Spencer Pratt Calls His Co-Stars “Boring” & “Losers”; Says ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Won’t Get Renewed for Season 3 With Current Cast: “It’s Not Even a Maybe”

“To summarize: just fire everyone and give me my own show.”

Spencer Pratt has something to say to The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 viewers who think the show is boring: you’re right.

Spencer, who appeared on the original series The Hills more than a decade ago, doesn’t see another season of ‘New Beginnings’ happening without a complete cast shakeup, calling his current co-stars “boring” and “losers.” 

During a recent episode of the Unpopular podcast with Jacques Peterson, Spencer stated that the show’s current production company is done with the yawn-fest MTV show.

I don’t know what he’s talking about. I personally found Whitney’s teeth-whitening scenes quite riveting.

“It’s not getting renewed, it’s not even a maybe,” Spencer said. “They would have to use another production company [because] this production company wouldn’t even do it. They won’t even mess with this cast, there’s no way.”  

Spencer called the show “shady” and even accused MTV of ignoring the series and of not even realizing that it’s on the air. 

“I mean, can we really blame them?”

Along with Spencer, the current season of ‘New Beginnings’ features Spencer’s wife Heidi Montag, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Kaitlynn Carter, Frankie Delgado, Jason Wahler, Justin Bobby Brescia, Whitney Port, Brandon Thomas Lee, Caroline D’Amore and Ashley Wahler. Spencer and Heidi have gone head-to-head with many in the group throughout Season 2, including Jason and Ashley during a group dinner in Lake Tahoe. 

After the confrontation aired, Spencer took to Twitter, accusing one of the show’s producers of having “enabled this garbage.” He also revealed that none of his co-stars apologized for the alleged on-camera ambush, and called the cast “the worst people ever.” 

On the podcast, Spencer claimed he was told the Lake Tahoe incident was setup against him to create a storyline during the trip. After accusing his co-stars of being “boring” and “losers,” Spencer elaborated on how he really feels about each of them, beginning with Justin Bobby, who he called a “fraud.” 

“You’re about to get a sand-covered combat boot to the face, Pratt!” 

As for Brandon, Spencer said the son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson is too worried about his acting career to put his real life on camera, despite the information being accessible to the public anyway. 

“The weirdest part of this cast … they have everything [about their personal lives] on Google but don’t discuss it on the reality show,” Spencer said. “TMZ gets more ratings than ‘The Hills.’” 

Spencer accused Audrina of being inauthentic on the show as well, calling her “boring” and controlling of “what she wants to look like on TV.” He also called Audrina a clout-chaser for faking a romantic storyline about herself and Brody, whom Spencer said would never date Audrina. 

“Don’t listen to him, I’m always here for you…and your storyline.”

Spencer did manage to give his pal Brody some kudos for having his back during testimonials filmed for the show. He also claimed Brody can attest that there was a “conspiracy” against Spencer and Heidi. 

“Why am I on this show where I’m allowing these losers to talk negatively about me?” Spencer said during the podcast. 

Another reason Spencer may be feeling some kind of way about ’New Beginnings’ is the money he allegedly lost out on due to the show taking time away from his Pratt Daddy crystal business. However, Spencer hinted on the podcast that he’s already working on a new series based on his company and that he has a first-look deal with Evolution Media – the same production company behind ‘New Beginnings.’ 

“Be gone, negative energy and ensemble cast.”

Spencer even offered to let Brody make a cameo on his future reality series, along with Bachelor alum Corinne Olympios, with whom he’s reportedly collaborating on some jewelry. 

“[Corrine] can come to the party we’re gonna have at Brody’s house,” he said. “Who knows what happens? There’s so many stars in our lives from other shows.” 

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  1. Spencer needs to realize he’s not 21 years old anymore, and neither is the rest of the cast. They all made money on a show that shouldn’t have even been rebooted. I think it’s cute he calls the rest of the cast “boring” when he’s not that exciting. All’s he does is listen to Taylor Swift and talk about crystals and hummingbirds. He does the same thing every day. Heidi takes care of his son, really.

  2. Spencer is a shit show. Ms LC said it best.. he’s a sucky person.
    Set up or not, what he said to Jason about ‘triggering’ a relapse was pure trash. He and his wife have not grown up at all in the last 10 years.

  3. Hedi lookin like a scary cat. Has that cat woman/ too much cosmetic surgery look.


    Spencer. Is a tool. / joke

  4. He’s not lying. This season is basically Audrina being desperate for love every episode, Heidi trying to let loose on the group trips, but Jasons wife is the “fun police”. Plus I feel like MTVs demographic is more teen to late 20s….and I don’t think majority of people in that age group really want to watch adults in their mid to late 30s, early 40’s complain about making babies, expanding families, fertility problems, and sobriety.

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