Andrew Glennon Accuses Amber Portwood of Using Meth & Abusing Drugs While Pregnant; Demands She Takes Drug Test After “Acting Erratically” During Recent Custody Exchange

“If this man thinks I’m about to take this bun out and give him some of my hair, he has lost his damn mind!” 

The ongoing custody battle between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon just got a lot methier messier.

The Teen Mom OG exes– who have been at odds with one another over custody of their son James since splitting in 2019– have been unable to resolve their co-parenting issues, with Amber requesting full custody of James just last month after she felt Andrew implied on social media that she had hit the three-year-old. (Andrew later claimed his account had been hacked and Amber denied ever hitting James.)

In a new court filing, Andrew is making more allegations against Amber, claiming he suspects she may be using meth, a drug Andrew claims he saw Amber use in the past.

Amber and Andrew, before the meth claims and machete days….

The Sun reports that Andrew is demanding Amber take a hair follicle drug test after he claims the Teen Mom OG star was displaying “paranoid” behavior during a recent custody exchange. In court papers, Andrew claimed Amber has a “history of substance abuse, even while pregnant with and subsequently caring for the minor child herein”–- a claim Amber denied in her response to the court. 

As for the concerning October 16 child custody exchange, Andrew alleged Amber was “acting erratically, speaking frantically, and appeared completely paranoid and disheveled.” 

“This is just how I talk! Right, guys? Back me up, Einstein!” 

“[Amber] went so far as to allege that two nearby vehicles were ‘stalking her out’ and waved down [Andrew] as he was leaving with [James] to ask him to tell the individuals in the nearby vehicles to ‘stop’ stalking her out.” 

According to Andrew, he has “witnessed Amber under the influence of illegal drugs previously, specifically methamphetamine,” and that Amber’s October 16 behavior was “substantially similar to that which he has previously witnessed.” Andrew also cited a video Amber posted to Instagram recently, in which her pupils “were very dilated to the point that the public commenters were noticing.” 

“Don’t you accuse me of being HIGH! HIGH!”

(It’s likely Andrew is referring to Amber’s “World Mental Health Day” rant on October 10. During that Instagram Live session, Amber was getting very angry when her followers were accusing her of being high due to the size of her pupils. She insisted that she was not high and was only taking her prescribed medications.)

For these reasons, Andrew is demanding his baby mama “immediately submit to a hair follicle drug screen.” 

In addition to denying Andrew’s substance abuse allegation, Amber explained in her response that she is required to submit to random monthly drug screens–- which she has never failed–- as she remains on probation from her 2019 domestic violence arrest against Andrew. (Amber is on probation until April 2022.) 

Amber called the request for a hair follicle test “unnecessary” and “nothing more than yet another attempt to paint [her] in a negative light.”

Amber maintains she has not used any substance, aside from prescription medication “taken within the therapeutic limits.” She is requesting Andrew’s motion be denied, or that both parties submit to a hair follicle drug screening at his or her own cost. 

“Keep your mitts off my ‘do!”

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  1. After all this time he is now saying she was doing meth while pregnant with the child he is NOW trying to protect.. That’s what is really going on here? He trash! What man knowingly sits back & not only keeps his mouth shut but damn sure appears he was cool with her on METH while carrying his child? He did nothing for more than 2-3 years about the mother of his first born son partaking in behavioral, psychological, and cognitive impairing drugs during her pregnancy?! It must not have been often bc I know someone who did it regularly & had a stillborn baby girl, full term. To me that just says he ain’t give one shit about that baby or her while she was pregnant. Or he was doing it with her. Further tells me what I’ve always suspected. He pursued her for clout. He’s so fckn gross & way worse than she is.

  2. It’s interesting that she seems to be willing to take these tests. Because it is crystal clear that she is on SOMETHING in all of her Instagram rants. She can barely speak, her eyes are barely open, she slurs, etc. I wonder if she has done her research on how to beat the drug tests.

  3. Andrew, do what you have to do to keep James safe. I don’t think Amber is fit for unsupervised visits with James, but you know better what she’s up to. I’d fight like hell to keep my 3-year-old from driving in a car with Amber, or being unsupervised in any way with her. If anything happens to James because of her, you will never forgive yourself.

    1. It says in her response she wants them both to take the test and each pay for their own. So it doesn’t look like she has a problem with it. The longer this goes on, the more he seems equally as awful as her.

    1. My ex-husband smoked a lot of meth and was still a lazy bum. He’d use all that energy doing something stupid and pointless like rebuilding flashlights or whiddling branches into tooth picks, then he’d crash for a couple days.

      1. I had a meth head neighbor who did the most bizarre and pointless things (dug several 12 foot holes for fun). All of his “projects” made the end product worse than when it was started.

        But he was completely incapable of doing anything productive.

  4. Amber is right, he is trying to paint her in a negative light. He has done that to other exes too.
    He even wrote a letter to his ex’s employer to tell them what a horrible person she was, on hindsight.
    Two ex GF’s got an order of protection because he was stalking them and damaging their property.
    He claimed to know nothing about the second one, never heard about it he said.
    And as for erratic behaviour and seeing things that aren’t there, see his social media. He has been posting about very weird conspiracies he believes in.

    Poor James, with two unstable parents.

    1. I’ve gotta agree with you…Ambo is the furthest thing from a victim, but everything he does seems very calculated. He went after the nuttiest most violent of all the teen moms, got her pregnant, not out of love, but in hopes of a secure spot on a show and a big pay check, he was recording her all around the house (while it provided the evidence he needed to prove her violent, I have to say I would be very uncomfortable in my own home if my sig other was recording me 24/7 in hopes of catching me slipping. It doesn’t warrant being attacked with a machete, but it is a control tactic)…I also remember reading his checkered past with the stalking and harassing his ex’s….he’s no innocent little sacrificial lamb in this. They’re both trash in my opinion.

  5. I love that her stupid IG rants are coming back to bite her in the ass. I totally believe she was on drugs while pregnant and/or is on drugs now.
    Wasn’t she the one that submitted to a drug test on some show and when it came back positive said it was all a conspiracy against her or something?

  6. Is Amber prescribed an amphetamine? Isn’t she supposed to take drug tests as part of her probation? Amber could be prescribed all sorts of medications and doctor shop, who knows what she does. Hypothetically, if she’s claiming adhd symptoms and gets prescribed an amphetamine, what would a hair follicle test prove? We have all seen her erratic behavior since she started on TV and i don’t believe she has ever been sober.

    1. That’s if she’s even prescribed amphetamines. She most likely isn’t doing hair follicle testing for probation. She could be using meth and still getting clean urine tests if she knows ahead of time when she’ll be tested.

      1. Most likely, yes. Urine tests can only show meth for 3-5 days, so if she knows ahead, which she probably does, she can can get clean tests. Hair follicle tests can show meth for up to 90 days so that’s why Andrew wants this kind of testing instead and most addicts don’t. Remember when Rhiiine said he was clean and wanted to see Bentley, and Maci said fine, do a hair test and you can. He never did that.

      2. Exactly. Apparently it’s very easy to beat a urine test for meth. It clears out in a day or two. Hair tests OTOH are nearly impossible to beat.

    2. If she has a prescription for amphetamines, I believe a hair follicle test can show if she has therapeutic levels in her system or if she’s abusing them.

      1. If you’re on amphetamines for adhd they have a different chemical compound than methamphetamine. So even if prescribed the test would show which one she is on.

  7. It’s entirely possible that vehicles were following her. These girls get followed all the time. That’s what the paparazzi does. Some psych meds can make your eyes look weird. Meds I’ve been on in the past wouldn’t even let me fully open my eyes. And people who have a history of pill abuse, which is what she’s admitted to, don’t normally switch to things like meth.

    Amber has always been messy. But something about Andrew is just “off”. The whole 16&p / teen mom franchise started out with good ideas but it’s essentially wrecked the lives of everyone involved.

    1. Exactly! Who watches her on TV for even 26 seconds and thinks wow, what a catch! She’s disgusting, and a dirtbag for a human being, but he’s an operator and slimy AF.

      1. A disgusting opportunist would. I don’t think either of them are fit to parent, especially not Amber. I don’t believe for a second that she is clean and sober. I don’t know how she is passing these supposed random drug tests.

    2. Didn’t he see her on marriage boot camp too or family version or something? Even worse. There was a guy there with her.

      1. He was WORKING on MBC and somehow saw her and still wanted to get involved with her! That says a lot about him right there!

      2. There was a guy there with her, AND she was snapping out on people…like bad. Screaming her head off, and just being adown right crazy…and he pursued her anyway. That’s why I don’t like him. It’s so blatantly obvious he was using her for fame and money, got her pregnant and thought he could use the baby as an installment plan and a way to stay on TMOG, but it backfired because I think he underestimated her level of crazy. He ain’t slick.

        1. Well if that show is even half as scripted as TMOG is, maybe I can see why he got with her. Like for the cameras she’s acting all crazy and then when the cameras on around not so much. But even I realize that’s pretty hard to believe, she seems crazy all the time!!! They deserve each other.

          1. Well she is probably bipolar which would explain this behavior. It is not enough for any judge to allow him to move out of state. He is stuck in indy until James is 18. He should accept the facts.

  8. I’m sorry but I really think dude is full of it!! I hope she runs his balls over the hot coals. This loser still lives in her house and drives her car…he’s a loser.

    1. He lives there because he is raising their child. The same child that he was holding while she attacked him with a machete, mind you. I don’t know if he is a good man or not but she is a worse mother than Jenelle and Farrah combined

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