Kail Lowry Hints That Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau Are Back Together; Javi Slams Kail For Bad-Mouthing Lauren (A Recap of Recent Events)

Chaotic coparents, comin’ in hot.

Kail Lowry and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin appear to be at odds yet again, just months after the two joined forces on Instagram Live to slam Lauren Comeau, the mother of Javi’s youngest son, Eli. 

The Teen Mom 2 star took to TikTok this week to call out a certain someone for going “back to the one who stays through the cheating.” While Kail did not name names, she seemed to be implying that Javi and Lauren had rekindled their relationship following the alleged domestic incident that occurred between the two in July. 


issssa joke

♬ yeah you did that – velo

Though Kail denied the TikTok was about Javi (or any of her baby daddies), a number of commenters were convinced otherwise. After all, Javi has a history of cheating on Lauren and Kail infamously threw him under the bus on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for inviting her to partake in some pumping at the WaWa that did not involve gasoline.  

#NeverForget… not if we tried.

Things between Javi and Kail had already hit a rough patch earlier this week after Javi took to Instagram Live to address a recent Instagram Story from Kail in which she said she’s being motivated to lose weight by when Lauren called her fat a few months ago.

Javi was not thrilled that Kail brought up Lauren, and took to Instagram to post his own video, in which he absolutely unleashed on Kail for constantly putting their drama on social media. In the video, shared by @teenmomshaderoom_  on Instagram, Javi told viewers this sort of drama is why he stopped filming ‘Teen Mom 2,’ adding that his and Kail’s son, Lincoln, is able to “Google his name” and read stories online about himself and his siblings. 

“ …then I have to explain to him all of this internet bulls**t,” Javi said. “Like, he can read. I’m so over this s**t man. My son can f**king read … 


Javi then called out Kail for bragging about how much therapy has changed her.

“All this therapy bulls**t, you’re growing and learning, like, just stop,” he continued. “F**k. Stop talking about Lauren. Lauren hasn’t said s**t about Kail in months.” 

“Um…but weren’t you on Instagram with me  bashing Lauren too?”

Javi went on to say whatever “beef” that Kail has with her third baby daddy Chris Lopez–– who was also called out for making remarks about Kail’s weight–– is not his problem. 

“ … I feel bad for the s*t that’s going on,” Javi added. “That’s whatever, but Lauren is my son’s mother. Lincoln sees Lauren weekly at Eli’s sporting events. Lincoln will not have a view of Lauren because of what his mom is saying in all these articles coming out. Like, this s**t is over with. Lauren is not this type of person, like, it’s over.” 

Javi went on to say it was “time for everybody to grow up” and “stop talking about each other.” 

Kail and Javi divorced back in 2017, but before this latest feud, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars were enjoying a period of peace in their often-chaotic co-parenting relationship. Kail insisted that there was nothing romantic happening between her and Javi, but did state last month that she wasn’t ruling out giving their relationship the ol’ WaWa try again!

Javi and Lauren have yet to respond to the rumors that they are back together….

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(Photos: MTV; TikTok; Instagram) 

31 Responses

  1. So wild, Javi, how the little money-makers GROW UP someday! Never thought that would happen, huh? ?

    Absolutely hilarious how he wants to get all sanctimonious about what his son can “read” when his entire LIFE has been filmed and he can grab the remote to WATCH the playbacks of all their horrible drama…one of those moments where you can’t believe just how dumb a person can be.

    You wanted that money. Now your family will pay the price for your greed. Sucks to suck.

  2. Wait until Lincoln and Eli read about Javi banging some girl in his and Lauren’s bathroom while Lauren and Eli were upstairs sleeping….I’d be more stressed about my kids reading that if I was Javi…

  3. Kail and Javi were made for each other. Two peas in a pod. Lauren needs to take Eli, run back to Maine, and let Hulk and Big Lips have their toxic little relationship.

  4. Karl couldn’t be a bigger hypocrite. Beats Javi- bad at Lauren for hitting Javi. Stays with cheater Chris- talks smack about Lauren for staying with cheater Javi.

    Also, news flash! Karl is fat. It’s not personal, it’s not mean. It’s a fact. She’s obese. Calling her fat is like calling a barn red. Get over it.

  5. Javi loves the drama. When it’s created by him. But when it’s messing up where he’s trying to poke his pole it’s not as convenient.
    Lincoln can read. So he will read about how you stalked his mother for mtv money. About how you raced to try and marry Briana to stay on mtv. He will read how you broke into his mothers house. He will read how you cheated on his step mother while she slept up stairs. He will read how she forgave you and you did it AGAIN. He will read a lot of shit Javi.

    And get over it Karl. You are fat. You talk and cry about being fat on your podcasts. So what. I’d be more worried about the other shit people say about you. Like your character. That shit matters more.

  6. I think Kail needs to ask her therapist for a refund because whatever she was so proud of herself for working on is a failure. She’s still reactionary, still vindictive, and still doesn’t know how to shut her F’n mouth.

    I honestly wonder if she’s capable of growing up and living with and showing any emotional maturity.

  7. What does it mean when a person is insufferable?
    : very bad or unpleasant : too unpleasant to deal with or accept.

    Hulk is pounding on the door to beat out Amber as the most vile person on the franchise.

    stay lit

  8. Now we’re worried that Lincoln can read? Was that not a previous thought? That eventually he’d learn how to read and how to access these articles and posts?

  9. Yea well I’m sure he can read his dad was on social media saying Lauren hit him and he can see the video of his dad teaming up with his mom against Lauren. Take your own advice Javi and grow tf up. If you are not with Lauren your son doesn’t have to be around her except hi and bye just like if you’re not with Kail Lauren’s son doesn’t need to be going on vacation with her. Stop stirring the pot then crying on social media when it bubbles over. Which your son can see too…clown!

  10. Kail is a strange character. She has an issue with her baby daddies moving on even if she doesn’t want to be with them. She did not want to be with Jo yet was awful to Vee, now she’s doing the same to Lauren & will do the same when Chris moves on. She might be a good parent on paper but the drama she is subjecting her children to on social media & in their daily life IS, it not already, going to effect them.

    1. That’s not really accurate tho. Jo broke up with Kailyn and tried to kick her out of his parents house. He then got mad when she started dating someone else while still living in his parents basement. So actually Jo was the one who didn’t want to be with Kail but also didn’t want her to be with anyone else. Kail was mad about Vee because they were friends before Isaac was born. I don’t blame her for that one cause it’s really messed up to date your friends baby daddy.
      As for Lauren, well, Javi was dating her, Kailyn and Brianna when she got knocked up. Again, kinda understandable.

      1. Karl and Vee were NOT friends before Jo started dating her. I remember on a reunion special Karl told Dr Drew she knew nothing about her, she didn’t like her because she had seen photos online of her smoking weed through a gas mask or some shit.
        Jo was pissed at Karl for dating someone while still living with his parents. Fair call too. They were paying her and Isaacs bills but she wanted to play hide the Weiner with someone else under their roof. Janet was SO good to her.

      2. No, your facts aren’t that accurate. I can’t remember who broke up with who originally but Jo did want to get back with her & get an apartment together, however she had already moved on & was lying about it. She did not even tell him she had a boyfriend, him & his family found from social media. Then she broke up with him but secretly started dating him again behind their, going as far as to have Isaac around him but physically assaulting Jo for having Vee around Issac. Then after she had moved out she cheated on that same boyfriend with Jo & tried to get back with him but he was over it at that point. Also she was never friends with Vee, that is completely false. She said on the show she did not like her because she smoked & partied, which isn’t her business or a reason not to like her. That’s what most teenagers do who don’t have children. Later on she said she actually did not like her because although she didn’t want to be with Jo anymore, she didn’t want him to be with anyone else. If you haven’t noticed she only gets along with her baby daddies when they are single, however at this point it’s clear Vee isn’t going anywhere which is why she finally got her act together.

  11. Wait, I thought Kail and Javi were back together?!

    This is another example of people who REALLY need to quit giving interviews to The Sun (or on social media, which gets pulled for quotes for a story by The Sun) about their child’s parents. Enough!!!

    Be a parent through action, instead of speaking incessantly. Show your child what it is to put aside differences for the sake of the family because that’s what y’all are—a family. These poor children are watching the way you behave and treat each other and it will affect their relationships for the rest of their lives, as well as their children and grandchildren. Stop being petty and give your children, whom you all clearly love, a family of adults who love and support them.

    Having a stepparent doesn’t have to diminish the love a child has for their parent. We saw this so beautifully portrayed by Jo when Javi was deployed and Isaac was crying at dinner because he missed his other dad. Jo could have been petty about it and scared about his position in Isaac’s life but he chose to appreciate that his son had another father that loves Isaac.

    Put your child/children first. When they are not just the priority, but the thing that matters most in your world, the adult relationships will fall into a happy and peaceful place.

  12. I don’t think Kail will be happy until she ends filming and being part of the Teen Mom franchise in ANY way. She needs to just concentrate on having a normal life, as normal as it can be with 3 baby daddies to deal with. Raising her kids without all the oversharing, etc.
    Then maybe she can just stick to the pick up and drop off schedules and just disengage herself with the drama. Her kids are too old for this shit now.

    And so is she.

  13. But didn’t Javi accuse Lauren of hitting him in front of his kids… I’m pretty sure that’s going to bother Lincoln more than what his mom is saying. Honestly, Lauren and Lincoln don’t need to have a relationship unless she is back with Javi. This is just weird.

  14. He can FING hear too so start putting your money where your mouth is and stay off social media, you know, for your son’s sake….

  15. The barn door was left open long ago, the horses have been running amok for years. It’s kinda late to be screaming, My kid can read.

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