Chris Lopez Says Kail Lowry Thinks She’s “Too Good” For Her Kids to Be On His Medicaid; Kail Says Chris Is Jobless By Choice & Shouldn’t Receive State Benefits

Chris will fit in nicely on this show if he’s jobless…

Days after Kail Lowry publicly accused her third baby daddy Chris Lopez of refusing to pay his portion of their sons Lux and Creed’s medical expenses, Chris is striking back, taking to Instagram and his podcast to address Kail’s claims and tell his side of the story. In response to Chris’ response (got all that?) Kail has exposed that Chris is jobless by choice and that she doesn’t approve of him milking the system for benefits because he doesn’t want to work.

As The Ashley previously reported, Kail blasted Chris earlier this week on Instagram, telling her followers that Chris left for vacation in Miami before taking care of some financial obligations he had toward their kids. Last week on her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley she doesn’t have a relationship with Chris at all, and that the two “don’t communicate whatsoever.” 

The current battle between Kail and Chris appears to have started after an episode of Chris’ P.T.S.D. podcast went live on October 18. During that podcast, Chris talked about his co-parenting situation with Kail, stating that he was ready to block Kail from contacting him.

“If you need something, email me. If it’s financial, request on Cash app,” Chris said. “That’s where I got to…at this point, it’s like, I deal with you because I got to…I am trying to avoid you.”

Kail then proceeded to do exactly what Chris requested— email him and request money from him on Cash app— much to Chris’ dismay, apparently. (Kail later posted the rejected money requests on her Instagram Stories.)

“I think the last five or six text messages that I sent, obviously about the kids, have not been respond[ed] to, just read,” Kail told Lindsie on her podcast. 

This week, Chris decided to use his own podcast to shut down what Kail said about him on her podcast (as you do).

“If you’re gonna tell a story, tell the whole story,” Chris said on the P.T.S.D podcast. “You can’t tell a story and only tell the part that makes the other person look bad. Tell everything.”

To be fair, Kail didn’t have to do anything to make Chris look bad here…

He claimed that Kail failed to tell her followers that he does, indeed, have an insurance plan for the kids (well…one of them), but that Kail denied it when he “offered to help.”

“You can’t get on this Internet and do all of that when I’m offering to help you,” Chris said, adding that Kail wanted him to pay the copays for the insurance she has on the kids. “I don’t see why I need to come out of pocket when I have something that I don’t need to come out of pocket for…me and my mother explained that to you and you argued about it.”

According to Chris, he only has health insurance on Lux because Kail “won’t allow me to get it for Creed. And I’ve offered. And you denied it, so you can’t get on this Internet and do all that when I’m offering to help you.” 

“Oh yeah? You just watch me!”

On the podcast’s Instagram Stories, Chris stated that the insurance he has for the kids is Medicaid, which he hinted Kail doesn’t want her kids on.

“When you to[o] good for Medicaid is on you, or affordable coverage,” he wrote. “Don’t want it, then you pay for it.” 

“Medical coverage, even if it’s Medicaid is MEDICAL COVERAGE,” he added. “But when you to[o] good and mighty.”

“I’m to the point, though, where I’m just tired of talking about my personal life,” Chris said on the podcast. “…the drama of [Kail] posting our stuff on the Internet…it’s all on Instagram and everything and now everybody knows and they’re attacking me.”

Chris assured everyone that he did, indeed, get the messages that Kail showed he denied. 

Describe the current state of your co-parenting situation with Chris…

“We grown…people too grown to be doing what you’re doing at this point,” he added. “This is our business, these people don’t matter. Stop doing this s**t for the Internet because these people don’t matter! You’re only hurting your son, you’re only hurting us!”

Kail didn’t listen to Chris’ request to keep their business of the Internet (which came, naturally, on the Internet). On Thursday’s episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail addressed the situation at length and revealed why she doesn’t want Chris using Medicaid for their kids.

“He doesn’t make what I make, and that excuse isn’t valid to me because Jo [Rivera] doesn’t make what I make. Javi [Marroquin] doesn’t make what I make. And let’s not forget about the fact that Chris has a Bachelor’s degree. Javi and Jo do not have degrees.

“Big Papi holds it down, with or without a degree. WaWa in five?”

“And Chris chooses to not work at all,” she continued. “He doesn’t carry a job at all, but the other two do. Not only do they have 50/50 custody, but Javi and I split finances down to 50/50 for [our son’s] lunch money. And Javi doesn’t make what I make. But he doesn’t question it, doesn’t second guess it.

“[Chris] literally chooses not to work. Last I knew he was living at home– he’s 27 years old— living at home with his mom, collecting EBT (which is food stamps) and state insurance.

Chris also collects unflattering hats, apparently…

“By choice, because he’s choosing not to work,” Kail continued. “So in my opinion, that’s not fair and you don’t get to take that away from someone who actually needs it and is working and is trying to make ends’ meet.”

We’ll like have to wait until Chris’ next podcast episode to hear his response. 

While Chris doesn’t have a traditional job, he did sign a ‘Teen Mom 2’ contract earlier this year. However, since Kail has been refusing to film for the past few months, it’s unknown if Chris will still appear on the next season of the show. (As The Ashley has reported in the past, if the principle cast member, i.e. Kail, doesn’t film, none of her supporting cast members do either. However, rules may have changed for the recent season.) If Chris doesn’t appear on the show, he will not make any money.

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  1. Just to be completely practical here, somewhere else Kail stated she paid 600+ for one kid for insurance. That is some pretty nice insurance. Why does she have 100.00 copays on these doctor visits? With most insurance, a 100.00 copay would be for major surgery. The doctor visit copay should be about 20 or maybe 40. Split that in half and homeboy should be able to cover that with his walking money. Something isn’t adding up here.

  2. I’m not a Kail fan, but the fact that so many of ya’ll are taking Chris’s side is baffling to me!

    Kail was on government assistance, she has never acted like she’s better than having to use the system. But she did what you’re supposed to do, and used it to get back on her feet and then stopped using it.

    Chris could get a job and help pay for these babies, but he doesn’t want to.

    She asked this man for FIFTY DOLLARS, and he declined. You don’t have $50 to help pay your child’s medical, but you can dart off to Miami for a vaca?!?

    Oh, and if this was a female pulling this shit, abusing the system because they don’t want to work, ya’ll would be dragging her ass through the mud.

    But ya’ll are so blinded by your dislike for Kail, that SOMEHOW she’s in the wrong.

  3. I agree will Kail here. State insurance doesn’t cover everything and isn’t accepted at all places. I’m surprised Chris can even get Medicaid for the kids. In my state if one of the parents has access to affordable healthcare than they are supposed to pay for
    it and do not qualify for state insurance.

  4. Just have to add, if y’all would get actual jobs, you wouldn’t have the time to waste on this petty crap. Get an actual job—not paid by MTV, or sponsorships for your ridiculous podcasts or IG posts or whatever.

    Real single parents, working 40-50 hours a week don’t have time to nitpick (publicly) their children’s other parent. Y’all have too much time on y’all’s hands.

  5. I am Team Kail on this one. Imagine the garbage she should catch if she took Lux or Creed to the doctor and showed proof of insurance as Medicaid? The shit storm would fall only on Kail. Now, if Chris wants to get Marketplace insurance (ObamaCare—lower cost insurance for those who can’t get insurance through their employer), awesome.

    As for the lack of communication between Chris and Kail—both y’all need to grow up. Put aside the pettiness and make the kids the priority. They are the ones being hurt here. For all of her flaws, Kail really does love her kids and tries to be a solid parent to them. Granted, she probably should have done a better job screening Chris before procreating with him, but there are now two very innocent human being who are suffering, and will continue to suffer, until you two get it together and behave like adults. Stop blocking contact, stop offering opinions on the other’s life for anything other than that which directly impacts your children. Stop putting each other on blast on the internet. Your kids will be able to see this one day!!!

    Do better for them. Be better, for them.

    1. Plus you can be limited on who you take the kids to as most doctors only allow so many Medicaid patients. There is no reason for a grown man to not have a job, but she chose him for 2 babies. Neither of them make any sense.

    2. Chris prob has marketplace insurance actually.. there’s no way he would be able to put kails kids on any actual Medicaid without marketplace.. Medicaid would expect both parents pay stubs and there’s no way kails kids would qualify. What is actually happening here is he prob signed up for marketplace Insurance with some small paying job at some point and was green lighted into the free medical plan under Obamacare.. it’s a loop hole. I can tell you regular Medicaid wouldn’t be approved, due to kail income alone..

  6. Chris is in the same place where you met him. Then choose to make 2 babies. Cheated on Javi with him. Asked and put out that Chris wouldn’t give her money on the same day he left for vacation. Kail says he doesn’t have a job but isn’t he on TM now? Kails a b and always will be. Javi doesn’t say anything cause Kails putting out for him now.

  7. Thank God for “this internet” so we can all know that Chris is on medicaid. This is absolutely no one’s business and should be kept between these two morons and their families.

    Why are people so desperate to have zero privacy these days?

    1. I don’t know if I side with either of them on this.

      In CT do you need the other parent to add Creed to Medicaid, in my state you only need the qualifying party. Unless he’s such a deadbeat he doesn’t have required docs like a birth certificate, which given this guy is totally possible.

      But it he has Medicaid and she’s purposely choosing providers who don’t take the coverage and an alternative provider is available then I say that’s on her.

      Also, does their custody agreement not cover this? It’s pretty standard to have if both or one parent is responsible for providing health insurance and the % split on remaining balances. If he’s not holding up his side file a court complaint no need to argue on social.

      Kail just loves the drama and Chris is a mess too, she shouldn’t have had kids with him period but now she’s sleep in the bed she made.

  8. This bitch can’t do it with a college degree, and an able body, he’s just a piece of shit. He would rather sit on his ass and let y’all take care of his kids needs. No pride, no conscience, no worries. He’ll probably raise more pieces of shit with the world owes me attitudes.
    Pony up and pay for their needs yourself Kail. It’s the price you pay for fucking a dead beat, and not using protection, not once but twice. Stupid is as stupid does, stupid.

  9. Who is listening to these podcasts besides The Ashley?? God I rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than to sit through 45 mins listening to these idiots.

  10. Kail is all about control. Yet she opted to continue to have more than one child with someone who vocalize he didn’t want her or even the kid(s).

    She knew he was jobless and Medicaid was most likely the only option for him. Plenty of people that have degrees don’t have good jobs and medical insurance through work for *family* is crazy expensive even with a good paying job. So then Chris signs with MTV to make more money, what she’s bitching about, THEN Kail refuses to film? Kind of screwing Chris out of money?

    Girl, which is it? You want him to make more money and participate in bill/medical expenses? Or you just want to hurt him because he hurt you by hooking up with someone else. Also I love how Kail will be positive about Javi and Jo when she’s trashing Chris, but it was about a week ago she trash talked all of them.

    Chris may be a scrub, but Kail is a controlling narcissist who makes way more money than she should for being a bully.

  11. Joblessness. Kids on Medicaid. Child support issues ALWAYS being litigated in public. All with obviously no regard for poor Lux and Creed — who’ll grow up and read this stuff one day.

    I swear, some folks just need to STOP all the senseless “booty calling” b.s. that put innocent kids right smack in the middle of it all.

  12. Fucking Kail.
    Her way or the highway.
    Chris signs a contract. Kail refuses to film.
    Kail has a go at Chris for not having paid employment. Yet she’s an obstacle right now.
    Kail demands Chris pay for medical bills.
    Chris offers Medicaid. Kail refuses.


    I love that he gets under her skin so bad though 😂
    She’s met her match.

    1. You can tell she’s raging, no one who was really over their ex, or just a decent co-parent, who put thier kid’s dad on blast in public like that.

      And Kail being a snob about Medicaid? I’m sure she’ll have to consider it when TM ends. Issac and Lincoln will probably be covered by thier father’s, but half of her kids are by Chris. She has no idea how hard finding a decent well paying job is because she’s been spoiled by her MTV “job”.

      Almost all of these ladies are painfully stunted.

    1. Exactly. I remember thinking when Javi originally came on the scene that A) He looked like a lost little Monchhichi, and B) Kail was only marrying him for his benefits. I swear one whole season that’s ALL she talked about with him and about him.

    2. She also lived in a homeless shelter with Isaac for a period of time so she could qualify for housing assistance. Then she lived in an income-based apartment when she moved out of the shelter. She used public assistance to fill the gaps before the MTV money started rolling in, and before she married Javi.

      Chris should have a job, and he shouldn’t be sponging off his mother when he’s 27, has a degree, and about to have kid #3, I agree with Kail on that. And the government shouldn’t be indefinitely supporting someone who is capable of working. Though a degree doesn’t guarantee a job, especially not knowing what field his degree is in, but regardless…he could have some type of job. Above everything though, she was fine with sleeping with him and creating two kids with him, even knowing he was unemployed and living with his mother. You reap what you sow.

      1. McDonald’s is hiring. $18 an hour too, in some places.

        There are jobs open. He just doesn’t want to work. Thats why he finally signed on to MTV. Its an income that requires very little work.

        Idk but the new income will totally mess with his Medicaid and food stamps.

      2. She did not live in a homeless shelter with Isaac. He was well taken care of at Jo’s parents house. SHE did the homeless shelter thing. To get government assistance.

  13. Why is everyone giving Kail & Leah hell for dating a black man? I see so much hate on these sites about kail and Leah and their choice in men. #Metoo #POC #BLM

      1. Right? The only thing I’ve seen people saying about Leah’s new man is that he’s overqualified for the job. I haven’t seen anything negative about him. He is the most successful and well educated man to ever get roped into this Teen Mom web.

  14. I can see Kail’s point.

    And it makes me mad, and then I realize that he was already a deadbeat loser with no job living in his mom’s basement and she choose to have a second child with him.

    Consequences mean actions, actions mean consequences.

  15. Only the poorest of the poor get Medicaid which is paid for by taxpayers. Do they deserve it? Able bodied people like Chris should work.

    Doctors are now refusing to take Medicaid. They should refuse the able bodied.

    Going to be bad when no doctors will take it.

    Generational welfare is for parasites except for the very few who really qualify.

    Chris, man up and get a job. Show respect for yourself. Be a role model for your kids, not a loser!

    1. Chris is an able bodied man who could work, but Lux isn’t. Part of the reason why Medicaid exists is so that children who have deadbeat parents can still go to the doctor. You’re able to get your child on Medicaid even if you are not covered by Medicaid yourself.

      For example, my now husband and I were not married when our son was born. I was covered under my parents’ medical insurance plan but it would not cover a child-dependent’s pregnancy end it wouldn’t cover grandkids of the insured. My husband’s job didn’t offer medical insurance even though he worked 10 hours a day, M-Sa. This was back when companies didn’t *have* to offer insurance benefits.

      So I applied for Medicaid just to cover myself for prenatal care and the birth and then I went back to using my parent’s insurance for regular medical stuff like check ups and illnesses. Our son was on Medicaid for the first few years of his life until his dad got a job that offered family insurance. So even if Chris himself doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, his kids still could.

  16. I’m team Kail on this one. As much money and access her kids have to good health care, leave that Medicaid spot open for someone who truly needs it. One of the things I hate most is when people abuse the system.

  17. OMG, you’re making me agree with KAIL! The government should never pay for Medicaid for able-bodied people. Help supplement people who can’t make enough to afford insurance, yes. But stay-home-on-the-couch losers?? Nah.

    However, Kail chose Chris to father TWO of her kids. Unless she’s gonna take him to court and get a child support tab started, she has to PAY UP. That’s what being the Boss Bit*h is all about— paying your own money to clean up your own messes!

  18. She wasn’t worried about them food stamps when she was laid up fûcking him in his mamas house. Trifling asś bîtch. She is such trash. She knew who he was when she laid down with him and made them two kids and now she wants to “expose him” FOH

  19. Why should the taxpayers who are already getting raped by our own Federal Govt be on the hook for this pig’s kids? Let alone her deadbeat dirtbag ex-boyfriend.

  20. If Kail has primary custody, how in the hell would her kids even qualify for Medicaid? That is insurance for low-income households. This needs to be investigated. This is BS! She makes hundreds of thousands a year. Her children should NOT be on Medicaid. From what I understand, Lux is in it…. This is sickening. She needs to get him off the Medicaid program & he needs to step up and stop being a dead beat.

  21. The kids would never qualify for Medicaid because he would have to include some form of her income to sign them up. Like women who sign up and HAVE to show they are getting child support. Or the assistance office will go after them. You have to have all forms of parental support.

    1. Agree that they should not be on Medicaid and neither should lazy ass Chris …. but you wanted him Kailyn and you still do!

    2. Not necessarily. Kail is saying Chris is jobless (and assuming he hasn’t been paid for any filming yet), so to qualify for Medicaid he would only have to prove his income. They were never married or filed income together, or even shared property – their finances are not entwined like in a legal marriage.

      Kail and Chris do not have any formal child support or custody agreement I imagine, or this would have been specified in court. In Texas, the higher income earner usually covers the medical insurance for the children. If both partners are equal income and lifestyle, then usually it will fall on whichever parent doesn’t have prime custody/majority of the visitation time because medical expenses are considered part of child support.

      Once Chris does come into some money he needs to the the legal route with her. I imagine he’s not excited to pay child support, but having a court ordered agreement is the only way he can protect himself. Hell, he can straight up tell the court he doesn’t even want custody, but he’s willing to cover them on Medicaid under him and pay X amount in support. But both are scared of what might be discovered in court.

  22. Seems like as soon as it was crystal clear that they were never ever ever getting back together, she is holding NOTHING back!

    And now that he is finding out how much he likes MTV, $, and making her really miserable, he is also choosing putting it all on Front Street above having CLASS and what his poor children are going to have to see on the internet forever.

    You BOTH suck so much. I hope the $$ is worth it. And please, stop any future crying about how you want privacy.


      That is you, Chris. Man up and get a job and insurance you pay for.

      No respect for a little man like you are!

    2. She talking alot of jazz when all u do is make babies and film a reality show? Thank God for MTV otherwise I’m sure with all your babies you would hv some type of assistance. Can’t wait until its canceled and SHE HAS TO GET A REAL JOB!! GTFOH

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