EXCLUSIVE! Here Are the Girls MTV Is Considering Replacing Farrah Abraham With on ‘Teen Mom OG’

“Um…So when are the producers going to beg me to stay?”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or buried under a pile of Matt Baier‘s old T-shirts on Amber Portwood‘s couch), you know that Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG back in October for various reasons including her mistreatment of the show’s crew.

Anyway, since Farrah’s firing, the show’s producers have been trying to figure out how to fill the void that will be left by Farrah’s absence. While The Ashley has seen some wild rumors circulating (stating that everyone from Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen, to Farrah’s sister Ashley would be taking her place).

However, The Ashley can exclusively reveal that there are only two girls in consideration to take Farrah’s spot on ‘Teen Mom OG’ at this time.

The first– and most likely– is Mackenzie Edwards, the new wife of Ryan Edwards! The Ashley’s sources tell her that things with Mackenzie have progressed far enough that a  contract for her to join the cast as the fourth mom is already been negotiated!

“They are planning to pay her around $3,000 an episode to take the fourth spot on ‘Teen Mom OG,'” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “That would obviously be significantly less than the other girls make. It is not a done deal yet, but the consensus is that Mackenzie Edwards will get the spot. Recently, they’ve been filming her life with Ryan for Maci [Bookout]‘s segment almost more than Maci’s life. Plus, she was a teenage mother so it kind of makes sense.”

Mackenzie does have competition for the spot, though. Another source tells The Ashley that the only other person that’s truly in consideration for the job is former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee. The Ashley was the first one to tell you last year that Mackenzie was competing against Briana DeJesus for a fifth spot on Teen Mom 2; however, the producers chose to go with Briana and Mackenzie was quite salty about it.

Let’s get ready to rumble! It’s going to be the Battle of the Mackenzies!

The producers have a renewed interest in Mackenzie, due to the fact that her mother, Angie Douthit, is currently battling Stage 4 cancer.

“There’s a production team that’s been going down to Oklahoma to film Mackenzie over the past few weeks,” a crew member tells The Ashley. “Right now, they are planning to use that footage to do a ‘Teen Mom’ special. It will likely be “Being Mackenzie” but that hasn’t been totally confirmed yet.”

While both girls are still in the running to replace Farrah, according to The Ashley’s sources, it will likely be Mackenzie Edwards who gets the job.

“There is no one else in consideration at this time,” the source confirms to The Ashley. “Anyone else is just a rumor. If they are planning to use anyone else, it is being kept completely on the down-low.”

The Ashley will update this when she gets more information!

(Photos: MTV, Openclipart)



  1. I want to see Mackenzie McKee. I was disappointed when TM3 was cancelled because I liked her segments and her family. NO WAY do I want to see Mackenzie EDWARDS! No, no way…GAG!

  2. Remember when Farrah wasn’t invited to be a part of the cast on the TM OG revival season and MTV didn’t replace her with anyone new and everyone survived (until Farrah returned halfway through the season)? Let’s do that again.

    Mack Edwards is so weird as an option. That would be like Catelynn and Tyler getting different segments.

  3. I’d rather they not fill the spot or just cancel the show. I don’t want to see either of those annoying trashboat famewhores on my TV period.

  4. I think it’s obvious we all watch this show so I get confused when so many comments want it taken off the air.. I like watching it and I like commenting and reading all your comments but I don’t want it off MTV. We’ve watched these kids grow up from birth and it’s interesting to see what goes on w the parents and family. I love reading celebrity gossip…especially about these people..

    1. I watch it, but in a way that it’s on in the background, and I’m not riveted. Nothing really happens in each episode. I love following the Ashley’s recaps and commenting with everyone – always so funny! However, I’d be so happy to see this show be cancelled. It needs to stop.

    2. I would be very disappointed if this show was cancelled, My granddaughter got me hooked on it many years ago and I look forward to each episode ! I also love the Ashley recap and like to see all the comments ! As far as having Mack Edwards replace Farrah, I agree with the commentor who said it would be like Catelynn and Tyler having different segments !

    3. But the show has completely run its course. These aren’t teen moms anymore. They’re almost thirty, married and receiving money from MTV just to exist at this point. There are only like two girls from the franchise that could support themselves once the show ends, and it’s disgusting. Almost all of these girl set a horrible example for their young viewers. Maci and Chelsea have done well, but Tyler and Catelynn make adoption look horrible, Kail, Briana,Jenelle, and now Amber continuously get pregnant by different people, Farrah’s ego is massive and she literally has the most repulsive personality and behavior. Leah is just starting to do better for herself and the girls. How many of these girls now have been diagnosed with a personality disorder, and don’t actively treat it, causing issues that shouldn’t be issues for those around them, including their children? Sure, it can be entertaining, but these are real people, these are real lives, real children growing up in these dysfunctional homes. MTV is exploiting young mothers, young fathers, mental health issues, family issues, drug addictions, and pregnancy. It’s exploitation, and it needs to end.

  5. NO OMG let me backtrack, HELL no! I wouldn’t watch that at all. The point is to get more viewers, not less. Mackenzie Edwards?! Ugh. No thanks.

  6. Why don’t they give the spot to Joy-Anna Dugger or Kendra Duggars, I know they are TLC royality but it would be pretty interesting to see teen pregnancy in a religious light, then in a regular one.

  7. How about being classy just once, MTV? Let this shit just fade away. There is nothing else good that can come of this show. Just let it end.

  8. This is a serious question and I’m not trying to be rude: if they add Mack, what will Maci have to film about….? I mean in all honesty this season Macis segments have mostly been about Ryan…they keep shifting the shows around and I’m pretty sure that’s a sign the end is near. The formula is obviously not working anymore and what was their “fan base” has aged alongside them and now sees it as a joke. MTV would be smart to cut the cord and then do a “where are they now” in ten years.

  9. I hope it goes to McKee. Her family is going through a very stressful time and I’m sure the money would be a welcome relief. I’m sure they’ve prayed for finances as much as they’ve prayed for her Mother. I’m sure this could alleviate some stress for them, and be such a blessing.

  10. NOooooooooooooooooo….. please dont hire mackenzie edwards i will not watch or just skip over her segments. This is the worst idea ever. She is a terrible person

  11. Farrah’s sister, PLEASE. Watching Deb go crawling back to the sister, then starting to call her children whom she probably barely knows, “baby goo” will be hilarious. Begging the sister to pay for facelifts…lovesss it. MTV, do it!

  12. I can’t wait until these “teen moms” get into their 30s and MTV is still filming their disastrous lives. Are they going to continue to film these girls until their first born graduates high school?!
    I mean some of them have gotten it together, and now their stories are boring so MTV tries to find any way to stir the pot. If it weren’t for Ryan’s drug addiction issue and the crazy that Mackenzie brings Maci’s story wouldn’t be that interesting.

  13. Oh, wow. I guess Mackenzie’s plan is working out great. Who would’ve thought that getting pregnant young and stalking a reality tv “star” until he marries you could get you a spot in one of MTV’s most popular shows?
    Smart psycho girl for sure.

  14. I wish MTV producers read these posts, and listened to what the viewers wanted. Then there’s no way that Mrs. Edwards would be even up for consideration.
    You know it’s bad when we would rather have Farrah stay (something I NEVER dreamed I say) then have more air time with Mackenzie.
    Either move Brianna over, or, don’t add anyone.
    Seriously, we do not want to see the segments that she’s already in, let alone add them.
    if you don’t have anything nice to say then…. I can’t think of a nice adjective to use….so I will end with….NO MORE OF HER

    1. Why are my comments ALWAYS “awaiting moderation”?

      Is it that way for everyone?
      I never break the rules. I just don’t understand why my comments are never just posted. Does anyone know Why?
      Does anyone else constantly have this problem? I don’t have any issues on any other site.

        1. This is a test, I took out the spaces to see if that would work.

          Thanks for trying to help. I would really like to comment but it’s frustrating when it takes so long for it to post.

      1. This isn’t going to help you but I had the same thing happen to me once, It happened when the leave a comment section came up my name and email were blank so I put in my real name not the name I usually use for comments and I guess it did’t recognize me !

  15. I don’t think they should add anybody. At some point they need to end this show. They can’t be on a show called “teen mom’s” forever. And they shouldn’t want to be remembered as the girls who became famous for getting pregnant young. I don’t get why Ryan’s wife would have her own segment. She’s already on the show and McKee would be a nightmare cause she’s an attention seeker. The fit she thru when Brianna got that spot was petty and furthermore she’s all about herself. The one season she got her husband didn’t even seem to want to be with her, and the trouble she causes still chasing after him is ridiculous. She was attacked while pregnant by a woman cause she walked into her property trying to hunt down her husband followed by crashing their new uninsured car while driving with a low blood sugar, tracking him down in the middle of nowhere. He even claimed she cheated and left only for them to somehow get back together. I forgot about the sex tape and the go fund me for boob implants. Do they really need to further screw up anymore of these girls? They all need to find legit work. Maybe then they can gain self confidence and have a reason get off the couch and feel accomplished. It’s no wonder their mentally is questionable.

  16. How about this, MTV? Just cancel both shows! Nearly 10 years of this is enough and revamping it just seems like desperation or self-sabotage. Then, in 6-8 years, revisit them when MTV money has stopped coming in and THEY are raising teenagers themselves. Let’s see how they are able to manage in a “normal” life (ie: no cameras around or big paychecks) and how the kids are actually coping post fame. And, no, I don’t mean renew Teen Mom. I mean a one-and-done special on each girl. Pay them what they got for filming 16&P and move on.

  17. Ugh. I used to like Mack for Rhine but now I HATE her. She’s an idiot and she acts surprised when he treats her like crap. I do like Maci though so I suppose I could tolerate more Mack/Rhine if I had to.

  18. If we’re stuck with Brianna, how about just move her over to fill Farrah’s spot and be done with it. TM2 had such ridiculously short segments last season when they were trying to fit all five girls in to the hour.

    1. I don’t think they should move Brianna. Jenelle needs to get the message that she’s replaceable like Farrah.

  19. Wow. Wouldn’t that make for some great tv. (Insert eye roll) listen to Maci complain about Ryan then listen to Mac complain about Maci for half the show!

    1. Dee, i hope it’s not the name because that’s what i named my now teenage daughter…and if she turns out like either of those mackenzies i’d die!

  20. Does anyone want Mackenzie Edwards on the screen anymore than she already is? Personally I already think it is too much. She is ridiculous just like Ryan. I can’t believe that is the only option.

  21. Is there even one single person who can tolerate Mack? Even her own husband can’t stand her. No one likes her, MTV!!!

  22. How about instead of Mack Edwards, we just have longer commercial breaks? Lol that would be far less annoying. Also, not gonna lie, I love how many clips MTV includes of Ryan asking Mack how much money she spent.

  23. MackCrazy Edwards as a Teen Mom replacement? Really?

    I for one, personally doubt the viewers want this — as it seems Ryan HIMSELF doesn’t even want her. As indicated by probably not being able to tell the difference between her and his mom when he’s stoned off his a*s, and sending pics of his junk to other women via text message.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot. MackCrazy always saves the day by writing horrifically rambling junk letters about months, days, weeks, and minutes to Maci blaming her for Ryan’s addiction, and offering to pay hush money to the skeezers and d*ck pic recipients he invites to meet him behind the Food City supermarket in Chattanooga.

    Yep. Sounds like really riveting stuff the viewers want to see, for sure.


  24. I can’t believe I will say this (cuz I don’t like her either) but I would rather have McKee if they have to pick one! But seriously MTV, SERIOUSLY?! How about you take care for the girls you have on instead?! (Like Cate, will you keep filming so that you will air her suicide on TV?!)

  25. OH Jesus god Leah, this is awful. Mac Edwards? Hellllll to the nawnawnaw! I can’t stand the other Mac either, but I felt awful when I heard about her mom. I sure as hell don’t want MTV exploiting someone’s terminal illness for ratings. Ugh, just keep anal pig Farrah if these are the only two choices you can come up with. I mean really? Out of all those 16 & Pregnant girls, there wasn’t a single one you wanted to make rich for doing nothing but having unprotected sex?

  26. Damn, MTV, can’t you just give us a minute to finally enjoy this show without Farrah & her herd of loons before you replace her with someone else we don’t want? Literally no one wants to see more of Mackenzie Edwards. Why ruin a show that took you 8 years to fix?

  27. The producers have a renewed interest in Mackenzie, due to the fact that her mother, Angie Douthit, is currently battling Stage 4 cancer——-which means it would be “good tv” for mtv….disgusting.

  28. Possible replacements for Farrah Abraham:

    1- Tasmanian Devil with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    2- Plague bacteria.

    3- Charles Manson’s severed head.

  29. I want one of the 1st season girls… so we can see what life is like without the $$$$. Whose the one that was a little heavy, had the kinds cute baby daddy, and was arrested for stealing a pregnancy test? That’s the one I want to see.

    1. You’re thinking of Whitney Purvis. She currently doesn’t have custody of either of her children, so she’s probably not an option.

    2. I want Miliania — the girl whose mother was in jail and baby daddy mother was a certifiable whackjob. More interested in what these grandmas are up to than the Teen Mom

  30. I am done with this show. Teen mom? What a joke! They’re in their mid-to-late 29’s! I refuse to watch this trash & enable these “mom’s” to damage their poor, innocent children! It’s time to nix this joke of a show and get something fresh & intriguing!

    1. 20’s*

      I forgot to add:

      Mack truck is a disgrace and will be the downfall to the Teen Mom franchise. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?

  31. I think MTV should bring both Mackenzies on and tell them whoever brings the trashiest drama gets to stay.

  32. I’d prefer McKee out of the Macks. Though she posts enough on Snapchat that it’s pretty easy to keep up with her without MTV involvement.

    1. How do you add someone like her to Snapchat..? Well shamefully I’d like to see janelles Snapchat but have no idea how to add her.

  33. Why can’t they just move Brianna to Teen Mom OG in Farrah’s spot and call it a day? There was no need to add her in the first place, but since she’s already here, that way it can go back to 4 on each show so everyone can get equal screen time. I don’t understand why they need to shoehorn in another one of these idiots.

    1. I don’t know why they keep trying to take people from teen mom three nobody watched it that’s why it was canceled I don’t understand why they can’t comprehend that

  34. Why have a replacement why not make the current casts segments longer or add more Gary and his wife? No need to add a new person or segment to it

    1. Agree! He isn’t the only father who has custody of his child and it should be seen that sometimes mom isn’t there as we’ve seen dad isn’t always there!
      Unfortunately due to the custody agreement between his wife and her ex, I don’t believe that would be in he cards

  35. I agree with you and as much as people hate Kailyn she has college degree, dosen’t waste her money or owe the IRS, shes terrible at relationships but her children will be ok without the show. Chelsea and Kailyn are the only two I see being being financially stable after the show ends. Catelynn and Tyler no college degrees or jobs and i doubt their clothing line is making alot of income.Leah Messer no job or college degree, she’ll live off child support when the show ends. Maci and Tayor Maci says she has an AA, however has not been proven , she has been in trouble with the IRS and moves to a new home each year. Briana and Brittany will be living with their mom till their 50. Amber is a joke.

    1. Do tell more about maci being in AA. I knew she drank a lot but I didn’t hear this. Spill the beans. I want beans all over this damn floor. Haha

  36. What???? Please not Mackenzie Edwards!!! She was never actually part of the teen mom franchise so it doesn’t even make sense to use her for the 4th spot. At least the other Mackenzie started out on 16 and pregnant and there is some background there. I would really HATE to see Mackenzie Edwards as the 4th. I can’t even stand how much air time they give her on maci’s segments!

  37. I’d rather have Farrah then Mackenzie McKee. Shes a fame whore and its disgusting she would want her moms cancer battle filmed. She’s thirsty for attention I can’t stand her!

    1. Idk. I would rather McKee getting the money, her family is prob hurting for money from medical bills. Mackenzie is not a girl that’s been on 16& pregnant or a teen mom original. (1 2 or 3) so I don’t think she should be in the running.

  38. Wow…so MTV is going to feed the beast by giving Mackenzie more attention and more money???? I really despise MTV sometimes, I really do.

    1. Then imagine how much fake crying we would get to see, ‘I just didn’t think it would be this hard’ she says that 50 times a day. Uh well dumbo how did you think living w a heroin addict would be? Maci, it’s been 1 minute and 59 seconds since I trash talked you.

  39. I always liked McKee. I remember her battling w her baby’s dad about his rodeo job. But I don’t see how 2 people form the same ‘family’ can use up two spots. Maci should not have to deal w anymore Mack then necessary. Maybe bring Chelsea over to OG and put dumb shit Mackenzie w the other ones. But I’m sure Ryan would love an extra contract paycheck to shoot up w…

  40. That will make things awkward in a few months when Mack wants to work on thier failing marriage, and Rhine says “nah, I think I’m done. You should go now”

    1. If there was a teen mother that was worse than Jenelle and Farrah put together, I’d prefer that person. That’s how much I can’t stand Mackenzie. She’s a total jealous bitch that wants nothing but fame, attention and money.

  41. Mack is literally the worst choice! She’s so thirsty for attention and she’s vile. I guess she’d fill Farrah’s nasty shoes quite well, but I’d stop watching. I just can’t get over the driving-while-high scene and still getting married.

  42. Guess I will be forwarding again if Ryan’s wife gets it, I used to like her at first but that didn’t last long. And I will never believe her and her friend were laughing because because it was funny to invite the baby mama and baby to the wedding. Botch we all know you filled out the wedding invitations to just Macy and Bently on purpose. Just like we didn’t believe you thought it was Xanax and $10,000 a week.
    Maybe she’s a compucompulsive liar. All MTV is doing is giving Ryan more money for his addiction

  43. If there has to be a forth replacement I hope it’s McKee. Edwards pisses me off, there’s already too much of her in maci’s segments

    1. I think she’s in a lot of Maci’s segments bc all Maci does is sit around talking about Ryan and trying to sell those cheap tshirts

  44. Why do they keep paying these girls??! Instead of searching for actual careers that they’ve earned, they get to sit on their butts and choose a price tag to live lavish and be a pseudo celeb ??‍♀️ The only one that I really don’t mind being paid is Chelsea. She literally earned her certificate in her trade and worked for a long time on the show. Even now, she’s a stay at home mom, but Cole is still working all week like a normal person should. He had the job before Chels and is still earning his keep. Glad he’s not like most of the TM boyfriends/husbands who stop working because they’re grateful to the gravy train they’ve latched onto.

    They don’t buy a new car and/or house every season and go on 7 “vacations” per month. Chelsea had that Jeep over 4 years and is still living in the first home she purchased well before Cole. The money she earns will last a lifetime

    1. The difference between Chelsea and literally everyone else on this show is that she came from money. Her dad is very wealthy and her family was always financially stable. She didn’t stumble into more money than she knows what to do with like the rest of them. She’s always been lazy when it comes to work/school but she does put her kids first and uses her time and money wisely which is important. Living within her means is a concept that she already knew. And even if her MTV money runs out, which hers will certainly last longer than the rest, her family will still help her because they can.

      The rest, for the most part, grew up in relatively low income households where they lived paycheck to paycheck. Budgeting is not a familiar concept so they spend all the money they have as soon as they see something they want rather than saving for something important. While I applaud Kailyn for finishing school, her tattoo collection, constant vacationing, and many new cars show me that personal finance is not a course she took.

  45. I am very sorry for what McKenzie and her mom are going through but I would have no desire to watch a being McKenzie special. I don’t even think there’s a reason to fill Farrah’s spot with anybody else just concentrate on the three remaining girls…. In all honesty I’m still trying to figure out why they felt like they had to add Breonna after so long

  46. No one wants to see more of the Edwards. Not one person. Seeing their segments during maci’s time is enough.

    1. Also they’re now taking an interest in McKee since her mom has cancer…I knew teen mom was low but this is just disgusting

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