Nick & Drew Lachey Announce They’re Closing Their Bar Featured in A&E Show ‘Lachey’s: Raising the Bar’

“Close it down?”

Just three years after opening Lachey’s in Cincinnati, Nick and Drew Lachey have announced it’s last call at their sports bar and restaurant.

The development of the brothers/ Dancing with the Stars alums’ hometown bar was documented on the A&E reality show Lachey’s: Raising the Bar back in 2015, but the show was nixed after only one season. Now, it seems that the bar itself is following suit, as it was announced this week that the bar would be closing its doors for good on February 11.

News of the shutdown comes just two months after Lachey’s Bar manager, Ellie Richardson, was shot in the face after leaving work on Thanksgiving. While Ellie survived the attack, her recovery has involved multiple surgeries which have been detailed on an Ellie Richardson Recovery Facebook page.

On December 15 (the most recent update on the page) followers were told the surgery to repair the left side of Ellie’s face had gone well and that she would be going home that night. The man who reportedly shot Ellie, 36-year-old Lavoris Hightower, turned himself in at the beginning of December.

The same night as Ellie’s attack, Keith Anderson, a bouncer at Lachey’s Bar, was robbed while helping Ellie. Keith said he was warming up his car when he heard the gunshots that wounded Ellie and went to help her. While speaking to police, someone jumped in Keith’s car and drove off. While the car was eventually found, $900 of Christmas toys Keith had purchased for his kids were gone along with a laptop and photos of his children.

Despite the recent (very) unfortunate happenings at Lachey’s Bar, if anyone in the Cincinnati area is still hoping to throw one back with Nick and Drew before the doors close for good, the brothers will be at the bar this weekend as a final farewell.

While the Lacheys have not stated that the Thanksgiving events led to bar’s shutdown, Drew did post on Instagram about the closure.

“As you may have heard, @nicklachey @foureg and I have made the very difficult decision to close the doors of @lacheysbar after this coming weekend,” he wrote. “While this is a sad moment for us we also feel blessed to have had the opportunity and want to thank everyone that supported us and made this dream come true for the past 3 years.”

Nick also posted about the bar’s closure. In the photo caption of an Instagram photo showing him and his two sons in a booth at Lachey’s, Nick reflected on how much the bar meant to him.

“It’s been an incredible 3 Years full of lifelong memories,” Nick wrote. “Thank You Cincinnati for helping me realize a dream and the chance to share it with multiple generations of Lacheys and Lachey fans. We will be closing its doors after this Saturday night. Let’s make some more amazing memories this weekend and send her out in style!”

Watch a clip from ‘Lachey’s: Raising the Bar’ below:

(Photos: A&E, Instagram)

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  1. he lost a lot of support, Nick did when he showed everyone what a greedy pig he is, when he tried to monopolize the legalization of pot in Ohio. If anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about just google it, Nick Lachey and his quest for even more money by being a greedy pig, and trying to cut everyone else out of making money in the pot industry in Ohio. I don’t live in Ohio but when I saw what he tried to do to enrich himself and the few zillioners that were with him, I lost all respect for him. I hope he fails at everything he does going forward, Karma is a real bitch isn’t it Nick??

    1. I live in Ohio and haven’t ever heard of him being involved in any marijuana legalization efforts, but he’s closing because a Ellie, who I grew up with, got shot in the face by a lunatic. That isn’t karma, not for them or anyone. I assume people aren’t flooding into the place now knowing an innocent woman was almost killed outside.

      1. just because you’re terribly uninformed that’s your problem not anyone else’s. You must live in a bubble it was national news when that selfish pig did what he did. Google google it CAN be your best friend! Just to help you out it was the Nov 2016 LOCAL election in Ohio, read about it before you start spewing.

        1. go on Lachey’s twitter feed from Nov 2016 and see how much hate he received. Everyone saw what a selfish entitled asshole he is. He showed his true colors, that’s what cost him a lot of business, not any other reason. Unfortunately people get shot or assaulted near or in bars every night in this country, the bars don’t close because of that. It was people have a breaking point, again I hope he continues to fail. Karma I believe strongly in it!

          1. I VOTED for it, and I read the news daily. I didn’t hear of Nick Lachey’s involvement in it, to be clear. I’m not sure why you’re so worked up if you aren’t in Ohio & it has no effect on you, but maybe take a hit & chill. All I was saying is I don’t think calling it karma is fitting in this situation since I’m sure a nationally publicized shooting cost them a few customers & probably has something to do with their closing. I clearly see it differently than you, so I digress.

          2. your comment shows what an uninformed idiot you are. You voted for something you didn’t even research. It didn’t pass because a few selfish multi millionaires were looking to cut out the average hard working person from making money in the pot industry. That’s why it failed, Nick Lachey was heavily involved in trying to monopolize all the money for himself. I’m a national advocate for the legalization of pot in EVERY State, that’s why I care about what happened in Ohio, it is Karma, that was an incredibly selfish fucked up thing your boy tried to do. As a matter of fact in all the years of monitoring the movement, that was the first and I hope last time I’ve ever seen such a thing!

      2. What’s got your panties in a bunch? Jesus, we get it, you don’t like Nick but don’t act like you know that his business didn’t suffer after his manager was shot in the face!

        1. Thank you, that was my point. I don’t know when Nick Lachey became “my boy”, but clearly we’re living in different realities. I didn’t realize voting for something I RESEARCHED made me an idiot because I don’t stalk social media to get worked up over a celebrities beforehand. Smoke a blunt before you give yourself an aneurysm, geeesh.

  2. I didn’t even know this was a thing and was filmed for TV. Very sad about the manager and I hope she recovers from this horrible experience.

  3. I’m sad that they’re closing it but I grew up in the same hometown as Ellie and just judging from the horror that she’s been through, I understand why they’re closing. Granted, this kind of senseless violence could’ve happened anywhere, but it really changed my perspective since we come from a smaller, quiet farm town. She’s the sweetest girl, I’m sad that after being one of the few people my age from our area to find success that something so unnecessary happened to her. She’s tough and seems to be making real progress in her recovery, I hope it continues. She has a very nice family that’s fairly prominent in the area and a ton of support from our little community so she’s got love pouring in from all sides. I wish them all nothing but success after everything they’ve been through.

  4. It was an incredible place to go with family, for a fun date night, or a girls night out The food was delicious and you could easily spot at least 1 Lachey there most of the time. I am very thankful I went there last week for dinner before the announcement and even more thankful I was present while they fIlmed the show. Hoping something bigger and better is in the Lachey’s future. They do great things for their hometown and everyone is thankful for them.

    1. He’s a millionaire so with good food, cheap drinks and all the money needed to get through the red times there shouldn’t have been a problem…. until your bar manager gets shot in the face. You want to hang out there? I wouldn’t.

  5. How scary for her. I hope she has family and friends to help her get through this. This is a sad story and hopefully she’s well taken care of after the bar closes..not that she would went back to work there.

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