‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Was Investigated by CPS After Daughter Tested Positive For Drugs At Birth: All the Exclusive Details!

The CPS investigation began the day Ensley was born…

The Ashley has been holding on to this story for months, and can now add more info to the report posted today by Radar Online that states that Teen Mom 2 mom Jenelle Evans was under investigation by Child Protective Services following the birth of her daughter, Ensley, earlier this year.

The Ashley can confirm that this is VERY TRUE, and has much more to add, including how Jenelle managed to worm her way out of the investigation!

The news came to light after the grandmother of Jenelle’s second child, Kaiser, filed for emergency custody of the boy. (For clarification, this is Nathan Griffith‘s mother, not Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans.)

“Upon the birth of Ensley, the newborn tested positive for marijuana,” Nathan’s mom, Doris, wrote in the court documents. “DSS became involved due to Ensley testing positive for marijuana and opened an investigation. Upon information and belief, both Plaintiff and David had positive drug screens for marijuana.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the investigation began in the hospital, when Ensley tested positive for THC, an active ingredient in marijuana. CPS launched an investigation into Jenelle that lasted several months. As far as The Ashley knows, Ensley was NOT taken at birth.

“Jenelle worked really, really hard to keep this off the show,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “But everyone knew: the cast and a lot of the crew all knew, and it was a hot piece of gossip for a while. But the producers kept it off the show because they knew Jenelle would go crazy.”

“Dude, I need it, dude!”

Jenelle had to follow the CPS’ requirements for several months, and was getting frequent visits from CPS reps. The investigation was officially closed around May…and The Ashley knows how Jenelle wormed her way out of the charges!

“Basically, Jenelle flew to Los Angeles to obtain a medical marijuana card,” another source tells The Ashley. “She went to this shady doctor on Sunset Blvd. who has been in trouble in the past. I think he’s actually a plastic surgeon. It was a walk-in clinic type place. She has a lot of friends in LA that can help her with this sort of thing.”

Jenelle was able to obtain a medical marijuana card, and in turn, was able to use that to end the CPS investigation against her. She travels to California frequently for ‘Teen Mom 2’ and “work” so from what The Ashley heard, the judge accepted it. (The Ashley can’t 100 percent confirm this particular fact, though.)

“Because Jenelle was able to prove she had ‘a medical need’ for the marijuana, the investigation was dropped,” one of the sources tells The Ashley. “She managed to find the one loophole that could get her out of trouble.”

A production source tells The Ashley that most of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast knew about the investigation, as does most of the crew, and it was a sore subject for a lot of people associated with the show.

“HIGH! HIGH! I told ya!”

“Some of the girls, and a lot of the crew were so angry that Jenelle has once again skated through,” the source said. “A lot of the people were hoping that this would make it onto the show somehow, to expose Jenelle. She keeps trying to spin this ‘happy family’ picture and it’s just not the case. She has not changed.”

David and Jenelle made no effort to keep their drug use from the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast. One cast member tells The Ashley that David even bragged about his ability to get a medical marijuana card while the ‘TM2’ gang was in LA filming a reunion a while back.

“David was telling some of the other guys that he was so excited because he had got a ‘prescription’ for [medical marijuana] the same day he arrived in LA,” one cast member tells The Ashley. “He did it like first thing when they landed. The other guys were embarrassed for him.”

“They do not deserve the clean edit they have been receiving,” another cast member says of Jenelle and David.

Back in May, Jessica Eason, the sister of Jenelle’s current soulmate, David Eason, seemed like she was about to expose Jenelle’s secret. She wrote on social media that Jenelle had smoked pot while pregnant with Ensley, but later retracted the claims. It’s not known if she knew about the CPS investigation or not.

Stay tuned…The Ashley will have more on this subject soon!

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


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  1. I’m not a fan of Jenelle, in fact quite the opposite, I can’t stand her. But I’m calling this story BS. CPS cases are confidential and there is no way that Radar Online could have obtained the information. Radar Online is known to lie about most of their stories. Also, getting a marijuana card would not help Jenelle in North Carolina no matter if it was prescribed or not. Marijuana is not legal in NC and the judge would not dismiss a case due to her having a card. Why would anyone believe this mess? I don’t doubt Jenelle was smoking pot while she was pregnant though…I mean she is Jenelle so….. I’m biding my time to see how long her current relationship lasts. I’m gonna go ahead and say that I think he’ll be gone within 2 years. He is a jackhole anyways. I get so sick of hearing him and Jenelle talk crap about Barbara. Barbara wouldn’t have custody if Jenelle didn’t give him to her. And besides, Jenelle signed off on the most recent agreement so she needs to stfu about Barbara not giving Jace back….oh and speaking of ‘give him back’…Jenelle never had him to begin with so there is no giving him back…Barbara has had Jace since he was born ffs!!!

  2. All her kids should be taken away!She didn’t have medical card when she deliverefld baby.Take her off show they are a disgrace!!##Why give her money to do what she does.Disgusting!!!!

  3. What gets me is hearing Jace tell Babs that David ignores him or yells at him; indifference is a slow poison that messes with children long into adulthood & hearing Jace say that he only cares / plays with Marissa, breaks my heart ( she is blood so hate the rest ?) moreover, that even Marissa bully’s and taunts Jace off camera trying to earn her father’s favor whether consciously or otherwise , shows the impact David has had on his own daughter…kids bully when they’ve been bullied or been exposed to very negative behaviors in the home at an early age, & I suspect, Marissa just wants her father’s favor towards her, regardless of how she gets it. Jace even begs Babs to see his mom alone, without David around, yet JE responds like every stupid, “man favoring” woman who places personal need or male attention over parental responsibilities, opting to spend whatever’s leftover in terms of interest & energy, not on their actual children but rather, on the outward appearance of caring about them – all while the neglect and abuse continue behind closed doors ( or in front of MTV’s shameful eyes ) – It’s the same old disingenuous photos posted on social media, telling the world about their so-called “happy Instagram /FB family” that is nothing more than forced smiles masking a deeper pain. Just look at their ackward save the date photo segment from TM2… hey @anonymous – can’t something be done to “prove” what’s really getting recorded in those hundreds of hours of film left on the digital cutting room floor? Audio/ visual proof of the neglect/ abuse would bolster the grandma’s cases & ideally, force CPS to respond (or deal with the public outrage if the lack of action by DFS /CPS results in the demise of any one of those children…Does the department really need another glaringly tragic infant / toddler story in the press that could have been avoided if someone just cared enough to listen to what the children are saying ?) #occupyKAI-Street #OpenYourEyesCPS #casenotclosed

    1. I don’t buy that story. But even if she does have a card it isn’t legal in North Carolina so no, she couldn’t use no matter what. No judge would write it off like that. But you have to consider the source. The story came from Radar Online who is owned by the same people who own The National Enquirer. They make stories up to sell magazines. I don’t trust anything that comes from Radar Online.

      1. @Kellie– The story did NOT come from Radar. THe Ashley is very against Radar. The Ashley had her own sources CONFIRMING this and she saw physical proof. -The Ashley

    2. Not if you care about the development of your unborn baby!!

      In fact, just looking at that child from birth till now (4.5y), it’s hard to imagine that marijuana, even if given via fake prescription, is harmless to an unborn baby…
      Even if her severe developmental delay including inability to speak, enlarged deformed head, low set ears, cognitive delay, constant drooling and inability to eat without covering herself head to toe in filth, is not related to JEs marijuana use, why would she take the chance and IF she was a “mother” at all she would never forgive herself for finding a loophole to expose her fetus to foreign substances.
      Great, JE is proud she found herself a loophole to abuse a child in-utero…now said child has a lifetime of severe developmental delays and physical deformities. Hope she is proud of herself for skirting those regulations that ARE IN PLACE FOR THIS EXACT REASON!! If that child ever can read she WILL come across this information, what will JE tell her?? Better yet, who will JE blame for HER choices because we know darn well she will never accept responsibility for ANYTHING, even when this is something IMPOSSIBLE to blame on ANYONE ELSE!

      Are you proud of skirting those laws to get away with giving your child a permanent developmental delay and physical deformities?
      My bad, you tell us all the time that you are “the best mom” / “a damn good mom”…
      IMO a “good mom” doesn’t need a lawyer to grease a bogus reason why they INTENTIONALLY stunted their unborn baby…but my standards are substantially higher than those on the swamp…

  4. Maybe we should start calling anonymous complaints to child services making accusations against Jenelle and David. If enough complaints were made, Maybe DCFS would do their job and start investigations into that house of horrors to an extent that Jenelle would get so upset she might actually give up custody of Kaiser just to make DCFS leave….her….alone.

    Maybe this is wishful thinking.

    1. Personally I just emailed Mtv and told them if something happens to that beautiful baby chunk or any of the children on the land they should be held culpable and that they should stop covering up her drug activity and abuse of her children.
      #FreeKaiser #GograndmaDoris #Mtvyousuck

  5. Honestly, I’m not sure who I hate more right now–Jenelle/David or MTV. As human beings and adults, we collectively have an obligation to protect the children around us. That protections comes in many forms but to be aware of abuse and parental drug use and sit back is disgusting. When faced with the decision of protecting a child or protecting profits/bottom line, good people should choose the child. Kaiser can’t fight for himself or protect himself. The MTV employees around him could and clearly chose not. When Bachelor in Paradise had their brouhaha earlier this summer, production was immediately suspended. In that case, the concerned parties were all adults. What is MTV’s excuse for failing to suspend production? I would think MTV would have included a morality clause in the contract for all the cast mates on Teen Mom. If that’s the case, how has Jenelle not been found in breach of contract?!?!

    MTV didn’t care that Ryan drove high as a kite and they don’t care (or don’t care enough) that a newborn tested positive for drugs and a 3 year old is being abused. Shame on MTV and shame on Jenelle and David.

    1. Amen sister!! I just emailed mtv told them if those children get injured, lost, abused more they will and should be prosecuted for allowing this to go on as long as it has been. Just maybe if enough of us bitterly complain and get in touch with her county cps we can make a difference.

  6. There’s no way either of them got a card, you have to have a California issued ID to qualify for medical MJ and also one to enter dispensaries

    1. Not if you care about the development of your unborn baby!!

      In fact, just looking at that child from birth till now (4.5y), it’s hard to imagine that marijuana, even if given via fake prescription, is harmless to an unborn baby…
      Even if her severe developmental delay including inability to speak, enlarged deformed head, low set ears, cognitive delay, constant drooling and inability to eat without covering herself head to toe in filth, is not related to JEs marijuana use, why would she take the chance and IF she was a “mother” at all she would never forgive herself for finding a loophole to expose her fetus to foreign substances.
      Great, JE is proud she found herself a loophole to abuse a child in-utero…now said child has a lifetime of severe developmental delays and physical deformities. Hope she is proud of herself for skirting those regulations that ARE IN PLACE FOR THIS EXACT REASON!! If that child ever can read she WILL come across this information, what will JE tell her?? Better yet, who will JE blame for HER choices because we know darn well she will never accept responsibility for ANYTHING, even when this is something IMPOSSIBLE to blame on ANYONE ELSE!

      Are you proud of skirting those laws to get away with giving your child a permanent developmental delay and physical deformities?
      My bad, you tell us all the time that you are “the best mom” / “a damn good mom”…
      IMO a “good mom” doesn’t need a lawyer to grease a bogus reason why they INTENTIONALLY stunted their unborn baby…but my standards are substantially higher than those on the swamp…

  7. According to Jenelle, it was Barbara who put Nathan’s mom Doris up to filing for emergency custody of Jace. Of course, I seriously doubt this — simply because it came out of Jenelle’s lying mug. But even if Barbara did – so what??

    Kaiser is as much Barbara’s grandchild as he is Doris’s. With all the horror stories being circulated now about Kaiser’s claim that David punched him in the face, Jace being lost in the woods, a.k.a. THE LAND for two hours before he was found, and Jenelle locking BOTH boys out of the house in the hot summer heat, I’m happy the TWO grandmothers of these children are stepping up to protect them from Jenelle and Uncle Sasquatch’s shit ass parenting. Goodness knows, SOMEBODY has to act on their behalf.

    My only hope is that perhaps now even Sasquatch’s mom will come forwards. Especially when Jenelle starts throwing kids in cribs in dark rooms to cry themselves to sleep, as we’ve seen her do with Kaiser in several episodes.

    This is some truly horrific stuff, and I’m just wondering how long it will be – before MTV weighs in it with a statement.

    1. if that’s what she was intetested in then she would have done it LONG ago. I think this had more to do with the bruises that she has photos of, her grandson saying David hits him, and seeing him get abused on tv weekly.

    2. Seriously? No I hardly doubt Nathan’s “mum” wants to hop on the money train!!
      I’m thinking it’s more like she’s loves her grandson and wants a better life for him.
      She’s been around Jenelle long enough to know the pos that she is!!
      Hell we all have seen baby chunk screamed at, tossed around like a sack of potatoes and the mysterious bruises noted on social media and the show.
      So long story short, delusional one have a seat!

    1. And his MYV trust money so they don’t have to work for another few years…
      Pathetic excuse for humans

  8. Well remember though, Doris is the one who raised Nathan so will Kaiser really be any better off? It’s really a no win situation unfortunately.

    1. Barbara raised jenelle, but she’s proven to be the better guardian of jace.

      Nathan’s mom actually says that she doesn’t think Nathan should be taking care of kaiser, but that she’s willing to step up to the plate because it’s in Kaiser’s best interests. I think that’s admirable.

    2. Nathan has PTSD and other mental ilnesses, that doesn’t come from his mother… You can’t blame everything on parents :/ (not saying there aren’t horrible ones out there that do their children harm -jenelle-)

  9. Jenelle is scum and control freak David is just as bad. She should remember that if it weren’t for all of her Mother’s help with Jace he would probably be in care and she would never see him, so she should stop turning against her and show her some gratitude and respect. Jenelle is a selfish, dumb person who definitely doesn’t deserve a dollar of the money she’s made on the show. They should kick her off. I feel sick whenever I see how they behave infront of those kids.

  10. A couple of things here.
    1. I personally am not opposed to MJ for medicinal purposes as long as it is in a pill form. I believe nothing belongs in your lungs but oxygen. No I am not coming feom someone who partakes, I just know many drugs approved by the FDA are much more dangerous. I have seen some terrible things.

    2. I do not believe this is the case with Jenelle. I believe she is a drug abuser and if she is not abusing heavier types of drugs she is definitely at risk of falling back to them.

    3.Jenelle seems to be bipolar or have some other condition that needs to be treated. Mental illness is rampant and I believe she has some form of mental illness.

    4. The scene with her and Lurch talking about getting Jace back was creepy and delusional. Almost like two mentally handicap people discussing a real life issue. It seemed below what their maturity level should be and just…well..creepy.

    5. Keffier was the most normal boyfriend she had. He had a problem everyone knew he had a problem but he was not as delusional as the rest of them. He was a typical drug abuser of normal intelligence. These other guys seem slow.

    No hate on my wording about mental illness my daughter has ADD and Bipolar Disorder so I am sensitive to these issues.

    1. Last I heard Kieffer had been doing a lot better for himself. He was clean and even had a job as a painter. But he was spotted with Jenelle like a week before her and Lurch were made public so who knows ?

    2. Seriously, who would have though Keiser would be the best of Janelle’s boyfriends? I miss that kid.

  11. Are we supposed to be shocked? Gasp and go “what? I can’t believe this.” The reality is no one is surprised. No one is shocked. She smoked pot while pregnant. Kaiser gets treated like garbage. Jace has been in the middle of an ugly tug of war since he was born. No one really wants him out of love. They want him just to hurt the other so they can rub it in the others face. Mtv needs to wake up. This isn’t entertaining anymore. This is just sad. Plain and simple. Quit paying for their lavish lifestyles and see how fast mooching David runs off. But not before he gets arrested for DV. Good lord…

    1. Email them I have and will continue to do so until her sorry ass is off teen mom 2 and those children get placed into homes where they may just have a chance at a normal childhood.

    1. The “research” can say a lot of things but the proof is in looking at the daughter this article references. She is substantially developmentally delayed and has obvious physical deformities. There is no way to know if it is from JEs drug use while pregnant BUT what mother would take that risk?!?
      Hope she is proud she found a loophole to get around it because her child sure didn’t!!
      Imagine the conversation when the child is a teenager (IF she can even talk by then!), “sorry Egly, I needed to get high while I was pregnant with you and DGAF about your cognitive and physical disabilities”
      How could a mother live with herself boasting about LEGALLY “getting away with” using drugs while pregnant yet birthing a child with issues evident right from birth and compounding as she misses more and more developmental milestones. Heck, the kid cant speak and is still in diapers at nearly 5 years old! Her gait is twisted, she’s unable to chew, has a head larger than most adults and is unable to communicate. She “counts” “1,2,3,W,X”…no joke! And her NONmom just thinks it’s adorable and coos!

      Again, there is no way to know if it is from marijuana (and money says it wasnt just pot going in to that fetus) BUTWHY RISK IT??

  12. There used to be a time when MTV changed our society in a positive way. They created awareness around many topics that have led to acceptance.
    Now they are just showing mainly young people abuse of alcohol, drugs and people has no consequences. In other shows they tell young people that your appearance and your achievements should be 100%.
    They don’t take good care of their employees or others they are filming. They give employees lots of alcohol to drink to film their drunkenness and rumors keep popping up that they give them drugs too, they don’t protect employees from any kind of harm and they sure don’t protect the kids they are filming.

  13. I love how JE is now blaming Babs for her f$ck ups yet again!!! Newsflash ya wet flopping fish, the father (Nathan) was notified of the CPS case when it opened. By law they are obligated to notify him. That is probably how Doris found out you dumb twat! Get your life together you selfish, narcissistic, asshole! I hope these kids get taken and never go back!

  14. I hope Nathan’s mom gets custody before they finish that pool. So none of the kids get accidentally drowned. Using accidentally lightly.

  15. Soo… even if she got a card, what would it matter since it would be dated AFTER the birth?? Or do they not have dates on them?? Idk I don’t weed…

    1. Dated after birth and her daughter comes out deformed and now at 4.5 years old has SEVERE developmental delay and is at about an 18 month old level according to the CDC guidelines.
      Even if she greased her way out of it legally, she now has a developmentally delayed and physically deformed child.
      Was it worth it???
      A normal mother would say HELL NO!
      JE on the other hand boasts about getting away with it!!
      Well, her delayed child didn’t get away with it!

  16. So confused about why people are defending her by suggesting it was to help with morning sickness. You guys know that there is no such thing as morning sickness in your third trimester, right? If a woman is still sick by then she would have something called hyperemesis gravidarum which is a very extreme condition. You think Jenelle would have been diagnosed with that and NOT share it with the world? For both of them to test positive Jenelle would have been smoking in the final days of her pregnancy – it had nothing to do with being sick and everything to do with Jenelle being addicted to being high and not caring how it affects her children. This should surprise no one – it’s how she’s acted since she first appeared on the show. She gave up Jace so she could spend all her time getting high. She’s an addict. Stop defending her.

    1. That is such a load of shit. Jenelle has been a pot head since before she had Jace. It had nothing to do with morning sickness.

    2. anyone who would say that it’s okay to smoke weed while pregnant isn’t going to be a highly functioning citizen. I’m sure it’s the undereducated masses that would choose to believe something so idiotic.

    3. I’m sure we all know he smoking pot has nothing to do with morning sickness. Jenelle and marijuana are like the ending of “Green Eggs and Ham”. She would smoke it on a boat, she would smoke it with a goat. She would smoke it with the band, she would smoke it on her land. She would smoke it in the wild, she would smoke it while with child.

    4. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and was prescribed an anti nausea medication called Diclectin. There is no way you can smoke weed when you feel sick like that everything smells terrible and makes you throw up.

    5. Have to disagree you can having morning sickness throughout your whole pregnancy and morning sickness is not only in the morning. Hyperememis gravidarum is a whole other story. You can have in your first trimester or if you’re lucky the whole pregnancy. You will be in and out of hospital or on home fluid infusions and struggle to eat or drink anything and not lose weight. If you have morning sickness the whole pregnancy you can still gain weight and eat but you eat smaller meals to try and control the nausea and just deal with throwing up a lot just not all day. Jenelle would have spent 9 months in hospital had she had hyperemesis and both Kaiser and Jace would have lived with the grandparents so David could look after her without being distracted by children.

      She leads such a stressful life making lots of money while being filmed doing her everyday routine. Imagine how much weed she would need to smoke if she lived a normal life!!! I worry for the kids. They get no attention and this is with cameras on. Can’t imagine what it is like without the cameras.

      1. I was terribly sick in my first trimester, all day almost everyday. I wasn’t even gaining weight in the beginning because everything I ate came back up. It mellowed out by the second trimester but started again towards the end of my pregnancy in the 8th-ish month. I was even nauseous and throwing up in labor. I was not diagnosed with the hyper whatever lol but that was in 2006. If I got pregnant now I think Id have that diagnosis

    6. Wonder if the severely developmentally delayed & physically deformed child she exposed to substances in-utero will defend her!!
      How could you ever forgive yourself for something like that!!
      Amd NONmom JE boasts about it!!

  17. It’s one thing if they want to smoke weed on their own time. But for her to be smoking while pregnant and the cast and crew knowing-that’s f*ed up. AND Kaiser being abused? This is def not ok anymore. Jenelle needs to have those kids taken from her.

  18. What a POS. And yet, there are families who would LOVE to have a child, two, even three if they could, they don’t have drug problems and would Never put an unborn child to such risks. This woman deserves all three of her children to be taken away. Maybe THEN she will realize what a trainwreck she is. Oh, and needs to be single because David is just as much in it as she is so he ain’t helping! I worry about Ensley and Kaiser, they are both precious beyond words but their mother (in Ensley’s case parents, Nathan seems to adore Kaiser when he sees him every once in a while) doesn’t appreciate them. I hope they grow up and bond together against their mother, I would never think I would be rooting for a child to go against their parents when they grown older but man, it’s what she deserves. That she gets all the hate she spews on Babs now, right back at her like a boomerang!

  19. What a terrible person Jenelle is. One can only hope she doesn’t make any more babies and that someone else can raise the others she has. She doesn’t seem very maternal based on her behavior. I guess only a sick person wants kids with that state of mind.

  20. Kick her off the fucking show. Actually, as much as I enjoy watching this train wreck (even though it’s gotten downright snooze worthy this season) this ENTIRE show needs to be cancelled. Let these leeches find their own gainful employment without MTV cameras enabling them with their behaviour and terrible decisions.
    With the exception of Chelsea, all of these girls need a wake up call, ESPECIALLY Jenelle. I’m so disgusted by her and David and the shit they get away with. Stay on your swamp land, send the kids to loving homes, and smoke pot until you choke on it.

    1. This is almost the only thing I even watch on TV, yet I totally agree it should be CANCELLED. The only thing I ask of MTV is to pretty please film the moment The girls are told the show is over. We will witness Jenelle shit down both britches legs and have the ultimate meltdown. No more houses, cars, LV purses or fancy vacations for you little bitches!

      1. Yes! I would love to see the girls being told that the show is cancelled. I would laugh my ass off at them except for at Chelsea. She’s the only normal one and probably wouldn’t mind being off the show anyways.

  21. Why is this turning into a “marijuana is not bad” discussion? Come on, this is JENELLE. Do you guys really think she was smoking it for morning sickness?? No way. She’s been smoking it since she was 12. It has NOTHING to do with easing pain or nausea or any of that. So take that out of the equation. She did it because she’s selfish and always puts herself before her kids and she likes smoking pot. She wanted to so she did it. Whether or not she thought it could harm or help a baby is irrelevant, because that had nothing to do with her decision. Her decision didn’t involve any troubling pregnancy symptoms, I’d bet my life on it.

    I highly doubt that it is good for an unborn baby. I’m sure there’s barely any research on that. And maybe it hasn’t been proven to harm the baby, it still can’t be something that is beneficial for the baby’s health or something that will improve the baby’s development. Or we’d all be getting told to do it. But again, none of that matters. Even if 100% of doctors truly felt and agreed that it would do absolutely no harm to a developing baby, we all know Jenelle did not ask her doctor, did not have symptoms requiring it, and did not smoke it for any reason except for the same reason why 2 year-olds do things: because she wanted to. She does what she wants – ALWAYS – and later makes excuses, comes up with reasons (lies) why she had to do it, twists the story, and blames other people. I guarantee she’ll be screaming about how Barb ripped Jace away from her, so that gives her constant panic attacks (except when she’s on a beach vacay), so she HAS to smoke weed even when she’s pregnant. She’s so freaking transparent.

  22. So this means that during the infamous parking lot ambush on her mom, all of this was going on. What a delusional hypocrite she is! MTV, stop it. Just pull the plug on this. You are making this happen by paying her to do this.

  23. Go Doris!! Please thank God someone is the voice for baby Kai. That’s the most adorable chunk of love I’ve ever seen.
    He’s constantly being screamed at, yanked around like a rag doll and has these mysterious bruises.
    I pray baby Kai gets the flock off the land so he can start a happy care free childhood.

  24. I just emailed mtv production via mtv.com to say that I will never be watching the channel so long as jenelle evans is still on the air. I am a woman of my word and will never watch again until they either remove the show or remove jenelle.

    I suggest that you also send an email if you are tired of the entitlement and child abuse that mtv promotes.

    1. Good idea, we need to do something more than freak out on this website (however enjoyable it is). I will write as well!

    2. If they stop filming that doesn’t mean that the abuse won’t exist, at least if it’s filmed there is proof and help can come afterwards. Also I think pot is fine but if you are pregnant you should keep your body clean. No caffeine, aspirin, noting. If you have morning sickness then the doctor can give you something that is safe to take.

  25. Wow. I pretty much expected her to test poz for weed (remember how she & Lurch locked themselves in the bedroom at all hours? No way it was all for wild sexy times). But their behavior–hers in particular: the nasty, self-absorbed, me-me-ME drama queenery–always made me wonder if she was abusing amphetamines. If not coke, then, you know, “Doctor, dude: I have ADD! I need an Adderal prescription!”

    Also, for potheads to act out as aggressively as she does–it’s unusual, and can indicate serious brain chemistry issues. You really, really don’t want them to be around kiddies. Wish she’d stop with the Dr-shopping/drug-seeking, and get some real, long-term help, cause this does not look like a situation that is going to end well.

      1. I highly doubt that. Have takes vyvanse, not adderall. At least that’s what Barbra said at the reunion. He takes a pediatric dose as well. For Jenelle to actually get high off of that she’d probably have to swipe half the bottle.

        1. vyvanse is extremely strong. I was prescribed it before. its basicly three same thing with a different name. but usually vyvanse is prescribed to adults.

          Barbara is the one who said he had missing medication.

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit of Jenelle was using ADHD medication without a prescription, I just figured someone like her would probably just buy it off the street to avoid stealing it from Jace. Especially considering she’d probably need to take a lot at whatever his dosage is. That said, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if it were true….

  26. I was a major pot head before I got pregnant, I never smoked after finding out I was! I love weed, but it’s like alcohol while pregnant in my mind and can definitely have some harmful effects on the fetus. At birth there was enough THC in Ensley’s system?! This bitch was smoking the entire pregnancy, nausea or not. She needs to be shown for what she really is, I can’t believe she gets away with everything she has ever done. She will never learn or stop until she’s actually held accountable for somethinog.

    1. Agreed. I smoked weed before knew I was pregnant, but once I did see a positive pregnancy test I quit that crap… I ended up with molar pregnancy and gestational trophoblastic disease, not because of the weed, just a freak incident that became cancer. I asked my Dr’s if it was ok to smoke while I was going through cancer treatment, they didn’t sign off on it but it was an attitude of “do what you have to do to get through this”. Today I’m cancer free, but it’s hard to imagine a mom with *healthy* pregnancy continuing to smoke. At least with my OBGYN they piss test you everytime you have an appt… How was she not flagged before the birth?

        1. “Dude. Do you know how hard it is to keep up with these stupid appointments, dude? Like, I was on vacation, so LEAVE. ME. ALOOOOOOONE.”


  28. I am so effing sick of these horrible parents getting away with everything!!! I followed all the rules, listened to my doctor, did everything I was supposed to during pregnancy, and both of my kids have lifelong diseases. Then these idiots take drugs knowing it’s going right into their baby’s system, and everything turns out just fine. No problems, no trouble, no consequences. Sickening.

      1. Umm, no, he shows signs of a child that is being abused…and, according to the court documents, that actually can be proven.

      2. Kaiser shows signs of neglect and physical abuse from the 2 drug addicted clowns. Please let Nathan’s mom get custody of Kaiser.

    1. Jace has a developmental illness. Isn’t he on an ADHD medication? There are studies that suggest maternal drug use can cause all sorts of mental and developmental issues. Who knows if her drug use causes that, but it could be a contributing factor.

      I totally get your frustration though. Jenelle is a horrible human being and she just skates through life. How many times has she beaten a charge when she should have gone to jail? And now she’s got two little lives that depend on her and she just does whatever the hell she wants. She should be taken off TV.

    2. I’m so sorry. That must be so devastating and hard for you. My child was ill for a year and has a syndrome that may/may not develop. It makes you start to resent parents of healthy kids. I hope your two have a lovely life as much as they can.

  29. She’s just such a piece of lowlife shit. I almost bought she was doing really good and was turning a new leaf. Almost. I hope every one of her kids grow up and write tell alls about the joke of a mother she was. Nothing worse than a loser in denial.

  30. Iam sure MTV is hiding child abuse too. What little MTV shows of Kaiser everyone knows they abuse him. Shame on MTV. Iam so happy Barbs has Jace. Please MTV step in and give the kids a voice before it’s too late.What the hell is wrong with bringing a toy in the kitchen??

  31. I think they’re both on something stronger now. The angry way they went to the restaurant and to Barbara’s house is suspect. Plus on this weeks episode when David was out shoveling the yard, he was acting all geeked up. And like we can forget him wearing those sunglasses inside that one day.

    1. Agreed Barbara, I don’t watch the show, just get the recaps by Ashley… but the way they stalked and attacked Babs leads me to believe they actually have a mental disorder and/or on some other drugs. Weed, at least to me, makes you hungry and sleepy – not determined to cause a scene in public or pound on your mom’s door for 2 hours. Something is very off

    1. Plus, it says DRUGS, not a DRUG.
      I hate Jenelle. She doesn’t deserve her children, and she should definitely not have custody of them… but I’m irritated by this.

  32. Damn Dustin must be a millionaire by now with all the cases he worked for Jenelle on. Seriously Dustin Sullivan must be one of the best lawyers ever with all the charges Jenelle has gotten and never spent more then a few days in jail…..He must have recently defended David also with the light sentence (no sentence at all) he received. Can’t wait for this show to end and Jenelle won’t be able to afford Dustin as a lawyer anymore then she’ll face real jail time which she deserves!!!

    1. Dustin needs his own reality show. I’d watch the hell out of “Better Call Dustin”. He could defend all the reality screw-ups.

    2. Yes, but could he convince a judge to delay a jail sentence on account of a Ke$ha concert? That’s the holy grail right there.

  33. She deserves whatever she gets. She do hateful to het mom. She speak with a foul mouth to het mom. Even with her son there. He may need therapy sooner than she thinks. She needs some jail time.

  34. I really hope those poor kids get taken away from her, they deserve so much more. Poor Jace isn’t in her custody and he still wound up in therapy. Also, reading this makes the whole creepin on Babs at the restaurant even more hilariously pathetic than it already was.

  35. I live in NYC where someone is always smoking on every corner.
    While pregnant with my second, i had such violent nausea that i was vomiting daily & gained a total of 12lbs the entire pregnancy…never did it cross my mind to smoke weed to cure it.
    Honestly, I’m surprised MJ is all that she tested positive for, once a junkie, always a junkie.

    1. Doctors in CA suggest you smoke or get edibles if you have troubles like that while pregnant. It’s normal here. Shrugs.

        1. Haha just because not EVERY dr suggests it, doesn’t mean it’s not true?! I know plenty of people from Cali who’ve said the same. I also know Drs in TEXAS, who’ve suggested it on the DL(if a mom had smoked before).

      1. I’m in San Francisco (hello, pot capitol) and I have never heard of doctors recommending marijuana for pregnancy nausea either. Sounds like a stupid idea to me.

        1. That’d because you have a different belief about weed than others. I’d much rather be given weed for pain or whatever, than pain pills or any other pill form medicine! Have you ever even done research on its mecidal purposes?! The amazing things it’s actually done? i know Drs in Texas who’ve suggested it to pregnant women

          1. Yeah you’re right about all that but that REALLY isn’t the case with Jenelle, she just wanted to continue smoking pot while pregnant with Ensley because she’s selfish and can’t knock it. Do you honestly believe she was having morning sickness and nausea every day for 9 months?? If she had a tough pregnancy maybe she’d think twice before getting knocked up on purpose 2 weeks into a relationship. I’m sure some doctors recommend marijuana use for expecting mothers who are struggling with issues, but we all know that is definitely NOT the case with Jenelle. She wouldn’t have jumped through hoops and worked so hard to get away with it and hide it from the show if her actual doctor had given her the OK to smoke during her entire pregnancy.

      2. okay your “doctor” needs to be put in jail.

        no. doctor. would. ever. day. that.

        you’re a liar!

        1. I have a lifelong, incurable disease and my doctors have prescribed medical marijuana in the past. It’s technically not even legal in my country yet (though they’re trialling it for people with my condition as it’s proven to alleviate symptoms in legalised countries), and they’ve also said if I fall pregnant I can continue with edibles for pain and sickness relief. I’d never do it, id rather grin and bare it for nine months, but it’s not false advice/an offence warranting jail time on the doctors behalf.

          It’s up to the parents to be responsible and care about their kids. Clearly someone who puts the need of themselves before their baby is the one at fault.

          1. were you pregnant when the doctor told you that weed is fine for a fetus??? because that was my point.

      3. I live in the South, and I’ve heard this too. I’m too paranoid to do it, but edibles are pretty common for HG in the weirdly hippie city I live in.

  36. Wow! Disgusting! That poor, poor baby..Being born with drugs in her system, I just can’t! ? These innocent kids didn’t ask to be born and have such shitty lives! I wish she would be forced to have her tubes tied so she can’t create and ruin more innocent babies! There’s no wonder Babs won’t let Jace go back to her..The thing with Babs is, she’s not always great at being able to get her point accross verbally (and usually doesn’t get the chance to get a word in edge ways with Jenelle) so we never hear Babs full side of things..Even on the last few reunions Dr. Enabler, I mean Drew, cut Babs off and didnt allow her to give her side of the story and he was even sticking up for Jenelle (aka Storming Norman) I mean how many times can one person storm off dude? If you can’t abstain from doing drugs for 9 months for the sake of your unborn child then you clearly do not deserve to be a mother (not that she even deserves that title) ! They probably moved the the swamp so they can grow their own pot and get HIGH HIGH! Smh! Friggin discusting!!!

  37. I really hope Nathan’s mother gets custody. Maybe she’ll try to do better than she did before and give Kaiser some attention.

    1. And hopefully Kaiser is ypung enough when it happens to not be affected/remember the abuse from his mom. Poor Kai

  38. As a Californian with a medical card, I would like to say it’s not shady, and there are a lot of medical conditions marijuana does help with (I’m more commenting on the ridiculous source talking about her LA connections and how shady the doctor was).

    Separately, preliminary tests have indicate that thc might have negative effects on fetul brain development. So I’m not sure how that worked for her. I mean I’m assuming if you find alcohol in a baby’s system the child is taken away, right?

    Jenelle is irresponsible. I hope her child is okay.

    1. Haha I was thinking the same thing!! You can get medical cards for so many things because it does help with a lot of issues. It’s not shady business here. But I know a few doctors who suggested taking some form of THC to help with symptoms. So it’s funny your research shows otherwise. I hope one day doctors can form a uniform opinion on this topic.

    2. It would be considered shady since she’s not an actual resident of the state in which she received the card. Doctors that prescribe like that, are, in fact, shady as all get out. She also has no actual diagnosed medical problems which would require a medical mj prescription..so there’s that too. Those doctors are doing a massive disservice to *everyone* that needs it, hell even wants it, as well as the doctors that are doing their best to stay within the legal confines this backasswards country has regarding marijuana, both to protect themselves as well as protect their patients. They are making it more difficult for those that need it, to get it. So, yes..shady. Countless people have had ot move, or take up residence in multiple states in order to get medical cards for this purpose. This kind of back alley prescribing makes that process difficult too. I have a niece that uses oils to help combat seizures. Her parents, even going through all the right channels, paid hell-and it took years-just to get her treatment she needs not only to survive every day, but to have at least a few hours out of every day when she seems “normal”. Try being someone that suffers, or has a loved one that suffers, and can’t get treatment, while watching dumbass junkies, like Jenelle, so easily obtain what they *want* (not need). People would look at it a bit differently in that light, imo.

      I am someone that actually believes it should be prescribed on a more regular basis(because it IS something that helps so many people, especially those with various chronic health issues). I think it should be promoted, legalized federally, and prescribed over a vast amount of the meds people currently get prescribed which have their own host lists of potential side effects(and countless meds necessary to counteract those, it’s an endless cycle). Actually I don’t even see a problem with many using it recreationally, to be honest, as long as it’s done responsibly(of course).

      But dumbasses like this…yeah, they’re the poster child for the whole reefer madness shit, and why so many people are against it, refusing to even learn about it. People like her are the reason, one of the only reasons(aside from our government being in big pharma’s pocket, and vice versa, of course) it’s not more widely used as a treatment, nor readily available.

    1. just when you thought she couldn’t out do herself, she does….she’ll never cease to amaze me….and not in a good way

    2. It’s worse than that. Nathan’s mom is alleging abuse. She’s noted unusual bruising and marks on Kaiser. The court documents on Radar Online indicated there were exhibits in the bruising allegation. Those exhibits weren’t in used in the online docs, but I’m guessing they were pictures.

      That poor baby. He is barely three years old. I really hope Nathan’s mom wins.

      1. Considering the way they grab that kid and toss him around in front of a camera, I’m not surprised. My heart breaks for these innocent kids.

        1. I heard Nathan convinced her to take shots of fireball while in her early pregnancy with Kaiser. It was right before she announced it and went to a club in Philly. Everyone was speculating (and proved right) because of the obvious bump she was sporting.

  39. I wonder how many “Dudes” were thrown around that trailer today.
    Jenelle, honey keep tweeting how “you will see…” “The truth will come out”.. It’s funny how it always does and you always look like the Liar. It’s sad you never learn…. Actually it’s pathetic.

        1. The Ashley stands behind EVERY thing she writes… seriously, Jenelle called her a liar for writing that she was pregnant with E. (Theashley was the truth, J a liar face AGAIN)

  40. Just when I thought this bitch couldn’t be any more disgusting. Wow. I wonder what Jenelle’s new excuse will be and I wonder who she will blame because we all know she loves to blame everyone but her pathetic self. I hate Mtv for keeping this trash on this show. All this money they throw at her just enables her. I feel so bad for those kids.

  41. Just when I thought this bitch couldn’t be any more disgusting. Wow. I wonder what Jenelle’s new excuse will be and I wonder who she will blame because we all know she loves to blame everyone but her pathetic self. I hate Mtv for keeping this trash stay on this show. All this money they throw at her just enables her. I feel so bad for those kids.

  42. Those innocent children are all going to have screwed up childhoods because their mother is a disgusting, selfish, delusional, narcissistic piece of shit.

  43. Never liked u since I met u in the mall in Wilmington where I’m from. Olive in Leland..i wanna punch u in the face spoiled brat.come find me

  44. Dude, of course she smoked pot while pregnant- doesn’t everyone do that to get rid of the morning sickness?

    1. Didn’t she tweet something like that when she got exposed for smoking while pregnant with Jace? I think she said something along the lines of doctors prescribe pregnant women weed to get rid of nausea

      1. I would love to know the name of a “doctor” that would prescribe weed for a pregnant woman! NO ACTUAL DOCTOR WOULD EVER DO SUCH THING.

  45. I’m not surprised, but it infuriates me how some people learn how to work the system. When will she ever stop? There are no repercussions for her actions. It’s so sad.

  46. She’s a spoiled brat getting paid to be a drug addict…sorry excuse for a mama. If she dont like what I say..I live in Wilmington…come get some girly. U ain’t ready for it…lol….LOVE HER MAMA BARB

    1. Donna, I agree Jenelle is irresponsible and immature. But wanting to beat up a person you don’t actually know is pretty crazy. Breathe, and remember she has no bearing on your life.

  47. Oh but she wants to take her son from the only stable environment he’s known since birth and give him back to someone he doesn’t want to live with. Sure, Jenelle, you’ll get him. This relationship is not going to work because she’s still the same whiny little bitch that only thinks about herself.

  48. Whomp, there it is!

    Are we really surprised? Jenelle is a POS and does not deserve any of her children. I’ll be honest and say that I have never heard of any pregnant women smoking weed for their morning sickness. Then again, most sane and stable mothers to be wouldn’t even think of smoking while pregnant and I mean no offense by saying that.

    I’m so tired of seeing Jenelle getting to walk away from all of these charges and invesgations. Man, if it was anyone else, you’d be in prison! I really do hope that Karma comes around and gets her in the end.

  49. Also, in regards to Jace she will never get him back as long as Barbara is alive. She didn’t sign over temporary custody she signed over her parental rights. Legally Barbara is his mom. For her to get custody of him she doesn’t have to show how great she is doing she would have to show how bad Barbara is and that it is an unfit situation. That is why she tried to set Barb up. In NC the parents have a constitutional right to their kids so if in all of the court and mediation things Barb is keeping custody Jenelle’s issues have been serious and if he has been with Barb 8 years there is literally no chance she will ever have legal custody. Jenelle is not stable. She is still using drugs beyond marijuana.

    I was told after that video stunt Jenelle’s lawyer threatened to drop her and that the video would have hurt her case more than helped it and that she was advised NOT to proceed to court because her rights were signed away if the judge ruled against her that Barb could have permanently kept Jace from her if she wanted to.

  50. I am not buying the part of the judge signed off on it because of the medical card. In NC it is still not allowed. What would have been hard for them to prove was whether or not she smoked up in NC where it is very illegal versus CA where it is allowed…Also I said it before I know people directly in contact with her she was using drugs her whole pregnancy that is why she was hiding in her room and marijuana is not the only thing she was doing she was also on xanax recreationally. When she was on the doctors she claimed she had been clean and she has not…these people mad Barb won’t give Jace back really do not know the facts. She knows Jenelle is still using.

    1. That’s one of the things I’m kind of surprised no one mentions. Weed/THC can stay in your system for 30-60 days, but other, harder drugs go faster. I know Coke and Meth can actually be cleared in 3 days… if Jenelle knew and delivered around her due date, she could have stopped smoking and other stuff (worse) maybe a week prior and *only* the THC/weed would show up.

  51. Well MTV your so appalled but continue to have her and Lurch on the show and reward them. Remove her, it’s no longer entertaining.

  52. I hope that this new nugget of information helps Barbara to keep custody of Jace. That child HATES being at Jenelle’s home. David and his daughter treat him badly. The place is chaotic. He needs the stability that Barbara provides.

  53. Can y’all seriously stop with demonizing ganja?! Not defending Jenelle, always will be a hot mess. But I know MANY pregnant women who have smoked to help their nausea. Maybe we should rethink our stance on a natural plant that has many health benefits.

    1. Jenelle was not smoking ‘to help her nausea’…. she’s doing it because she’s a drug addict in hiding. She does other drugs beside weed, so yeah it is a problem when her newborn tests positive for it. Get a grip, Jenelle is not fit to be a mother…

    2. First of all, I want to say that I don’t have a problem with marajuana. It has a lot of practical uses. HOWEVER, doing it while pregnant is fucked up. Yes, it’s natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. There are lots of things in nature that are not safe. No one should be smoking ANYTHING while pregnant. We don’t know the long-term effects of marajuana use on babies. Their brains are rapidly developing, so who knows? I agree that people demonize it and act like it’s heroin, which is dumb, but let’s not act like it’s not a mind-altering substance.

    3. Seriously? You know MANY women who would put their infant child at risk because they are nauseous? You know they make safe and effective medication for severe morning sickness that we know for sure doesn’t harm the baby, right? Smoke all you want when you’re not pregnant, but putting your child at risk like this should be punishable by law.

    4. What about the effect on the baby? Marijuana is natural, but that does NOT mean it is harmless. And what about the effect on the brain development of children who are inhaling the smoke from her and David’s marijuana use?

    5. Not sure how many women are still experiencing morning sickness at 9 months…Ensley was born with marijuana in her system. That is NOT ok.

    6. oh give me a break….alcohol, cigarettes, lunch meat, and sushi are all legal when you’re not pregnant, but banned when you are…I’m sure smoking WEED is just as bad as as the latter named..Jenelle is selfish and can’t go more than 9 months without smoking weed for the sake of her CHILD.

    7. There’s nothing wrong with weed. Theres nothing wrong with smoking it (coming from a smoker) There’s nothing wrong with being pregnant. BUT YOU DONT COMBINE THEM. How hard is it to stop for 9 months? But just because it’s a plant, doesn’t mean it isn’t a drug. It’s a mind altering substance, which by definition makes it a drug. You don’t do drugs while pregnant. You don’t put your unborn child at risk in any way.

    1. I don’t think the testing was extensive enough. Pot is just a given with this loser, but we all know she was doing things that are much worse.

  54. This seriously PISSES ME OFF. I live in Canada and have a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means my joints are in constant pain. I have been prescribed medical marijuana for this and even when I met with the doctor I had to inform them that I had no intention of getting pregnant and, if I did, my prescription would stop immediately. That’s the way it should be, like any other medication. The fact that she went and did this while pregnant shouldn’t matter whether she had a card or not, she should NOT have been using marijuana, legal or not. The fact that these two fuckwits cheated the system are the reason why medical marijuana is such a joke to people. It’s not for getting high (HIGH!) it’s for people to improve their quality of life. SMDH.

    1. I don’t get how she could retroactively get a medical marijuana card after the baby was already born. She obviously didn’t have the card until after the child was born with drugs in her system so why would CPS accept that as an excuse. At best it would have meant that she smoked weed in a legal state but got it illegally while she was pregnant and afterwards got a prescription.

    2. I have EDS too! It’s terrible, thankfully I have a mild form but I’ve also been warned with my other conditions that chances are I wont be able to walk by 40.

      Hope you get some good days! ❤️

    3. can you believe there are actually morons commenting right now that “a doctor” told them it was ok to smoke weed while pregnant??

  55. Is it even legal in nc? I don’t understand how a card from another state and one retroactively can be applicable here

    1. I questioned that too, it may be legal in the state of California but federally it’s still illegal as well as in her state… what gives?

    2. It’s not legal. NC is pretty conservative and it will be a very very long time before marijuana is legalized here. The chances tha a doctor here told her to smoke weed while pregnant are slim to none.

  56. Also

    HAHAHAHA to her flipping out over Babs having a few sips of wine. That scene was already hilarious but now it’s even better.

  57. Not shocking at all. THIS must be why Jenelle backed out of a custody trial. Her custody hearing for Jace was in May and Barb said afterwards that a trial wouldn’t have been good for Jenelle and there was a lot that we didn’t know.

    I am just thrilled Nathan’s mom is pursuing custody. This was a long time coming. The Ashley, when was this petition filed? If it’s an emergency hearing, they should be in court soon.

  58. Shocked, speechless, and stunned beyond recognition.

    Said no one ever.

    Along with Barbara holding on to Jace, I hope Nathan grows some balls and gets poor Kaiser away from being flung around by his arm like a sack of dirty laundry in that prefabricated mud pile they call their LAND.


  59. How horrible!!! The poor baby!! Jenelle should have all of those kids taken away! It’s one thing to subject yourself to it but the epic selfishness of subjecting your helpless unborn child that you should be programmed to protect at all cost!!! How sad!

  60. ha!all those’jenelle has changed and is a good mom’!wonder what they say now?im sure they will make excuses for her..jenelle and david are about to implode..david will be the next’why am i a guy’ to be arrested.btw,thats the hilarious thing nathan said when he was arrested..

  61. One of the good things about living in Australia. The drug isn’t legal so if you do test positive your child is taken away no ifs or buts.
    (I agree people should only use pot if they do have a general medical need I.e cancer)
    I hope someone is able to save these children because he looks like a murderous bastard and she does not deserve to have any children!

    1. I’m all for legalizing marijuana for a multitude of reasons (even though I don’t smoke myself), but there should be limitations on it just like with alcohol. Age limit, no driving while high, no smoking while pregnant, and all that. Pot actually has fewer health risks than alcohol as well. If they legalized it, but put limitations on it, it would also help put people like Jenelle in jail, which would be a wonderful thing.

  62. Wow, I just can’t believe this…said no one but Jenelle’s little fan girls…who will still make every excuse in the book for this low life POS.

  63. What is seriously wrong with the legal field in North Carolina? David should be in jail for violating the restraining order. Jenelle should be in jail for throwing a glass of water at someone’s head. Those poor kids should have been taken away from her the moment ALL of them tested positive for THC. The system is FAILING the kids.

  64. Here’s hoping that CPS finally seals the deal on her never getting Jace back and that she loses custody of Kaiser and Ensley. She’s not fit to be a mother. Never has been, never will be.

    1. She’s also admitted to smoking pot while pregnant with Jace way back when. Also, the courts should look at the date Ensley was born vs the date she was “prescribed” medical marijuana. Absolute Trashboat of a human being.

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking you CAN NOT get one those cards and have it apply retroactively. you want to do that on your own time that’s up to you but to put your own child at risk unbelievable

        1. If they did a stand test on her hair, they could trace her usage back to before the card was given to her, and lock her ass up. I hope they realize and do that.

        2. CPS is looking at the future. So they are trying to get her to stop and they will leave her alone. They’re not concerned about past use, they don’t hold that against people they’re investigating. CPS wants rehabilitation to keep families together.

          So if she has a card now, all future positive tests can’t be held against her. Unless she starts using anything else, she can’t be penalized.

      2. She was also busted for smoking while carrying Kai. Remember the bathtub bong? Or the “flower vase” as Jenelle called it?

  65. That’s pretty awful by ANYONES standards. Especially in light of the fact that she followed Barb to a restaurant to make it seem as though Barb had put the kids in danger by drinking. Is it okay to drive your children under the influence of Marijuana, then?! Or to make your own rules about what will and will not affect your daughter while growing in the womb?

    1. Don’t forget, MTV let Ryan drive under influence too. Why am I even surprised that they allow things like that?! This channel has seriously went downhill when they decided to air this and similar shows. M stands for MOCKING channel now.

  66. How shocking lol

    Ugh I don’t care if people use marijuana but not while pregnant! It’s just not proven to be safe, you’re risking your child’s health. 9 months isn’t long to stay clean.

    Crazy that she’s always super high and still can’t control her anger. She shouldn’t have any kids. She’s a mess.

  67. I don’t know how this could ever be a surprise anyone we legitimately saw her pregnant and smoking on the balcony of her hotel room when they were filming the reunion I’m just honestly sad for the kids because she clearly does not want to be a mother and yet she keeps escaping any kind of watchful eye to make sure she and the man of the moment are maintaining a safe environment for the children… i’m just so happy somebody was finally on team Kaiser

  68. Jfc… when something bad happens to one of those kids, Jenelle, David, CPS, and the quack CA doctor should all be held responsible. This is ridiculous and irresponsible!

  69. What a bunch of fucking losers. It’s one thing to smoke yourself, but to expose an innocent baby?!

    I hope Kaiser gets taken, and Ensley too. At lest she doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting Jace back now!

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