‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’ Episode 7 Recap: Telling Lies & A Trash-astic Fight

It’s a showdown of epic trainwreck proportions!

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition is coming to an end but the drama in the Boot Camp Mansion is never-ending—especially this week! Paula and Farrah are going head-to-head (again), but this time, things between the house’s two biggest hot heads turn offensive and nearly violent!

Let’s get started!

We start out with Farrah “randomly” finding Debra’s engagement ring lying around their sex-toy-filled room. (What a coincidence! Surely there was no drama-loving producer that set that ring out there where Farrah could stumble across it!)

Since Debra hadn’t even officially told Farrah that she was engaged, things get awkward. Farrah says there is a good possibility that she will not leave ‘Boot Camp’ with Deb in her life. (Unless there’s a new reality show pitched that they can star on together, of course!)

It’s 8 a.m. and Paula is already drunk, again. (Hey, her contract said there would be unlimited alcohol, and she’s gonna milk that for all it’s worth!)

“If I don’t get out there soon, Paula’s gonna drink all the morning vodka again!”

Meanwhile, Kendra is talking about how she still finds it hard to trust Patti, what with all of the story-selling, tell-all-book-writing and general awfulness that Patti has committed against Kendra in recent years.

Still, Kendra realizes that Patti is her mom, so she wants to try to improve their relationship. (Otherwise, she’s going to have to pick a big fight with her husband Hank again to have something to yell about on the next season of Kendra On Top.)

“That’s trust and it’s hard to build trust,” Kendra says. “Rome wasn’t built in a whenever…whatever the saying is.”

Oh Kendra, never change.

It’s time for the episode’s ridiculous group activity. This week, the doctors have brought in a judge who presides over family court cases. She’s here…to give them lie detectors tests!

What reputable judge would actually agree to go on this horrorfest? I’m secondhand embarrassed for her.

Let the lies begin!

(They should really up the stakes here. They should tell the Campers that every time they lie, they will lose one of their Instagram product-hawking deals or something…)

“Oh, hey, Ralph! Nice to see you again. How are the wife and kids?”

Kendra has been on so many of these horrible reality television shows that she actually recognizes the lie detector test administrator! He has given her a lie detector test before…and she failed.

You know your life is just one giant drama dumpster when you’ve taken multiple lie detector tests on national television. Remember, if you ever find yourself strapped to a lie-detector test on the set of a reality TV show, you may want to reevaluate your life choices.

The judge goes around and asks the participants what question that they want him to ask their family members, and then they get down to business.

“You’ve met my daughter, right? You get it.”

During his turn being strapped to the machine, Michael is twitching and the doctors think he may be trying to cheat the test. (To be fair, this dude has lived his whole life dealing with Farrah and Debra pulling him around by the testicles. Who wouldn’t be twitching at this point?!)

Meanwhile, Paula sits down with a drink in her hand to take her test. Her use of assorted mind-altering substances comes into question. She says she’s not a drug addict, but that she does “like a good joint.”

She also professes her love for vodka, naturally.

“My answer won’t affect the next season of ‘Kendra On Top’ in any way, right?”

Kendra is asked if she is attempting to repair her relationship with her mother only to be on television. (Um…they really need a lie-detector test to answer that question? Really?)

Farrah is asked if she hates her mother. (Of course, she gets in a spat with the lie-detector guy during her test.)

Maximo is asked if he would choose fame over family.

Paula is asked if she left Chad because of a substance abuse problem.

Patti is asked if she approves of Hank as Kendra’s husband.

Chad is asked if he’s ever betrayed anyone’s trust. “Yeah every woman I’ve ever dated,” he answers. (Hey, at least the kid is honest!)

“Ooh, this lie-detector strap would look GREAT with my fringe halter top! Mind if I steal it?”

Debra is asked if she ever physically abused Farrah.

Mike is asked if he’s been clean from drugs and alcohol for a year.

Chad is asked if he blames his mother for the loss of his NFL career.

Marc is asked if he feels resentful to Mike about his current legal situation.

We are not able to hear any of their answers, which supposedly adds to the fun…or something.

Does anyone else think this makes it look like Paula is simply just playing Wii Bowling with a group of her friends?

While some people are taking their lie detector tests, the other people are supposed to be writing New Year’s Resolutions. Naturally, though, the resolutions aren’t for themselves but for their family members.

Paula “ain’t got time” to write up stupid resolutions, however. She’s too busy slugging back drinks and ranting about everything from her son’s frequent spermination of females, to how useless the therapists are.

While most people would see Paula in this state and back slowly out of the room, Farrah decides this is the best time to tell Paula everything that she doesn’t like about her.

As you do…

“HELLO!? Some of us are trying to take a fake lie-detector test over here!”

Farrah starts sniping at Paula, and Paula tries to warn Farrah to shut her “puffy face.” (Score one point for Paula!)

Naturally, though, Farrah does not heed Paula’s warning to stay out of her business.

“Here go this little b**ch again,” Paula says of Farrah. “I would f**k you up!”

Paula starts to leave the room, in an attempt to keep herself from lunging at Farrah and ripping her plastic lips off of her face. Farrah taunts her though, screaming, “Walk away! Go ahead and walk away!”

That makes Paula come back angry as hell, charging back into the room in a crazed rage. (She even spilled her drink a bit, so you know Paula is mad!)

She dares Farrah to come over to her and do something other than yip like a PMS-ing chihuahua at her.

“Rise!” Paula screams. “I dare you to rise.”

“Um…how fast can we get an Uber up here? We’re scared!”

Wait…we waited a whole damn season to hear Kendra scream “RISE UP! RISE UP!” again and Paula steals her line at the end of the season? WTF?

Paula calls Farrah “trailer park trash” and asks Farrah if she even graduated high school.

“Yeah, early!” Farrah exclaims. “Then I went through college and I didn’t have to leave my kid like you did.”

“I’ll get you, my pretty, and your big ol’ lips too!”


But…that’s not technically true, you know, Farrah. You did leave your kid! 

Farrah and Paula are not done unleashing their anger on each other. Farrah puts on her best “Backdoor Teen Mom” face and basically threatens fornication with Chad in order to piss off Paula. (Again, as you do…)

“When I go f**k your son, I’ll send you a picture!” Farrah screams.

“Boy am I glad I wore a cup tonight! Safety first!”

Maximo says he’s afraid someone is about to go out either in a stretcher or in handcuffs.

Paula is in Farrah’s face and Michael steps in to stop it. Farrah manages to throw a jacket at Paula and picks up a dish to hurl at her, but Michael and a security man stop Farrah before she can throw the plate at Paula.

Since she can’t chuck dinnerware at Paula, Farrah decides to start screaming racist comments at her.

When you’re a security guard on a stupid WEtv show and you wish you had made better life decisions…

Farrah is being held back, but screams that Paula is “a disgusting black piece of s**t!”

Everyone’s mouth just drops open, and you can see that Michael is already trying to come up with something to tweet in order to explain away Farrah’s blatant racism. (#HerElectrolytesWereLow #TheLightingWasBadAndMadeHerConfused)

(Click here to watch the entire scene!)

Farrah’s racist remarks piss Kendra off big-time.

“No one is letting me be racist and it’s no fair!”

“This racist b**ch,” Kendra, who is married to a black man and has biracial kids, says of Farrah. “She didn’t just offend Paula. She offended my husband and my kids and me.”

On her way out of the room,Paula storms by Debra and brushes Deb on her pleather-clad shoulder as she passes her.

“Hey! You don’t have to physically hit ME!” she yelps.

Debra continues to act like Paula beat her over the head with a 2×4 or something. She demands that the police are called on Paula, and is soon claiming that Paula “punched” her. Um…is that lie-detector guy still around?

The therapists decide that Paula should stay at a hotel for a night. Kendra is steaming mad, though, and says that she is leaving Boot Camp if Farrah is permitted to stay.

“I will not be in the same room as a person who discriminates and judges people on their skin color. I do not accept it and that is what is wrong with the world and this is what’s wrong with our country,” she says.

When you want to leave on principle…but you also want to stay to see if Farrah gets knocked out by Paula…

The doctors plead with Kendra to not let Farrah “derail her journey.”

Since she’s done fighting with Paula, Farrah decides to go outside and see who else she can terrorize. She finds Debra, who is talking about how they are “the anointed ones.”

Farrah picks a fight with Deb, insisting that Debra she should have asked her for permission to get engaged. She also says that Deb’s new fiancé is a con artist.


We will have to wait until next week—which is the season finale—to see how this explosive fight ends! To see how the cast reacted on Twitter while this episode was airing, click here!

To read our recap of the previous episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition,’ click here!

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  1. Ok so Im black and Im not offended by what Farrah said. She did throw black in there but Im going to say this. If the races were reversed and a white lady was yelling at a sista like that she wouldve gotten knocked out and called all sorts of things.

    Farrah showed restraint up until Paula called her a bitch, let someone call me a bitch on tv like that…and if you watch youll see farrah was only saying what everyone wanted to say. Kendra a scary ass letting Paula yell “F**K YOUUUUUUU” right in her face and not saying nothing. Who lets a drunk person yell at them all day for a week? “Dont rock the boat she has a drinking problem”? EFF THAT.

    Paula need one good ass beating while she drunk and by a white girl would be hilarious.

    1. I agree with you to a certain extent. I think they were both in the wrong. People are just pointing the finger at Farrah for pulling the race card (which I do not condone at all) but Paula was just as out of control due to her excessive drinking.

  2. Just makes me want to see (and hear) what Kendra said in the lie detector test! She changed her reasons for leaving twice in that episode, so you know she doesn’t want to be around when the reveal happens. And as for the racism, puh-lease. I have been called “white girl” by a Target worker just last week. It happens on a weekly basis. I was even called a “white devil” last year by some old rattlesnake on a flight when I tried to move the seatbelt for her to sit down. She kept mumbling all kinds of nonsense like “old honkey ass” but that is life. I am fortunate to have grown up with all kinds of assholes, so some old bitch that is embarrassed of her ailment, or some sales associate that was hired thru a leg-up program aren’t worth my time. There are many more offensive words and reasons to hate people lmao. Farrah and Paula have said really mean things to each other and it should just be left at that. Besides IF we are gonna tell the truth around here Paula has mumbled “white ass” in passing at least three times at this point, so it is kinda a moot sesspool of idiots hating each other.
    Super excited for the reveals next episode though! Can’t wait for all of the fun dirt to come out and loved when the “judge” nixed softball questions-thank you! Good times 🙂

  3. Wait… Farrah insisted that her grown-ass mother asked for her PERMISSION to get engaged? Because she has any say in that? Smdh.
    I am not even going to comment on the blatantly racist remarks, as I feel that Farrah is a big attention-wh0re who should not be rewarded for this kind of behavior.
    Damn girl, get yourself some real therapy.

  4. Omg, the “anointed ones” comment from Deb is my favorite bat shit line from a reality show EVER!

    Okay, unpopular opinion time, but hang with me as I am circling back to a more popular ground: a part of me had been softening with Farrah. The more we see of her numb nut parents the more I believe it’s only the tip of the iceberg of crazy she grew up with and really just doesn’t have the tools to rise above stuff currently. I’ve also started to wonder if she does amp things up for camera to keep her reality career alive and in the headlines so she can be hired for other stuff. However…that racist comment put me back where I just don’t care. How the eff do you think that it’s ok to bring race into the middle of verbally bashing someone? The fact that she picked a fight with Paula is bad enough (Paula isn’t a saint but it really wasn’t Farrah’s place) but to be racist on top of terrible is too much. Ugh. Especially in these times of heightened racial tensions…there REALLY is not an excuse to be ignorant. So yeah, back to hardening on Farrah and thinking the worst. You almost had me there, girl! #almost

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