‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Trailer Explained: Did ‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Really Sleep With Javi Marroquin’s Best Friend? (Exclusive)

Get your popcorn ready, folks!

Teen Mom 2 fans got quite the shock when the first trailer for the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars came out last month. The new season, which will feature Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin, was filmed last October, but viewers are seeing the footage for the first time.

(By the time this airs, the footage will be over a year old!)

In the first trailer released, Kail can be heard yelling “I slept with your best friend!” to her ex-husband. That clip has caused ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans to speculate as to which “friend” it was that Kail got busy with…and if she “did the deed” while she was still married to Javi.

The Ashley has the exclusive scoop on who Kail slept with and when it all went down!

“Everyone is speculating that the person Kail slept with his a male friend of Javi’s who recently reappeared on Javi’s social media accounts but that’s not true,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “The person Kail is referring to in the trailer isn’t even a guy. It’s a girl.”

The source goes on to say that the person Kail slept with is a girl who’s been featured on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Kail has known her since high school,” the source said. “Javi met her through Kail, although on an early season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ they made it seem like this girl introduced Kail to Javi. That wasn’t the case.”

The source said that MTV concocted that story because, at the beginning, Kail had been hiding her relationship with Javi from MTV, and when it came time to introduce him on the show, MTV didn’t know how to go about it.

“Because they hadn’t broken the fourth wall on the show yet, they couldn’t come out and say that Kail had been hiding Javi from the producers,” the source said. “At that point in the series, they were still acting like the girls weren’t on TV or whatever.”

On the show, it seemed like Javi was introduced to Kail by this girl, but it was totally fake.

Now that we’ve take a little trip down Teen Mom Memory Lane, let’s get back to what really matters: the juicy scoop of Kail sleeping with Javi’s best friend!

The source tells The Ashley that the girl and Kail slept together right before Javi came back from deployment.

“They tried to make it seem on ‘Teen Mom 2’ like Javi didn’t know about the divorce and all that, but that was just for TV. It was already a done deal by this time.”

Kail’s friendship with this girl went sour on the day Javi and his friend came over and ‘caught’ Kail’s now-baby daddy Chris Lopez at Kail’s house, the source reveals.

“The friend who was with Javi was the boyfriend of the girl that Kail had hooked up with. Apparently the girl had hooked up with another one of Javi’s friends and Javi knew about it. Kail threw that out during the argument that day, and Javi’s friend got really mad at Javi because Javi had been encouraging it.”

“When Kail’s friend found out about this, she was very mad at Kail, and it basically ended their friendship,” the source tells The Ashley. “After that, the girl was siding with Javi because she thought Kail ratted on her for cheating on her boyfriend with the other dude,” the source added.

(Fun Fact: the “other dude” is someone who is on an MTV reality show, The Ashley can confirm!)

Javi knew about Kail hooking up with this girl by the time they went to film  ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ last October. However, it remains to be seen how it will all play out on the show.

Watch the ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ trailer below:

(Photo: WEtv)

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  1. Kail has turned out to be a real piece of sh*t. Javi was/is far from perfect but he was/is a great dad to Isaac & Lincoln & he really seemed to love her. Nobody knows what happens when the cameras are off but she just threw him out with the trash but turns out she is the trash. She cheats on him, won’t have another kid with him but then turns up pregnant by a guy who she now doesn’t even have a relationship with except to hope he wants to see and/or help with his son who didn’t want in the beginning of the pregnancy. She’s ok with this guy doing the best he can which in her own words isn’t up to what most people would consider too much of anything but she couldn’t be bothered to try working on her marriage with a man who loved her & all the drama she brings to everything she does. And was right there raising another man’s child as his own but she just couldn’t be bothered to work it out. That marriage boot camp is a joke and she only did it for the money which is all she cares about. That and opening her legs to literally anyone at this point. These people must think they are going to get fame or money out of sleeping with her bc it can’t be her personality, she is a total b*tch and i don’t know how anyone can deal with her for more then 5 minutes without wanting to punch her in the face just so she shuts her whining, complaining, witchy mouth. i used to think she was one of the better ones on the show but she has really shown her true colors in the past few seasons and it’s not been a good look for her. 3 babies by 3 different dads, 1 from her boyfriend as a teenager who eventually couldn’t stand her after the first season, 1 from the one man who actually loved her & did everything possible including joining the military to be able to take care of her & Isaac & then Lincoln, and now 1 with what turned out to be basically a fling that was just a relationship of convenience for him. but hey lets have a baby by him too. And still hasn’t even named the poor kid. WOW, mother of the year! She just forgot the man she was married to & who practically begged her for another baby, nope he made a mistake after the miscarriage and didn’t handle it how SHE thought he should so God forbid she try to work through that and keep her marriage intact, nope throw him to the curb and have a 3rd baby by someone who doesn’t give a crap about her, sounds like a solid plan. Not to mention what she is doing to her kids, ripping away the one man who both kids looked at as daddy, bringing men and now women in and out of their lives and their home, showing them exactly how to be a player when they get older. Great example as the mother of 3 boys. I bet they all end up with multiple kids from multiple women, none will no how to hold down a relationship bc of how they see their mother act. I hope Javi shows the 2 boys he is allowed to be around (bc she doesn’t want him around the 3rd baby, she is so spiteful and immature) how a real man is supposed to act & brings a real woman into their lives so that they can see what some kind of stability in a relationship really is bc their mother is an attention needing, money grubbing, fame whore, she is no better then farrah. I actually have more respect for farrah bc at least she isn’t spitting out babies for more money & isn’t letting just anyone who wants the chance run through her like a train tunnel. Kail has gone from needy to needy biotch & she needs to grow up. Having babies doesn’t make you a grown up, having a degree you aren’t doing anything with doesn’t make you a grown up, having money from a reality tv show about being a teen mother who just keeps having kids by any random guy out there doesn’t make you a grown up. Try getting a job & doing something with yourself besides relying on baby money from mtv & having brazilian butt lifts & whatever other plastic surgery she thinks is going to keep her relevant. Show your sons how to be real men & treat women with respect & dignity. But then I guess when you have no dignity of your own or respect for yourself we can’t expect too much else from this self pitying idiot. She is a disgrace to women in general, to mothers out there struggling to get by & to any present or future teen moms who are looking up to her. I hope they find a better role model then her. Even Farrah would be a better role model, at least she is making her own money, not letting mtv rule her life by paying her more money to have more kids for show ratings. She may make her money in industries we don’t all agree with but its legit money & has helped her to go from the sex industry to opening furniture stores, children’s retail shops, frozen yogurt chains, being in the food industry with her sauces and whatever else she can get her hands into that will bring more money into her bank account that has nothing to do with mtv or bringing more kids into this already overpopulated and effed up world we live in. And she is always doing something to better Sophia’s future, her number one priority is her daughter. We may not always like her attitude or agree with her most of the time off the wall thinking but the girl is getting it done all on her own. She was smart enough to use reality tv as a stepping stone to bigger and better things and now is in a position that she doesn’t need mtv anymore, she’s doing better without them at this point but she also knows where it all started. Kailyn should take a page out of Farrah’s book and try being a real woman, close her legs for a while and get into some therapy for effed up attitude and personality and stop blaming all her problems on her childhood and family issues. We all got issues from childhood, some worse then others, but you can’t use that as your excuse to be a total nasty b*tch to everyone or for having such a pissy attitude or her horrible personality, she isn’t even fun to watch on the show anymore bc she is such a nasty person to everyone who she comes in contact with. Sorry so long but had to get that out, thanks for letting me vent lol!

  2. Girl is Gigi , it was in The teen mom book, that I think The Ashley published years ago. Buttt doesn’t surprise me.. Kails a Hooooo !! ?

    1. Nope. She says that you have 90 days to name a baby in Delaware, so I’m assuming she’s going to drag this out for another 60 days.

  3. Wow…umm…definitely not trying to be offensive or anything because ya know, freedom of sexual expression and what not, but like…damn. Her husband was away so she slept with a woman, AND got knocked up by another guy? You’re a hot mess, Kail.

  4. This is a little off subject but what was up with Javi at Lincoln’s soccer practice last episode? After all Kail’s done to him, it’s like he was acting like he still has feelings for her. I like Javi. He’s a good guy but sometimes he comes off really cheesy and fake when him and Kail aren’t fighting. I am all for them being civil for the sake of the kids but Javi needs to not take his kindness overboard. It looks ridiculous.

  5. She’s disgusting. Why get married, and have multiple children, if you’re just gonna hook up with anyone with a pulse? Ohhhh right. Military benefits. Tv ratings. She’s such Trash. All this drama with poor Javi makes me understand Jo a whole lot more. Anyone this hooker comes into contact with, she destroys. Those poor kids. All 3 (hundred) of her ex’s dodged a fuckin bullet with this one. What’s so special about her tho? Because I see nothing. And she looks like a heavily made up sack of potatoes.

  6. In the words of Ron Weasley.. she needs to sort out her priorities!

    Her attitude and behaviour get more disgraceful as the days go on. Always claiming to be the victim of something and acts like she’s above others.. but she’s self entitled trash.

    1. Kail is a crapgoblin. Such a petty bitch. Javi is no prize at all but she is really outdoing him on the pathetic front these days.

  7. But WHY is this still relevant?! LOL, shouldn’t there be like a rule for this show to not show a lot of the couples who already broke up and moved on?! I mean Amber and Matt are on next season and their relationship troubles are irrelevant now as well? Except if they want to make these couples get back together after they see the show. Whole concept is pointless.

  8. The heck with this marriage boot camp, bring on Ambers and Matts!!!
    I can’t wait to see those doctors give it to matt and take a real lie detector test!! They’re not going to sugar coat anything, they’re going to call him out left and right.
    He will be proven to be the pos we’ve all been saying he is….

  9. I feel like I need an advanced math degree to figure this out..or maybe they are all just trash..yea, that makes it easier.

  10. Yeah, I have no idea what happened. The girl who supposedly introduce them was Gigi. So she slept with Kailyn and a MTV reality star cheating on her boyfriend in the process? And Javi was encouraging her cheating? And why does this article name no one? The Ashley, you’re as bad as Kail! Won’t name names!

    1. @Leah’s: To clarify: Kail slept with Girl. Girl was very close with Javi. Girl previously cheated on her boyfriend with a guy from an MTV show. Javi and Kail knew. Kail later told Girl’s boyfriend about the cheating. Girl’s boyfriend got angry at Javi for not telling him. Girl got mad at Kail for ratting her out. Javi later found out about Girl and Kail sleeping together. Sorry can’t name names on this one, for obvious reasons. -The Ashley

      1. Ok got it! ? I know you can’t actually name them all but the “girl who slept the guy and slept with Kailyn” was kinda confusing! Thanks! No snark intended and I do wish she would name the baby.

  11. Wow, that’s really nice for a mother to be sleeping around with all these people. Even if her and Javi weren’t together at the time, she needs to be less focused on spreading her legs and more focused on her sons.

    1. Whyyyy are we still slut-shaming in 2017? Isaac is a fantastic kid, and Lincoln seems great too. Kail has done a great job with her kids. I know people don’t like her, but I don’t see any evidence of her not being focused on her kids. I wish people could separate the two.
      She’s a grown woman. She can’t go out ever again or hang out with friends or have sex just b/c she’s a mother? For all we know Isaac was at Jo’s and Lincoln was sleeping. Is she supposed to knit in a rocking chair anytime her kids don’t need her attention?

      1. There slut,shaming because being,a slut isn’t something to be proud of. Male or female its just not good. Secondly, how and Javier did a good job raising Isaac and Lincoln. Jail just,showed up for,the sex and delivery. The daddies are doing,all the hard work instilling,morals and raising,loved and emotionally healthy kids.

      2. It’s not “slut shaming”, it’s calling out a MOTHER for AGAIN not putting her kids first and playing on her deployed husbands emotions while sleeping with other people actively trying to have a baby with someone else all while acting like she wants to work things out.

      3. @Shea – I wasn’t slut shaming her at all. If she wasn’t a mother of two kids, I wouldn’t give a shit. But she is. It’s a completely different situation. I just think there’s a way you should conduct yourself when you have children and I don’t think sleeping around is something you should be doing when you are a mother. Especially if your husband or ex husband is half way around the world and the kids still think you two are happily married. I’m just sayin’.

      4. “Slut shaming” ugh I hate that people actually defend married people sleeping around. Do whatever you want when you’re single and childless. Married, with children, go be a slut with your HUSBAND. fuck off

        1. YES! “There’s nothing wrong with being in touch with your sexuality!!!” BE IN TOUCH WITH IT BUT BE IN TOUCH WITH IT WITH YOURSELF OR YOUR HUSBAND NOT THE EVERYONE WHO LOOKS AT YOU

      5. It would “slut shaming” if Kail had been single and was getting criticized sleeping around. If she’s single and taking care of her kids, I agree it’s no one’s business who she sleeps with or if she decides to have another baby. But, Kail was married and being married usually means being faithful to your spouse. Her getting flak for cheating on her spouse is fair game. No one asked or expected that she sit at home alone every night. But, there’s some middle ground between spending the rest of your days as a spinster and cheating on your husband with his friend.

  12. Forget about who and when, what I want to know is WHY? WHY are so many people sleeping with this disgusting PIG?

  13. Let me see if i understand this correctly:
    1. Kail has a female friend that she’s had since high school.
    2. This female has a boyfriend who is on an MTV reality show.
    3. Kail is married to Javi.
    4. Kail “sleeps” with this female while still married to Javi.
    5. This female “sleeps” with a male friend of Javi’s, cheating on her MTV boyfriend.
    Am I understanding this?

    1. Almost. I think the girl was dating Javi’s friend and cheated on him with the star of an MTV reality show. Then Kail ratted her out to Javis friend, causing the girl to hate Kail and Javi’s friend to hate Javi. The girl supposedly was featured on MTV “introducing” Javi and Kail, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who she is.

  14. Holy shit, I didn’t even remember these two clowns filmed this crap. Should have aired 6 months ago! So, we have to wait an additional year (at least!) until we get to see Mutt and Ambien’s season? It’ll be completely old and irrelevant news by then. She’ll have moved her new ~man in and planning for another wedding that’ll never happen.

  15. I’m dying to know the identity of the mysterious MTV boyfriend. Kinda hoping it’s one of the douchebags on the challenge shows. I love those shows but a lot of these kids are terrible.

    1. The mtv reality star was “the other guy” she cheated on her boyfriend with. I think it is also suggesting this person from MTV to be Javis friend.

    2. I really want to know… @theashley– You’re killing me!

      I’m kind of thinking it’s not someone from the Challenge, at least not someone who’s well known. They’re kind of top tier MTV stars. What would they want with a friend of a teen mom? How would they even be running in the same circle?

      Maybe it’s some from TMOG or Are You the One?

    1. Well Peach was Javi’s friend from high school…not Kail’s. I thought the article said the girl was actually Kail’s friend who had since become friends with Javi. If that’s the case, it can’t be Peach.

      1. Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought Peach was Kail’s friend first. Thanks for clearing that up. No matter who it was, the whole situation is just crazy.

  16. What a friggin shitshow. I honestly dont know which one of all these teen mom girls is the biggest trailer trash. Just when i decide its obvs Jenelle the cum dumpster, this one rises up to the occasion lmao

  17. Ok…
    #1 sorry but that new nameless baby has Javi’s big lips… just sayin.

    #2 Kail is a complete disgrace… does MTV have no startards/expectations/ morals/ balls to admit what they have done was wrong exploiting these fragile girls who have become extremely selfish and deserving women… How is this helping anyone like there mission in the beginning?!? Remember the bullshit PSA announcements after each commercial about pregnancy is 100% preventable or if you have been involved with a domestic violence you are not alone … (hilarious that Kail is the abuser!) like what the hell are they showing or trying to prove???
    #3 Can we all just start boycotting the show and somehow beg The Ashley just to recap? This site is hella more entertaining and I don’t have to sit through the yuck tv anymore. I only read this!
    That is all:)

  18. So the girl Kail slept with also slept with another one of Kail/Javi’s friends? And now Kail and the girl she slept with are no longer friends? I am so confused!

  19. Did she not write about this in her god awful book? I didn’t actually read it but I’m sure we’ve heard this before.

  20. Man. Their situation is so fucked up. I dislike her a lot… but to be honest if my husband blamed me for a miscarriage I think I’d be just as cold as she is to him. She was a shitty person before that though don’t get me wrong.

      1. It makes more sense if it was Peach because her and Kail were very good friends but now they hate each other. Javi and Peach are very close and have referred to each other as “best friends.”

        1. Peach was Javi’s friend and I believe sided with him in the divorce due to that allegiance. I couldn’t remember the name of the girl who introduced them but now we know it’s Gigi. The only thing left to figure out is who the MTV reality star is. Do we know it’s a guy? Ryan Edwards anyone? Just saying, it would make the most sense if the guy was from the TM franchise.

        2. @Heather That’s what I thought too. Immediately, my first assumption was Peach. However, I went back and found the episode where Javi and Kail met. Peach was not there; it was Gigi.

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