‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin Files Restraining Order Against Baby Mama Lauren Comeau Claiming She Punched Him in Front of Their Son; Drops It One Day Later

“Believe me, I know all about those PFAs….”

Javi Marroquin is having (more) trouble in Baby Mama Land.

The Teen Mom 2 father of two filed for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order against his baby mama Lauren Comeau on Monday, claiming she punched him with a closed fist several times, and “snatched” his gold chain off, all while their two-year-son Eli watched.

The Sun, which broke the news, stated that Javi wrote in court paperwork that this is not the first time Lauren got handsy with him (and not in that special, romantic “WaWa parking lot” way).

“She has assaulted me on multiple occasions and due to my career I want to protect my job and kids,” Javi, who works for the United States Air Force, wrote. “[Lauren] assaulted me in front of our children, I worry she will come to my house and assault me again and/or try to take our son.”

A judge granted Javi’s request for the PFA order, which demanded Lauren stay away from Javi, his house and his workplace, except for during custody exchanges. It also forbid Lauren from contacting Javi in any way other than email or text, and only about Eli.

“If you come after my gold chains, we’re gonna have a problem, man!”

“[The court] finds by a preponderance of the evidence that [Lauren] has committed an act of domestic violence against [Javi] and further finds that there is an immediate and present danger of additional acts of violence,” the court paperwork obtained by The Sun states.

One day later, though, Javi dropped the protective order against Lauren, stating that he felt it was no longer needed.

“I no longer feel threatened by my son’s mother. I believe we can handle any altercation that arises,” he told the court, according to The Sun.

Interestingly, Javi and Lauren were together last week in Orlando with Eli and family, visiting theme parks. At first, Lauren tried to make it seem like she did not go along on the trip, but eagle-eyed fans spotted her at the amusement park with Javi and his family. A few days ago, Javi posted a video showing Lauren with their son on the trip.

Javi and Lauren were still in Florida on Sunday, when he competed in a Crossfit competition in Winter Garden and she attended the event. The protective order filing took place one day later, on Monday. 

Javi and Lauren have yet to speak out regarding the PFA filing.

The former lovebirds have had their share of weird ups and downs over the years. After welcoming Eli in 2019, Javi and Lauren broke up, due to Lauren discovering Javi cheating on her in their home while she and Eli slept upstairs. They gave their relationship another try, only for Lauren to find out that Javi had been trying to hump his ex-wife Kail Lowry in the WaWa parking lot (as you do).


Kail shared this during an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that aired in October because she was mad at Javi. Kail later apologized to Lauren for humiliating her on TV.

In the months since, Javi has expressed regret on social media for cheating on Lauren and the things he has done in the past. He poured out his heart in an emotional Instagram message posted last month, writing, ““I had everything I wanted. Everything I dreamed of and I messed it up. The greatest person in my life I hurt…not sure if it’ll ever be repairable but I pray it is and one day it’ll go back to how it should’ve always been. I live with that hurt everyday.”

Following his lengthy post, both Kail and Lauren reposted identical quotes on social media about being a good person vs. pretending to be a good person.

“If you put as much effort into being a good person as you do pretending to be a good person, you could actually be a good person,” Lauren and Kail’s posts read.

The Ashley will update this when more info is available…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

33 Responses

  1. Lauren should know better than abusing Javi. Javi there is a hotline you can call for support: 1-800-4agorilla.

  2. Kail and co. Shouldn’t be allowed to file pfas. They seem to throw around pfas like people exchange gifts on Christmas! He’s a pfa for you and a pfa for you and a pfa for you. She filed on Joe, javi, and Chris meanwhile her life was being filmed and I seem to recall her being the main aggressor. Now Javi is terrified enough to file one but isn’t the next day ehhh if she didn’t punch him after he cheated on her in the same house while she was upstairs I don’t know if I believe this story now. Disclaimer- I wouldn’t never make fun of an abusive situation but it seems like javi is taking a page out of kails pfa playbook

  3. I’m honestly super surprised Javi is allowed to travel this much in the military as well as be on television with all this toxic behavior even admitting to cheating in his marriage & doesn’t get reprimanded.

  4. I don’t condone violence but look at everything Javi’s done to Lauren! It was clearly a waste of the court’s time for him to file it just to drop it a day later. He clearly filed it just to try to hurt Lauren.

    Lauren needs to learn how to set some boundaries, get some self respect, and move on with her life. Start dating other people. The relationship with Javi has been toxic from the beginning.

  5. So he felt threatened enough to file a PFA order one day and the next day he doesn’t? Just like that? I don’t believe him, period. This is his way of saying “look what I can do to you, next time I will take our kid away”.
    He’s trash, Lauren, cut him loose already

    1. I think you’re right, he likes to be in control and although I am totally against violence of any sort, I can well understand Lauren being pushed to her limits by this person. Trash indeed.

  6. It seems pretty easy to file for a restraining order in the US, is it? Over in the UK it’s a lengthy process, and you definitely couldn’t decide it was no longer needed after a day? Very strange

    1. It’s fairly easy to get one here. The court system wants to be able to say that they did something to be able to try to prevent future domestic violence, should something occur in the future. The paperwork can be filled out in a few hours, and a person can be in front of a judge to present the petition within a day (at least in my area).

      Though the court system is pretty quick to hand out PFA’s, once a person has petitioned for a 1-2 and then quickly asks to have them dismissed, they will be less likely to get another in the future. The court system frowns upon being used for pettiness.

    2. It’s pretty easy to get a temporary order. They are almost always granted but you have to go back later to make it permanent. That’s when you really have to have proof of violence or threats or the order will not be extended. To get the temporary order all you have to do is basically say, “this person hit me or threatened me.” At least that’s North Carolina’s way of doing it. I’m not sure about other states.

      1. Same with “Communicating a threat”. All you need is the accusation and they’ll put out a warrant. There’s no due diligence or process, I suppose that all gets hashed out in court.

  7. Javi sucks, but Lauren must’ve been unhinged from day one to gladly move her whole life to be his third choice. She keeps going back for more, so I don’t feel sorry for her – especially now that we know she hit him in front of the kids.

  8. He’s learnt to be petty from the best….Kail! How serious was it to get the PFA & drop it the next day?
    I used to like Javi on TM2 & felt bad for how he was treated by Kail. Interesting that he got a sympathetic edit by MTV & in real life he’s a fame wh0re (& a wh0re in general). You’re bordering on Ronnie/Jersey Shore messiness. To quote TM2’s Nathan “Stop it!!”

  9. Oh, Lauren. Why, why, why are you wasting more time on Javi?? He is never going to be what you want or need or deserve. You are going to look back on this time in your life with such disgust in yourself, trust me. You should be spending this time while you are still young and pretty finding a good man who is worthy of you.

  10. I don’t get how people can live their lives like this, I really don’t. Baby, married, baby, unfaithful, public accusations, split, reconcile, repeat steps 3 to 6, divorce, move on, find new future co-parent, rinse and repeat. All with this being played out on social media, from perfect happy families to passive aggressive ‘quotes’ about what’s really going on in order to get attention/sympathy. Those poor kids don’t know what the heck is happening. it must be exhausting.

      1. Omg, I know I would be. Constantly making bad decisions, never learning from mistakes, stuck in a perpetual state of teen idiocy. Nightmare.

        1. And the sad thing is this is all the kids know and they probably think it’s normal (with the exception of Isaac who has stability with his father’s side). Then Kail and Javi’s boys will continue to repeat the crazy cycle.

  11. I’ll preface this by saying that I DO NOT condone any form of violence/domestic violence, but considering all that he’s put her through, he’s lucky that’s all she did.

    We all know Lauren is never going to let him go, so Javi needs to just stop playing with that girls emotions, pretending like he’s going to eventually commit to her when we all know he will never do that, and cut all romantic ties with her. He seems like a good dad, so just be that…because as a partner he SUCKS.

  12. Will these people ever grow up? J C if you can’t grow up & least quit doing your crap in front of your babies. And that’s the least amount of effort a child parents should do.

  13. Feel like I’d probably punch his dumb face on occasion too.
    I can see him stringing her along and promising to change and then cheating again which sometimes results in a punched face.
    You can’t do that shit in front of your child though.

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