Lo Bosworth Criticizes Her Former Co-Stars For Appearing on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ & Comments on How Much Everyone Has Aged

“I’m embarrassed for all of you.”

As The Hills: New Beginnings continues on its second season with many familiar faces from the original show – and even a cameo from Kristin CavallariLo Bosworth questions why her former co-stars are still choosing to participate in the series. 

Lo delivered some low blows to the cast during a recent episode of the Unzipped podcast, making it very clear she has no plans to ever return to the show herself. 

“It’s interesting to me to see the people that have chosen to continue to participate in ’The Hills,’” she said. “I’m like, ‘Wow, you guys are really leaning into your TV persona for whatever reason, right? For a paycheck, for attention, fame – whatever it is that you need that fulfills you.’” 

“All of the above!”

As if calling out her former co-stars’ current careers wasn’t bad enough, Lo went on to comment on how “shocking” it was to see how much the cast has aged.

“I feel like their personalities are probably the same but just how different everybody looks compared to [when they were] 20,” she said. 

“Really?! I don’t see it… “

This isn’t the first time the former Laguna Beach star has criticized ‘The Hills’ reboot – or reality TV in general. 

Back in 2018, Lo’s former co-star Kristin returned to TV to star in her own show, E!’s Very Cavallari, which focused largely on the inter-employee relations at her Uncommon James store. When asked at the time if she would ever consider doing a show about her company, Love Wellness, Lo said she had no interest in doing so. 

“I’m a feminist and I find that a lot of the storylines portrayed on reality television aren’t particularly supportive of women or their missions in life or their businesses,” she said. “So, it’s just not something that’s for me.

“Um…you’re not exactly being ‘supportive’ by saying we look old, Lo…”

“I know how reality television operates and I’m not interested in perpetuating a culture of drama around anyone or anything,” she continued. “It’s just not who I am. I don’t like to gossip about people. I don’t like to cause trouble.” 

Lo spoke about her decision to steer clear of reality TV again last year, explaining how much she values her privacy. 

“I think other people really love the limelight and love to be on social media, love to put their lives out there,” she said. “For me, I’m a much more private person and I really love having a normal job and going to work every day.”

“Work? Is that like a new Hollywood club or something? I don’t understand…”

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19 Responses

  1. Y’all understand how interviews work, right? ?

    She was specifically asked a question about the show, which of course she would be, and she answered. Good for her moving on from that trashy mess of a show. I’m sure she understands that her success partially comes from having been on Laguna Beach, but that doesn’t mean she needs to applaud a bunch of 30-40 year old children who have no skills beyond being messy

  2. Why so much hate for Lo? I listened to this interview and she primarily was there to talk about her business and answered a few questions about her experience being on reality TV. I really didn’t take her comments as her being a hater at all.

    I appreciate what she has said about why she has chosen to not continue appearing on reality TV shows, they do perpetuate a culture of drama and really don’t show women in a great light.

    I think it’s cool that she has created a successful business and her going on a podcast to promote it is not, in my opinion, her wanting attention. She has a business she wants to continue to succeed so of course she is going to take an opportunity to talk about it and promote it.

    And of course she was asked to join the Hills reboot! Good on her for being in a place where she doesn’t have to be a part of it.

  3. She cares about her privacy so much that she decided to do an interview. ? She just sounds bitter and jealous.

  4. Lo always came across as mean and bitchy in LB and The Hills. She was always making nasty comments and just seemed to look down on everyone around her.
    She was my least favourite and also the least interesting person.
    I took what she said about people not looking the same as the amount of work some cast members have had done, she’s just too shady to say it directly.

  5. You mean to tell me that people look different now than they did 10 years ago?? Wow shocking how AGING works. She talks a lot of shit for someone who apparently doesn’t like to talk shit and cause drama.

    1. This was honestly all I could think. Like I understand you were asked, but there’s a way to answer without sounding as condescending as she did.

  6. What a contradictory little piggy. Do the world a favor, Lo- fully reject the fame and disappear. Dick move.

  7. Bitter, party of 1. How shallow can you get? Duh, obviously people aren’t going to look 20 if they’re….not 20! They all look great and even if they didn’t, why say so? That only reflects on you, not them. Makes you look superficial and mean. As for judging them for taking a show that pays them great money…yeah ok most of us would do that in a heartbeat. Easy work, great pay? Sounds like a smart move to me! Posting fake Insta selfies sticking your lips out isn’t gonna pay the bills forever. Good luck when you’re 55 girl!

    1. Exactly. She’s probably bitter because they didn’t ask her to be on it. Honestly I could get her comments if they were literally still acting like they did when they were in their late teens/20s, but they actually don’t. Do they have fun sure, does Heidi party, yup, but to me it comes across as 30somethings life. Like we see them raising their kids, and being parents, working, navigating adulthood (a little bit different from us regular people of course) but still. She really reeks of desperation herself, because even though she was asked questions, she didnt have to answer the way she did and the fact that she did answer this way, leads me to believe shes jealous and/or bitter and a hater.

      1. I’m not sure why she would be bitter. I think they asked her and she said “no”. That’s on her.

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