Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Want You To Spend Valentine’s Day With Them

“We can even teach ya to do this!”

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so get your roses, your chocolates…. and your tickets to hang out with The Duggars! After all, nothing says “true love” quite like listening to Jim Bob chat about how to keep the hot fires burning in your marriage, even when a “blessing” is popping out of your wife’s loins every 12-18 months.

Jim Bob, along with his wife Michelle, have announced that they will be hosting the “Date Night with The Duggars” event at Grove Bible Church in St. Johns, Michigan. For 15 bucks, you get into the Valentine’s Day event and get dinner (which may or may not include a hefty serving of tater tot casserole).

Before the event, Michelle will host a special Q&A session for mothers. (Because, you know, we can’t have those pesky men learning anything about child-rearing! That’s a job for the womenfolk!)

After that, Jim Bob will join her to tell Counting On fans (and/or people who have nothing better to do on Valentine’s Day and just want to gawk at the reality TV stars) all about their marriage and famous family.

While the Duggars have not yet revealed the exact topics they plan to discuss during “Date Night,” we can guess it will be full of their usual talking points: courtship, saving the first kiss for marriage and how to give a perfect side-hug.

It is sure to be a rousing night filled with denim skirts, crunchy curly hair, and fried food for all! However, if you aren’t in the Michigan area on February 14, have no fear! You can still get your fill of the Duggar clan, as new episodes of their reality show, ‘Counting On,’ will begin airing this month!

If you’re interested in going on a date night with the Duggars, you can get tickets using the info posted below.

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21 Responses

  1. Interesting idea. Could one of us slip a little video camera into Farrah’s purse? Or, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Jim Bob and Michelle meet her. As a Christian myself, I find All of this offensive. However, I think it would be absolutely hilarious for all of them to meet. Oh, man!! Michelle would need a fainting couch in reaction to Farrah’s foul mouth.

  2. Perfect Valentine’s day date, getting the 101 on baby abuse by Michelle and meet the man you wish your date would live up to, Jim Bob, perfect.
    So many people did not realize they needed this in their lives probably.

  3. I’d rather spend it with Uncle Bad Tough and Dumelle. That is saying a lot for me because I loathe those two waste of oxygens.

  4. Can I sign Farrah up for this? Because I have an idea for a new show, where Farrah is sent to spend time with other insufferable reality creeps. After her time with the Duggars, then a week with the Browns (and Tony *shudder*). Where shall we send her after that?

    1. Seeking sister wive, send her on a fishing boat, let her dig for gold in the dirt and after that her price is a week of survival in some cold forest with one of the other Brown boys (Matt? Gabe?).

    2. Singing lessons with Christine from Sister Wives, maybe let her date a felon from Love After Lockup. Oh, I would love to see Farrah with the Duggars like you said, with an ankle-height skirt and crunchy curls, listening to a sermon on why not to hug, kiss or sleep with a man before holy matrimony. I truly think you’ve hit a gold mine there, Nunya!

  5. Thanks for taking a break from being a creepy toucher Josh so you could come to The Ashley and down vote everyone!! ????

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