‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed This Weekend (Tuesday Edition!)

When you missed The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom News Piles’ so much, and they’re finally back…

While you were spending time with the special man in your life, celebrating Father’s Day at a barbecue, a ballgame or any of the country’s fine federal penitentiaries, you may not have had time to keep up with all the Teen Mom-related news during the holiday weekend.

Now that it’s Tuesday and everyone is back to working (and/or pretending they’re working while they are really reading about these ‘Teen Mom’ knuckleheads), it’s time for The Ashley to catch you up on what the casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 were up to over the weekend!

It’s been a few weeks since The Ashley did a ‘Teen Mom’ News Pile, but she’s happy to be bringing them back this week! Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 things that happened over the holiday weekend…

Amber Portwood & Matt Baier went camping…trashy reality TV show style!

“I’m just going because I was told I could have all the free food I want while I’m in the Boot Camp house. Is that true?”

Everyone’s favorite ‘Teen Mom OG’ trainwreck couple, Amber and Matt, headed to Los Angeles this weekend to begin pre-production on the upcoming season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.’ Amber arrived in California on Friday, and Matt greased up the joint shortly after Amber’s arrival.

Both Amber and Matt have been posting photos of themselves enjoying the sunshine in California. The pair are not currently together, but their relationship status seems to change by the hour.

Amber will be in California for about two weeks, filming the new ‘MBC” season with Matt. Of course, that meant that Matt was unable to spend Father’s Day with any of his many offspring.

Ryan Edwards was on a boat…and not in rehab.

“I like boats…boats are neat…”

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Ryan reportedly checked into rehab sometime in mid-May and had not been heard from since…until this weekend, that is. Ryan began using his long-abandoned Instagram account to post photos while he, his wife Mackenzie Standifer and their friends were out on a boat.

As The Ashley previously reported, a friend of the couple also posted a pic that clearly showed Ryan in the background, with a strategically placed happy face attempting to cover something in Ryan’s hand up. The photo caption indicated that Ryan and Mackenzie and their friends had been at a music festival in Tennessee.

It is not known if Ryan completed his alleged stay in rehab, or if he left early.

For more info on this, click here!

Ryan blasted his baby-mama, Maci Bookout, on Father’s Day.

“Let’s take it down a notch, there, Ry!”

There was no holding Ryan back over the weekend! He expressed how he was feeling about Maci, who is the mother of his son Bentley, via a series of now-deleted memes posted to Instagram.

“I have a dream that my psycho baby’s mama will shut the f**k up!” the meme Ryan posted states, along with a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (I’m sure Dr. MLK would be thrilled to be part of the ‘Teen Mom’ meme drama.)

“Let’s not make this more complicated than it has to be,” another meme posted by Ryan stated. “If you don’t want to be called out on your s**t, don’t act sh**ty.”

Both posts have been deleted. However, Ryan’s wife Mackenzie, also posted some angry tweets with similar messages to what Ryan posted. She did not, however, directly state that her tweets were aimed at Maci.

“You can only act like a piece of shit for so long before it all comes out in the wash. #NarcissistAwarenessMonth,” Mackenzie tweeted. “Pray the fakes get exposed.”

When a fan called Mackenzie out for being disrespectful to Maci, Mackenzie seemed to be denying that she was directing her tweets at Maci.

“Why do you even remotely think you know what I’m talking about?” Mackenzie responded to the fan. “Well thank you for your concern but that pic and saying was not posted from my acct. We have two separate minds.”

Kail Lowry got criticized for traveling while very pregnant.

“I’ll cry over my haters…while relaxing in a hammock…”

Kail spent the week in Puerto Rico, and the trip did not set well with some ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans, who felt that Kail is too late into her pregnancy to be flying. (Kail is currently in her third trimester, but has not revealed her actual due date yet.)

Kail revealed on Tuesday that she and her two sons, Lincoln and Isaac, were heading off for a vacation together before the baby arrives. Fans on social media told the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star how the felt about her traveling so much, even though she has stated that her pregnancy is high-risk.

“Shocking!! Another vacation,” one person commented on Twitter. ” So much for that ‘high risk’ pregnancy; you’re traveling like you’re some international globe trotter.”

“She just got back from [Puerto Rico]! She’s also claimed her pregnancy is high risk but is traveling all over the place in her last trimester,” another person wrote.

Farrah Abraham begged for someone to date her on her upcoming reality show.

“Who WOULDN’T want to date me?!”

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah will be starring on an upcoming UK reality dating show. The show was going to be called ‘Love Socially’ (which was kind of weird), but is now being called ‘Single AF’ (with the ‘AF’ standing for ‘Available Famous’…which is really weird.)

Over the weekend, Farrah hit all of her social media followers up to see if any of them would like to date her on her new show.

“I’m putting my love life in the hands of MTV and my followers,” Farrah says in a video posted to her Instagram. “In my own words, I don’t know why I haven’t found my own match, the love of my life.” (I think Farrah accidentally read the “in your own words” instructions aloud!)

Farrah says that if you don’t cheat, but do have a lot of money and are OK with kids, then you are the type of man she’s looking for.

Her sometimes-boyfriend Simon Saran had a hilarious response to the news of Farrah appearing on a dating show. He managed to get a dig in at Farrah, as well as his ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star, Matt Baier, all in one tweet. #Talent

“#singleAF a dating show involved with social media stalkers. When has that ever worked in the past? Oh wait.. #TeenMomOG” (As you’ll remember, Matt met Amber on Twitter.)

If you’re dying to date Farrah, click here to apply. We’ll light a candle for ya!

(Photos: WEtv, MTV, Instagram)


  1. I thought it was pitiful when Farrah bought her own engagement ring but this is really sad. Hello earth calling Farrah….no one wants to date a psycho bit×× with an attitude and not to mention a brat child. And as an added plus a schizophrenic mother and a looser father!Sure guys shes,quite a catch…lol

  2. Thanks to The Ashley as always for keeping us up to date on all of the TM drama 🙂 This increases the happiness of our Father’s Day two-fold: didn’t have to read all the hooplah on twitter and got some good grilled-out food for Father’s Day 🙂
    Haha loved the Matt “greased up the joint” line too. Had me lolling!

  3. Oh Ryan…this is so funny.

    “My pyscho baby’s momma!”
    Bentley is not a pyscho, nor a baby. Thank you however for the laugh.

    1. I was just going to write the same comment! The grammar there is stating that his baby is pyycho and not the baby-mama

  4. Did anyone watch the “unseen episodes” after Monday’s show? I could not believe what those five dogs had done to the house Amber is living in. The doors and windows had claw marks all over them. But I guess with disposable cash, you can just move to another home on the fly.

    1. What’s really not okay is that this is someone else’s home she is renting, not her own. Fine If you wanna trash a house you own but how dare you tear up someone’s very nice rental. They are notorious property trashers. Ive never rented a home but when you or the owner has to pay for damages you made, does that go on some kind of record?

      1. Wow I wasn’t sure if she own or was renting thank you for clarifying the disrespects the holier than thou attitudes are not gonna last long because in all honesty the landlord can sue for damages and clearly it’s on video on a sidenote I did find it really creepy that Matt holds onto her license and she acted like it was normal

    2. I’m so happy someone called attention to it I honestly just feel bad for the animals I mean I can’t even imagine the expense of the vet bills alone honestly I don’t even know if they’re taking proper care of them (I just mean going to the vet regularly with each of them)

  5. Go ahead, Amber. Let hairy middle aged aardvark blow through all your money. I hope ya have fun living in tha f#ckin’ streets with ya boyfrieeeend.

    Mackenzie, just because you don’t like someone that doesn’t automatically make them a narcissist. I’m getting tired of everyone throwing that word around just because they think someone is an assh#le.

        1. Je hebt gelijk het is inderdaad aardvarken,maar het is zowiezo niet een woord wat we regelmatig horen of gebruiken.Zeg maar eigenlijk nooit,haha,nou ja het woord aardvarken viel me gewoon op.

      1. Actually, aardvark is an Afrikaans word (from South Africa, in case you think I’m saying “African” in Dutch). And very on point for Matt xD

    1. @Erica- Took a break from the TMOG recaps in order to be able to do Counting On, Bachelorette & Marriage Boot Camp! TMOG take so long. But I may be doing “flashback” recaps of select TMOG episodes! -The Ashley

      1. @TheAshley Thank you! You’re the best! I read ALL of your recaps-even for shows I don’t watch ? your snark is the best around!

  6. I like how Farrah has to beg to get people to date her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pays them too.

  7. mackenzie is an idiot if she’s cool w Ryan drinking – esp straight out of the ‘hab. It doesn’t matter if that’s not his “drug” of choice…. he shouldn’t be doing it!! Dude needs a serious 3-6 month inpatient program, and then go to sober-living for a minute or he’s just going to keep perpetuating his cycle…

    1. Well that’s not her responsibility. That’s his. But yeah, I see what you’re saying. Any responsible woman with a child would not marry a drug addict before he even goes to rehab. And if he’s been using since 2012 then he needs to stay longer than a month (from what it looks like he didn’t even stay 30 days). I don’t think Maci is even close to being done with this bullshit.

  8. The TM News Piles have been sorely missed. Thanks for bringing them back, The Ashley!

  9. Don’t forget that the producers really push them to talk about stuff. I read somewhere that Chelsea especially was getting really tired about having to talk about Adam all the time. It’s not like it comes up naturally or anything.
    I would be laughing too if I were Simon, as I think that they are together, but his atrocious girlfriend is just bringing home some more bacon with this new show. Good for them. Jeez, I am really starting to hate that girl.

  10. Don’t forget that the producers really push them to talk about stuff. I read somewhere that Chelsea especially was getting really tired about having to talk about Adam all the time. It’s not like it comes up naturally or anything.
    I would be laughing too if I were Simon, as I think that they are together, but his atrocious girlfriend is just bringing home some more bacon with this new show.

    1. I know, right? People still don’t understand that reality tv shows aren’t exactly “reality.” They have producers behind the camera telling them what to talk about. The dialogue is their own words but the subject of conversation usually is always what the producer wants.

  11. Mackenzie is an idiot. Posting a cryptic message like that on social media right after a new episode of TM OG airs is obviously going to have people making assumptions.

  12. Adam also lost visitation rights to Paisley for several positive meth UAs. They also had joint legal custody but Taylor now has full custody of Paisley.

    1. Yes, MTV is still giving Adam the bad edit, even when he is not filming! Drug tests, refusing to sign a document so his daughter could receive care to spite the mother, not paying child support, it’s all editing.
      Adam is officially on the very bottom of the food chain, little miserable figure.
      I do hope both his daughters will get what they need in life from their moms and their families. I think they will both refuse visits as soon as they can.

  13. Sorry Amber, but to quote Karen Walker “that dog just won’t hunt”.

    Matt the dirty Mooch is NEVER going to change. He will continue control you and to lie and lie and then lie some more because he knows that you will fall for it every time because you’re addicted to “being in love”. Allowing him to keep your drivers license in his wallet so you can’t drive a car, seriously? If that’s not a sign of control then I don’t know what is. You deserve what you get now, people warned you time and time again.

      1. She said recently that Matt “manages” her money and pays her bills.. and that he knew she was “close to losing her license” so he keeps her license in his wallet so she can’t drive or has to ask him first.

        Major red flag though. But she’s too dumb to get rid of him.

        1. Thanks for the update; I’ll have to watch that episode. If that doesn’t scream psycho-controlling-sociopath, I don’t know what does. Run, Amber… please!

  14. Pleaseeee spill maci’s beans ryan and Mackenzie!! She always acts high and mighty, and cuts ryan down constantly!

    1. I probably would too if I had raised a child for 8 years while his father is practically a stranger. If Ryan hadn’t lived with his parents for most of that time, I highly doubt he’d have seen Bentley more than a few times a year. His parents were the connection between Ryan and Bentley, and even then, it’s like Ryan is just an older brother that plays catch with him once a month or so while his parents look on. You barely ever see them have an actual conversation. Even without the drugs he’s been a terrible father.

      I know Maci can seem a little high on herself, but I’m guessing it’s from doing all the hard parts of parenting (feeding, diapering, toilet training, school, homework, discipline, etc.) and then having the internet praise Ryan every time he says Hi to Bentley. The standard for these Dads is so low it’s scary. Chelsea has done 100% of the work raising Aubrey, but if she gives her a piece of candy the whole internet trashes her bad parenting. Meanwhile Adam has done absolutely nothing, but he shows up at one softball game and everyone’s proud of him.

      And it’s not like these guys just need time to get adjusted to being parents – the kids are not still 1 year old. They are 7, 8, 9 years old!

      And Mackenzie can calm the eff down with her stupid Tweets. Maci has been raising Bentley for 8 years – he’s a GREAT kid – and this chick is going to swoop in and start judging her all over the internet? She barely knows the situation or anyone involved yet. Maci and Ryan can trash each other all they want but the new “wifey” can take several seats til she’s been around a while. Famewhore.

  15. I agree with the fans that were critical of kail traveling this late in your pregnancy not once but twice I remember when her statement first came out about her pregnancy and she talked about how high-risk it was and what a miracle child this is going to be if that’s true you should be that much more careful and take every precaution it seems like she says it’s only high-risk when it’s convenient for her i’m actually surprised any doctor would OK this kind of travel this late in any pregnancy let alone a “high-risk” one

  16. This show is getting really old. I used to be such a fan… but thes girls are just not cutting it anymore. It’s not about their lives raising children. It’s complaining, sitting on couches and vacations. Literally, every single episode of Maci’s is talking about Ryan. Catelyn and Tyler pretending to be busy. Amber being depressing and Farrah a deliusional crabby witch.

      1. People may disagree but I feel like at this point she is using Ryan’s drug use as her own storyline. I think it’s highly inappropriate to have that discussion on camera and put him out there like that. How about she talks more about her excess drinking and drunken fights with Taylor. Where are her kids when these fights happen, probably listening to it all. I was so glad when that counselor person she spoke to over the phone told her it’s not her place to be his “strength”. Like he has a fiancé, why would she even say something so stupid.

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