Blue Apron Severs Ties With ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans After Haters Complain

“I guess it’s back to hawking baby urinals!”

Jenelle Evans is down one social media advertising deal this week after a promotional video she posted sparked a wave of criticism loud enough to shake the sod on “The Land!”

In an awkward, robotically recited video ad for Blue Apron, the Teen Mom 2 star attempted to sway her 2.8 million followers to sign up for home meal prep kit company, which she was working with on a new ad campaign. However, after droves of Jenelle’s critics took to social media to let Blue Apron know just how they felt about the brand employing the controversial ‘Teen Mom 2’ star to promote their product, the company cut ties with Jenelle.

Here’s a little taste (pun intended) of the backlash the company received for employing Jenelle:

“I will pass on Blue Apron now that I know you support Jenelle Evans.”

“By the way Blue Apron, Jenelle’s husband called her son a little b***h on camera and your company associates with them? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“Sorry @blueapron, I will NOT buy anything from your company since you have Jenelle Evans advertising for you.”

“I guess @blueapron will allow anyone to promote their product, even someone who’s child was born with drugs in their system. Thanks but no thanks.”

“Marketing 101: properly vet the people you might hire to promote your business/products. I mean who are you hiring next? ISIS?”

In response to the multitude of negative comments, Blue Apron announced it was cutting ties with Jenelle:

“Thanks for reaching out. We will no longer be advertising with Jenelle,” the company’s official Twitter account wrote in response to many of the nay-sayers’ comments.

Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, was not happy about what went down, so he took to his newly created Twitter account to defend Jenelle and throw a little shade at the recipe delivery service.

“@blueapron All these Fake accounts talking about Jenelle and you really take it seriously? Now we see where your priorities are. Simple math- there are more followers than haters…. keep you cheep food and ill keep shopping at The Pig @MyrtleBeachPig @pigglywiggly.”

He was also angry that the company seemingly failed to let Jenelle know that she had been given the boot.

“@blueapron Instead of sending us an email you reply to fake accounts about cutting Jenelle off?” he added. “Now we see where your priorities are…”

David’s tweets have since been deleted.

Although we won’t likely see Jenelle hawking meal prep kits any time soon, she can still be seen on social media peddling weight loss teas, push-up bras and her own line of clothing.

She has yet to publicly comment on the Blue Apron debacle.

Watch Jenelle’s ill-fated commercial for Blue Apron below:

(Photo: MTV)


  1. HAve you ever seen a TEEN MOM actually cook a meal? Does anyone think she was actually using it? That is too much work when MTV will just pay for your lunch.

  2. I’m surprised amber hasn’t been hired by a furniture store to promote mattress sales. She spends more time in bed than the family in Willy wonka!

  3. Chef Jenhell doesn’t even bother to put her hair back while preparing the meal Bet she didn’t wash her hands first either. Go BA, now if TM2 would follow their example I’d be happy. David is so CHEEP!!! LOL

    1. I’m so glad someone else noticed the hair thing! I have such an issue with hair! Even cooking shows when the chefs hair is down, it makes me cringe!

  4. This company can’t have possibly acquired one single customer from bringing on Jenelle as a spokesperson. Anyone who looks at Jenelle and thinks that there is someone to look up to A: probably doesn’t have a stove B: can’t afford a food delivery service and C: only eats fast food anyway. Who at Blue apron thought this would be a good idea?

    1. Seriously! The only people people on earth that like her are under the age of 16! I don’t know many tween girls shelling out their allowance to do Meal Prep for the family. You might want to put your marketing dept in check, Blue Apron. Even if Jenelle was a teen mom that everyone loved, it would still be a stupid choice, but this is just beyond stupid.
      David’s tweets are so typical and predictable. God he is such a dumb loser.

  5. 1) I’m surprised she hasn’t partnered with a vaping company. 2) I want Barbara to be hired by them so we can get videos of her instructing us on turning on the grill or stove to HIGH! HIGH! BOTH BURNERS ARE HIGH! Missed opportunity!

  6. That was sooooo painful to watch and listen to. Just like her teen mom segments I fast forwarded through the blkue apron ad too

  7. In the end she says you can get a meal for two or a family meal. Those two pieces of meat in the pan looked like a meal for 2.. she prob gets the fancy stuff for her and squatch and has her kids eat pb&j. Well maybe let’s them split a sandwich.

  8. I agree with firing her, but why keep the unfaithful, nasty attitude of Kail too? Is she really the type of spokesperson you want either? Quit hiring these people and helping them not find real jobs!!

  9. LOL, David, the right one is defending her, like you are any better! I’m glad at least ONE company decided to do the right thing even if it was just because they were afraid their sales will go down if they continue to use her. Tbh, all of them should boot her, MTV included! Then she will be living on the streets with her booooooooooooooooyfrieeeeeeeeend! (sorry husband)

  10. Gotta say, Hello Fresh is way better than Blue Apron. Hello Fresh is awesome. Love it.

    How stupid must you be to misspell cheap?!?! Dumbass.

    I totally understand the desire to hate-follow Jenelle on social media, but if you really want to get rid of Jenelle, we need to force her into oblivion. No followers=no power for Jenelle. Let’s just get those innocent babies off the Land first.

    MTV really needs to remember that the safety and security of a child ALWAYS trumps the happiness pride of an adult.

    Sorry, I’m all over the place tonight with my comment. Late night ADD, I guess.

    1. I still want them to replace Jenelle with Barb. I mean, really, really want it. I’d love to see Barb and Jace on a regular basis.

    1. They tossed him a hot dog in crib in the dark bedroom. She’s such an awful human being. I can’t even say mother.

  11. Why is everyone not boycotting the others companies she is representing on Instagram? I’m just curious. Good on them for firing her after the backlash.

    At this point I actually fear for the kids in this situation. It’s scsry …

    1. Because we weren’t buying tummy teas and those squeeze your boobs together bras anyway lol

      We were rooting for Blue Apron

    2. Because Blue Apron is a company that people actually buy from. The others are just scam crap so they can keep Jenelle.

  12. Blue Apron must be really desperate! Maybe they can get those parents who chained their 12 kids to their beds to do their next commercial?

    1. Can you picture that one; We love blue apron, my husband and I and our grandson, born of likely incest eat very well. The other 11 kids don’t get blue apron. They get an rotten apple a day.

  13. I put my money where my mouth is (bows). I cancelled my Blue Apron subscription today after this broke, I won’t do business with a company represented by Jenelle, nor one with such negligent marketing teams as to think that she is a viable spokesperson for them. I was clear about this in the online form when I cancelled.

    I signed up with Hello Fresh instead.

  14. Hey David, do you know where their priorities are? Just making sure you know where their priorities are. I don’t know where their priorities are. Can you help me out?

  15. I’m glad that they took the backlash on board and cut all ties with her.

    However, they could’ve sent food packages to Kaiser, cuz you know, they don’t feed him!

    1. Booooo!!! i just read that she got fired i was hoping it was from teen mom also. Well at least blue apron listened and did the right thing. Im just really scared for those kids once the camera stop rolling. It wont be good. I feel so sad for those kids. Its heartbreaking to watch

  16. Good she doesn’t deserve to be a spokesperson for anything she has done ZERO to appeal to sane good people. David made them look far worse than just staying quiet would have. Cancel the show let these trash bags FALL!!

    PS David everyone knows Harris teeter>piggly wiggly you moron

  17. Maybe Blue Apron is trying to appeal to hungry juniors? Only an idiot decided to use Jenelle as a spokeswoman. Did they see the episode with Kaiser crying “feed me?” Boy heads should roll at Blue Apron.

  18. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. But seriously, who is the bonehead at Blue Apron who decided Jenelle Evans was a good choice? Whoever it is, they probably don’t work there anymore. What a seriously stupid move to get this neglectful and abusive “mom” to rep their company. Jenelle doesn’t give her kids home cooked meals unless boiled hot dogs count. You know those kids didn’t even get to taste this meal.

    1. Jenelle and lurch probably eat all the Blue Apron food when they get the munchies after smoking pot. You know there’s non left for that tribe of children they have.

    2. I suppose blue apron is one of those fledging companies trying to carve out a niche in subscription meal kits. They have been popping up lately, any time I order clothes off Modcloth I get a flyer advertising healthy dinner kits and 20% off.

      So any ‘celebrity’ endorsement is welcome, though you are right. Totally PR fail on their part for choosing a terrible candiate to hawk their wares.

      1. I wouldn’t call them fledging. They’re one the most well known food subscription companies and have been around for years. If anything, they’re facing steeper competition now and are trying new marketing techniques. This one was a huge fail.

  19. Notice how she is only “cooking” for two and not for the entire family….the kids will be scrounging the leftover pizza boxes for their dinner ?

    1. Maybe Blue Apron is trying to appeal to hungry juniors? Only an idiot decided to use Jenelle as a spokeswoman. Did they see the episode with Kaiser crying “feed me?” Boy heads should roll at Blue Apron.

      1. Seriously, lol. After watching that it is very clear to me she never cooks. She can barely boil a hot dog or order take out without being overwhelmed, nevermind cooking an actual meal for all of them. Makes you wonder who hires people over there, they clearly don’t even run a background check or they would know she has been arrested at least a dozen times. That alone speaks for itself.

        1. They wouldn’t even need an actual background check! A simple Google search would have been sufficient.

  20. So David got his own twitter….
    I feel nothing good will come from this and he will be a total skeez dm’ing those weird thots who fawn over him. Even Adam Lind has those mentally unstable thots who think he is amazing.

  21. Jenelle doesn’t even strike me as someone who’d even cook her family a healthy dinner. They don’t even feed poor lil Kaiser!

    1. So true. I’ve seen the other mums cook or bake but don’t recall Jenelle cooking anything. Except probs Keffa’s meth?!!
      Weird choice, Blue Apron – their budget probably didn’t stretch to afford Chelsea so they got dodgy try-hard Duhnelle.

  22. Why, in the name of all that is holy, did they hire her in the first place? Have they been living under a rock for the past 8 years??

  23. According to David, Jenelle has more followers than haters?

    Um, so you apparently missed the memo on the fact that your own sister Jessica even claims to hate her guts?

    Boy, please.

    Take a seat, as well as a much needed “spelling” course.

    1. Not to mention his logic is totally skewed. Of course haters aren’t going to follow her? Except maybe a few who like hate-watching her. She probably has like 5 times more haters than she does followers haha. Nice try Lurch, you can go back to terrifying small children now

  24. David, Janelle definitely has more haters than fans. I personally wouldn’t use any products, goods or services that had Janelle attached in any, shape or form.
    I use “Home Chef” but would cancel immediately if she was a spokesman for the company.
    The two of you are delusional. I just might check out “Blue Apron” just because they fired her.
    Good for you BA.

    1. The same way kail sells a whitening kit when she has veneers and shouldn’t ever be using something like that I’m sure she’s aware of it Therefore does not use the actual product but it doesn’t stop her from acting like she does and trying to get her followers to waste money on it regardless

        1. She actually went on the show the doctors and had the Veneers put on (or whatever name is used for it) on camera I’m sure you can you find the clip on YouTube

  25. Of course David would make himself look even dumber while ranting. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that advertising with purebred trash isn’t a great business strategy. These loons give me second-hand embarrassment everytime they speak.

  26. You would think they would research who they ask to partner with, before having them pitch their product….Honestly any of the other moms (except Ambo or Farrah) would’ve been a much better option.

  27. Shoutout blue apron I think they made the right decision it’s not about haters it’s about right and wrong David’s rant makes me want to use blue apron more so that backfired

  28. Please, God, do not let her be pregnant again! She has a little pooch and is adamantly denying that she’s pregnant. She went as far as to show her stomach on the dead sod while lounging on THE LAND! All the hatters know this is the red flag that she is definitely pregnant!

    Kudos, Blue Apron! Hopefully the other companies she advertises for follows suit. I don’t know anyone else because I’ve been blocked on all SM.

    1. Lmao. You would think people would pay attention when the little red lines pop up under misspelled words….but we are talking about Sasquatch here….

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