Baby Daddy Drama! Kail Lowry Accuses Chris Lopez of Not Paying Their Kids’ Medical Bills; Says She Dislikes Jo Rivera More Now Than Ever & Claims Javi Marroquin Throws Tantrums

Well, Kail IS always right…

Kail Lowry is truly living up to her “Kail and the Chaos” nickname, revealing recently that she hates one of her baby daddies more than ever, isn’t speaking to another, and is calling out the third for allegedly throwing temper tantrums during drop-offs. 


The Teen Mom 2 star has been quite vocal this week regarding her relationships— or lack thereof— with her three baby daddies: Jo Rivera (father of Isaac); Javi Marroquin (father of Lincoln) and Chris Lopez (father of Lux and Creed).

We’ll do our best to breakdown the latest baby daddy drama going down with Kail & Co. below, beginning with Kail’s complicated– and historically tumultuous– relationship with Chris Lopez, the father of Kail’s youngest sons, Lux and Creed. 

” …from bad to worse.”

Last week on her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley she doesn’t have a relationship with Chris at all, and that the two “don’t communicate whatsoever.” 

“I think the last five or six text messages that I sent, obviously about the kids, have not been respond[ed] to, just read,” Kail told Lindsie. 

“Sorry, wrong number.”

Fast forward to Monday, Kail took to her Instagram Story, calling out a certain someone for jetting off to Miami without first taking care of the “financial obligations to their children.” (Chris just happens to be in Miami with his “toasty” podcast co-host, Bread.)

 In the video– reposted by @teenmomshaderoom_ on Instagram– Kail claimed that just because she has the money, she shouldn’t be expected to cover expenses for her kids by herself.

“ … As a parent, if you’re planning on going out, make sure that your kids are taken care of first,” Kail said at the end of her rant, while polling followers on whether they agree or disagree with her statement. 

She went on to post a series of screenshots confirming the rant was directed at Chris. In the first screenshot, Kail sent a $50 request to Chris “for Creed doctor + chest xrays”; in a follow-up screenshot, the app notified Kail that Chris “has rejected too many previous requests,” and suggested Chris send her cash instead.

Kail then posted two additional screenshots of texts she allegedly sent to Chris regarding “the kids’ medical bills.” 

In response to Kail’s podcast comments about her co-parenting relationship with Chris, Lindsie suggested it would take time for the exes to get to a place where they can effectively communicate with one another. Kail, however, didn’t seem convinced based on how her relationship is going with Jo Rivera. 

“I don’t know … but I like, dislike Jo more now than I ever did,” she revealed. 

Raise your hand if you’re neither surprised, nor bothered by this news.

Despite Kail claiming her co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin–– the father of her second son, Lincoln–– was “good” at the moment, it didn’t keep Javi safe from the baby daddy dragging on Kail’s podcast last week. 

While discussing the complications of co-parenting, Kail said Javi “is notorious” for making waves when it comes to drops-offs for their son, noting she’s only allowed to communicate with Javi through email. She then opened up about an incident in which Javi became angry during a scheduled drop-off because she was six minutes late meeting him with Lincoln. 

“How ya gonna disrespect Big Papi like that?”

“It’s 5:06,” Kail claimed Javi emailed her at the time. “I expect Lincoln here.” 

Kail told Lindsie she still had the email and would post it “just because Javi and I are fine right now.” 

“I’m going to post it while we’re good,” she said. “And he’s going to kill me. He listens to our podcast, so he’s going to kill me when this all comes out.” 

“I’m angry…might text you for some angry WaWa sex later…”

(Kail and Lindsie later joked about Javi’s alleged email in the comment section of one of Kail’s Instagram posts.)  

Kail went on to admit she hasn’t been responding to Javi’s emails, comparing him to a child throwing a temper tantrum. She explained that until recently, she would engage in the email convos, but they only resulted in she and Javi arguing. 

Last month, Kail and Javi appeared to be at odds once again, just months after the two joined forces on Instagram Live to slam Lauren Comeau, the mother of Javi’s youngest son, Eli. 

Still, Kail made a point to post a photo to Instagram of herself with Lincoln and Javi, showing that they are still united front when it comes to their son Lincoln.

“On @coffeeconvospodcast I talked about this picture. It was important to me to get a shot of the 3 of us for @lincmarroquin because I want him to always know that no matter how much Javi & I go through off the field, we turn the bulls**t off when it comes to him,” Kail captioned the photo. “I think we’ve done a damn good job running our team this season & I cannot wait to see what we do next season!”


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While Javi and Jo have yet to respond to the comments Kail made on her podcast, Chris  has been on a retweet spree, with many statements seemingly directed at Kail, and he has also posted a few tweets of his own. 

“Y’all can have this internet shit we ain’t clearing s**t up,” he wrote on Monday. 

Chris later shared a quote about toxic people who spread misinformation.

“Sometimes when ppl can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you,” he added. 

On Tuesday, Chris added, “They never tell the whole story…just the parts that make you look bad.”

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54 Responses

  1. See right here. Her story about Javi. She tells her listeners about their heated email exchange and then says Javi will be mad I’m talking about it. THEN DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. She purposely does these things knowing it’s going to be a bigger problem later, does them anyway, and then still runs her mouth when they get mad at her for doing it. She creates her own messy situations all the time.

  2. FAT chance, Kail. He just a baby daddy and not legally on the hook for anything. Plus it is empowering to actually pay for your offspring and not rely on gofundmes and random dudes you power humped. Live like a bawst bissh, pay like the bawst bissh.

  3. Didn’t Kail have weight loss surgery? WTF happened? Not that I’m surprised. I have two baby daddies (and I got Mirena to insure no more) that I was in relationships with when I got pregnant. I keep things Kosher with them regardless if $ is involved (which with one is pretty much non-existent) because my sons are more important. I also didn’t get pregnant twice by someone I wasn’t even in a relationship though, sooooo… there’s that. Kail should be careful because I am positive they could say some things back about her that are just as bad or worse. As Sir Nibs says, Stay lit

  4. Kail chose ALL of these men specifically to father her children! In the case of Dingbat Chris, she pursued him HARD. (Pun intended!) KAIL IS THE PROBLEM!

    I wonder if Kail’s problem with Jo is that Isaac wants to go live with Jo and Vee. Isaac is of the age when boys typically want to go live with Dad, especially if Mom is a mess like Kail. She would be furious with that idea—she won’t give up control AND she needs him to babysit, I bet. Jo’s house would be a haven of normalcy for Isaac. Then Lincoln will get ideas…

  5. She CHOSE to have another baby with the worst of the bunch. She loves to play the victim and blame everyone else! Everyone says she is a great mom but really she just does what moms should do and ensures her kids survive. She sets awful examples for how men should treat women. She sets awful examples of relationships and accepting love we think we deserve. She takes her kids on amazing trips, sure, but kids need guidance and structure. These kids have probably seen so many people come and go it’s nuts!

  6. It is like she does not even want to have a good relationships whith her childrens fathers. How can you share every little detail about how you feel. Even young children understad how it is sometimes just best to shut up. I just dont get it.

  7. I CANNOT.

    What’s the point of this podcast???? Does Kail not understand the concept of meeting a friend for coffee and talking IN PRIVATE?

  8. And this is exactly why you shouldn’t be having kids with a bunch of people. Wait until you have your shit together and are in a stable, healthy, committed relationship. It’s that simple.

  9. I get that both parents should absolutely be responsible for children that they have together but Kail chose to have two children with somebody who she knows is a deadbeat dad. Also, Kail, the fact that you have three baby daddies and can’t get along with any of them shows that the problem is actually you.

    1. I don’t understand why she doesn’t have any kind of court order established with Chris for child support and extra expenses. Does she just have him on the honor system? He is now making some money since he is on Teen Mom and he is about to have his 3rd child. She needs to get something legalized or stop complaining.

    1. I’m sure she’s lurking the comments using a different handle name. I don’t miss her erratic comments and taking everything so personally. Something is wrong with that user.

  10. She’s nuts. Always needing drama. Who in the world wouldn’t like Joe?? He’s chill AF, loves his kids, and maintains a silent dignity while dealing with Kail’s crazy, unhinged ass!!

    Team Joe!!

  11. Javi was pissy you were late for swapping Lincoln? Yeah, I can agree that when dealing with a narcissistic co-parent who likes to push the boundaries for their own convenience, then yes, being late starts to piss you off. Besides, it’s not like we have ANY idea what time they were supposed to meet up so we have NO IDEA how late she really was dropping him off.

    SHe just likes to pick fights and play the martyr like she has no idea why they’re pissed at her.

    1. They exchange at 5 pm, so she was 6 minutes late at that point when he emailed her. She also said their custody agreement also allows for a 15 minute grace period.

  12. How does someone who’s an otherwise wonderful mother not care how much this will negatively affect her children? Her kids are half those men and publicly shitting on them is going to affect their self-esteem and the way they see themselves. Plus, kids don’t need to see their parents’ pettiness toward their other parent, that’s unfair to them. This is selfish of her and her kids will resent her for it one day. ??‍♀️

  13. She makes half a million a season & is worried about $50? Nah, this is pure pettiness & bitterness over his new baby. Grow up, Kail. Stop having kids with dead beats.

    1. Because she doesn’t hate drama. She loves it. Drama is a drug. It’s addicting to some people and they feel like they can’t live without it.

  14. You know what this remind me of? When Kail cheated on Jordan with Jo and she confessed to Jordan. He was rightfully upset; however, she tried to turn it on him and make it like he was being irrational. I feel this is the same concept. I think they aren’t putting up with her bs and she is trying to make it seem like it’s them being the bad guys.

  15. Maybe Chris ignoring Kail has a little something to do with her announcing that he was having another baby and the gender. Did she expect him to respond positively to her after that stunt? Kail is the common issue here. Stop airing this shit and start focusing on co-parenting like a sane person.

    1. It’s no secret that Kail frequents this site. I’ve noticed a lot of single downvotes. Hey, Kail!

  16. You’re always the common denominator in all your BD drama, so clearly it’s u Cabbage Patch Kail! She’s never going to grow up, because she loves being toxic and is addicted to the drama and attention/sympathy it brings her!

  17. MTV needs to fire Kail, she is just as bad as Jenelle and Farrah. She is a rags to riches story not a typical teen mom story. I personally don’t know any single teen moms who own a half million dollar house in a high cost of living state. She is nothing without teen mom or mtv

    1. In about 6 years, Jo will be obligation- free from Kail. I know he’s counting the days. He’ll probably block her number and move.

  18. Kail airs it to make herself look good. Everyone knows she’s the problem. She’ll lie to everyone to be the saint. Chris is 10000000% right. She’s trying to control him.

  19. Kail needs to let the doctor’s offices bill Chris directly so she has absolutely no financial dealings with him regarding that.

    However bc she HAS to have something to complain about, she refuses to do the simplest thing and here we are.

    She is so jealous and mad that he’s moved on, its ridiculous.

    The poor kids who are pawns in this whole thing.

  20. I’m no marriage counselor, but I’d say the first step to improvement in these relationships with the fathers of these kids is to….

    Have ALL of the relationships AND communication with them OFFLINE!!

    Yeah, if any of my relatives, friends, or relationships had any communication with me on any social media platforms or freaking PODCASTS, they would be cut out of my life and handled with lawyers or freezed out.

    What is wrong with you? This is about your CHILDREN. Do Better.

  21. Sounds like she’s asking for him to pay for recklessly giving their kids covid for second… (third?) time. She couldn’t possibly be in the wrong here.

    1. Thank you!!! She refuses to get the 2 younger ones normal childhood vaccines, refuses to follow covid guidelines, puts their health at risk, but wants him to pay when she won’t let him make decisions or have a say. She probably went to some shaman for the pneumonia and insurance won’t cover it. I don’t think Chris is as bad as she presents him to be mainly bc his family came out and called her out when she was pregnant with Creed for lying about chris being absent when he was actually seeing her. I don’t like the person Kail has become. Also Jo is awesome. I also think that Isaac wants to live with Jo full-time and she doesn’t want that.

      1. What makes you think that? I know a few months back some stuff aired where Isaac said he didn’t like having to go to Jo’s because they never did anything and Jo was always working. Is there some tea I missed lol?

  22. This is why you don’t get pregnant with every man you date.

    She is birth control for a whole new generation, they need to show her during s3x ed classes.

  23. Kail shut up no one feels bad for you. Not a single person. Jo is a saint for dealing with her bs. Javi is a drama queen but at least he takes care of his kids and is drug and arrest free.

    1. Her longest relationship was with Javi, and as much as we have said Javi is a drama queen/gold digger and just got with Kail for the infamy… well, I suspect J & K are a lot more similar than Kail would like you to believe.

  24. Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to co-parent with Kail? Jo takes care of Issac as far as I know. Yet, Kail “dislikes him more than ever”. Javi is a loser but he not only takes care of Lincoln but also still plays a role in Issac’s life. Chris is a dumbass and I think he parents least of the three. However, Kail knew this when she got pregnant for a second time with Chris! Going to social media to air your grievances isn’t going to make things any better. Now, some of the kids are old enough to access this immature back and forth BS from their parents on the internet.

    1. U would think she’d leave Jo and Javi alone because they actually are good fathers who take care of their sons, but no! It seems like she gets mad anytime they won’t do what she wants, then she creates a problem with them for sympathy! i hope all three dad’s send cease and desist letters from their attorneys to no longer mention them on the show or her podcast!

  25. Hmmm Kail. It gets to a point where you have to start asking yourself, “Am I the problem?”

    I know she didn’t pick the best and brightest to breed with, but the only time she can say something good about one of her baby daddies is when she is playing them off each other.

    1. Actually, Jo and Javi are pretty great dads. Jo is a very involved father and takes great care of Isaac; he always has. Javi is a drama queen, but he is a good dad to Lincoln and has always loved Isaac as his own. Until Chris, she was actually batting a thousand as far as her choices in her kids’ dads.

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