Jenelle Evans Gives Her Thoughts On “Dumb” Lawsuit Between Her Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Stars Kail Lowry & Briana DeJesus

Jenelle, inserting herself into other peoples’ drama….literally.

Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus are preparing to face off in court in a few months in a defamation lawsuit Kail filed against Bri— her Teen Mom 2 co-star and longtime nemesis– earlier this year. While fans will have to wait until January to see what a judge says about the court case, Kail and Bri’s former co-star, Jenelle Evans, has publicly declared the lawsuit to be “so dumb.”

Jenelle— who frequently offers her opinions on her former ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars’ actions (whether she is asked or not) told The Sun that she and Briana are still in contact and recently giggled together over the ridiculousness of the lawsuit.

(You can read all about Kail’s lawsuit against Briana here, and Bri’s response here.)

“We spoke not too long ago on the phone and we talked about the Kail lawsuit and how dumb it was,” Jenelle told the website.

As The Ashley previously reported, Kail is suing Briana over statements she made about Kail in an interview with a clickbait site, as well as on Instagram Live.  During the interview in question— which Briana gave to Celebuzz on June 9—Briana claimed that Kail “physically beat” Chris Lopez (who is the father of Kail’s sons Lux and Creed), and broke into and entered the home of Chris’ mother. Kail denied Bri’s assault and breaking-and-entering claims. In her response, Bri claimed she got some of the info she spewed on Instagram Live that night straight from Chris himself.

Jenelle insisted that Kail’s lawsuit is meritless. (While Jenelle has seen the inside of a courtroom many, many times as a defendant, she does not have any sort of legal education or training, by the way.) 

“I may not have a law degree but I made this list of legal terms in my notebook, so that’s basically like the same thing.”

“There’s proof of everything out there,” Jenelle said. “There are police reports, and she thinks she can sue for that, and I’m like girl- it’s right there- Briana can look it up if Chris didn’t tell her.” 

Briana and Jenelle have maintained a decent relationship since Jenelle was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2019. However, a spat between them in August 2019 caused a strain in their friendship.

At the time, Briana revealed she and Jenelle were no longer friends due to a comment she made in an interview when asked if she thought Jenelle would return to ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

Another Jenelle friendship bites the dust…

“She sent me a text message telling me she can’t trust me,” Briana said last year of the then-severed friendship. “ … The irony is I’m the only one on the cast who had her back and was her friend and filmed with her when no one else would. But if she wants to act like that, so be it. I have no issues with Jenelle personally, but she’s chosen to have an issue with me and that’s her prerogative. I wish her the best.” 

A year later, it appeared that the two had somewhat mended things between them. In September 2020, Briana gave an update on her friendship with Jenelle, stating in an interview, “Sometimes we comment on each other’s Instagram Stories, but we don’t talk as much as we used to.”

In other words…

Just last month, though, Jenelle told her followers that she always strived to make Briana feel comfortable after she joined the cast of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ insinuating that she suffered “Mean Girls”-esque behavior at the hands of her co-stars— Kail, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska— and that she didn’t want Bri to deal with that as well. 

“I remember a day being singled out, locked in my hotel, crying my eyes out. Feeling alone, feeling like I wasn’t good enough for anyone,” Jenelle wrote. “Being a ‘mean girl’ isn’t the best choice and I hope some of you are never like that. Mental Health Awareness IS REAL.

“Likeeee when others tried to be mean girls to Bri I was like, ‘nope, this isn’t happening again,” Jenelle wrote in another tweet that was soon deleted. “That’s why me and [Briana] clicked, probably why her and Jade [Cline] click too…and I couldn’t be happier for their friendship.” 

Briana and Kail are set to face off in court on January 14. It is unknown if Jenelle will be in the courtroom to support Briana. 

“I can’t help with this lawsuit but if you need a lawyer who can get you out of jail for a Kesha concert, I know a guy!”

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  1. Jenelle, try something new and shut your mouth. We’ve watched this chick, and her husband envolved in countless legal issues. She Even has had ones that she claimed against her own husband. Why on earth does she think she has the moral, and legal high ground?? As if, she is this rational, loving person that simply finds herself in bad situations. Jenelle, darling, you are the common denominator for all of your own problems. Seems silly to even speak on another person when you get in bed with a man that viciously killed your dog, mistreated your son, intimidated his own child, and gaslighted a little girl because she told the truth. Remember that? He threatened to slap her mouth? I do. He’s a fully grown man that has zero tolerance for a toddler questioning him. *swoon*

  2. This chick always has so much time on her hands to be up in everyone else’s business except her own so how the hell does this chick make money??

  3. Tell me you’re desperate for attention without telling me you’re desperate for attention.

  4. Didn’t Jenelle and other randos had their own BS lawsuit a few months ago?
    For someone sick and tired of being asked about TM she seems pretty eager to talk about it

    1. She’s beyond happy & ACTIVELY striving to attach herself to ANY coattail isn’t she!
      Wow. Pathetic.
      Just when we think she couldn’t get more desperate and pathetic.

      And now she is claiming Bri *is* a friend??
      She sure has been trying to prove she has friends lately (through blatant lies only of course)
      We know she doesn’t comprehend that friendship concept.
      She has publicly dragged Bri and said they are not friends…until JE needs ANOTHER coattail to grasp that is.

      Not to mention, didnt Jenelle repetitively say how she doesn’t follow anything TM related??
      She sure seems up to date on EVERYTHING for someone who *doesn’t follow any cast / the show*🤥🙄🥱

      We all do things in our teen years…then grow up and do even bigger things as adults.
      Time to move on to that phase Janelle.
      Long past that time actually.

  5. Bahahahaaa. This girl is nuts!! There are reports are they Jenelle? Can’t refute the proof ? Then how do u keep getting way with murder when there’s plenty of evidence against u?!!!!

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