‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Finale Recap: Arts & Crafts, Another Baby & Amber’s Trip to the Slammer

“Haha, even after all these years, we still get you to watch our crappy show!”

Hey kids! It seems that we’ve come to the end of yet another season of Teen Mom OG. This season has been positively jam packed with riveting moments: from Amber getting a blood test (ooooh!), to Catelynn talking about her bloody nipples (ahhh!). While we’ve suffered through plenty of episodes this season that were basically television Ambien, MTV actually saved up all the good stuff for the season finale: arrests and more oopsie babies and scrapbooks! (Oh my!) 

The Ashley has been over here praying to the Baby Jesus God Leah that we’ll finally get an episode that she doesn’t have to paper clip her eyes open to make it through the whole thing, and finally the MTV Gods have delivered! 

Anyway, we kick things off with Maci, who tells us that she is no longer forcing encouraging Taylor to get a vasectomy. (I mean, we already had to sit through Gary Shirley‘s on-camera snipping…haven’t we suffered enough!?) 

“So are we done talking about my balls on this show or no…?”

She doesn’t really have time to think about Taylor’s testes and whatnot because she realizes that Bentley’s struggling in school. Of course, she blames Ryan‘s legal trouble for Bentley’s bad grades. (Perhaps Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, could assist the boy in his writing and math courses? We all know Mack excels at writing letters and “doing the numbers.” I’m sure Bentley’s teacher would appreciate all his papers coming back with “It’s been 143 days since I started this stupid class…” on them.) 

Anyway, Maci goes to talk to Bentley about getting bad grades. (I guess it wouldn’t be appropriate to just open his door and yell “Do your homework or you’ll end up like your dad!”) 

“It’s important to learn math, Bentley. Otherwise, you won’t know how to calculate your bar tabs someday and that could be bad. Just ask your daddy!”

Bentley says he’s “distracted,” so Maci offers to send him to a counselor to help him get back on track. (We do not yet know how many therapy horses/pigs will be involved in Bentley’s treatment, though.) 

Later, Maci gets into her big Barney Purple Jeep and takes Bentley to his counseling appointment. A message flashes on the screen letting us know that, “to respect Bentley’s privacy,” the MTV cameramen refrained from sticking their cameras inches from the kid’s face as he talked about his problems. How lovely. 

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, Mackenzie McKee is stuffing her son Broncs’ boat into his shoe and trying to wrangle her other kids. After the kids are sufficiently dressed (or, you know…not), Mack heads over to visit with her mom, Angie

“Set still now, youngin!”

Angie does not have good news for Mackenzie in regard to her cancer battle. She reveals that the cancer has spread to new parts of her body, and that her doctors aren’t sure she will survive another six months. Mackenzie is understandably emotional and is worried how her oldest son, Gannon, will take the news, being that he’s so close to Angie.

Since there’s nothing remotely funny about this situation, let’s move right along…

We next head over to Indiana, where Amber is working with her psychiatrist to control her mood swings. Amber admits that sometimes she becomes a kimono-wearing, screaming into Instagram Live nightmare and she doesn’t know why. (For some reason, her counseling sessions are taking place in her doctor’s rec room/basement but I guess that’s a thing?) 

“Ever feel like you want to chase your loved ones around with a machete? Just me? OK…”

Amber leaves the session and tells Andrew that her borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder and memories from her trashcan of a childhood are all working against her.  

She tells Andrew that sometimes she can get really upset and cross the line.

“Yeah, I know those moments,” he replies sadly.

“Yeah, that’s usually around the time I put the football helmet on and hide all the sharp objects from you…”

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Cheyenne has returned from the Wine Country Trip ‘o’ Terror and realizes that she and her boyfriend Matt aren’t ready to pop out any kids any time soon. With no man to pressure into marriage and reproduction at the moment, Cheyenne decides to third-wheel with Cory and Taylorwhilst wearing a shirt that says “mistress” on it. As you do.

We’re certain this was totally coincidental.

While hanging out on the floor of Cory’s house, Cheyenne invites him and Taylor to join her and Ryder in volunteering at a homeless youth shelter. Taylor is put completely on the spot but reluctantly agrees so as not to look like an a**hole on national television.

Cory– who seems to be sporting the latest look in Muppet hairstyling– tells the girls that he wants them to become friends because it makes it easier for him.

Later on, Cheyenne’s mom tells her she’s not so sure Taylor will feel comfortable in this particular volunteer setting because she doesn’t think Taylor has been around very many “people of color.” Cheyenne then mentions some racists tweets that Taylor posted in the past.

“You can’t ignore what’s been said,” Cheyenne’s mom tells her. “So I think that’s a conversation that may have to happen at some point with you and Taylor.”

“She can’t just get on the tweet box and say bad things and expect us to be all buddy with her! Oh hellllll no.”

Cheyenne agrees that the issue needs to be addressed, though she’s unsure how to bring it up. Lucky for her, she’s surrounded producers who are happy to coach her off-camera.

Cheyenne calls Matt later to tout her own generosity in the community and also to talk about Taylor’s tweets. Matt says he hopes Taylor is open-minded enough to “embrace the conversation.”

That awkward moment when you are making a big deal out of someone’s racist tweets, even though you have your own racist tweets floating around the Internet…

Finally, we head to Michigan to check in with Catelynn. It’s a big week for her and Tyler because they’re about to have their 10-year visit with their birth daughter Carly. It’s been over two years since Tyler has wrapped his Ax-Body-Spray-drenched arm around Carly, and he’s very much looking forward to it. 

Carly’s parents, BrandonNTeresa, are even coming to Michigan– but they are staying a safe two-plus hours away from Cate and Ty and their assortment of farm animals and trashbag family members. Catelynn is stressing out, though, because she still hasn’t finished the scrapbook she’s been working on to give to Carly in honor of the 10-year anniversary.

I mean, she’s busy, guys! She probably would have had more time to craft if she didn’t have to go to work.


Well, if she didn’t have college classes to attend…


“You call that a scrapbook? I call that an arts and crafts disaster!”

Catelynn reveals that they still need to get the photos for the scrapbook printed and “write letters, or whatever.” 

So…basically, you haven’t started the damn scrapbook at all! I think it’s time to scrap the scrapbook idea, guys. Buy the kid an ice cream cone and call it a day! 

Later, the always cheerful (and always annoying) Adoption Counselor Dawn calls to check in to make sure Cate and Ty won’t be showing up with a net and rope to capture Carly and take her back to their farm with them. She will, of course, be chaperoning the Carly visit. 


In Indiana, a very pregnant Cousin Krystle waddles over to visit with Amber. (Um…were we aware that this chick got knocked up yet again?! She really deserves a spot on this show after 10 years of unplanned pregnancies. Seriously.)

Amber boots Andrew and James from the room so she can gal-gab with Cousin Krystle. Amber explains that she’s been feeling “pretty stressed out lately,” and says she’s not getting a lot of sleep. Krystle points out how lucky Amber is to have a guy like Andrew who will help her with the baby.

“Usually, by the time they wipe the amniotic fluid off the kid, my baby daddy’s already bolted out the hospital door!”

Amber disagrees that she’s lucky to have Andrew. She says he doesn’t understand her crazy mood swings and will often make jokes at inappropriate times. She says that, oftentimes, Andrew’s “jokes” light her fuse. Amber adds that when he doesn’t listen to what’s bothering her, it bothers her.

“It’s hard sometimes, you know…” Amber tells her cousin.

“You know that feeling you get when you’re trying hard not to take a loafer to your baby daddy’s head!?”

Krystle gives Amber a look. It seems that she’s having a hard time feeling sympathy for her cousin, who makes more money in a month than Krystle will ever see in her lifetime, and has a sensitive man to care for her and her child. Meanwhile, Cousin Krystle’s probably doing doubles up there at the Walmart while pregnant, trying to figure out when visiting hours are at the jail so she can go see her assorted baby daddies.

“Ever have to bend over while pregnant to clean up a strange kid’s puke in the sporting goods aisle of Walmart? Now THAT’s hard, Cuz!”

Over in Oklahoma, Mackenzie, Josh and the kids are gnawing at some pizza, so Mack uses the time to talk to Josh about her mom’s dire condition. Josh grumbles that he’s upset that Mackenzie doesn’t rely on him as her husband.

“I want to but I can’t!” Mack tells him. 

Josh admits that he’s not exactly the easiest person to talk/mumble to. He ever-so-sensitively tells Mackenzie that he shouldn’t dismiss her feelings so easily.

“Sometimes you come to me with stupid, stupid stuff and I say ‘get over it!'” he grunts. “Or I’m not really listenin’!” 

“I ain’t never been much for the listenin’ and such…”

Josh promises Mackenzie that he will be there for her to help her through whatever happens with her mom. 

Later, the kids are running amok in the yard, so Mackenzie decides it may be a good time to talk to them about their grandmother’s cancer. Again, this scene is heartbreaking, so we’ll just move right past this… (The Ashley would like to commend Josh and Mackenzie for how well they handled that incredibly hard conversation with their kids, though.) 

Back in Michigan, Cate and Ty have loaded up their kids and are heading to Detroit to meet up with Carly and BrandonNTeresa. They have rented a house there because, for this visit, Cate and Ty have literally brought every family member they have (except for Ty’s sister Amber and whatever leashed inmate she’s dating, and Butch). They are about to unload an entire posse of relatives on The WhiteBreads. 

Tyler’s mom Kim is there, as is Cate’s dad David. Even good ol’ April made the journey and has gotten herself all gussied up (i.e. bought a new Scrunchie) for the visit with Carly. Everyone’s excited and chatting about the visit. They realize that Carly will probably not have any clue who the hell any of them are.

I have no idea what these people are talking about because April keeps making this face and I’m distracted…

They load into their cars and head out. Adoption Counselor Dawn meets them in the parking lot (most likely because BrandonNTeresa probably requested that the family be patted down before going near their daughter). Soon, the entire motley crew heads out to see Carly. 

Of course because those “meanies” BrandonNTeresa won’t allow their kid’s face to be splashed across a trashy MTV show, we don’t get to see footage from the visit with Carly. However, Cate tells us that it went “great” and they even get to see her again the next day. Of course, that means she has just one more night to try to make this scrapbook thing happen. Instead of working on it at night, Cate and Ty go to bed and wake up to SCRAPBOOKING MADNESS!

They have to do all the scrapbooking because they know that handing Carly an empty photo album from Target will kind of make them look like jerks.

Cate– who, for some reason, is sporting the exact same outfit and slicked bang ‘do she was yesterday– gets all hands on deck to help finish this stupid book. She calls in April to start cutting, while Nova is pasting random crap everywhere. 

Meanwhile in the Scrapbook Sweatshop…

At 11:44, the phone rings and, of course, it’s Adoption Counselor Dawn. In her typical sing-song voice, she tells Cate to give up the scrapbook dream and just give the kid whatever crap they’ve already completed because they’re about to be late. 

Cate refuses to give up, and Dawn seems worried that they’ll end up missing their visit with Carly and piss off The Whitebreads. Catelynn lies and tells Dawn that they’re close to being done with the book. Dawn reminds them that Carly will be disappointed if they miss part of their visit due to scrapbooking hijinks.

“Well, if she gets sad about it, tell her that we had to finish making a special gift for her,” Cate tells her.

“Yes, DAWN, I’m aware of what time it is, thank you very much!”

If only they had known about this visit for months, they could have finished it in plenty of time.


Also…why didn’t they just pay April to do the scrapbook weeks ago? I’m sure for a few Burger King Whoppers (with cheese!) and a pack of ciggies, April would have been happy to discover the joys of scrapbooking and scurried down to the ol’ Hobby Lobby to get her arts ‘n’ crafts on! 

They assure Dawn that they will be at the zoo by noon to meet Carly, even though that’s only 15 minutes away and they both look like they still need to hose the grease off their bodies and change their clothes.

It’s now 12:08 (eight minutes after they were supposed to be zooing with Carly and The Whitebreads) and they are still cutting and pasting. (Dawn must be biting on her own arm by now in anticipation!)

By 12:18, Nova’s crying that she wants to go to the zoo. (I like that the cameramen were making sure we had a minute-by-minute update on how late they were.) 

By the time Cate finally finishes the book, Nova is lying on the floor like a corpse.

Me by the end of this season of ‘Teen Mom OG’…

They’re over 30 minutes late by the time they all pile into the cars. (Can you imagine how red Teresa’s face must have been by this time?) They finally meet up with the gang at the zoo, and all goes well. Cate says Carly likes the scrapbook, which she feels justifies missing some of their visit with her.

Catelynn and Tyler eventually have to leave, and they are having a hard time saying goodbye. Everyone is emotional as they drive off.

“I basically chewed my own cheek off while waiting for you, so thanks for that.”

Meanwhile in LA, Cheyenne, Cory, Taylor, Ryder and Cheyenne’s sister R. YouOnlyFilmingForTheFreeMeal (answer: yes) go out to eat, after dropping off food and clothes at the homeless shelter. At the restaurant, Taylor says she more comfortable hanging around Cheyenne now that’s she’s gotten past the idea that she and Cory once banged it out.

Shoutout to Cheyenne’s sister for not letting this talk of Cory and Cheyenne getting freaky ruin her free meal…

Cheyenne decides that’s the perfect opening to bring up Taylor’s tweets, which Taylor is quick to defend via pre-rehearsed statement.

“I don’t think that at the time, because I was younger, that I was thinking that it was anything negative,” she says. “I thought, ‘Oh, this is funny,’ or something like that, but it’s not and I’m 25 now, this happened a long time ago.”

Taylor assures Cheyenne she “had to grow up” and that she knew the conversation would be brought up at some point.

When you realize that this ‘discussion’ isn’t going to turn into your baby mama and your girlfriend getting into a catfight…

Over in Tennessee, Ryan and Mackenzie have just returned from the doctor, where Jagger got a shot. However, the baby’s not the only one who got a shot: Mack apparently got a shot of Ryan’s ever-fertile love juice squirted right into her hooter which means… 

She’s pregnant. Again. With Ryan’s Child.

Literally the face of EVERYBODY watching when Ryan reveals Mack’s pregnant again…

Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry are understandably shocked by the news. They’re even more surprised to learn that Mackenzie’s far enough along in her pregnancy that they can tell that she’s having a girl. 

Mack reveals that they weren’t planning to have any more kids. (This is such a shame, of course, because Ryan is such a dedicated father.) In fact, she had been planning to go see about gettin’ her tubes tied the next week…but Ryan (and his ever-present sperm) apparently had other plans.

“I reckon I best be learnin’ this kid’s name before Mack shoots out the next one…”

Over in Indiana, there is no happy news for anyone. In fact, MTV tells us that on July 4, Andrew sent a text to 911, asking for help. We are then treated to seeing Amber’s latest mugshot, which floats onto our TV screens like the Ghost of Prison’s Past. 

We then see The Ashley’s headline appear on screen (!!!) for her story that informed fans about what went down that night (allegedly) at Amber and Andrew’s House ‘o’ Horrors. Andrew claimed that Amber hit him with a shoe (as you do) before pulling a machete out. (Sadly, MTV did not show The Ashley’s site name with the photos, but you Roundupers probably recognized it!) 

The line for The Ashley’s autograph starts right over here, folks…

Since Amber and Andrew aren’t available for comments after the macheting and whatnot, the producers go to trusty Gary and Kristina to get some on-camera conversations about Amber’s arrest. 

Gary informs us that his daughter Leah was not at Amber’s house at the time of the incident, and Kristina seems to be in disbelief that this is all really happening.

“I long for the days where they did a whole episode about Amber’s blood test!”

Gary says that, if Andrew’s accusations are true, Amber may need to go back to “gel.” 

“A hit is a hit, whether you do it with a hand or a hammer!” he says.

(The Ashley is considering getting that made into a bumper sticker to sell outside of ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion tapings.) 

Gary and Kristina say that Amber’s arrest has created complete chaos for them and everyone associated with Amber. 

“Even after all this time I can’t walk down a flight of stairs without worrying that a big ol’ rogue Amber foot is gonna kick me.”

Gary reminds us that he’s already had a “punchdrunk” love with Amber, and Leah’s already been through this whole mess once before in her young life. Kristina reveals that Leah is worried what will happen to her little brother James should Amber have to go back to “gel.” She is unsure if she will be able to still see him and Kristina says she doesn’t know what to tell Leah.

It’s a sad situation all around…

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!’ 

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(Photos: MTV)

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  2. WHY were the grandparents allowed at the visit? I remember when Dawn told Ty and Cate that the relationship between them and Brandon and Teresa was not meant to be with extended family. BTW, for the person who is saying that Teresa just wants to be around the cameras, not at all. She has never been that way. That’s why the visits are private.

  3. I mean, I long for the days when the Ashely would call cousin Krystal “Kousin Krystal” with a K. It’s the little things.

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  6. When you’re late, you’re letting everyone know that your time is more important than their time. It’s just rude and selfish. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cate and Ty deliberately chose to be late, to say to the world, “Hey this is our daughter; we see her when we want to, not when you tell us we can.” They will be forever emotionally and intellectually stunted as young teenagers, unless they decided to get serious therapy and work on themselves. Tyler on Twitter tried to defend their lateness, saying children cherish written personal letters from their birth parents. So why haven’t they been sending Carly letters? they sent her nothing for years, and expect us to believe all this bullshit based view. In my opinion Brandon and Teresa should have lock the sit down long ago. B and T just love their daughter so much, but I think this will do more harm than good at this point. Anyone can see that Cate and Tyler care about the pretense, they don’t actually care about Carly or they would have been doing things differently. They sicken me at this point; I can barely stand to look at them. And Hannah, not to try to pick on you, but what in the world is your problem? You’re always on here arguing with anyone and everyone about stupid stuff. You must be a very angry person, and you should work on that. If you’re always angry and defensive it’s difficult to be happy and I wish you happiness. And The Ashley, thank you so much for keeping everyone up today with factual information. Y’all are the best and most dependable website and I truly truly appreciate it.?

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  9. I wish Cheyenne would get her own spin off show. I think she is a wonderful mother and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Corey was a fool for not marrying her and her new boyfriend is a fool for not wanting to move in with her or put a ring on her finger!

  10. A week later, I still can’t believe that Cate and Tyler were late and then throwing themselves a giant pity party on Twitter, claiming they were “only” 30-45 minutes late (let’s be honest, it was probably 45+), but Carly was fine and loved the scrapbook. Also they got to spend two “FULL days” with her, so no big deal. Un-frickin-real.

    The second day, they met in the afternoon, so how was that a full day? Also, two days with your biological daughter who you haven’t seen in years is next to nothing. If you love and miss you kid as much as these two claim to, they would have been in the parking lot an hour early both days so they didn’t miss one single second with Carly. Meanwhile, I suspect they were late both days. Dawn called at 11:44am asking if they could make it by 12. Why would she have done that unless she had a reason to believe they’d be late? Why was she so concerned that Carly would be waiting on them? I would bet money on them being late Day 1 as well. It’s just total cr@p. I would have been devastated to lose one moment with my child.

    Carly’s parents spent their time and money to fly her to Michigan because Cate and Tyler hounded them for a visit. To make them wait is so disrespectful. Brandon and Teresa are saints for keeping Carly’s spirits up while they waited. I would have been done with them a long time ago. The fact that they continue to remain in contact is a testament to how much they love their daughter.

    And Cate claimed on Twitter that they couldn’t finish the scrapbook because they added pictures from Day 1 of the visit. Let’s assume that’s true. Let’s assume the scrapbook was totally done except for that one page or two with the current visit. If you knew that you wanted to add those pictures, a normal person would have gotten everything prepped so all you had to do was print those pictures and glue them in. It should have taken 30 minutes. So what was happening before 11am? What was happening the evening before? Both sets of grandparents were there to help with the kids, so that’s not an excuse. Carly and Tyler don’t respect anyone and feel entitled to Carly, further established by the fact that this scrapbook is the first thing they’ve given Carly in years. Despite all their snide comments about Carly’s parents, Dawn called them out on begging for visits but never sending Carly so much as a birthday card. How the eff do you remember to buy a cake for yourselves to cut and eat for the cameras on her birthday, but you don’t send her a card??!! The way they exploit this kid for profit is truly sick.

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  12. Well it’s not like they had 10 years to get ready for this “anniversary” scrapbook… Oh wait…it’s just sad that they tried to throw together a scrapbook, that should’ve been something they were making all along, in just 24 hours to try to make themselves look good, they didn’t look good, just lazy as usual.

    1. Very true. Every year Cate and Tyler had an opportunity to update the scrapbook. But they chose to leave 10 years of scrapbooking till the last minute. I scrapbook as a hobby and it can be a very time consuming project especially when done well. The way Catelynn was cutting and pasting the pictures I bet it looks like a 3 year old did it. Just my opinion.

  13. @TheAshley NEVER disappoints! The articles are a million times more entertaining than the show. And she even used my favorite “as you do”! Can we start a “Go Fund Me” to get April a new set of toofers??

    1. Don’t they grind down horse teeth? Cate and Ty probably own her teeth. She went for the Cadillac of teef. Lol

  14. Catelyn had to wait until the cameras where there to film her putting together the scrapbook. How else would the audience get to see how much they care about Carlo, duh? I get so angry with those 2 losers. They should send Carli shares of Amazon and Netflix stock every birthday and Christmas instead of having dumb birthday parties in absentia or making a crappy scrapbook. I’m sure Teresa has already made Carli plenty of scrapbooks. Nothing says love better than looking out for someone financial future.

  15. I had the most anxiety watching the clock while they worked on that stupid scrapbook.
    I don’t understand how they think it’s okay to be even 1 minute late for the child they claim to desperately want to see. Dawn even SUGGESTED sending it in the mail which they for sure could have done and could have been something nice for Carly to look forward to. But nooooo.

    1. It seems to me that the scrapbook wasn’t about Carly at all. It was about Cate & Tyler’s selfishness and the appearance of acting like they care with a physical thing, as opposed to actually showing they care by showing up on time.

      1. Yeah, the scrapbook was just for them to show what great “parents” they are and it might have been even pushed by the producers to produce a storyline.

        I really think this show made them feel entitled to the child they signed their rights away to. I hope one day Brandon and Teresa put their foot down and don’t allow them to see her, especially now that Carly will become a teenager, I hope she herself will tell them she doesn’t want to see them anymore. They need to stop acting as if she is still their child. You have two other girls, be parents to them!

    2. Let’s be honest here. As much as I agree with everything you said, you know damn well Carly would NEVER get that scrapbook if Cate decided to mail it. It would have gone home and landed in some heap o shit until it gets thrown out or rots.

  16. What in the world was Cate doing that she couldn’t finish that stupid book before they got there. Amber is everything that is wrong with todays young people wrapped up into one person. WTF does Cheyenne thinks she is to judge everyone.
    I hate serious Sir Nibs but please. I still E Mackenzie’s A thou.

    1. I was gonna ask what in the world Cate was wearing. I mean, we all know what she’s using to obtain that bizarre updo(?) hair thing (psssst ladies the secret is crisco) but that weird fucking Lularoe tent is KILLING ME

      1. My heart aches for the older children, such as Leah and Bentley.
        It must be awful for them to go school when their parents tragic dysfunctions are on such public display.

      1. Haha, thanks JoJo! Ive never noticed any grammatically incorrect posts of yours. (Just funny, witty ones?) I never wanted to be the person who messes up your/ you’re, but alas, shit happens I reckon’?

  17. Ive been reading The Ashley’s site for a few years now. Ive watched it blossom from a hilarious TM recap site, to the front-runner of news for all things reality television. Its pretty awesome, and I’m legit happy for you guys running the site. (Youre one of the few credible sources of news and snark as well.) Congrats to The Ashley & Co. You’re site breaks up many long, boring, and far too serious work days 😉

    1. Ditto! I think I was looking for a Where are they now, for that show Sorority Life (I use to LOVE that show) and came across the Ashley a while ago. Been hooked ever since!

      1. It was similar for me too Lexii. I was desperately searching the interwebs for a voice of reason regarding teen mom, and stumbled upon this site. It’s super cool to see how far they’ve come. (Even radar online references The Ashley.) Plus, the commenters are a lot of fun?

      1. Please please can you permanently ban Hannah.

        She’s just dreadful and telling people on here to drop dead, that’s low

  18. Cate and Tyler are pathetic!! They don’t work, or at least don’t work full time jobs like most parents. They knew about the visit long in advance, and had more than enough time to make the scrapbook ahead of the trip. Instead, they missed time with Carly and made Carly and her parents wait for them. It was incredibly selfish. Those two won’t stop boo hooing about Carly even 10 years later, but their actions (or inactions, in the case of the stupid scrapbook) speak a lot louder than their self-pitying words. Trash.

    1. I really didn’t like that. They had ample time to get that dumb book together, but they waited until past the last minute to do it…making B&T&C wait. After that they better not say squat about not being able to see Carly. When given the opportunity, they left 20 minutes late, and only God knows how far the zoo is…honestly B&T&C were probably waiting close to 45 minutes for C&T. C&T think that they should see Carly on their time. It doesn’t work like that, and they need to be more grateful that B&T let them have a relationship with Carly at all.

      1. I totally agree. C&T are so ungrateful for B&T and everything they have done for Carly. It really makes me mad. It’s ridiculous that for 10 years they’ve played out this self-pitying storyline, and when the time finally comes to see Carly they can’t be bothered to show up on time. And we also hear about how they can’t be bothered to timely send cards or gifts for birthdays and holidays. I can’t believe B&T haven’t terminated any relationship and visitation at all with all of C&T’s antics. I would have years ago.

  19. Sing this song “Make this show go away”. I just read the Ashley reports. I do like Gary and Kristina. Catelynn! You should have been at the zoo waiting for them to show up. I am complaining how much money they make doing this “ Job” for MTV. ?

  20. Cate and Ty need to fuck off now! How dare they leave poor Carly waiting around for them?!?! You literally have no other priorities and couldn’t finish the scrapbook ahead of the visit?!? They are despicable and disgusting. And the fact they were playing victim as they were leaving, Tyler crying that he wants to be the one to comfort Carly, pfft, you can’t even show up on time!!! They only care about themselves and it is sickening!!!

    1. How can you say “they literally have no other priorities”. They have to other children and last I checked children were priorities.

      1. They don’t work, or at least don’t work full time jobs like most parents. They knew about the visit long in advance, and had more than enough time to make the scrapbook ahead of the trip. Instead, they missed time with Carly and made Carly and her parents wait for them. It was incredibly selfish. Those two won’t stop boo hooing about Carly even 10 years later, but their actions (or inactions, in the case of the stupid scrapbook) speak a lot louder than their self-pitying words.

      2. and they had 2 entire years to prepare that dumb scrapbook, but they decided to work on it 15 minutes before they were supposed to meet Carly. The nerve to make B&T&C wait when they traveled all that way. C&T abuse their relationship with B&T. Dawn, the one that usually pacifies them, was even like get over here and just send it, but they refused. They’re self centered.

      3. This isn’t about the stupid scrapbook! It’s about @DUUUUDE saying that “they literally have no other priorities”. That’s not true, they have other priorities, they just don’t take them seriously!!!

        1. AGAIN…THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE STUPID SCRAPBOOK!!!! Yes they had plenty of time to get it done, my issue is with @DUUUUDE saying that “they literally don’t have any other priorities”. EVERYONE has priorities, it’s all about how you prioritize them!!!

          And the fact that you watch Spongebob Squarepants, just shows how CHILDISH and STUPID you are!!!

          And to think I used to read (and agree with some) of your comments!!!

          1. Was this meant to be a reply to my comment? Lol. You bring up their TWO kids everytime like it’s an actual excuse. Cate has time to ride horses and they go to spa days and shit, so the kids can’t be taking up that much time.

            I clearly said the Spongebob MEME, as in on Facebook. It goes around a lot for a bunch of different scenarios (I think insane it the other day in reference to all the ways Uncle Ben dies in the different Spiderman reboots). I haven’t actually WATCHED Spongebon since I actually WAS a child (and the quote is actually from one of those episodes back then anyways).

            The point was that you’re constantly defending Catelynn and Tyler being shitty and selfish by acting like taking care of two kids is taking up every second of their time, when there’s plenty of people that have more kids or jobs or take care of their kids alone or go to school or any combination of those things that Cate and Ty do NOT do and those people manage to prioritize their time to get things done.

        2. I’m not defending them!! All I’m saying is that they have other priorities that they don’t consider either!!! And that no one can say, “they literally have no other priorities”, when that obviously isn’t true.

      4. When I read Hannah’s comment all I could picture was that Spongebob meme where the fish is like “HOW MANY TINW DO WE HAVE TO TEACH YOU THIS LESSON, OLD MAN?”

        For real, do we have to go over this every single time. Catelynn and Tyler had PLENTY of time to get the scrapbook done beforehand, two jobless people taking care of two kids isn’t taking up every waking second for months. They didn’t do it because they’re selfish and didnt care.

        1. And another thing, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t compare me (or my comments)to some stupid, fag-ass cartoon!!!!

          1. GROW UP @MAGAN!! I fucking got on here and replied about Mackenzie McKee having to talk to her children about Angie’s cancer and unexpected “accidents happen” (her words not mine) of Mackenzie Edwards. Your dump ass reeled me into this C&T drama. And as far as the whole Spongebob Squarepants thing goes, “if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out”.

          2. Calm down, Goofy Goober, it was just a joke.

            Also, how did I feel you into the Catelynn and Tyler conversation? It was already going on when I commented, but okay…

          3. Because I commented on someone else’s comment and you take it as “defending them” when it’s not! All I said is the everyone has priorities and it’s all in how you prioritize and take responsibility for them!! You start shit with me about how “my comments make you think of a Spongebob Squarepants meme. Well, NO ONE CARES because the comment I made wasn’t even in response to something you said.

        2. lol, Magan. Whenever I reply to Hannah/Smeagol, I wish I could use .gifs here. I’d drop Samwise Gamgee saying “Po. Tay. Toes.

          That’s it. That shit would make me so happy.

          @TheAshley. Please, pretty please with carpet Cheetos and midnight raviolis on top, may we PLEASE get the use of .gifs here for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa? It would be DIVINE!! ?? ?

  21. Did anyone else notice the dr that Amber went to was for adolescents? I know she has the mindset of a teenager and the show is ‘Teen Mom’ but she is an adult and should be treated as one. Maybe it is the only way MTV can write off the costs of the “therapy sessions”?

  22. The part where Mackenzie and Josh sat the kids down and told them that their Nanny only had (maybe) 6 more months left to live COMPLETELY broke my heart!! Poor little Gannon kept asking “why?” and “what can they do to make her better?” I AUTOMATICALLY started reminiscing about when my mom sat me down and told me that she only had a short time to live!!!

  23. The fact C&T bitch and moan about not seeing Carly, and when they’re given the opportunity to see her, they’re over 20 minutes late. They should have gotten that wack scrapbook together the night before like normal people do, or have just sent it to her in the mail. After that stunt they have no room to complain about time B&T allow them with Carly.

  24. I love your recaps The Ashley ?! So much, that I even read those about TV shows I don’t watch…
    You make my mornings happier.

    Please, don’t blame me for m’y English, it’s the result of french public schools, maybe as bad as west virginian.

  25. Okay, we don’t see everything on television but what I’ve seen so far is how selfish Tyler and Catelynn seem to be.

    They haven’t paid Carly attention for a while, didn’t have presents for her birthday or Christmas or whatever. Not even a card. And now they feel like visiting everything has to go their way and when B&T are hesitant they’re a**holes?!
    As long as Ty and Cate feel good about themselves it doesn’t matter that Carly is bombarded with an army of strangers.

    And showing up late because of a book with a bunch of crap? Pictures can be send all the time, like with a birthday card. Be there and spend time with her.

    Carly is lucky to have B&T

  26. MTV is DEFINITELY lining up the situation with Ambien to be excused with a big PSA on mental illness. Just like Jenelle and her abuse of Jax and Moogan. If they put up their stupid ass disclaimers like “if you know someone suffering with mental illness, please call MTV (or tweet Morgan J. Freeman!)so we can film the fallout and make a grip of cash off it“.. or “animal abuse is so wrong, but we filmed it happening and did jack shit about it so we could profit off of the outrage” then they can say they’re just using an unfortunate situation to raise awareness. BTW, you could probably hear my eyes roll from there, right? ?

    Tyler and Catelynn- I hope this recent visit with Carly is the last one Brandon and Teresa permit you to have. Frankly, I’d have cut your disrespectful asses our of her life *years* ago, especially after the way you posted photos of Carly online during/after your wedding when they specifically asked you not to. You two are so fucking dim you don’t even care that your shit-talking of Carly’s parents is being aired to the world, but more importantly, Carly will see it someday, if she hasn’t already. How do you think she is going to feel about that? You think it’s going to send her flying into your arms? lol. That thought is as hilarious as that giant dildo’esque batman tattoo on Tyler’s arm. ? I seriously hope Carly’s parents prepare her for the strong probability that Cate and Tyler are gonna go next level obsessed with this girl when she turns 18 and have a lawyer on retainer for the restraining order they’ll likely need.

    Maci is the biggest hypocrite ever. So concerned about the threats drug addled Rhine made towards Taylor that it takes multiple episodes to bitch about it, but she’ll stand by her pal (literally, at court, lol) who actually assaulted her SO and then went after him with a fucking machete while he hid with their baby. I mean, really? Drug addiction is an illness too, Maci, but I guess it’s okay to turn your nose up when it suits you if your paycheck might be endangered if they lose yet another cast-mate due to their sloppy and disgusting behavior. ?

    Cheyenne. Pot. Kettle. ?

    1. I didn’t just hear yer eyes roll, I SAW them because mine were right behind, rollin’ right on down the street!

      These fucking petulant children… Jesus GOD!

    2. Former adoption caseworker here – open adoptions aren’t just for birth parents, they are in the best interest of the adopted child. Every longitudinal study has found this to be true. If Brandon and Teresa cut off contact with Catelynn and Tyler because they were late to a meeting, it would be detrimental to Carly’s emotional well-being. Being separated from your biological parents, even as a newborn, is a trauma. I hope Brandon and Teresa continue to honor the promises they made to the people who gave their daughter life and so selflessly allowed them to raise her. Doing so is in Carly’s best interests.

        1. The agreement was YEARLY VISITS…PERIOD!!! Before they saw her the other day (their 10 year visit), she was 7, and before that she was fucking 2 years old. So, how pretail are B&T sticking to their end of the agreement (granted C&T aren’t sticking to the promises they made either, but still)?? You dumbfucks just want the open adoption cut off so you can have another Amber to bitch about!!!

          1. You’re actually claiming they didn’t see Carly between the ages of 2 and 7? Yeah, you’re a liar. And you’re lying about the agreement which Dawn clarified on the show.

          2. I’m claiming anything (I fucking know because it was on camera and even B&T admitted that they hadn’t held up to their end of the bargain, FOR FIVE YEARS), but whatever dude, shut the fuck up!!!

          3. Brandon and Teresa admitted that when they haven’t even been on the show in years? Liar.

          4. Theresa’s admitted it. That bitch is ALWAYS front and center when the cameras are rolling (remember C&T’s wedding, Brandon was nowhere around but Theresa was)!! I think she likes the attention. Quite frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t say “bring them on” when they informed her the meeting wouldn’t be filmed!! I’m not defending C&T, I just HATE B&T!!!

          5. Are you Caitlyn, Tyler, or Butch? Your “Brandon and Theresa done did me wrong” song is way too strong to be a casual bystander.

            Brandon and Theresa kept Carly from being raised in the trailer park of horrors, they are her parents, and Caitlyn and Tyler (or should I say you?) have 0 respect for that based on their actions ON CAMERA.

            And quite frankly, Theresa was probably on camera as a way to put herself between her daughter and some crazy old man drunken crackhead (or should I say you, Butch?).

      1. It’s obvious Brandon and Teresa put up with a lot so that Carly can know her bio-parents. Those two are saints. But, worth correcting the misconception that they “promised” Cate and Tyler anything. The deal was yearly visits for 5 years, and it was always at their discretion. Carly is ten, so Brandon and Teresa have gone above and beyond.

        Meanwhile, Cate and Tyler have openly insulted them and disrespected them publicly on multiple occasions. They make snide comments about Teresa being jealous (presumably because they can have bio kids and she can’t). They suggested that if they could go back in time, they would have selected different adoptive parents. They read Teresa’s texts about Carly for the cameras, including the texts asking that they not do that. Dawn called them out for begging for visits, but never actually asking about Carly, what she is into, and how’s she doing in school. They also haven’t sent her cards or gifts in years, again making a snide comment last week insinuating that Brandon and Teresa wouldn’t have given her the scrapbook if they mailed it. Brandon and Teresa are definitely not the problem here. They keep trying despite Cate and Tyler.

      2. Adopted kid here. I’m gonna have to disagree with you and any study you may be citing. I’ll explain why.

        I was taken from my birth mother at the age of 5 with my 3 siblings. My brother went to family as did my youngest sister. Me and my other sister (I was the oldest of the girls) were placed together in foster care.

        After a few years, our youngest sister was eventually placed with us. Not long after, us 3 girls were separated. I’m sure as a caseworker, you understand it’s hard to keep siblings together.

        We languished for 5 years in the system while our birth mother fucked with our heads and kept promising to get her shit together and get us back. I can remember sitting and waiting for her visits (we also got to see each other during that time, too) that if we were lucky, took place a few times a year.. when she often showed up late and our time with her was shortened. It mattered. I can’t tell how often me and my siblings agreed that her giving us up, quick and clean from the get go would have been so much better for us emotionally than dragging it out for years.

        No one here is saying Cate and Tyler should be cut out for something like being habitually late to their visits with Carly, though yeah, that’s an issue, but not the biggest one. They should be cut out because they have no RESPECT or EMPATHY for how their behavior negatively impacts Carly. From being late to publicly talking poorly about her parents- (Brandon and Teresa) to plastering that little girls face on social media so that what little sense of privacy her parents have established for her is shattered, to the dismissal of her birthday and holidays.. for YEARS.

        Are you seriously going to sit there and say that Carly would be “traumatized” by Cate and Tyler being removed from her life? Yeah, no. What is traumatizing her is the fact that her DNA donors, 10 years later, still can’t get their shit together and keep placing her smack dab in the middle of their continuing dysfunction.

        They say they gave Carly up to give her a better chance at life, yet they seem to be unable to let her actually live a normal one- unmarred by their guilt, their irresponsibility and their inability to grow the fuck up and live with the decision they made.

        Brandon and Teresa have honored their obligations to Tyler and Cate, only to be shat on time and again and have their daughter subjected to the emotional instability that Tyler and Cate claim they didn’t want to subject Carly to in the first place.

        It’s time for them to walk away and move on with replacement Carly.. I mean, Nova, before they actually do cause long term damage to that little girl. They have two others at home they can fuck up. They need to leave Carly alone.

          1. Bruja, for an adopted child who claims to be a good person, you perspective is FUCKED UP!!! So do us all a favor and go to hell where you belong.

        1. @Bruja Beautifully stated, standing ovation! ???
          I am sorry you had to endure that through your childhood. You have a great head on your shoulders and I appreciate you sharing your perspective with us.

          1. Thank you, Duuuuude, that is very kind of you! ??

            I send you a giant hug. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

        2. Hannah/Smeagol. I’m exactly where I belong, pointing and laughing at you with everyone else here. ?? ?

          You’re way too dramatical. Calm the fuck down. (!!!!!!!!!!!)

    3. DeJesusGawdLeah- You know I love you. Thank you. ?

      JoJo- hahaha ??! Agreed, they need to grow up. BADLY.

      MissLucy- Thanks, hon. I’ll tell you, after this season, I think I’m all Teen Mom’ed out. These bitches are almost 30!

      Hannah/Smeagol- I think you dropped these preciouses: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. That giant dildo’esque batman tattoo ???????
      I laughed out loud ya that.

      The people in the doctors office, are starting at me ha ha

  27. That fu#$@ng scrapbook. HOW could those 2 morons not have that done weeks ago??? HOW could they be late!?!? My gut wrenches for Catlynns regret, but clearly, even now, even with mtv money, she’s still better off with them. They’ve admitted to being lax with cards and gifts and did not make it a priority to have that done and be on time. Tyler even joking “oh it wouldn’t be us if we weren’t late” seriously??? Dawn calling to make sure they’d be on time is very telling. cate and Ty have screwed up that open adoption for themselves. And how the eff is AMBER suffering from lack of sleep? I noped right passed Mckenzies scene with her kids, as much as I dislike her story, I feel for their pain and couldn’t watch that.

    1. I also don’t think the scrapbook was really necessary. They already did a big deal with celebrating her birthday without her around (um…ok) and now they make a scrapbook which will probably be on Carly’s table for years because she doesn’t even feel such strong connection to them. It’s not like she is kidnapped and is waiting to be reunited with her “real” parents, she is having a perfectly amazing life outside of the madness these two are living in. They need to stop the illusion of thinking they could provide a better life to her just because now they have MTV money. We see with Nova (and probably soon Vaeda) that money doesn’t make you good parents.

      1. This!!!! All this!!!! Carly is living her best life!!! A modest life, with love and privacy. Meanwhile, Nova and Vaeda have to grow up with cameras in their faces. Yes, money is good and it buys nice things like a pony. But these girls have to grow up with all their business out there. They have to deal with Cate’s depression and emotional abcense. They have to deal with Tyler’s side of the family being drug addicts and rehab talks. Who do you think has a better shot at a normal life? … Money isn’t everything y’all.

  28. I have to say I was very impressed with Mackenzie & Josh sitting down with their kids to talk about the grandmother dying. Especially for being so young and inexperienced with it. They did a great job with it – even Josh, which really surprised me. So many parents avoid stuff like that and it leads to so much confusion for kids.

  29. So…Cheyenne is wanting to call someone out on their racist tweets…wasn’t she the one sending out racist tweets not too long ago???

  30. First off, isn’t Cheyenne the one who also posted racist comments herself? As well as was not actually a Teen Mom, and shows up to hang out with her baby daddy and new gf wearing a “Mistress” shirt…? Glass houses chick. This isn’t about coparenting and being a *cool* babymama, you’re actively involving yourself in Corey’s life with the excuse of ya’ll’s child. Keep your nose on your own face.
    Second, I’m not exactly sure why the whole scrapbook business makes me madder than a miniature horse chewing bumblebees, but it does. Seems like the dumbest most selfish and disrespectful thing Cait could have done. She absolutely did not prepare or work on it at all prior, put Carly and Nova on the back burner to halfass it, then still gave her the cheap crap as an excuse for missing precious time with her. Dear spirit king in the sky, could no one tell this idiot that a thoughtful card with a gift certificate would have been just fine, if not better, and taken maybe 10-20 minutes tops?!? Cait pulled this crap bc she wanted to look like a good mom, but Carly is going to watch TM one day and know better.

    Macy, I don’t really care at all. Amber I don’t really care either but the recap about cousin Krystle was HILARIOUS! McKee…. meh, whatever.

    1. “Madder than a miniature horse chewing bumblebees”

      Holy. Fuck. Pain in the Ash just win the internet for today!! ??

    1. Didn’t watch it, just do the recaps… did he at least seem sober? (Not that this is a good situation at all)

      1. I don’t know, he didn’t seem “off”, but who knows. In the scene he was facing to the left so you couldn’t see his eyes and whether they were huge/bugging out or not.

    2. Did you see the look on Mack’s face when she said, “accidents happen”? So TOTALLY fucking knew she was pregnant!!!

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Amber finally found a psychiatrist she finally liked. An adolescent counselor. How convenient.

    1. I was hoping someone else would notice that!! Do you think its because she wants to be handled with kids gloves or is it the only way MTV can write it off for a show titled ‘Teen Mom’?

  32. I’m honestly over Amber. The girl walked out of therapy and legit said ” I need to lay down after that one” …. Ugh!!! She is just lazy. No one can help her but herself. She has a lot of growing up to do. She is still mentally 16. She doesn’t know how to be a mother, how to be a partner. She has no goals, no dreams, no direction, nothing. She just sits around blaming everyone else.

    1. As someone who also has BPD and Bipolar 2, I can tell you that Amber should be in intense DBT therapy. It’s really the only thing proven to help BPD. There is also no excuse to be violent. I’m never violent ever. That’s using mental illness as an excuse. Then people like me have the stigma further twisted as they think we’re like Amber. I think Amber is comfortable being the mess she is and doesn’t want to feel better. I understand the struggle,but I can’t say I have much sympathy as she really hasn’t worked at it.

      1. Agreed, OverIt. You and I share a diagnosis (or two! Lol sorry, lame mental health joke.) but in all seriousness, I totally agree with you on Amber being ok just using her illness as the ultimate get out of jail free crutch.

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