Here Comes Baby #12! Nick Cannon & Alyssa Scott Expecting Another Child Together, Less Than A Year After Their Son’s Death

Nick Cannon’s family is growing yet again, as he and Alyssa Scott are expecting their second child together. 

Alyssa confirmed her pregnancy on social media by posting a photo of her growing baby bump along with her daughter, Zeela.

“With you by my side… ,” Alyssa captioned the photo. 

While Nick was not pictured in the post– nor was he tagged– ET confirmed that the Wild ’N Out host is the father.  This baby will be Nick’s 12th child, as another one of his baby mamas— Abby De La Rosa— is about to give birth to his 11th.

Nick and Alyssa’s baby news comes less than a year after the pair’s son, Zen, died from a brain tumor at five months old. 

In June, the parents announced Zen’s Light Foundation in honor of their late son, with a mission to “foster global excellence in hope, grief-care, and pediatric healthcare for families and children in need.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Nick welcomed his 10th child, son Rise Messiah, last month with Brittany Bell. Brittany is also the mother to two more of Nick’s children– son Golden, born in 2017, and daughter Powerful Queen, born in 2020. 

Two weeks before Rise’s arrival, former The Price Is Right model LaNisha Cole gave birth to Nick’s ninth child, daughter Onyx Ice. 

Nick is also the father of son Legendary Love, whom he welcomed in July with Bri Tiesi, and twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Abby De La Rosa. Abby also happens to be pregnant by Nick again and is due this month. 

Nick also shares twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey. 

For those keeping track at home (or at least trying to), Nick will soon have a dozen children by six different women. 

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(Photos: The Nick Cannon Show; Instagram) 


  1. Someone needs to think about a vasectomy..soon. And you mothers of his kids..need to think about your priorities and self respect.

  2. There’s no way between the career, the multiple baby mommas and the dozen children , that Nick can be the father that these kids deserve. Sure , he has money and can hire nannies. But , kids need a present father. If shows like the Trash ass Duggars , Twisted Sister Wives ,and the likes have showed us anything , it’s that it doesn’t work. These women need to stop being his cum dumpsters.

  3. I don’t really care for him but he must be loaded. Why else would these women keep having babies with him. I had been thought baby #8 was like super gross, but this is just ridiculous now.

  4. So, I gave passes to Mariah and Alyssa- they only had one *pregnancy* by Nick and obviously Mariah was before all his insanity and Alyssa was very early on too. I figured after seeing how Nick dealt with losing Zen- basically immediately running out to impregnante any female willing- that she would gain some common sense and move on like a Queen. Clearly not. He didn’t even stick around to support her or be there for her while she mourned the loss of their son. That is just gross. I don’t feel bad for ANY of these women (except Mariah). Or Nick. They all look like complete fools and are walking STD’s. I feel bad for these children. Anywho- he’s literally going to have FOUR children that were born within 6 months of each other. That is just gross. Everyone is saying they are doing it for the money. Well, when you have a million kids split the money you bring in… What money?! LOL

  5. So how many kids are the same age now? Thinking of milestones.. he plans to be there for all? First steps etc? This is well out of hand. It’s gross

  6. Each of these women receive a certain amount every month.

    They signed away the right to ask the courts for any more than they get.

    He’s looking for a donor match. So far only one or 2 match.

    1. Donor match for what?

      I do remember reading about a specific amount given to the women. I wonder how much that is. Must be a lot because partners of celebrities get a lot.

      1. “Nick Cannon To Shell Out An Estimated $3 Million Per Year In Child Support Following Birth Of Newest Baby With Lanisha Cole. Nick Cannon welcomed Onyx Ice with The Price is Right model LaNisha Cole on Thursday, September 15, making the popular talent show host a father-of-nine.”

  7. What. The. EFF. is wrong with these women. He doesn’t have enough money or charm to make it worth it, and every one of these kids is going to grow up without a dad. NICE WORK.


  8. Is this a joke? Anyone want to take bets on how many children and different mothers? Is he going through a midlife crisis, suffering from mental health issue, and/or physical health issues (doesn’t he have lupus?)

    Nick Cannon is running circles around the “Teen Moms”. I don’t know what’s going on with him these last 2 years but he needs an intervention. The fact these women are okay with this behavior doesn’t speak highly of them. I mean, he’s in the double digits for chdren, how is he going to be an adequate father figure? Throwing money at children doesn’t take away the void of present parents.

    1. It’s like My Sister’s Father’s Keeper.

      Just going to keep popping out babies until one is a perfect match and is coerced willing to donate.

  9. Kail Lowry be like, “And people give me shit for having multiple baby daddies, but I’m not THIS crazy” (I don’t care about Kail but she’s not actively going around randomly sleeping and popping and not raising them)

    Mariah Carey, in between her many career and parental endeavors: “And here I only split with him just because it wasn’t working out.”

    1. We don’t know if Kail is randomly sleeping around or not (she certainly wants to have a girl very badly) but these guys are more than likely just catching a break because she’s not getting knocked up and they’re not having to be stuck with her.

      1. The thing with Kail is that if she wanted her girl she should have paid for ivf with donation seaman and pay the extra cash to guarantee her a girl instead of randomly getting pregnant just to have another boy. She had all of that money with tm2 and I am honestly not sure about her finances because her hair care line flopped but her podcasts are doing well with what I heard.

        1. Paying for IVF (and im sure she could afford it) would be the responsible thing but I think she (like Nick) enjoy the repeated deed too much to take the easy way out by guaranteeing that they get what they want through IVF.

          Kail (and Nick too im sure) would rather roll the dice by doing the nasty and then bitch because they don’t get what they want but have the responsibility of a child and a baby mama or daddy that they may or may not want.

  10. I can’t imagine having sex with someone who is actively getting 3/4 other women pregnant. It’s not like this is a one time, bam I’m pregnant. It’s so gross and these women should be testing for stds at the bare minimum. Nick is an asshole, there is no physical or emotional way that this guy is around for all his children. There is not enough time in the day for 6 split homes.. Way to emotionally eff up your children’s lives.

  11. Am I the only one concerned about STDs? Not calling anyone nasty, but so much unprotected sex with multiple partners is risky. Maybe they are regularly tested. But still…I’d be worried. Then again no way I would be having kids with this guy!

  12. It seems like these women are all in on it. Maybe they have a bet going between them all to see who can pop out the most babies! Twins get extra points!

  13. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I find it disgusting that he continues to quote bible verses and make all kinds of references to him being devoutly religious when he is clearly not living in a godly way. Having kids with all these different woman is creating a bunch of broken, fragmented family units from which the children will suffer the most. I find the woman equally at fault for participating in the foolishness.

  14. There is no way he gets to spend quality time with them all. I mean it isn’t just 12 children. It is 12 by different women. Who live separately. How can you do that to them purposely?

  15. I just can’t, especially with this woman. Doesn’t she know he said that he started basically sleeping around because their baby died? How can you have another child with a man that’s so disrespectful with your child’s death? I’m waiting for one of these women to come forward and confirm they are all part of a fertility cult à la Duggar

  16. Waiting for him to announce his new “church cult” that must be coming since he is trying to repopulate the entire world himself.

  17. Expecting a pregnancy announcement from Bri Teisi next month. She has to have her second child with him and only him, and the babies can’t be no more then a year apart.

      1. Why?

        Everybody is on his case for having baby after baby with all these different women, he obviously can’t be faithful…that’s what I meant by “guess she didn’t learn her lesson” I meant nothing against the dead child when I said what I said…I was talking about HER.

        1. I don’t think he’s being unfaithful. These women know he’s sleeping with many more women. I just don’t know why they choose to participate in this

          1. What do you call sleeping multiple women at one time and not being committed to any of them? I call it unfaithful.

            All he wants is is to sew his seed, and he doesn’t care if it’s with 1 woman, 6 women or more.

        2. Trying to reply to your next comment but won’t let me. I don’t think he’s being unfaithful because he would have to be in a committed relationship with these women to be faithful. These women and him have repeatedly stated that he is not in a relationship with any of them, especially a monogamous one.

          1. Having a child is a commitment, but like alot of others are saying, hes only in it for a donor match and that’s all.

            The point is, he needs to keep it in his pants or pick ONE woman to have all these kids by…not a half a freaking dozen.

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