‘Teen Mom’ Specials Starring Javi Marroquin & Gary Shirley to Air This Month

“It’s finally our turn!”

The latest offerings of Teen Mom “Being” specials have just been announced by MTV and it appears that the month of February will focus on the lives of some of the baby daddies!

Javi Marroquin, the ex of Kail Lowry (and now Briana DeJesus), is first up, with his “Being Javi” special set to air on Tuesday, February 13. The special was filmed in November, during the time that Javi was dating Briana (and feuding with Kail!) 

According to the official MTV description of the special, we will also get to see plenty of footage of Javi sweating and lifting heavy things.

“Javi balances being a single dad half the time and deciding if he should start dating again; the possibility of future deployment leads him to throw himself into a Crossfit competition while trying to build a happy life.”

“Being Javi” isn’t the only baby-daddy special coming our way this month! Amber Portwood‘s ex, Gary Shirley, is finally getting his very own “Being” special as well. (Is anyone else sore that Matt Baier got his own special before Gar-Bear did?!)

According to MTV, the “Being Gary” special is set to air on Tuesday, February 20. The network has not yet released the description for the special.

“Being Javi” and “Being Gary” are just the latest in a string of specials that focus on a member of the supporting ‘Teen Mom’ casts. There is at least one other “Being” special in the works currently. (The Ashley will be releasing more on that very shortly!)

Reoccurring cast members who have yet to get “Being” special include Chelsea Houska‘s husband Cole DeBoer and father Randy HouskaJenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason; Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesusLeah Messer‘s ex-husbands Corey Simms and Jeremy CalvertMaci Bookout‘s husband Taylor McKinney; and Catelynn Lowell‘s husband Tyler Baltierra.

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  1. Well I agree Amber is a crappy Mom. But. Gary sometimes comes off like enjoys having control over the custody situation. Don’t get me wrong he comes off as a good Dad and provides a good environment for Leah.But it seems like he never misses the opportunity to stick it to Amber warranted or not. Jave is a game who’re plain and simple.

  2. I used to really like javi. He really sucks now. so petty and thirsty and fake. Very disapointing. I love gary though he seems like a decent guy and a goodfather. His shirts always crack me up. ?

  3. Not excited for Javi’s but Gary! He’s amazing and maybe they will talk about his recent weight loss too? I’m sure he’s shed some pounds.

    I still can’t believe Matt had one……LOL, I bet Andrew’s is coming too.

  4. Looking forward to this, we all know Gary is the mvp.

    There’s no part of me that wants a special on Lurch, unless it’s to expose his life while serving a lengthy prison sentence.

  5. I think we are all eagerly anticipating the future Amber related specials “Being Jeff” and “Being Bubby.”

  6. Gary is my hero. He raises his daughter, day in and day out. Where would Leah be without her dad?? Probably foster care. Leah knows she is cared for and wanted and loved by her dad, and that will sustain her through a lot.

    Jack is a good dad, too. A little too much of a fame whore, but he’s a good dad. Kail is very lucky to have Javi and Jo.

    1. I was like Who the Fusk is Jack…haha then I realized you meant Javi… haha fusk. I didn’t want it to blur the word out..

  7. Well, now we know why Javi dated Brianna. We get to see all the drama on Being Javi…

    I am excited for Gary’s special. It’s about time! It’s a travesty that Matt got a special first.

  8. Remember when they did that dads special, and all the guys went to a cabin near Corey’s, and how Nathan treated Gary? Well I think more then Nathan was a jerk towards Gary.. idk it made me feel bad for Gary. He is strange but he turned out to be a pretty decent dad and seems to lead a good life..
    When they did Nathan’s special I was annoyed how he used that as a platform for his muscle competitions and still didn’t treat kaiser right. He should of used that time to show he was a good dad, but he couldn’t even fake it.

  9. Oh please please do recaps of these when they air…

    Particularly looking forward to Gary’s, I can’t help but like the guy ?

    Javi I can live without ?

    1. I like Gary but he has a weird sense of humor. He sometimes creeps me out. He’s a good father though. I gotta give him credit for that.

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