‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Episode 9 Recap: Remembering Father’s Day & the Return of Mackenzie McKee

Me, trotting off to watch another episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’…

Take a break from looking for your missing tooth and/or brushing your therapy horse, and settle in on the couch next to Amber, it’s time to break down the latest episode of Teen Mom OG! 

We start things off at Cate and Tyler’s farm (?), with a special appearance by Cate’s cloud of cigarette smoke that the camera crew is trying their very best to hide. 

“Is April here? I swear I can smell the tar-like scent of her ciggies!” 

It’s almost Carly’s 10th birthday so Producer Kerthy decides to talk to Cate about how she and Tyler handle the adoption topic with Nova. Cate says they keep the conversation pretty light, being that Nova is too young to understand the situation. She then saddles up on her therapy horse and rides off, leaving Kerthy to ask Tyler similar adoption-related questions. 

I’m assuming the matching side-bangs is part of the therapy process…

Tyler’s advice to anyone considering placing their child is to know the people that are looking to adopt your child “very, very well.” Tyler says Carly’s parents, BrandonNTeresa,are “well off people.” (Strangely, though, it’s highly likely that, thanks to their giant ‘Teen Mom’ paychecks, Cate and Ty are way more “well off” than BrandonNTeresa now.)

He also says that BrandonNTeresa are more reserved than he and Cate…i.e. they’ve never spent the afternoon cleaning their mom (or dad’s) yak off the living room Lazy Boy chair. 

Tyler says if he and Cate had it to do over, they would have considered a couple that was more relaxed and down with things… such as chain smoking, the United States Prison System and mullets.

On the flip side, Tyler admits BrandonNTeresa probably didn’t know what they were getting into having Tyler and Cate as their child’s birth parents either. I’m sure if Mr. and Mrs. Whitebread had known that they’d still be getting verbally trashed on TV a decade after meeting Cate and Ty, they’d have reconsidered the adoption.

Next up we check in with Cheyenne and her boyfriend Matt. It’s the day before Father’s Day, and, in honor of the holiday, Cheyenne says she plans to leave Matt at home while she goes to lunch with Ryder and Cory. After treating her baby daddy to lunch, Cheyenne plans to take Matt to meet her father and grandfather. 

When you want a free meal for Father’s Day but you haven’t knocked any girls up…yet…

Matt tells Cheyenne he’s fine with her and Cory going out to lunch alone with Ryder and he even reaches out to Cory himself to thank him for sharing his “bundle of joy.”

I think that’s nice…unless of course he’s referring to Cheyenne, in which case that’s weird.

Later on, Cheyenne meets Cory and Ryder at a nearly empty restaurant for lunch. After Cory opens up his Father’s Day gift of workout sweats, he and Cheyenne talk about their situation and both agree that Matt and Taylor are good sports for being cool with their co-parenting relationship.

“Thanks for the kid…and stuff.”

Next up we check in with Mackenzie in Oklahoma. Mackenzie makes an awesome first impression in her first ‘Teen Mom OG’ scene by changing her seemingly school-aged child Broncs’ crappy diaper in the middle of the hallway, as her daughter runs away due to the stench.


A sign of what’s to come.

Mackenzie’s show introduction includes (but is not limited to) Broncs’ aforementioned crappy diaper, a giant dogging licking the table, and Broncs gnawing on a plastic water bottle.

You seriously can’t make this crap (no pun intended) up!

After recovering from that mess, we then see Mackenzie attempt to “do some work” on her laptop while her kids run around like animals. It’s seriously like a menagerie of feral children.

“I’m Mackenzie and you’ll be seeing more of my life for the next few episodes,” Mackenzie tells us.

Um…is that a promise or a threat?

In what may be the most robotic voiceover reading since Leah Messer graduated from Hooked on Phonic, Mackenzie tells us that “A.Lot.Has.Changed.Since.I.Was.On.Sixteen.And.Pregnant.”

For one, Mackenzie is working to become the Jane Fonda of our Generation. She’s building a Jazzercise brand (or something) where she uses the Internets to inspire people to do jumping jacks…or something. We learn that Mackenzie’s husband Josh is still “doing the rodeoing,” which requires him to travel often. 

“‘Member me?!”

Mackenzie’s daughter plunks down a jumbo-sized box of Top Ramen on the freshly dog-licked table. (Apparently, Mack’s kids are following the Leah Messer Nutrition Plan? There’s no doubt Mack’s pantry is jam-packed with cans of raviolis, just ripe for the microwaving!) 

It’s about noon, so Mackenzie’s fixin’ to finally wake up Josh because she needs someone to yap at. She shrieks in his ear to wake up, as some of the Feral Kids rollerskate through the house.

Once Josh has rolled himself out of bed, he sits down for a spell to listen to Mackenzie yell at him for making her watch the kids when she should have been “doing business.” Josh looks like he wants to chew his own ear off so he won’t have to listen to Mack bitch about having to be the one to make the kids’ Top Ramen lunches.

She has this entire conversation with her eyes bugged out to massive levels. (Mack better chill. We all know Ryan Edwards has the monopoly on eye-bugging for ‘Teen Mom OG.’)

“Back off my title, bi-otch!”

Later, Josh talks with his dad about his marriage. As his dad is praising Josh for overcoming all the “rocky roads” with Mackenzie, Josh just randomly blurts out that there’s “a lot of cheatin’ that goes on in Rodeo.” 

Um…no one asked you that but thanks…

Meanwhile, at home, Mack is trying to get Broncs to take his cough medicine…chased with root beer.

Someone in the graphics department was really showing off with this gem…

Next, we head to Indiana, where we find Amber and Andrew occupying their usually couch cushions. Because Amber’s storyline is pretty bleak right now (something she surely won’t have to worry about next season), she talks to Andrew about Leah wanting her own Instagram account.

I mean, we’ve already spent an ENTIRE EPISODE watching Amber get a blood test. What’s left for a story line? Amber buying tampons? 

Amber’s segments are starting to look like a ‘Teen Mom OG’ version of ‘Wayne’s World.’

Amber thinks Leah is too young to be on social media, especially because she’s grown up on TV. Andrew suggests giving Leah an alias to use on her account, such as “Daisy Duke 29 or whatever”… because that name would definitely keep creepy old men from sliding into a child’s DMs.

(Besides, I’m fairly certain that Farrah Abraham is probably already using that alias for her daughter Sophia, anyway!) 

“You and Farrah should really consider teaming up to co-write a book on parenting, Andrew!”

Amber decides she’ll talk to Gary about the Instagram issue instead of relying on Andrew’s “alias” ideas.

Next we head to Tennessee where Maci and Taylor are making plans for Father’s Day—-plans that don’t include Ryan, as he’s yet to reach out to them. Instead, Maci, Taylor and the Oopsie Baby Brigade are sticking to their own plans and traveling to Atlanta for Bentley’s baseball tournament. 

“Really guys? Another episode focusing on balls? I know she’ll sneak that vasectomy idea back in!”

Maci tells Taylor she hopes Ryan will remember he’s a father and show up for Bentley’s games, but neither of them are holding their breath. Maci says if Ryan happens to reach out last minute to make Father’s Day plans, he’s SOL because her days of being accommodating are gone. 

Maci tells Producer Jeni that Bentley doesn’t expect Ryan to come to his games. In fact, the kid never even asks anymore. Luckily, though, Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry make frequent appearances at the ball field to support Bentley. 

Also, Maci does this entire scene while wearing what must be latest look from the TTM jailbird line.

“If things go south with the court trial, I’ve got you covered, Amber! You’ll be the freshest prisoner in the pen!”

When we check back in with Mackenzie McKee, we learn that the wife of one of Josh’s rodeo friends reached out to let her know that her husband had tried to pick up a rodeo groupie at a bar and Josh happened to be his wingman for the conquest. 

Can we stop here for a sec? If this woman’s own husband was trying to play “Hide the Horsie” with some bar ho-bag, why isn’t she trying to focus on that rather than rat out Josh, who was a seemingly incident bystander to the ho-bag hookup?

“Don’t these girls have something better to do with their time… like maybe getting knocked up and pursuing a career in reality TV?”

Mack admits that, before they were married, she and Josh were both cheaters and liars, but she says she thought they were over all that now that they are hitched and raising an assortment of feral children together. 

The whole thing has Mackenzie questioning her “rock solid” marriage, while we’re just trying to wrap our heads around the fact that rodeo groupies are a thing. 

Mack’s friend says that if SHE had a husband (and that’s not likely to happen as long she’s still trying to make that hair scrunchie “happen”), she would not even trust her husband to do “the rodeoing” because it requires him to be gone so much and be in environments known for cheating.

“Men LIKE scrunchies, OK!?”

Mackenzie vows to “get to the bottom of this” situation, and find out once and for all if the only thing Josh has been riding lately is broncos! 

Next we head back to Michigan where Tyler is driving—- a rarity on this show—- to pick Nova up from school. On the ride home, Tyler tells Nova he picked up a cake to celebrate Carly’s birthday and Nova is confused, and at her age, rightfully so. She asks if Carly is coming over to their house and Tyler tells her she won’t be because she’s at home with her parents. 

“Do her parents have a million animals running in and around their home, too?”

Despite the confusion, Nova gets confirmation that she’s getting some cake out of whatever is going on, so all is well on her end. 

Back in Tennessee, we catch up with Ryan and the Edwards crew. Jen and Mackenzie are excitedly telling Jagger that it’s his first Father’s Day with his dad. (Said dad, by the way, is standing as far away as possible from his family and lurking by the garage like he’s there to fix the water heater or something.)

Mackenzie says she and Ryan are planning to go to Bentley’s tournament, as are Jen and Larry. Jen says she plans to ask Maci if they can bring Bentley home with them after the game to celebrate the remainder of Father’s Day. (Maybe Ryan will even agree to come within 20 feet of Bentley to mark the occasion?) 

Ryan in his natural habitat: behind bars….

Back in Indiana, we see Amber call Gary to discuss Leah getting on Instagram.

“What’s going on, Big Man?” she asks as he answers the phone. (I don’t even want to know if that was his nickname from back when they were together or what…)

Amber and Gary are both nervous to allow Leah to have social media.

“She’s been on TV her whole life and people take advantage of that!” Amber says. (We obviously know Amber’s an expert on that happening.)

“Um, yeah, you’re welcome for that, Amba!”

Amber suggests they allow Leah to get Instagram at age 12, but Gary is hesitant to agree to that. He points out that social media has greatly affected Amber’s life and he doesn’t want that happening to Leah. 

Amber admits to Producer David that if Leah’s whole life hadn’t been plastered on TV, she may be more lenient in allowing Leah to do certain things.

Later, Gary breaks the news to Leah after talking to Amber and Kristina and Leah takes it pretty well. Something we’re not taking very well, however, is the fact that this was literally Amber’s only storyline this episode. 

“And you thought my vasectomy episode was rough to sit through.”

Over in Oklahoma, Mack is still reeling after hearing the news of her husband’s wingman ways. She sits Josh down to get some answers and “clear the air.” (Um, judging by the looks of that house, it would take a whole lot of Febreeze— and possibly a bug bomb or two— to clear the air in that place!)

Mack cuddles up to her (possibly cheating) husband to talk about what really went down at the bar while he was out rodeoing. We find out that Mack is actually mad that Josh even went to a bar and “lied” about it by not telling her.


She tells Josh she’s “giving him the chance” to explain “his side.” 

Josh explains that he “went to Billy Bob’s” (no, seriously) for a few drinks when some women started talking to him and his friend.

“We was just drinkin’ and foolin’ up ‘er at Billy Bob’s…”

Josh points out that he didn’t pursue anything with the rodeo hoes, it was his friend; however, Mackenzie is not happy that she had to hear about the situation from someone else. 

Josh swears there was “no affection” being shown. (At least, I think that’s what he said. This dude make the mumbling Corey Tyler look like the King of Enunciation!)

 A beat-down Josh grumbles that he didn’t tell Mack he was going to a bar because was “avoidin’ a fight.” He swears he would never cheat on her.

Mackenzie tells Josh that nothing is worth ruining what they have and she asks him if he’ll tell her about these rodeo-hoe run-ins in the future. Josh says “I don’t know,” and Mack tells him she “can not live with him on that answer.”

Josh gets a glint of hope in his eyes for the first time this episode, but it goes away almost immediately as he realizes Mack’s not giving him a ticket out of the House of Chaos. 

“If I could shackle you to the toilet, I would!” 

After dealing with Josh, Mackenzie meets up with her parents at a deserted park. She says she’s been having a hard time because, now that her mom Angie is going through cancer treatments, Mack feels bad going to her for advice about bucking bronco bar babes and whatnot.

After talking about Mackenzie and Josh’s trust issues, the topic changes to Angie’s cancer diagnosis. Angie tells Mackenzie she’s starting a certain type of chemo the following week, which she describes as something for “patients who have tried everything else.” 

Mack tells her mom that she’ll be “really mad” if the chemo doesn’t make her better, because she needs her mom to be the “glue” that holds her “shattered glass” of a hot mess life together.

Mackenzie can hear her mom say that she’s literally trying the chemo of last resort to save her life, and somehow Mackenzie can make it about herself. That’s talent!

Meanwhile, in Tennessee,  it’s finally Father’s Day and everyone, including Ryan and Mack, have shown up to Bentley’s baseball tournament. 

“Go Brantley-er, Bentley! I’m tellin’ ya, that boy is a chip off the old tooth block!”

Unfortunately for the Edwards crew, Bentley is unable to go home with them because he has another game to play, followed by a golf tournament. Ryan and Mack think Bentley is taking on too much and they’d would prefer his schedule be more like the front of Ryan’s mouth: wide open! 

“If he wants to go home, let him go home!” Ryan says (as he shoves some sort of fried vegetable product into his mouth).

He and Mackenzie discuss the fact that Ryan can’t talk to Bentley about his jail stint.

“I can’t worry ’bout it too much,” he says. “There’s no fixin’ it!” 

Back at the bowling alley, Cheyenne’s dad Kyle—-not to be confused with Cheyenne’s sister R. WeSeriouslyStillWatchingThisShow—-starts to grill Matt on his feelings for Cheyenne and her co-parenting situation with Cory. During the conversation, Matt reveals that he loves Cheyenne.

“Y’all got that on camera, right?! That was practically a proposal!”

Kyle then forces Matt to give his definition of love and reminds him that Cheyenne is looking to get married and pop out some more Teen Mom OG stars kids. Matt says he knows, hence that whole Pinterest board nonsense. 

Next we head back to Cate and Tyler’s house as they gather around a cake to sing happy birthday to Carly—“the city girl,” as Cate’s dad calls her—all while Nova sits there still confused as to what’s happening. 

“Just go with it, kid… at least there’s cake.”

Later, Cate tells Tyler she wants to eventually get to a place where they can do something as a family for Carly’s birthday each year. Tyler says it will be interesting to see how Nova and Vaeda react to Carly when they’re older. He also admits they never really thought about how they would explain Carly’s adoption to their future children. Our suggestion: don’t sit them down to watch your MTV highlight reel. 

That’s it for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!’

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. I love these recaps so much, I barely watch the show. Whomever writes these ???????????? so witty, so funny without being crude ir dropping “F” bombs. I drink my morning coffee and just enjoy! Thank you so very much.

  2. I was really a Mackenzie supporter. I hated the way her husband treated her. But after what they BOTH did to their dog, they are both pieces of shit for what they did to their dog. Can’t believe they left their dog in a pen for a week DYING A SLOW DEATH while they went on vacation. You guys are major pieces of SHIT for that. Straight fucking assholes. Get them the fuck off the show.

  3. I find it disgustingly ironic that the person who runs this pathetic site & uses this platform to talk about each Teen Mom except for Cheyenne?!! You hillbilly up all of the ladies stories implying they live like trash & that they themselves are trash!! When it comes to Chey & Cory you keep it cutsie! Then it’s Leah, Mack, Maci, Amber & Catelynn with you saying they Are just these terrible moms who don’t cook or clean & their wild animal for children that play in their poop while clouds of smoke plume outdoors around production follow their lives?!! As I try to navigate your inability to spell or even write a decent story as
    HA-larious!!!! Such trash talking for what?!! A blog?!! Without help from anyone do you really want us to believe that YOU could film 18 hour days for 12 weeks on 1 week off filming with children & life going on around you all while keeping your home clean?!! Haha you clearly are delusional! Slandering these ladies with bigoted segregation & false allegations could bring you to the biggest lawsuit you have EVER seen!!I understand you are “entitled” to your 1st Amendment sweetie!! BUT, not when the Teen Mom & Teen Mom OG mama’s can prove the slander & shut your shit show down!! I took the time to type up the legal forms & sent them to each of their Management agencies with every slanderous & false comment youve made & I’m excited to see the outcomes!! BTW honey,they offer English & typing classes at your local high schools on Tuesdays & Thursdays!! (I recommend you take those classes) along with taking legal & media classes! I am embarassed for you!

  4. I actually used to like Cheyenne and the fact that her and Corey seem to coparent fair civilized (sure they disagree but at least they don’t fight around or are at each other’s throats around Ryder). But after watching Monday night’s episode where she attempted to drink wine while Matt babysat. I’m over her. If you want to go on an adult vacation, go with Matt and leave Ryder at home!!!!! I didn’t understand why they were taking her to wine country anyways, SHE’S 2!!!!!

  5. The birthday party thing IS creepy, and Cate and Ty need to get a reality check. THEY are the ones who ruined the relationship with B and T, by acting like majorly entitled brats. B and T have no obligation to accommodate them.

    1. Why is everyone making the little birthday party Catelyn and Tyler threw for Carley a bad thing? It’s not creepy. What else do you want them to do? They want to celebrate her birthday in some way, there really is no right way in these types of situations. The fact that you guys are trying to push this as being creepy, is creepy in and of itself.

  6. “I’m sure if Mr. and Mrs. Whitebread had known that they’d still be getting verbally trashed on TV a decade after meeting Cate and Ty, they’d have reconsidered the adoption.”

    Read that and burst out lashing! This is by far, the funniest recap I have read!!!

  7. “Amber suggests they allow Leah to get Instagram at age 12, but Gary is hesitant to agree to that. He points out that social media has greatly affected Amber’s life and he doesn’t want that happening to Leah. ”

    But yet, Gary refuses to acknowledge and get help for Leah’s panic attacks knowing how Amber’s panic attacks affected Amber’s life. Doesn’t he want panic attacks to not happen to Leah as well? What was his excuse of not seeking help for his daughters panic attacks again?

    Anyway, about Instagram, I don’t think Leah or any children of reality stars should have an Instagram ever or any other social media. There is no need for it and only invites trouble. Just say no to social media for all kids reality stars or not, under 18.

      1. Thank you.

        I knew it was something a long those lines Way to make your little girl feel ashamed of something so serious. Wow. There’s gotta be something illegal about denying your child mental health help.

        1. Not illegal unfortunately, just immoral. Having panic attacks and anxiety doesn’t make her crazy. And it makes him a bad father for saying that. If she winds up being like her mom when she gets older, she’ll see those segments and be like, “you called me crazy…SMACK” I hope he comes to his senses and her help BEFORE it gets to that point!!!

  8. “Rodeo fees” are not cheap. I can’t believe Mackenzie is paying these for her rodeo clown of a husband. I don’t think Mackenzie will boost the ratings. I always thought Teen Mom 2 got better ratings, anyways? Watching Cate and Tyler’s “open adaption” makes me think that it doesn’t work. Having that birthday cake every year is creepy. I think Cate and Tyler have some brain damage though that was passed down from Butch and Cate’s mother.

  9. Now that CBS and Viacom have merged yet again, maybe they will kill the Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG nonsense and get back to their roots with one or two seasons of real young folks with newborns and their lives in crisis with all the challenges that come with that. Get rid of these high paid loser, nearly 30 somethings. Come on ViacomCBS (the new name after today’s merger) give the MTV regulars the boot!!

  10. Here to agree with everyone that C&T are pathetic excuses for parents. I can hardly stand to watch their segments anymore.

    Related. Did anyone else notice and think that Nova is too young to be in that car seat?!

    1. At least she is in a car seat. They could “pull a Britney” and let her ride their laps!! And they do make car seats that grow as the child does, maybe they just haven’t extended it yet.

  11. Tyler and Catelyn are 2 sorry excuses of parents. They could have sent Carli a Visa Gift card or Target gift card for to toys and school supplies. They could have sent her money purchase stock each yr to give her for college tuition. Nope. They are gonna keep getting the half a million dollar checks from MTV by using Carli as a storyline but not think or care enough about her future to make sure she at least gets a portion of it. Seriously if,you didn’t know better you would thinks Carli was part of the cast as much as they talk about her. She should be getting a MTV check also. I hope Brandon and Teresa for some of the money since they keep talking about her. Then Tyler and Caitlyn will shut up real fast because they don’t wanna share. They have more houses and animals to buy.

    1. Carly is their BIOLOGICAL child. Of course they are going to talk about her. As well they should because when Carly gets old enough to watch the show she won’t just think they “made her and dumped her.” It will prove that they cared enough about her to GIVE HER A LIFE!!!! As far as the providing of the toys and school supplies are concerned that is HER FAMILY’S job, not theirs. And they only have the two horse which she and Nova use for bonding time!!!

      1. Brandon and Teresa need to sue Tyler and Catlyen for invading Carli’s right to privacy and making her a storyline for 10 yrs. All the other kids are getting paid,for being on the show but Carlo ain’t getting jack squat for her name,being said 100 times each episode. She’s had birthday parties that she wasn’t even in attendance to being filmed by MTV.

          1. These kids are 9 and 10 years old, trust funds typically aren’t allowed to be touched by the kid until they are 18. Does MTV really think that TMOG and TM2 are gonna last 8 more years (DOUBT IT)!!! I just hope some of these don’t get there hands on it. It would be gone in the blink of an eye!!!!

        1. What family do they have left? April and her husband live in their own dirty little pigpen, Kim and her husband live in there own house, Amber lives in Texas and I’m assuming that Butch is back in rehab. Who is left to live in those 3 houses?

  12. Why have a birthday cake for someone who isn’t even there?! Like seriously, in which universe is that okay?! Especially for a child they have NO RIGHT to?! Their delusional fans probably thought it was sweet and how Carly will come running back to then as soon as she is 18…yeah, I don’t think so!

    Mack is despicable. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but it’s important your mom lives because YOU need her so?! What about, I don’t know, HER because SHE wants to live and how heartbreaking it would be if she died?! It’s not about you, Mack, it was never about you, shut up!

    1. Did you ever stop and think that they wanted to celebrate her birthday because they love her (that is why they gave her up after all). They wanted her to have what they didn’t!! I think it’s commendable!!!! And what do you mean that they have NO RIGHTS, it’s called OPEN ADOPTION!!!

      And as far as Mack is concerned. It’s hard to NOT think of the things her would be missing out on if she loses her!!! It is perfectly understandable to be selfish in that aspect. Which you would get if you were in her shoes (I hope that NEVER happens because I HAVE and it sucks)

      What does A stand for anyway, A**HOLE??!!!

      1. Sure they love her, but they got a cake because despite having other children that live with them, they have no other storyline. It’s actually quite sad. I believe what A meant by “a child they have NO RIGHT to” is that Carly is a child that they have no legal rights to, as they signed away those rights when they gave her up for adoption.

        1. I feel like they just want to show people (including their children, ESPECIALLY Nova) that they had another child that they care about DESPITE the fact that she isn’t PHYSICALLY theirs anymore. And they obviously didn’t sign away ALL their rights, otherwise it would be a CLOSED adoption as opposed to an OPEN one!!!

          1. That may well be, and that’s fine.

            However, I don’t think you know how open adoptions work… They have NO rights, they have an agreement with the adoptive parents to keep in touch and get updates, but that agreement isn’t legally binding, and the adoptive parents can close the adoption at any point, for any reason.

          2. How is a contract that is SIGNED by both the biological parents and the adoptive parents(I watch them sign the document on the 16 and Pregnant episode) NOT legally binding???

        2. I feel like it is B&T’s fault that they haven’t had anything to do with her!!! It isn’t because C&T haven’t been trying. They contact B&T for a yearly visit (per their WRITTEN adoption agreement). But B&T come up with what I think are “lame ass excuses” to keep them away!!! C&T should get with Dawn (adoption counselor) and take them to court for Breech Of Contract.

      2. An open adoption doesn’t mean they have legal rights. It just means that they know each other’s names (i.e. not sealed/secret) and that they have an agreement (not legally binding) that the adoptive parents will let the biological parents have some form of contact with the child, but it’s 100% at the adoptive parents’ digression. It’s not some joint custody co-parenting thing.

          1. I’ll argue anything I want @SITDOWN!!! If you don’t like it tough, “it’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it”. So, either RESPECTFULLY disagree or sit down and shut up.

          2. Or, more likely, she’ll resent Catelynn and Tyler for blasting her name all over TV for money and attention, having “her” birthday parties for the camera while not even sending her a card, badmouthing the two parents that take care of her, and breaking all the promises they made when they gave her up (getting degrees and making something of themselves) and just laying around and having more kids.

          3. I think Carly’s parents are having/will have very in-depth conversations about the situation loong before she’s 18. I think there will be a short period of increased contact on Carly’s part when she’s 18, but I would bet little contact after that.

        1. That is your opinion and I respect it @MAGAN but I honestly believe that she will thank them because they prove that they still care/think about her. I may be wrong but who knows. And quite frankly, it doesn’t matter because to me it’s their lives/their business.

          1. If you think so, but I don’t see them proving it AT ALL. If they actually cared about her they would respect her parents’ rules so they could have a relationship with her. They care more about showing the rest of the world they “care” than actually showing Carly.

          2. I feel like in showing the rest of the world will, it will come full circle and get back to Carly. But like I said, that is JUST MY OPINION.

          3. They only care/think about her when the cameras are around. When Adoption Counselor Dawn asked them if they had been sending letters and presents lately they both said no.

            Also, Brandon and Theresa asked them to NOT talk about Carly or any conversations with B&T on camera and yet here they are, every week, yakking about Carly like she’s just in the next room. They gave her up to give her a better life – so let her live her better life and not have to be splashed all over TV.

        2. @Chicken Lips, we can’t make that judgment based on the fact that that’s ALL WE SEE. I’m sure there are private moments when they talk about her to. B&T didn’t ask them not to TALK about her on camera, they just didn’t want her image blasting on camera. I know B&T don’t have cameras around but I’m sure they put pictures of her on Facebook (as all parents do). But if B&T can’t “practice what they preach”, then why should they expect C&T to do it.

          1. I’m sorry, but are you honestly trying to compare her PARENTS putting pictures of her on their private Facebook accounts to Catelynn and Tyler showing pictures of the child they have NO legal rights to on NATIONAL TELEVISION?

            Brandon and Teresa can do whatever they please because THEY are Carly’s parents, not Catelynn and Tyler, and they have every right to set boundaries in regard to THEIR child.

          2. It’s not Cate and Tyler’s fault that the cameras feel a need to show the picture. And the last few times Carly has been blurred. But your right, Brandon and Theresa are her parents now.

    2. Lololol! Think about how Nova,is processing that craziness. She is growing up in the shadows of a memory. Children think concrete. If they don’t see you you don’t exist or you went away. They keep talking about someone that doesn’t exist in Novas world. She will remeber them parties for an imaginary sister.

      1. She met her once and she is about to meet her again. IF B&T let it happen like they say!!!!! They were supposed to meet up last year but like a week before they were planning to meet up T called C and was like “this just isn’t a good time for us” Oh bull, they just want Carly all to themselves (the selfish bastards)!!

  13. I saw three thing ready to snap at any moment. Cate’s horses back, the couch where Andrew was sitting and Gary’s lazyboy. Prove me wrong.

  14. I feel bad for Cheyenne. She is a great mother and has a heart of gold. She has more class than any of these other teen moms. I think her new boyfriend just doesn’t take their relationship as seriously as she does. She deserves a man who will treat her like a Queen.

  15. Oopsie Baby Brigade, menagerie of feral children.,. Lmfao. Hysterical. Laughed my way through this whole article, thanks Ashley ?

  16. TM was the worst thing to happen to Cate and Tyler. If they didn’t have the easy money, they would probably be grateful about Bn’T adopting Carly. If not for the show, Tyler probably would have joined the Air Force which he was considering. Doubt they would have stayed together. As for Cate, either she would have been able to overcome her upbringing because she wasn’t a teen mom or she’d be a poor hot mess, but both Cate and Carly were better off with the adoption.

    I haven’t watched the show in awhile – have they even received associates degrees?! They’re so frustrating. Even Leah seems to have made some strides in her life (a job or school would be pushing it, but at least she seems less pathetic).

    1. I agree, I think Cate and Tyler have a problem with hindsight. Had they known the show was going to be as successful as it has been, they probably feel like they would have kept Carly…but with that said, had it not been for their adoption story, they probably wouldn’t have made it on 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom. They need to stop with the woulda coulda shoulda, because I really think that if they kept Carly, they would ALL be stuck in the situation they were trying to prevent when they decided to put her up for adoption.

  17. I think if Cate and Ty were never on Teen Mom, they would get their yearly visit and have a better relationship with Brandon and Theresa. It’s when they ( mainly Tyler) made a fit about putting Carly’s face on social media the relationship went sour. Tyler was on a power trip because now he has money and is a “star” on a reality show with hundreds of ignorant followers. The same followers who tell him that B&T need to return Carly as if she’s a car they borrowed. The same followers who called Brandon’s office and left death threats. If you go to Cate or Ty’s IG right now, those idiots are still on there talking about how in 8 years Carly will come back tot them and leave those people who have been holding her captive. It’s really mind blowing how many people think Brandon and Theresa are evil. If Cate and Tyler would have continued to be mature about the adoption it would have had a different outcome, but they let the show get to them and have made it really hard for B&T to be in their corner.

    1. Wow! That is insane, no wonder they want to keep their distance! I agree, mainly Tyler and his tantrums are responsible for the strain in their relationship as well as the internet and other attacks.

  18. I really hope that Carly isn’t recognized or her parents by peers as she gets older. How cate and Tyler use the adoption storyline to this day and continue to be upset that Brandon and Teresa are being parents and protecting Carly really bothers me . That poor girl I hope she can have a normal life. To find out that cate and Tyler don’t send cards or gifts well no wonder you don’t get your yearly visit for the cameras . And I know Tyler put photos up after they requested he not. If they actually showed interest all the time I’m sure they could see her but I can only imagine the pain she feels once she’s forgotten for a whole year

    1. Carly doesnt even really know these two people. Tyler and Caitlyn know,Carly is their only link to Teen Mom. If they they tie her into every episode the will probably,be dropped from the cast. For a long time they didnt,even have any kids. Carly was their storyline. Nova and Vida are kids born in wedlock to adult parents. The situation isn’t raggedy enough for teen mom.

      1. I think a big part of their storyline was also their upbringing and the struggles of being raised by Butch and April. That was ultimately what led them to place Carly up for adoption in the first place, aside from them being young with nothing, they were also living in a hectic and abusive environment. That being said, it is really awful of Cate and Ty to constantly put Brandon and Teresa down for doing what is best for Carly. I think Brandon and Teresa wouldn’t be so upset if they went about speaking about Carly in a different, more positive way. For example, they could share what Carly is interested in or what grade school she is entering into etc etc instead of whining about how they can’t see her or use her as their storyline for the show. But then again, they have admitted that they don’t even know what she likes and that is the reason they have not sent her any gifts or cards. It is really sad that they view themselves as victims in everything and it also shows a major lack of maturity.

      2. I feel like that is Brandon and Theresa’s faults. The fact that they won’t be known to this isn’t because of Cate and Tyler’s lack of trying!!! They have attempted to see her every year (per the WRITTEN adoption agreement) but B and T keep coming up with what I think are “lame ass excuses” to keep them away. If I were Cate and Ty, I would get with Dawn (the adoption counselor) and see if they could take them to court for Breech Of Contract because keeping them away from this child will only serve THEM in the end!!!! Carly will likely grow up and resent them for that.

        1. they arent lame excuses. They asked that Carly be sheltered from the public eye, which any parent would want, and they did not respect that. They have both said inappropriate things about B&T and painted them like they stole the kid and wont give her back. If Cate and Ty wanted a relationship with Carly they needed to be respectful of her parents. THey have not done that at all.

          1. The camera don’t have to be there!! They can meet somewhere neutral WITHOUT the cameras . Just B&T, Carly, C&T, Nova and Vaeda. But B&T choose to not to do that because THEY ARE ASSHOLES!!! C&T respected that B&T didn’t want her in the public eye when they agreed to blur her face at their wedding. And furthermore, MTV respects that cameras aren’t allowed in courtroom or when Amber got her 1 year sobriety chip.

    2. I couldn’t believe hearing when they said they hadn’t sent anything to her. Like… what ELSE do you have to spend your time on? You seriously couldn’t send a fucking present to the child you claim you need to see so badly? Absolute bullshit.

      1. Last night’s episode more proof of their selfishness. Catelynn complaining about not wanting to go to the zoo for Carly’s visit. Seriously!!! The daughter you claim to love and miss so much is finally coming down for a visit and you want to get huffy about the location. Brandon and Teresa probably suggested the zoo because Carly wants to check it out.

        1. Plus, it would sort of serve as an ice breaker for the awkward situation involving children. Their combined love for animals could be something for them to bond over and develop a better relationship. I thought it was a great idea, but Cate can’t handle it because she “isn’t bringing a 4 month old to the zoo”. I really don’t understand her. Does that mean poor little Nova doesn’t get to go places because they can’t handle a 4 month old outside of the house or a park? Or is it just Cate’s way or no way but complain?

          1. Dont piss off Cate or she will leave again and go back to therapy. Its like she is holding everybody as an emotional hostage and they have to walk on eggshells.

        2. @Jill, Cate got huffy about the location because it was too public and she wouldn’t be able to get 1 on 1 time with Carly. The opportunity only arises once a year (if T okays it).

          If Carly wants to check out the zoo so bad, let that precious Mama and Daddy (that everyone seems like so much) take her on there own time. But I don’t know that’s it all!!! The problem is the fact that T wants to call the shots and doesn’t want ANYONE ELSE to have a say!!!

  19. I really think Cate and Tyler thought that open adoption meant that B&T were just going to just babysit Carly for the 1st 18 years of her life, and during that time they would be able to see her whenever they wanted. I get it’s hard and they shouldn’t forget about her, but this singing happy birthday into the air is really weird and confusing for everyone…Poor Nova could not process what was going on, her face said it all.

    Aside from her moms cancer, McKee’s storyline is so fake. All the years before her appearance on the show their marriage was “rock solid”, but now that the crew is around, Josh just randomly starts cheating, and she randomly get a phone call from a random wife? OK.

    How cute was Jayde when she said she wanted to be a farmer in that baby voice?? Adorbs. All of Maci’s kids are so cute…I really wanna know what happened to Rhines tooth though…

  20. Cate and Tyler need help. It’s been ten years. To our knowledge Brandon and Teresa have provided Carly a stable home (without drugs, butch and trauma) which is way more than they ever did for the kid. Why don’t they blame adoption counselor dawn for her hand in filling their heads with half truths about adoption? You have two girls and your own lives now let Carly be and reconnect when she’s 18 if she chooses to. The whole cake and party is weird. Let it go.

    Mackenzie McKee is a mess. Her kids are wild and dirty her house is dirty her dog was mistreated. The rodeo groupies are commonly referred to as “buckle bunnies” where I’m from. Yes it’s a real thing. I don’t care enough about her story to watch it. I really tried to like her but I just can’t. Her poor mother I feel so bad watching her live with such a terrible heartbreaking disease.

    I don’t have anything to say about Cheyenne.

    Amber’s couch looks tired. Gary is still one of the best fathers on this franchise.

    Maci is maybe keeping Bentley busy so he stays out of trouble. These kids grow up fast and with his parole model of a dad it’s easy to see why she’d want to focus his attention on sports instead.

    1. Catelynn and Tyler are so rude with regard to Brandon and Theresa. That’s their legal child and they have a right to do what they believe to be in the child’s best interest. As far as we know, they have done that, regardless of Catelynn and Tyler’s pettiness, lack of empathy, and lack of compromise.

      Also, Mackenzie doesn’t seem to be the brightest crayon in the box from these recaps. I hope they focus more on her mom.

    2. Why is Mack even on the show? It is very strange that she is thrown in mid season for seemingly no reason. And then to make herself the victim with her mother’s illness instead of being there for her is unbelievable. I have had very close loved ones in similar situations and the last thing they need is a guilt trip over something that no one has control over. Just be there to love and support them. Try to make things the best you can. Of course you have those feelings and of course you never want to lose a loved one, but the way she shared them with her mom made her sound like a spoiled, self-centered bitch. And like someone else mentioned, Mack was pissed when Bri was picked over her for TM2 stating that MTV only passed on her because she has a solid marriage and all her kids are from one father and all MTV wants is drama. But now suddenly Josh is out rodeo clowning around? Give me a break!! I am hoping that with the steady decline of ratings that this shit show is on its way out.

    3. I agree with the way B&T are doing things physically. But mentally and emotionally, I think Carly needs to have SOME KIND of contact with her (phone calls, letters, texts, etc). After all, if it weren’t for C&T, B&T wouldn’t have her!!

      And Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs aren’t dirty in the aspect of neglect. Yes they are wild, and sometimes wild children get dirty. It’s called COUNTRY LIVING!!! Any respectable parent wouldn’t want their child(ren) to be inside all the time watching tv or playing on iPads. That’s why we have so much trouble in the world today. People are too busy isolating their child(ren) as opposed to getting them outside to climb trees or experiencing nature in some way!!!

      1. B&T don’t owe C&T anything. B&T tried for years to allow contact but C&T were constantly disrespecting their boundaries and crossing lines so for their family and frankly their safety they cut out contact I don’t blame them. C&T have had ten years to fly right they decided not to. Blames on them 100% not on B&T at all.
        Raising kids in a rural country setting is different than just having dirty kids. Nova is constantly out with farm animals so it’s expected for her to be messy. But McKenzie lives in the city her kids have a yard to play in. They seem unkempt and out of control. That cannot be blamed on “country living”

        1. Nova doesn’t get dirty because she doesn’t like baths. And last I checked, yards had trees that children can climb and I’m sure they dig around in any mud holes they can find. But I don’t think Mackenzie’s kids are dirty at all. KIDS WILL BE KIDS

          That is what is wrong with this site, people are constantly pointing out the bad things a person does but they don’t acknowledge the good. Nobody is 100% good or 100% bad. People are imperfect, that’s what makes us human.

          If B&T don’t feel like they should be decent to people that gave them their daughter, then maybe they should just close the adoption. But they won’t because quite frankly I think they like the back and forth attention (even though it is negative for them).

          1. Oh bull. You bet your ass if mtv called and scheduled a filming session my house would be clean and My kids would be clean and their hair brushed. I have 3 kids around her kids ages. You can make excuses all day long but photos and videos don’t lie.

            I praise good actions on here all the time. Chelsea for example is praised more often than not because her kids home and animals are all well taken care of.

            I don’t believe b&t want to take away contact I believe they just want C&T to follow their boundaries it’s not rocket science.

        2. @KLIZZLELEE, the film crew tells them act normal because it’s “reality” tv. Chelsea is OCD, she can’t stand a dirty house. Not everyone is a clean freak like her. I don’t spend every waking moment making sure everything is spotless. And I wouldn’t either, not for ANYBODY!! I’m me, “take me as I am or not at all”.

          1. Catelyn is OCD too but instead of being obsessive about positive thing like being clean she constantly bites her nails, animal hoards,eats fajitas,and junk,compulsively smokes weed and cigarettes,obsesseivly focus on a kid that’s with them while ignoring the kid that has to scream to get attention and lies about having any career ambition.

  21. It really bothers me how Cate and Tyler talk about Brandon and Theresa. Those people saved Carly from having a shitshow of a life and having Cate as a mother!
    They are the most ungrateful, uneducated, idiots I think i’ve ever seen on tv. They should be grateful that their daughter is loved, clean and taken care of by two people who are capable of looking after her.
    Instead, Cate spends all her time trying to get away from her kids, and complaining about her life, rather than getting off her ass and doing something with her life.

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