Jed Duggar & Wife Katey Address Josh Duggar’s “Situation” During Fan Q&A; Jed Denies Being Brainwashed By Duggar Family

“…and let’s face it, who hasn’t had a brother go to prison at least once, am I right?”

Former Counting On star Jed Duggar took to YouTube on Saturday to address some misconceptions about the Duggar family and to comment on his brother Josh Duggar, who is currently serving 151 months in federal prison for possessing child sex abuse materials (CSAM). 

Joining Jed for the fan Q&A was his wife, Katey, with whom Jed welcomed son Truett Oliver in May–- one month after the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

During the Q&A, the couple were asked to address the biggest misconception of their family. Because this question was so obviously directed at Jed, Katey allowed her husband to take the lead. 

We’re here for Katey subtly throwing shade at Jed and his problematic family.

According to Jed, one of the biggest misconceptions is that he is “brainwashed” or controlled by his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

“I am definitely not brainwashed, I have a mind of my own,” Jed said. 

“So do I,” Katey added.

“I never recall seeing ‘brainwashing’ on my list of Duggar jurisdictions, so I think I’m in the clear.”

After noting that his “dad even said” he has a mind of his own, Jed went on to talk about his family’s ability to work through disagreements with each other, to which he credited his parents. 

“ … Sometimes we’ll have an argument, disagreements, where we’ll just talk things out and it’s healthy,” Jed said. “ … My dad is a very humble man. My mom as well, she’s just the sweetest thing ever. I’ve got some amazing parents. 

“I’ve always liked that kid…whatever his name is.”

“ … They aren’t perfect, I know that, but I love them for who they are and so I’m really grateful for my parents,” he continued. 

Jed admitted his upbringing wasn’t perfect either–- something he claims the rest of the world is now getting to see.

“The upbringing that I had, of course it wasn’t perfect, and I think a lot of people are seeing that now,” he said. “My parents, for a long time, every time they would speak, every time they open their mouths, they would say we’re not a perfect family. Now the world, of course, is seeing that.”

Fans also asked Jed and Katey how they were dealing with “Josh’s situation,” to which Jed admitted, “it’s been really hard.”

“Um, yeah, about that…”

” … Probably one of the hardest things for our family,” he said. “Of course, a lot of you have seen, you know, the headlines and all these things … it has saddened us, my older brother and his decisions, things that he’s done. It’s a very sensitive spot in our family.”

Jed said he and Katey are just trying to be there as much as they can, particularly for Josh’s wife, Anna, and the couple’s children, while also offering support to other Duggar family members.

“Do you remember what else my dad told me to say?”

“Just, I think, spending time together as a family is important, too,” Jed said. “Talking about things and just being there and being present. I think that’s our main purpose right now, is just how can we show love to our family … it’s a hard time. 

“We’re going to go through challenges in life,” Jed added.

The cause of many of those “challenges”…

“It’s just, I feel, like, a lot of just learning how to deal with those challenges when they come up and having humility,” he added. 

Jed was also asked if he was relieved to no longer have his family’s business on TV. As fans know, the Duggar family’s two TLC series—‘Counting On’ and ’19 Kids & Counting’— were cancelled as a direct result of Josh’s “situations.”

Katey never appeared on either show.

Thanks for making it so easy, Duggars!

“People are always going to find ways to make a news story or whatever,” he said. “I don’t know what their intentions are, but I feel like that’s going to be there for a while–” 

” … because the family business is still out there,” Katey noted. 

Click here to watch Jed and Katey’s full Q&A. 

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(Photos: YouTube; TLC) 


  1. Jed is probably, in my opinion, the most brainwashed of them all. Not that others aren’t (sans Jill, you go Jill!) but he tried to be a politician for crying out loud! He thinks he’s so special cuz he’s a Duggar…well, you’re not. And I hope you give your wife at least a yearly break before she will have to birth your children again.

  2. Having a family member who has had deplorable behaviors is hard. The Duggars can hold Josh accountable and still love him. What I find shameful is his wife is unable to take care of their children. The Duggars are marginally educated and being a housewife is fine in a partnership. It’s darn hard without an income. The Duggars lifestyle does not promote independent thinking or a life outside of their rules. It’s good to see a few strike out on their own and still have a spiritual life. Jana is still on the family compound, and what’s sad is she may not realize she has choices. Her fear of being ostracized may keep her there.

  3. If they aren’t brainwashed then why are the kids so robotic?? Like they legit aren’t allowed to have their own personalities (I think this is why people gravitate towards the Bates even though they’re just as bad). It’s called “training” and not “raising” for a reason. You’ve been trained to do, say, respond however Jim Bob would like you to

  4. It’s really unfair that people are giving him sh*t for the sh*t his older brother did. Like by the time he was old enough to know Josh, Josh had already moved out and lived with Anna.

    It’s really hard to know someone and then find out you don’t know them and not only that but they are the worst evil in the world, but you also love them because they are your family, but also hate them because of their actions.

    All the Duggars need real therapy, and they probably won’t get it because its not allowed in their cult.

    1. Imo the only sh!t he’s receiving is due to the fact that he will not publicly state that the jury got it right and that Josh is guilty nor give prayers to all of Josh’s victims.

      1. Just because he doesn’t publicly admit the jurors were right or that he prays for the victims doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe that or do that.

        Imo, what a person thinks and does is their own business, he doesn’t have to make it public to appease people the situation doesn’t involve.

        His thoughts and opinions are his own and he doesn’t need to say it to make them relevant, they’re relevant to him and that’s enough.

        I honestly think that since he openly admits that what his brother did was deplorable shows that he obviously thinks the jury was right.

      2. Why does Jed owe you or anyone else any comment. He isn’t the perpetrator. He is in fact, in a way a victim of Josh as well. Would you also hold such contempt for a young woman whose father committed a murder or rape? Just because Jed doesn’t comment publicly doesn’t mean he supports Josh. How do you know he doesn’t pray for Josh’s victims? Are you there every time he says a prayer? Jed can despise what his brother did, and support Josh’s victims, but he also grew up with Josh as a brother, and on some level he is bound to love him. That doesn’t mean he thinks Josh should be free. I don’t understand why people feel that he would owe the public a condemnation of Josh. I’m sure Jed is crushed, embarrassed and angry at his brother for what he did.

        My husband was very abusive to me, and my 2 boys saw it. They hated it, they knew it was wrong….but they loved their dad because he was their dad. Family members of someone who commits horrible acts against another, are also victims. They are so conflicted by their mixed emotions, I would hope the public could show them some compassion.

  5. We’ll, it’s nice for him to admit his brother did do those deplorable things, and not just say “what he was accused of”, “allegedly did”, “if it’s true”…

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