Jenelle Evans Says She Only Did Drugs for “Three Months”; Hints That David Eason’s Baby Mama Olivia Leedham Wasted Fans’ GoFundMe Money on Boob Job & More

“Dude! I only got HIGH! HIGH! a little…and stuff.”

Jenelle Evans has been burning up the dial-up Internet over on The Land this week, vague-tweeting about being a “scared little girl” who was basically forced to give her mother, Barbara Evans, custody of her son Jace shortly after he was born in 2009. She also spent some time blasting a certain someone whom she claims “played the Internet,” and used funds that were supposed to be used for a custody court lawyer for a boob job instead.

Finally, Jenelle informed her Twitter followers that, while she was frequently shown partying and leaving Jace with Barb during the early years of Teen Mom 2, she only did so because Barb and the show’s producers encouraged her to do so!

Let’s breakdown the straight-from-the-swamp social media spilling, shall we?

First, let’s tackle Jenelle accusing a certain unnamed individual of swindling the Interwebs out of money that was meant to go to her custody lawyer.

“Instead of using that money for custody court you got yourself a boob job,” Jenelle tweeted. “Wow, you played everyone on the Internet.”

She then tweeted, “Can’t wait to tell your son one day.” (In typical Jenelle fashion, she instantly deleted that tweet after posting it.)

It’s the battle of the David Eason Baby Mamas! (Well…two out of three…)

While Jenelle never specified who the busty Internet bamboozler is, it is well-known that one of David’s other baby mamas, Olivia Leedham, raised over $6,000 in 2019 via a GoFundMe in order to pay for a custody court lawyer who could fight to keep her son Kaden away from his dad, David. (As of press time, David does not see Kaden.)

Later that day, Jenelle let her followers know that she is on the hunt for a good custody lawyer. However, only serious lawyers need apply, as she stated that the ones she’s been contacting over the years have failed to even get back to her.

“Hey! I got you to that Kesha concert, didn’t I? Don’t forget about me!” 

“If anyone is a good custody lawyer around the Wilmington, NC, please send me suggestions. Thanks!” she posted to Instagram Stories. “I need serious lawyers. The ones we’ve contacted do not return any calls.”

(In 2020, Olivia was asked on social media if she did, indeed, use the money to plump her bosom, as Jenelle suggested. Olivia denied the accusations, writing, “Absolutely not! I have a conscious! I am the most honest and blunt person you’ll ever meet! All the money that was raised went straight to my attorney for him to hold and use for our case for Kaden.” 

Jenelle’s Twittering did not stop there, however. When someone brought up the fact that Jenelle didn’t have room to bash anyone, and accused her of spending her money on heroin instead of to fight her mother Barbara in court for custody of Jace. (Barb still maintains full legal custody of Jace, who is now 12. She has had custody of him since Jace was a baby.)

“Instead of using all your money on heroin you could have been getting custody of your son. Drugs or boobs? Boobs win!” the person tweeted. 

Jenelle— whom we all watched get HIGH! HIGH! on various heroin and other drugs with Kieffer, get into fights, get arrested and commit other assorted HIGHjinks on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for years— also stated that she only did drugs for a mere three months.

“That’s a hoot! Also…got drugs?”

“I swear if you do drugs for 3 months of your whole life people will try and use it against you forever,” Jenelle wrote. “There’s a pending case going on. You’re an idiot. But I’m not talking about my custody case.”

(Several people on Twitter responded by reminding Jenelle that her daughter, Ensley– who was born in 2017- was born with THC in her system, which means Jenelle was actively using at least marijuana years after the “three months” in question.)

Still, Jenelle insisted that her drug use had nothing to do with her losing custody of Jace.

“I gave my mom temp. custody when I was 17…it had nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with being a fearful little girl [who] felt like I would lose if I fought against my mom,” she tweeted. 

“Well Juh-nelle, ya were a little girl hangin’ out and partyin’ wif lyin’ hustlas!” 

On Thursday, Jenelle continued defending herself on Twitter. After denying that she was ever physically abusive to Barb, Jenelle claimed that Barb encouraged her to “go have fun” with her friends instead of staying home with Jace. She stated that Barbara even told her to go ahead and sleepover Tori‘s (or whatever trashbag friend Jenelle was hanging with at the time) house.

However, Jenelle claims that Barb’s offer was all a trick.

“Arrived home the next day to CPS in the driveway and someone saying to them, ‘I don’t know where Jenelle is! She left and never came home!'” Jenelle wrote. “CPS: ‘Sign him over to your mom or he’s going to foster care.’ Was I convinced or threatened to sign or did I really want to?

“Bet none of you knew that,” she continued. “Was it ever aired on TV? No. I’m sick of the truth being hidden from the public. I deserve to have my son back. Don’t trust anyone with custody unless you truly can…as a 17-year-old with a court-appointed lawyer, she did not care about my case at all and didn’t fight for me. I should have fought harder but yes I was terrified.” 

She also insinuated that she was shown partying so much during the early years of ‘Teen Mom 2’ because the show’s producers encouraged her to do so.

“If ONLY ya could told them ‘no’ and just stayed home wif ya kid! Oh…wait…”

“And all the times I was ‘out partying’ on MTV…WHO TOLD ME TO GO PARTY?” Jenelle tweeted. “Who wanted that footage? THEM.”

On Thursday, Jenelle informed her Twitter followers that she’s only opening up now about all this because, “the little girl in me is still very hurt and angry,” she wrote. “Haunting memories really suck and to think it’s still happening, but I won’t give up.”

Barbara and/or the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers have not yet responded to the claims Jenelle made against them in her tweet fest.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

37 Responses

  1. I’m actually far MORE disturbed by her if all but three months of her documented decision-making was done SOBER.

    If she were drugged out when she chose to, say, pull a gun on another driver, with her son in the car, and then made him support her lies about it, that would be horrific, but there’d still be the hope and potential that she’d get sober, look back on her choices with shame and regret, and make better ones with her brain clear.

    But, she was only using drugs for three months? This IS as clear as her thinking gets, and she is still making such shit decisions?

    Yeah, there is NO hope for improvement or redemption.

    I don’t think her claim is as positive as she seems to think it is.

  2. I was casted for a reality show once that a network ended up not picking up, I have a good following on social media but in real life my life is pretty normal. They basically told me to create drama. When interviewing with my family & friends they would ask specific questions about other people & feed us lines, if I didn’t say something the right way they would tell me to say it again or use different wording. So while I don’t exactly like her or agree with her, she was a child & did not know better. As an adult myself, it was confusing as is & definitely opened my eyes to reality television. They didn’t really want to hear my story, they wanted to create one.

  3. Ok…We all know that J is as dumb as a box of hair, but how does she not comprehend that this was all captured on film? And it aired on MTV, not some local access public television! Does she think just because she is delusional, we all are??

  4. Sure, JANelle. MTV is a trashy channel so they may have encouraged you to go out but ultimately, it was YOUR decision to abandon your infant to go partying with your trashy friends and even trashier soulmates. You haven’t grown at all. Maturity and growth require responsibility and accountability and she lacks both of those qualities. She’s nothing more than a perpetual victim of her own making.

  5. On drugs for only three months? I think Jenelle means it’s been reported that she smoked pot while pregnant with all THREE of her children. (Not just Ensley. )

    Jenelle herself has also admitted her battles with marijuana and heroin in the past—as well as her stints in drug rehab where during one of them she met her first husband, Courtland.

    So FYI to Jenelle: In addition to being a TM2 viewer, there’s also this informative little thing out there known as “Google.”


  6. Yeah any mom would leave their newborn to go party because their mom and MTV said it was okay, sure thats normal ?. Just proofs she has zero feelings for her kids. Even teen moms have that, not an age thing, she’s just a shitty mother and a horrible person

  7. Wasn’t Jace in Daycare too? Because his real mom had to go to Walmart and work?
    Where was JE then? Asleep or passed out somewhere.
    Remember them breaking into a strangers home to sleep & hangout?

  8. Looks like we need to take up a collection for Jenelle for a subscription to Paramount Plus so she can watch her ‘Golden Years’….The three MONTHS of drug use, MTV producers twisting her arm to go out and party when her newborn wasn’t even a week old, and years of her bullying her mother while she raised HER child.

    C’mon Jenn, don’t be rewriting history now! Trust me, there is no worse punishment than having to go relive that ugly green hoodie get so full of nicotine, bong water, and other fluids that it tries to run away on its own.

    You’re young J, not too late to get it together and leave the swamp and everything there that is dragging you down with its sinking house.

  9. 3 months?? More like over 3 years, and still ongoing…She really tries to gaslight literally EVERYBODY into believing she’s some victim, when we all witnessed her choosing to get HIGH HIGH for the entirety of her time on TM2.

  10. So at least 2/3 of her children were born with THC in their systems, and she did heroin with The Keef, but it was only 3 months guys! She managed to birth 2 children 8 years apart, both born with drugs in their system, but it was still only 3 months. Her arrest history also speaks for itself but it’s all lies everyone!! Gtfoh

  11. What an idiot. First of all, Jace was not taken away cause she was out partying. That was just the icing on the cake. That poor little kid was born with drugs in his system. CPS basically said either Barb takes over custody or foster home.
    Second, blaming the producers? Now that’s funny. But ok, let’s say they encouraged her to go out. Did they threaten her with a gun? Did they say ‘you either go out and party until dawn or we’re gonna shoot you in the head’? Yeah, no. If she had had an ounce of motherly instinct she could have said no. Who is she gonna blame next? The goverment? Jesus? Cookie Monster?

  12. If i remember correctly, not only did she say being a parent is like being in prison all while saying “he doesn’t need me, he has my mom”, she also got herself a boob job instead of fighting in court for Jace. I think she thinks that being a married couple makes them better than single mom, olivia. Better a hard working stable one parent household then a a set of boozy, lazy, abusive, toxic, non working bums whose livelihood revolves around trolling and shocking the internet. What a great example of parenting with all the bashing, revenge porn and defamation.

    1. This was my exact thought. She was telling Tori at near the end of her 16&P episode how taking care of Jace was like being in prison. At barely a few months old, she said Jace didn’t need her because he had her mom. Two other friends called her out for partying too much and leaving Jace. They encouraged her to stay home but, she continued to go out. She got mad because Barb refused to watch Jace and I believe she had to take him with her. She had all this money to get her life straight and get Jace back but, she chose men and drugs over her son.

  13. Did Janelle forget about her own boob job? Can’t take care of ya’ kid but ya’ can go buy a new set of boobs. Got it.

  14. What about that time Babs was trying to tell jenelle to get up and make Jace a bottle but she was tired. Had a headache and didn’t feel well? (*hungover)
    What about that time Jenelle ran off over a couple of states with her mother’s stolen credit card and Kieffer? Where was Jace?
    What about that time Babs needed her to stay home and look after Jace while she went to work and Jenelle dumped him on Mike?
    Well Jenelle??

  15. She dumped poor Jace any chance she could, and never turned up to take care of him, and the little time she did spend with him, she complained, fkn pos.

  16. Jenelle and David are such trashy, shitty people that I would gladly, knowingly give his ex $ for a boob job just to spite those two dumbasses. Jenelle thinks she’s gonna turn people against David’s ex- nope lol.

    1. Same – I gave to Olivia’s fund. The donor names were hilarious. I also don’t care if it went to a boob job – knowing I could personally needle Janelle and Lurch was well worth the price of admission.

      Then they setup a fund too and nobody donated ?

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