5 Times Farrah Abraham Was Awful to The Crew Behind the Scenes of ‘Teen Mom OG’ (EXCLUSIVE!)

“I’ll get you my pretties!”

Farrah Abraham‘s antics are worse than Teen Mom OG viewers know, according to the folks who work behind the scenes of the show!

The Ashley is well aware that juiciest stuff that happens on the set of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows rarely makes it to air, so she spoke to a collection of ‘Teen Mom’ crew members, who shared some never-before-told stories about Farrah’s behavior behind-the-scenes of the show.

As fans know, the Backdoor Teen Mom was fired from Teen Mom OG back in October, but viewers have yet to see that scene play out on the show (except for a few preview clips that MTV has posted). The reasons behind Farrah’s booting are still fuzzy, although she has stated numerous times it’s because she chose to continue to work in the adult industry. However, in a new clip released by MTV, the show’s Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman hints that Farrah’s treatment of her MTV producers and crew may be part of the problem.

“The amount of work that goes into keeping you happy has bubbled up to a point where we have to figure out if we move forward,” he tells her. “Out of nine moms, you’re the only one who is the problem.”

Here are a few tales from behind the scenes of ‘Teen Mom OG!’

(Just to note: All of the incidents below have been confirmed to The Ashley by at least TWO crew members. Some identifying info has been slightly modified, though, to protect the identity of The Ashley’s sources.)

5. She Banned Crew Members For Ridiculous Reasons

“When Farrah decided she didn’t like someone on her crew or production team, she would tell her producer that they were ‘banned,'” one longtime crew member tells The Ashley. “That basically means that they are not to come into her home anymore or work on her crew.”

Sometimes, Farrah’s “bannings” would come out of nowhere, but other times they were for ridiculous reasons.

“She legit banned one crew member from the set because she could not pronounce his name!” another crew member tells The Ashley. “It’s so ridiculous that people thought we were making it up but it 100 percent happened. There may even be footage of it somewhere.”

“The general feeling on Farrah’s shoots were that you didn’t really talk to Farrah unless she spoke to you; otherwise she would get really mad,” a crew member said. “It was an uncomfortable environment, especially compared to how it is working in some of the other girls’ homes.”

Farrah reportedly “banned” so many crew members from working with her that MTV eventually had very few people they could send.

“It was to a point where there was basically no crew left to go out there… so people who she ‘banned’ had to go but hide out in a car outside,” the crew member added.

4. She refused to work with most of the show’s producers.

Farrah’s longtime producer was Heather Walsh (who got canned last year for various reasons). At the end of her ‘Teen Mom OG’ run, Farrah had two producers instead of one, which was reportedly an attempt to help keep her happy. Finding producers that Farrah was willing to work with was not an easy task, according to a crew member.

“One producer got hired and didn’t even make it out there [to Farrah’s shoot],” the crew member said. “Farrah found out that producer was a straight guy and she said ‘No absolutely not.’ She told multiple people on set that she didn’t like working with straight male producers because they would hit on her.”

3. She had crazy rules for the crew.

The Ashley was the first to tell you (back in 2015) that Farrah refused to allow the producers and crew to use the bathrooms in her home, which is why MTV eventually had Porta-Potties brought in for the crew. At some point, though, Farrah decided she didn’t want to have portable toilets on her property so she got rid of them.

“She got rid of the Porta-potty and still didn’t let the crew use her bathroom so they had to drive down the street to use the bathroom,” a crew member said. “There weren’t any public restrooms nearby either, so if you had to go to the bathroom, it kind of halted everything. And Farrah was very strict on that rule; there was no budging her even for an emergency.”

“The fact of the matter is that she viewed the crew of ‘Teen Mom’ as people who were ‘less than’ her, plain and simple,” another crew member added.

Fans have watched the crew stomp around in shoe covers while filming in Farrah’s house also.

“We all respect the houses of the girls, but it’s kind of hilarious that the crew can not enter the home without their shoes off but Farrah’s horse is allowed in the foyer!”

2. She once tried to actually fire someone from their job.

Farrah once got angry at a member of the crew and told them to get out because they were fired [from the show],” one person tells The Ashley. “Everyone was just like…um…you don’t have the authority to do that.”

1. She berated a producer at the last ‘Teen Mom’ shoot.

Farrah came to Los Angeles in October to film the “New Years Eve” party episode that was shown in December. Although nearly all the moms from both ‘Teen Mom’ shows were present, Farrah refused to film with the other girls, so a separate “VIP” section had to be set up for her and her family.

“The head producers didn’t seem to know about it either because when they saw the roped off area they were pissed!” one person who was on set tells The Ashley.

On the day of filming, Farrah showed up early and was completely camera-ready.

“She thought she was going straight into filming but everything wasn’t ready yet,” the crew member said. “The poor producer who was with her got it so bad for that. When the producer Walkie-Talkied and asked if there was somewhere Farrah could go until the set was complete, Farrah lost it on her.

“She screamed at her, yelling, “Do you not know how to do your job? Clearly you don’t so I’ll just stand here until you know how to do your job!”

(Photos: MTV)

76 Responses

  1. How does this trash even still have custody of that little girl?! I know good folks that have lost theirs forever for a lot less!!

  2. I am glad Farrah is gone she needs a personality and the way she treats her family members is awful and her daughter Sophia hopefully does not turn out like her mom I’m glad she’s gone and I think maybe it’s time for the show to go anyway some of these moms are not making good choices Farrah for one another is when you’re married to someone you don’t go out and screw around and get pregnant just open your legs to some Dick and Harry if you don’t like your husband to divorce him you don’t have somebody else’s kid that’s not teaching or showing good behavior on the show

  3. ? “‘Isn’t that being predjuduce, sex shaming, maybe gender stereotyping??!!

    “ One producer got hired and didn’t even make it out there [to Farrah’s shoot],” the crew member said. “Farrah found out that producer was a straight guy and she said ‘No absolutely not.’ She told multiple people on set that she didn’t like working with straight male producers because they would hit on her.”

    Gender stereotyping:
    Gender stereotypes are preconceived ideas whereby females and males are arbitrarily assigned characteristics and roles determined and limited by their gender. … Stereotypes about women both result from, and are the cause of, deeply engrained attitudes, values, norms and prejudices …

    Hmmmm…so just bc he’s a straight guy, he’ll hit in her.
    This B!tch is delusional!

  4. farrah grow the fuck up you r a bitch to r mom you r going to need her one day and she not going to be around for you sooo stope

    1. Farrahs brat daughter has treated her grandmother disrespectfully since she could talk !She’s going to be EXACTLY like her mother! She’s well and truly on the way !!!!

  5. Fuck, Farrah is one of the few people that I genuinely just based on the way she treats people. There is nothing trashier in my eyes than people who are blatantly rude and verbally abusive just because they have a superiority complex. I don’t normally wish ill on others, but I’m going to enjoy watching her descend further into oblivion. She has ruined Sophia on a psychological level & reduced Deb, who used to be a seemingly mature, intelligent professional woman into a needy, baby-talking, “rapper” who acts more like she’s in an abusive relationship with Farrah than the mother of this overgrown brat. Farrah is the equivalent to an emotionally abusive partner to everyone in her life & she’ll be eternally single because of it. I genuinely don’t think she is capable of feeling real love or compassion, which makes me fear that Sophia will grow up to be an even bigger nightmare than the “women” she has raising her. Farrah will learn sooner or later that the way she disrespects everyone is going to leave her broke & alone. She’s a talentless ex-reality star with an amateur porn career who lives like a millionaire, I give her a year before she’s a full-time hooker living on Michael’s couch.

    Funny side note, if you comment on Farrah’s illiterate Twitter posts, Michael will argue with you & then block you. This whole family is so bizarre.

  6. I hope they put on Deb just to piss Farrah more.

    Am I the only idiot who thought Morgan Freeman the producer was the older guy in the movies this whole time? lol

  7. Where does Farrah use the restroom when she is working at her other jobs? Do they make her go down the street?
    I can’t wait till Sophia gets old enough to start fighting with Farrah and treats her like Farrah treats Deb and I’m sick of her freaking baby talk I’m glad to see her go I won’t have to fast forward anymore

  8. In all seriousness- I was raised with an older sister who is exactly like Farrah. It was horrifying walking around on eggshells my entire childhood. Now I’m an adult and I’ve made the choice not to talk to her, so life is good. But I can’t even imagine having someone with narcissistic personality and facticious disorder as a parent…

    1. I have a younger sister like Farrah and I cut her out of my life 10 years ago, for mine and my children sake. My parents (Deb and Micheal) are still abused by her to this day and I have no respect for them to tolerate watching it, so I have cut almost all ties to them as well. That toxic abuse will not permeate to my children, no matter how much my parents want to pretend their child is normal.

  9. I’ve watched this clip over and over and over. Morgan’s reaction when she says she’s not difficult is my new favorite thing in the world.

  10. It boggles my mind how anyone can justify her actions. Deb wasn’t perfect by any means but comparing her to some of the other girls’s mothers puts things in perspective. We know more about Deb than we do about the other girls’s moms. Cait had drug-addicted, alcoholic parents but doesn’t treat people horribly. Jenelle’s father was abusive to Barb and hardly in Jenelle’s life, but even she doesn’t have Farrah’s reputation of treating others so horridly. Kail had a disturbed mother and no father growing up. She doesn’t have Farrah’s reputation. Bottom line is Farrah was and is a rotten, spoiled brat to the nth degree who has a laughingly elevated opinion of herself. Fame has only exacerbated her bad behavior. There’s no excuse for her actions and I hope she finally gets her just comeuppance. The person to feel sorry for is Sophia because in 10 years people will be talking about how she is screwed up because of her mentally ill mother.

  11. I can’t wait to see the videos of her strung out, on a street corner yelling at passing cars about how she used to be somebody. It’s going to be a hilarious comeuppance.

    1. Because she brings in money and that’s all these people care about. Children in danger? No problem! Money in danger? Oh no! It’s ridiculous

    2. Jenelle is certainly difficult to work with but she is nowhere near this bad. It sounds like the crew members can at least use Jenelle’s bathroom…

  12. The fact that MTV gave that little cunt all those considerations is baffling to me. Here’s a little pig that got knocked up as a teen, they give it a TV show despite the fact she’s not very interesting. Along with giving her fame and fortune, they turned her into the most miserable of human beings which she is putting upon the devil spawn of her porn star pounded loins.

  13. You know, I feel bad for Sophia. Her mother is a bully, to everyone.(Including Sophia). When I started high school, I was bullied by my aide all the time. She would yell at me whenever she felt it was necessary. If I smile, she assumed I was thinking dirty thoughts. I was 14 years old. No matter how good my grades were, they were never good enough. When I tried to tell my mom, she didn’t believe me. For a while, it felt like no one did. One day, in PE, myid yelled at me so bad it really scared me. Some of the other girls tried to defend me, but she wouldn’t let that happen. When I started becoming too scared to go to school, and begging my mom to keep me home, that’s when she realized there was a problem. It took quite a while, but this person was finally fired. I was able to finish the last two years of high school with fairly normal kid problems. I’m fairly happy now, and I hope the same for Sophia one day. I don’t think there is any hope for Farrah.

  14. The girl is crazy, so why would they put up with her antics for that long. She’s not worth it and doesn’t realize that you cant treat people like that and expect a good outcome….At lease she has her porn career to fall back on.

  15. I don’t feel bad for these producers. Farrah’s a piece of shit, but so are they. They watch child abuse happen on the regular and don’t report it to authorities. Protocol is to report it to MTV instead of CPS because they know MTV is not going to do a fucking thing about it. The crew on these shows deserve worse than Farrah. Just wait until Kaiser gets old enough to spill! Then we will see how much abuse MTV and their producers swept under the rug to make money.

    1. In North Carolina (where The Land and poor Kaiser is), everyone is a “mandated reporter” of suspected child abuse and they can be prosecuted for not reporting it. I had looked it up before, but there was an article stemming from that pig Larry Nasser story that listed states where everyone has a duty and NC is one of them.

      It’s a shame they don’t do anything about it.

  16. And this “most successful business women” from the show (her words) wonders why no one can stand her. She is terrible and is so influential on her daughter. I cringe every week watching her behavior to her daughter. It is scary to see how Sophia will be 10 years from now.

  17. “I’m not difficult!!!” Blink, blink,blink,blink.

    This really needs to be reworked into a clip, interspersed with the endless examples of her being difficult ?

    Both Mtv and Farrah have brought this on themselves. It’s not as if she was once nice, and slipped into degrading and abusive behaviour so gradually that the lines blurred. She was always unreasonable,and they continued to cater to her as her demands escalated. For fuck’s sake,even Jenelle has more self awareness than Farrah, there was literally 0% chance that she was ever going to change and start treating the crew decently.

    1. Especially after they did a special about Jenelle’s legal trouble! I want a Farrah Being Difficult special! Not necessarily because I want a special about Farrah but because MTV owns the footage and I’d love to see the network embarrass the heck out of Farrah!

  18. She’s vile and is gonna spend out her days alone, degrading herself for ?
    She played herself. Oh well ??‍♀️

  19. Glad she’s gone. I can’t stand her. No one should put up with the verbal abuse she was giving them. I don’t like people who think they are better then everyone else. I DVR the show when she comes in I fast forward her parts.. She wouldnt be where she is today..

  20. I blame MTV for allowing her to treat them that way for years. So they came to a point where Heather could not work for them anymore but Farrah is JUST NOW being fired?

  21. I truly feel for those producers and crew members who had families to support and bills to pay, while having their jobs threatened and impeded by Farrah’s delusional foolishness and all-out sh*t show.

    And no doubt the day will come when the adult entertainment industry will be telling her to get out, use the bathroom outside or at the nearest gas station, etc.

    It’ll happen when that industry deems her raunchy “backdoor” as far too mature and plastic surgery stretched for them to sell.

    Clearly, the old saying is a true one: You often meet the very same people on the way up – as you do on the way down.

    1. I heard it’s easy to gain a reputation as being difficult in the adult industry. It’s coming, don’t worry.

  22. Wait, two questions come to mind…

    1) Why did Heather get special treatment before she was fired? Weren’t they real life friends to the point that Heather would sleepover Farrah’s house–which caused her to get fired because she “crossed lines” professionally? I believe the stories here, but now I’m even more curious than I was about the Farrah/Heather friendship! How did one producer seem to click with her when everyone else gets treated like garbage?

    2) Wait…NONE of the other girls cause these issues? I’m not saying Jenelle has forbidden people from using her restroom. And I will say she yells less at the producers (her soul mate de jour usually does that more than her, right?). But there’s no way she doesn’t cause production issues. No way.

    1. Agree with point two, that was manipulative and heavy handed to say “out of 9 girls, you’re the only one who’s a problem”.

      I have no problem believing that she’s the biggest problem, and by a wide margin, but we also know that Jenelle has refused let the crew in on scheduled filming days, demanded her own house for group events, has raged, blamed and thrown things at producers and crew. I imagine most of the girls have had moments of being difficult to work with.

      That said, Farrah is truly irredeemable.

      1. My guess is because Jenelle’s diva behavior has been pretty recent. They’ve only been dealing with it…how long has she been with Lurch? Two years? Before, I don’t think there was much of a problem with Jenelle and it seems Farrah has been a consistent pain in the ass.

        1. Not recently at all. The girls have mentioned incidents years back, while pregnant with Kaiser, that she had a temper tantrum, and smashed her iphone and refused to film until a crew member bought her another.

  23. Why on earth did MTV go to such lengths to please this woman? Who is in charge of production? Who is responsible for this show existing? MTV, not Farrah. And yet they treated her like she was the queen that could order them around. I don’t get that at all.

  24. Omg. Reading all this reminds me so much of my sister, who is a bratty heroin addict. I in no way think Farrah is an addict, but they act very similar. My sister freaks out when she doesn’t get her way and when you call her out on it then there’s hell to pay. If you don’t do what she wants when she wants it, to benefit her needs, she will turn to a psycho. When you give her love or show concern she takes it as an insult. Twins. My sister will send 80 crazy ass text messages but mixed in w those, there will be10 random ones talking about a tv show or her hair color like nothing happened. Twins.

    1. My condolences and I hope your sister is able to get help that just seems like such a pressure cooker constantly walking on egg shells

  25. All of these instances do suck, but are we surprised? I honestly think the stuff she does on camera to her parents is way more vile.

  26. Um how was behind the scenes any different than what is on film, outtakes, bloopers, how she treats her mom, how she treats her Dad, how she treats her kid, etc ? Uh yeah….

    1. The ways she treats her mom is really hard to watch. Her mom gets on my nerves really bad, but Farrah is wrong for treating her the way she does.

        1. And his girlfriend. Farrah only gets along with people who never tell her no and always agree with what she says.
          I litterly have to fast forward because I want to slap them all into reality

  27. If I was on the crew I would have created the porta potty rule. It’s probably safer to use a rented porta potty than to risk catching something from the star of backdoor teen mom! Pick up your antibiotic when you get your shoe covers

  28. Ummmmm, MTV created this beast, so I don’t really feel all that bad for them. They should have put their foot down a long time ago and made her sign some kind of behavioral contract, because I’m thinking that the station might be liable if one of the staff were to sue for abuse. I don’t know of too many jobs were you are expected to take verbal abuse from anyone. F that B, I guess this is why they brought in botched-butt Briana. p.s. I kind of agree with her about the bathroom situation, depending on how many crew members there are.

    1. That’s what honestly I don’t understand either why would mtv condone this behavior for so long? or accommodate it I mean obviously she shouldn’t treat people like that at all but to let her get away with it is a whole different level of crazy

  29. I can’t wait until this sad-ass chick falls into the abyss of has beens. She has nothing going for her- she’s rude, not attractive, not charismatic.

    1. I’m thinking that the rule probably isn’t the problem, but the way she enforced it.

      Most of us say, “Could you please take your shoes off?”

      She says, “OH my God take your *beep* shoes off in my fantastical house and put *beep* covers over your *beep* feet or you’re fired. And get out of Starburst’s way.”

      1. No it’s take your shoes off and clean up Starburst shit when your done and spray paint her coat and then let my 4 dogs out of their cages and clean them and when that is done pick up poop in back yard. All in her best baby voice or bitch voice depends who she is ordering around

  30. MTV is the Employer in these scenarios. They should’ve nipped this in the bud years ago with Farrah being performance managed or let go.

    Farrah has been extremely rude from day one & has no friends or support people due to her nasty nature. Her ‘friends’ on the show are no doubt on the payroll or porn stars, quality people to have around her kid.

    What Farrah is sowing with MTV she’ll reap from Sophia’s behaviours. Good riddance and God bless America!

  31. i cant wait til sophia gets tired of farrah and treats her the way farrah treats others.something is clearly going on with sophia mentally so hopefully its coming soon..

  32. Good riddance! Her soul is as black as charcoal and 100% empty! I don’t care what allegedly happened to her as a kid, her behavior is inexcusable! She’s a disgusting human with zero compassion for anyone else. Karma has its way of humbling us all one day. Farrah’s time is coming

  33. Well MTV, you reap what you sow.
    You’ve allowed her behave like this and treat staff and co-members like crap since day one.

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