

The announcement that filming of ‘BIP’ Season 4 had been suspended due to the allegation sent the media into a tailspin, with stories coming from witnesses siding with either Corinne (who says she was blacked out for the encounter) or DeMario (who claimed he did nothing wrong.)

However, on Tuesday, Warner Bros. announced that its investigation into what happened has concluded, and that they found no evidence of misconduct on set.

“As we previously stated, we recently became aware of allegations regarding an incident on the set of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in Mexico,” the statement reads. “We take all such allegations seriously. The safety, security and well-being of the cast and crew is our number one concern, and we suspended filming so that the allegations could be investigated immediately and thoroughly.”

The statement goes on to imply that Corinne’s version of events may not have been accurate.

“Our internal investigation, conducted with the assistance of an outside law firm, has now been completed,” the statement continues. “Out of respect for the privacy interests of those involved, we do not intend to release the videotape of the incident. We can say, however, that the tape does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member. Nor does the tape show, contrary to many press reports, that the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy.”

In a shocking twist, Warner Bros. has decided to restart the filming of Season 4. (The cast members were all sent home and basically told that there was no way they would be continuing to film the season.) But it looks like the ‘Paradisers’ (or some version of the Season 4 cast) will be continuing filming for the show and looking for love.

“Production on this season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ will be resuming, and we plan to implement certain changes to the show’s policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants,” the statement reads.

ABC also issued a statement, confirming that the season will continue to be filmed.

We appreciate the swift and complete investigation by Warner Bros. into allegations of misconduct on the set of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Given their results, the series will resume production and will air this summer on ABC,” the network’s statement to People magazine reads.

Corinne and DeMario (who both hired attorneys to deal with this incident) have yet to release any statements since it was announced that the investigation found no evidence of misconduct. However, last week DeMario stated that his “character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations.”

It is not known whether or not Corinne and DeMario will appear on the re-upped version of ‘BIP’ Season 4, or if the scenes that had already been shot (minus the incident between Corinne and DeMario) will be shown, in addition to new footage, or if the original footage will all be scrapped.

It’s likely, though, that the wedding of Season 3’s Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, who married this past weekend in Mexico, will be shown at some point during the upcoming season!

To read all about the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ scandal, click here!

UPDATE! Corinne’s attorney, Marty Singer, states that Corinne’s team is still investigating what happened, despite what Warner Bros.’ investigation found.

“It comes as no surprise that Warner Bros., as a result of its own internal investigation, would state that no wrong doing had occurred,” Corinne’s lawyer said on Tuesday. “Our own investigation will continue based on multiple new witnesses coming forward revealing what they saw and heard.

“It needs to be made crystal clear that production of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ was shut down because of multiple complaints received from ‘BIP’ producers and crew members on the set. It was not shut down due to any complaint filed by Corinne against anyone,” he added.

Corinne and her team have not indicated whether or not she plans to file any lawsuits in regard to the situation.


(Photo: ABC)



  1. Ugh! So close to cancelation I could almost taste it. I wish they’d just axe the entire show franchise, including The Bachelor/ette. All of the contestants are a bunch of fame hungry conscienceless dingbats who “just so happen” to be friends with former cast mates. I never believed true, lasting love was likely from the show, but now it’s impossible to even have a willing suspension of disbelief with the crop of morons they bring in each season. The people are caricatures. BIP has become the compensation prize for those who don’t win or get selected to be next season’s star. I can practically hear the producers telling them, “you probably won’t get chosen, so just be completely absurd and take your clothes off a lot, and we’ll put you on a plane to Mexico next summer.”

  2. Am I crazy for thinking that this whole episode is ridiculous? I have never watched this show, but if adults are going to take it upon themselves to get so blackout drunk that they don’t know their own names, then they must take responsibility for themselves. Sure, the producers may provide endless booze and encourage them, but they are grown-ups responsible for their own actions. Had they got into a car and killed a pedestrian in the same state, they would have been held legally accountable. But because it’s sex, suddenly the accountability is out of the window?

    1. Well, if I have learned anything about the Bachelor franchise over the years is that they reward loyalty (Nick, Carly, Ashley I etc) and get rid of any problem ASAP. So rest assured that Corrine is on their do not touch list.

  3. Warner Brothers wouldn’t say “no misconduct” if there was any inkling of misconduct after the way this has been splashed all over the media. If there was misconduct, they would have announced that the investigation was over, then settled quickly with Corinne and had her sign a non-disclosure agreement and given her her own show or something. Warner Brothers isn’t in the business of opening themselves up to an expensive (either monetary, publicity, or reputation wise) lawsuit just so they could say, “yeah, no misconduct, roll tape!”

    Her attorney HAS to say they are continuing the investigation to try to save face because of prior announcements from the attorney, but that doesn’t mean the attorney believes it. It is a slap in the face to real victims.

  4. I hate that this happened. Corrine has made it hard for ACTUAL victims to be taken seriously. Breaks my heart that she ran with this lie so that she would come out looking like this innocent victim.

  5. Now all these news stations need to apologize for saying DeMario basically raped an unconsious limp Corrine.
    As for her, I hope she’s banned from every other Bachelor event. She’s acting like a fool while she has a boyfriend back home, then cries assault. It’s a slap in the face to actual sexual assault victims. The only thing Corrine is a victim to is a giant ego…

    1. Also the multiple filings where 2 of Corrine’s friends who had only ‘heard’ a version of events. They weren’t there, nor did they ever see the videotape.

  6. Yea, the producer that brought all of this out is apparently very close friends with Corinne and that after BIP Corinne was supposed to get her own show. So many eyewitnesses support Demario and allege that after her makeout session with Demario she went and attempted to make out with two other guys. Her BFF producer friend is the one that had the problem with what was filmed and told Corinne that shoving her p*ssy in Demario’s face wouldn’t be a good look. I just tend to believe Demario and the numerous eyewitnesses that have come to his defense and think this all stemmed from the producer not wanting Corinne to look bad so that she could still get the other show of which I’m sure the producer friend would’ve been a producer on.

    1. if the producer had a problem she shouldn’t have been a producer on this show. its known for hookups drinking lots of sex is she 12 years old? again miss platinum vag needs to grow up go to aa and get over her pathetic childish ass daddy couldn’t make it go away i hope he sues you

  7. What’s so bizarre about this whole situation is that there were wildly different stories going around despite the fact that there was VIDEO EVIDENCE of the incident, and many people, including Corinne and DeMario, were shown those tapes. So how could they come to these different conclusions? How could they all watch the same tape, but some people say Corinne was completely coherent while others said she was straight up unconscious and sliding under the water? What’s happening here? I hope more information comes out. Also, I feel like there should be some sort of repercussions for that producer. She basically told Corinne she was raped when, apparently, that wasn’t true at all.

    1. Well, if I have learned anything from watching youtube videos (and the comments) people can watch the same thing and come to wildly different conclusions based on their point of view or bias.

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