Kail Lowry Addresses 2012 ‘Teen Mom 2’ Scene Where She Pushed Her Ex-Husband Javi Marroquin: “Something I Will Regret for the Rest of My Life”

“You know how you can make up for it…?”
“Javi, if you even mention WaWa…I swear…”

Kail Lowry is opening up about one of her most-dramatic Teen Mom 2 moments ever.

On the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail and her co-host Lindsie Chrisley were discussing how dramatic moments are typically edited for TV shows. Kail brought up one of her lowest TV moments— a 2012 ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode in which she was filmed shoving her then-husband Javi Marroquin during a fight. She was shown grabbing him by the shirt and screaming, “I want to f**king punch you. I f**king hate you.”

She immediately apologized to Javi, but Kail said that, even nine years later, her actions still haunt her. 

“The whole thing with the Javi incident back in 2012, it’s not OK. I’m still in therapy, and I still talk about it and it still comes up. That is something I will regret for the rest of my life.”

The Javi-shoving incident, which aired during a Season 4 episode…

Lindsie and Kail discussed how sometimes dramatic events are edited to create an even more dramatic scene, which they feel is unnecessary and often hard to explain to their kids.

“When I pushed Javi, that’s a real thing,” Kail said. “That really occurred, and that was really humiliating and embarrassing and immediately I put myself into therapy. But I can explain that to my kids now.

“If I was to [push him] today, and even if I did all those things- go to therapy and everything- how would I explain that? It’s just a little bit different. I know better. So I want to do better; 100 percent I can relate to that.”

Kail said sometimes she’s hesitant to allow MTV cameras to film certain things, because she is worried about how the footage will be used and edited.

“Over time I think I’ve learned certain things should be filmed and certain things shouldn’t be filmed,” she said. “But– if I’m being completely transparent– that’s more [because] my kids are old enough to Google and see these things.

“I think there’s certain things I still wouldn’t film, but not to not be transparent, but for purposes that my kids are going to be able to see this, and I don’t feel like I need it to be edited down a certain way and have to explain the edited version down.”

Kail stated that she would feel more confident about filming sensitive things if she was a show producer, because then she could have a say in how the footage was used.

The upside of Kail getting a Producer credit would be that we wouldn’t have to watch scenes about wallpaper anymore…

“There are so many things,” Kail said, “that, if I had a Producer credit, I feel like I would even be willing to share things that I normally wouldn’t…”

“Because you have your hand in the editing,” Lindsie offered, to which Kail agreed.

“I think for something like [the Javi pushing scene], had I had a hand in editing [that scene], so that I knew it was going to tell the whole story…because I don’t think it did. Not that it would ever justify it— don’t get me wrong, definitely not justifying it—I could be more transparent about almost every f**king thing if I did have a hand in the editing so I could see how it’s going to be played out.”

No doctor— not even Dr. Drew in his trusty blazer— could have saved this mess…

After the episode aired during Season 4, Kail released a statement via Starcasm.

“I just want to publicly apologize in advance to my fans, and even though Javi and I have moved on from it, I want to say I’m sorry again to him and his family for letting my emotions get the best of me,” she said. “I know how humiliating that is for them and I’m humiliated myself.”

Javi and Kail went on to divorce in 2016. However, earlier this year, Kail stated on her podcast that she feels that they could have worked out their marital problems.

“Looking back, do I think it could have worked? Yeah, I think it could have worked,” she said. “But we were young and our love languages are very, very different….It’s very frustrating to deal with him in that way [because], when outside factors aren’t into play, we’re best f**king friends.”

(Sorry…The Ashley couldn’t resist…)

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  1. “Kail Lowry Named Producer of Teen Mom 2”

    MTV producers named Kail Lowry, a veteran of the Teen Mom series a producer Thursday. “It’s a dream come true for me” said Kail.
    “Now I will be able to edit out all the parts that make me look bad and highlight all the parts that make me look like the wonderful queen that I am”

  2. She is embarrassed for putting her hands on him but just recently got arrested for a physical altercation with her other baby daddy & his family. She is constantly physical with her baby daddies then plays the victim & calls them abusive. Let’s not forget the time she attacked Jo because Vee was at his house then took a protective order against him or when she called Chris abusive & got a protective order against him as well but was still having sex with him & got pregnant again. She uses her bipolar disorder to do whatever she wants & as long as she does that, she will never learn or grow.

  3. My bro Javi must have a magic D. No matter how dirty he does these babes they still want his seed. Bravo my boy! Lay that pipe, drive it home.

    stay lit

  4. Once Kail is finally done banging Chris. I think she will try and crawl back to Javi. She just had wet lips for dreadlocks and knew she couldn’t be faithful to Javi at that time.

    1. I politely disagree. I think Kail is attracted to chaos due to her home life growing up. Javi helped provide that chaos due to stalking her (he knew her from mtv), being in the military/deploying, and being controlling. Not to mention his chaos in cheating behaviors, which Kail was guilty of too. I would be surprised if Kail and Javi got back together and lasted due to their turbulent history. Javi enjoys messiness & chaos as much as Kail does. I think Kail knew what she was getting into with Chris but chose to do so anyway. It has nothing to do with his dreadlocks and everything to do with his behavior.

  5. The best thing Kail can do for her kids is to get them the hell off that show. No kid needs to have themselves open to public scrutiny like that. But she needs the money, so too bad, kids! Oh, and quit assaulting all your baby daddies, Kail! Pretend you’re an adult!

  6. Kail won’t talk about punching Chris over Lux’s haircut due to the fact he took her to family court over it. It doesn’t seem like she learned anything from the Javi experience as the punching happened years later.

    I mean, I realize Javi’s an instigator but I still don’t think violence is warranted.

  7. So Kail wants to control her storyline even beyond how much she already controls it now. Ok.

    And she wants every issue to show her as the victim.

    Why even be on the show? Oh yeah. She desperately needs the money.

  8. Worried about her kids seeing things on the internet but doesn’t care that she outed Javi for coming onto her in the wawa parking lot for Lauren to hear and Lauren and Javi’s kid to find out on the internet when old enough. Okay Kail.

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