Javi Marroquin Calls the Police on His Baby Mama Lauren Comeau Claiming She Punched Him; Kail Lowry Defends Javi: “You Don’t Get To Attack My Ex-Husband!”

Everyone keep your hands where we can see them, please…

It’s time for yet another Battle of the Javi Marroquin Baby Mamas!

The Teen Mom 2 dad and his ex-wife Kail Lowry teamed up to expose Javi’s other baby mama, Lauren Comeau. In an explosive Instagram Live session on Thursday, Kail and Javi slammed Lauren for making a living off their fame, calling them names and putting up a “perfect” front for her Instagram followers. They also accused her of physically abusing Javi.

This Instagram rant comes just two days after Javi called the police on Lauren (again!) to report that she had allegedly hit him (again!) The Sun broke the news on Thursday that Delaware police were called to Lauren’s home on Tuesday over a “domestic matter.” Javi claimed Lauren punched and kicked him in front of their son, Eli. (Lauren denied Javi’s allegations in her own statement to The Sun.)

Pretty much all of our faces right now, watching this drama go down…

Last month, Javi called the cops on Lauren for the first time, claiming she punched him with a closed fist several times, and “snatched” his gold chain off, all while their two-year-son Eli watched. In the paperwork he filed to get a Protection From Abuse against Lauren, he claimed that Lauren had hit him before. 

Despite Kail and Javi having their own issues, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star later defended her ex-husband against Lauren on Instagram.

“I know we’ve all been very messy the past several years but that’s not a justification to get beat or beating someone,” she said.

Since this whole baby mama drama situation is rather confusing, allow The Ashley to break it down, recap-style for you!

On what allegedly went down at Lauren’s between her and Javi:

“She can’t keep her hands off me…and not in that special WaWa way!”

According to The Sun, the showdown began on Tuesday night, when Javi came to Lauren’s house to pick up Eli. (The Ashley is going to try to keep things in chronological order as best as she can.) 

Lauren told The Sun that Javi “entered my home after I asked him to not enter my home repeatedly.”

“Who ME?!”

That’s not how Javi explained what went down, though. He told police that Lauren hit him “in the face and kicked him multiple times.”

Lauren claims Javi “made a false accusation and called the police hours after he left my home.” A police source confirmed to The Sun that the cops did go to Lauren’s house for a “reported domestic-related matter” on Tuesday, with Javi being the alleged victims. 

“That matter remains under investigation at this time. No arrests have been made,” a police source told The Sun

It appears that multiple calls to 911 were made that night in regard to the “matter” at Lauren’s. In Touch Weekly reports that, in addition to the call made by Javi, “a female caller told emergency dispatchers that she was ‘concerned for the welfare of a child,'” police officials told the site.

It is unknown if Lauren was the female caller. 

Also a possibility…

In the Instagram Live session later, Javi said because he “didn’t get a black eye” the police couldn’t charge or arrest Lauren. He also stated that the incident started over him telling Lauren he wanted to bring their son when he goes on vacation with Kail and their son Lincoln to Wyoming. 

 “Lauren knew I was going to Wyoming to visit a friend. Javi asked if he could come. I said sure. It’s not just me going it’s a whole group of us and the kids are coming,” Kail said on Instagram. “And she got really upset that Javi asked for Eli and as soon as he asked for Eli, this is what I’m told, I know for a fact because I was sent pictures that she punched him in the face several times and kicked him when he was down. So we’re not going to pretend like that just didn’t happen.”

On Lauren making money off of their ‘Teen Mom 2’ fame & hiding her real personality:

“I don’t know why Kail thinks I use her fame for money. It’s not like I appeared on her show or anything. Oh…wait…”

Javi and Kail made a lot of eyebrow-raising statements on Live, telling their fans that Lauren is not the person she appears to be online. They also accused her of living off their MTV fame and calling them names (and even wishing death on them) behind-the-scenes.

“She’s wishing death on me, telling me to drive off a bridge,” Javi said of Lauren. 

“I’m tired of people truly pulling the victim card and acting like they’re perfect and constantly pointing the finger at other people,” Kail said. “So Lauren, this one is for you! You don’t get to attack my ex-husband in front of your son and I know that that was true because my ex-husband would never ever ever ever lie about you beating him in front of his son.”

Kail also called Lauren out for “talking s**t about me for what I did years ago.” (Kail is referring to this incident which aired during a 2012 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ in which she screamed at and pushed Javi on-camera. Kail recently addressed that issue on her podcast.) 

Teen Mom 2
The push heard ’round the ‘Teen Mom’ world…

“Your resentment does not give you the right to beat people and further more, talk s**t about me when I put myself into therapy,” Kail said. 

“I have sacrificed a lot and I’ve put a lot of s**t out there and I’ve had to face my demons and look at myself in the mirror every single day saying, ‘Wow I f**ked up here, I f**ked up there,'” Kail said. “I’ve had to be in therapy for 20 months and own it. We’ve all done our messes but I guarantee you and would be willing to put money on it that Javi would not lie about something in front of his son.”

Javi and Kail insist that Lauren “acts perfect” on Instagram but calls them names, wishes death on them and does unsavory things behind closed doors.

“She has all these people fooled. I hope people see who she really is,” Javi said. “It’s all a front.”

Javi and Kail were not shy about calling Lauren out for cashing in on their MTV fame.

“She’s a manipulative liar who makes a paycheck off of our backs!” Kail said, adding that Lauren uses her large Instagram following to sell Arbonne products.

“To be clear, it’s still Ok for me to make money off the show though, right?”

“Her entire following came from me and my sacrifices and my dirt,” Kail said. “And all of my s**t on TV and you get to just sit back and play house and act like you’re perfect and collect a paycheck from Arbonne off my back and my sacrifices and what I work for so no, I’m not going to let this continue.”

Javi and Lauren split (several times) due to Javi’s repeated infidelity (occasionally with Kail…in the WaWa parking lot). The exes addressed this during their Live.

“I’m sorry but whatever cheating you did at some point in time doesn’t justify what she’s doing now. Look in the mirror and decide,” Kail said. “She said you cheated on her for five years. Why allow that?”

Other than the statement made to The Sun on Thursday, Lauren has remained silent on Javi and Kail’s other claims. 

The police investigation into the “domestic-related matter” is ongoing.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…Stay tuned! 

You can watch video of Javi and Kail’s Live (captured by the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram account) below! 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

52 Responses

  1. OMG! ??‍♀️
    They’re ALL lunatics!!
    Javi is a publicity hound and we all know Kail is even worse!
    I don’t know the whole story but from what I read here Javi has been screwing around on Lauren from the very beginning!
    Leave the poor gurl alone, BOTH OF YOU!!!
    Kail & Javi are the biggest bullies!!

  2. Kail and Javi so obviously banging again that’s why she’s sticking up for him cuz babe we saw you assault him too so… there’s that.

  3. This is just too rich…Kail has beaten all of her ex’s. Yet she’s blasting Javi’s ex and seemingly won’t shut her pie hole? Geez…she just loves drama and getting involved with her ex’s personal lifes. Doesn’t she have four kids to take care of? And why she is inviting Javi to go to Wyoming with her? Hmmmm….she’s probably banging him again. Maybe Javi will give her the girl she so desparately wants.

  4. If Javi is still in the Air Force, then he better clean up his act or face a dishonorable discharge.

  5. Kail has physically attacked all of her baby daddies but when someone else does it that’s where she draw the line?

  6. Sooo, Lauren just punched Javi because he asked to take Eli on vacation, and then Javi called Kail? Was he calling her to tell her to come and beat up Lauren for him, or is he STILL sleeping with both Lauren and Kail and playing them against each other for his own benefit? Pretty sad that Brianna was the only member of that love triangle (love square?) who really saw Javi for what he is and took herself out of the game.

    And Kail, for therapy to work, you have to humble yourself, be honest, and put in real work to make changes. It requires a lot more than just showing up.

  7. Oh STFU Kail. Yeah, only you and Amber can beat your men. ? Therapy for 20 months, oh wow, would you like an award? She is the epitome of an unaware, useful idiot. Her and Javi deserve one another.

  8. Who wouldn’t want to kick his ass. He was screwing someone while she was there. Upstairs with their child. Kail has hit for way less than that. Here comes Kail playing the innocent act. Kail screwing Javi again. If anyone was played it was Lauren. Javi filing pfas just like Kail. Pfas and Ndas sounds fishy to me.

  9. Is this dude’s d!ck made of gold or something? Why are these women so.. insane around him? Yes Lauren should absolutely NOT have hit him.. but Javi is KNOWN for just walking into someone else’s residence and staying put no matter how many times he’s asked to leave.
    Stop giving these idiots platforms to air their trailer trash antics. MTV has destroyed all their mental health.

  10. I see Kail’s fifth pregnancy announcement happening later this year. You know those fools are gonna bump uglies again.

    Can you imagine all the nonsense her kids will go through in life due to her choices? Ugh.

  11. So, the story is Javi asked to take Eli to Wyoming and Lauren just beat the fuck out of him? Yeah, okay! It’s more believable that she asked him REPEATEDLY to LEAVE HER HOUSE and he refused.

    And who the fuck calls their ex-wife to tattle?!? If my ex called me on some shit like that, I’d just hang up the phone. It wasn’t in front of my kids, so it’s not my problem. Figure your shit out.

    I really hope Lauren just drags Kail’s ass for trying to say something after assaulting Chris over a fucking hair cut. Kail has 0 room to talk shit about ANYBODY!

  12. Kail you hit Javi numerous times, take several seats, and stop bumping your gums, lauren needs to take her son and get the hell outta dodge.

    1. I thought I read somewhere that Javi won’t let her go back to her family in Maine because of the custody agreement. So she’s stuck in Delaware without a support system. She’s probably bitter AF at Javi for that – I would be. If Eli were so important to Javi, he shouldn’t have played out that old Shaggy song in real life and tried to proposition Kail for a booty call IN THE WaWa PARKING LOT. Just let Lauren go back to Maine with Eli so she can move on with her life.

  13. If you woke up, every day, and someone punched you in the face, for the first week, you’d go, ‘Why is someone punching me in the face?’ But, by the time you got through week two, you’d take it and just go on with the day.

    stay lit

  14. This has nothing to do with Kail, as Lincoln wasn’t there, so why is she involving herself?

  15. I hate when people with large social media followings get involved with MLMs like Arbonne. Most of their followers do not have the following they have on social media and will never make money – most will lose money. It makes me sick.

  16. Poor Javi, he always seems to get a smack from the women he controls, manipulates, cheats on repeatedly, stalks, and obsesses over, what is he doing wrong??

    Of course be would lie, Kail, he is as full of crap as you are! Maybe Lauren pushed him because he was refusing to leave her house, he would certainly jump on that and twist it into assault. 100 percent. These people don’t know what the truth is!

  17. Lauren doesn’t even have to say anything. These two are making fools of themselves and no one buys the BS they’re spewing.

  18. Javi and Kail absolutely deserve each other. I’ll help decorate WaWa for their second wedding. Then we can watch them destroy each other on camera (because even though Kail wants to convince the world she is healthy by simply hiding her crap, you know Javi can never resist airing it out.)

    Also ’20 months’ is a strangely specific figure to give about being in therapy, but we can then assume her violent assault of Chris occurred 10 months into therapy. Draw your own conclusions about Kail’s ability to humble herself and actually participate in therapy in a meaningful way.

    So much messiness, yet the storyline she permits her employer to pay her for is her trying to convince an 11 year old that he has an undiscovered passion for ceramic tile.

    She’s simply the worst.

  19. I imagined Kail while reading this emerge like Hulk with Chris in her hand, and scream: don’t you dare hit Javi, Lauren, he’s MY victim!

  20. Kail the hypocrite. Nobody wants her so she must go back to spermdonor 2 till donor 3 takes her back for a quicky.
    She is still so full of anger her therapy obviously didn’t work. Go face the mirror Kail.

  21. Now Lauren…smh…just when I started to finally like her a teeny bit, she goes and chooses violence. AGAIN. At this point she has nobody to blame but herself. She shoulda left years ago when she caught him balls deep in her friend in their house, while she was supposed to be sleeping…but for whatever reason she chose to stay and continue to be his doormat…and now look at her…she’s bitter and whoops his ass every chance she gets, and that’s not ok.

    And Kail…girl, didn’t you also assault Javi at one point? On camera? And didn’t she just “allegedly” assault Chris within the last year for cutting Lux’s hair? The blatant hypocrisy she spews is mind boggling.

  22. There was a story on here about javi on Twitter saying kail broke into javi house and in 2017 kail said javi snuck into her house on teen mom. Yall team up to make Lauren look bad when yall both been more than shitty to each other on Twitter on teen mom etc. Don’t act like yall really give a damn about each other and dont call her lauren out when yall both accused each other of the same thing. Grow up be parents go to counseling for coparenting and stop treating each other like shit. The only people in truly worried for is the kids. They dont have a choice but be subjected to all this game playing childish bullying bull. They should all be ashamed.

  23. Lauren learning to fame hi from Javi who learnt to fame hitching his (benefits) star to Kail’s messy af wagon.

    Kail, take your own advice about being messy doesn’t mean you get hit….tell that to your ex’s that you’ve hit.

    Y’all getting beyond messy and into Ron & Jen territory…..those poor kids. Can anyone stand up and be a good role model for them? And collect Jade’s kid and Jenelle’s litter on the way through too?

  24. > “I’m tired of people truly pulling the victim card and acting like they’re perfect and constantly pointing the finger at other people,” Kail said.

    This was a joke, right?

  25. Kail has assaulted every single father of her kids so she’s not the one to be talking about this. She recently had charges dropped for assaulting Chris and the fact she thinks she’s got the moral high ground over Lauren is a joke. Kail has also decided she’s going to start selling Arbonne too just to stick it to Lauren. Kail doesn’t get to act like she’s the one that gets to call the shots when she has abused multiple people. No one cares about her TM fame so she needs to shut up with that too. Kail also refused to let Javi go through her phone when they were married but now she goes through his phone all the time like she admitted on the live. She’s a huge hypocrite and I’m ready for her to STFU.

    1. And she needs a new therapist. She (allegedly) whooped latest baby daddy’s a**, just like she did Javi nearly 10 years ago. Someone’s got problems that therapy is not fixing.

  26. Karl. Sit your fat ass down and close your big mouth.
    None of this is your business to comment on.
    Javi created this mess. Leave him to clean it up.

  27. Kail has been waiting for this day since she gave Lauren the cold shoulder on the cold soccer field of Dover back in the day. She didnt want Javi anymore, but she sure as hell didn’t want anyone else to have him.
    As for Mr. Crossfit of the year, Javi….Youve turned into the biggest attention whore ever made out of sweat and Axe body spray. You sure have been a quick learner! You must have been scared for your life, calling 911 instead of getting the hell out of HER house.

    Kail, mind your business and go deal with your own messy as fuck life.

    Javi, take a minute and realize that the Kail is prob using you to make another baby daddy jealous, make Lauren miserable, and get online attention for something other than rubbing her tattoo’s against a proud smelling stead. Deal with your baby momma with out your other baby momma, maybe with a counselor, a lawyer, or in your case, a shaman and some sage.

    Youre all messy and gross.

  28. You can take the girl out of trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl…i.e Kail…why is she inserting herself into this situation? Seriously Kail, you need the attention that bad? Don’t you have another PFA to worry about with your current baby daddy? Stay out of this it’s none of your business!

  29. “I know we’ve all been very messy the past several years but that’s not a justification to get beat or beating someone,” Kail says.

    I’m stunned that a woman who not only punched Javi on camera but was also arrested for doing the same thing to Chris has the audacity to get on her high horse and call out Lauren for the same behavior! Pot meet kettle.

    I am not a fan of Chris and Javi by any stretch of the imagination. I think they both are pieces of shit but so is Kail. I don’t know enough about Lauren to make any judgements as to whether this is valid or not. I do KNOW what Kail AND Javi have put Lauren through.

    And, let’s not flatter ourselves, Kail..I’m quite sure that Lauren wants to get as far away from the shit show that is “Teen Mom”. Grow the hell up already and stop acting like a gossipy teenager!

  30. So Lauren appeared out of nowhere and wiggled her way into Javi’s life, but didn’t he do the same to Kail?! He sought her out too, right?! They’re all a bunch of fame whores…

  31. I say this with whole hearted sincerity…I wish mtv would cancel this sh!t show and Kailren and Javi along with it. Flush them both down the toilet. I’m so sick of her and her bull. I don’t usually let people get to me, but she is one I would punch in her conniving ass face! Give her and Javi matching fat lips. She’s is nothing but drama, her and Javi are two peas in a pod who deserves nothing more than each other. 3-cheers for Lauren standing up for herself. I wouldn’t want my child around Kailren and all her freakin’ chaos either.

  32. Hey here is a crazy off the wall idea… don’t post all ur dirty laundry out for everyone to see. These grown ass adult children need to realize they can have matters be private. All you are doing is leaving a messy trail/legacy for your children to suffer through. Grow the hell up!

  33. I’m speechless… Kail had a PFA for Javi but SHE assaulted HIM. Now Lauren assaulted him twice (allegedly) and he has a PFA for her. Wtf is wrong with all these people? So much violence in front of kids, so much bullsh*t, cheating, promiscuity. I’m disgusted by this whole thing

  34. Mind your business, Kail. People in glass houses and all that. As a mother of FOUR young boys, if you’re doing your job right, you shouldn’t have time for other people’s business!

    Lauren, get away from Javi. He means you harm. Supervised drop-offs, not at your house.

  35. Hmmm my opinion is: all these people suck! I think they all hate each other because they’re all messy, violent famewhores and hate how the other 2 remind them of themselves. I give it a month before Kail and Javi hate each other again

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