‘Little People Big World’ Star Amy Roloff Says It’s Time For Her Family To “Move On” From Drama Over Roloff Farm

“Can’t we all just get along?!”

The past few seasons of Little People Big World have centered around the potential sale of Roloff Farm and the drama it has caused within the Roloff family. Going forward, though, Amy Roloff says she is ready for her and her family to move past the feud.

In an Instagram Live session on Friday, Amy discussed the effect the farm sale feud (which has been going on between her twin sons Zach and Jeremy, and their father Matt, for some time now) has had on the involved parties, as well as her and her other children, Molly and Jacob, who do not appear on ‘Little People Big World.’

“Even the kids that you don’t see on the show, they’ve had to embrace and figure out how they’re going to handle it and what they think of all this,” Amy told her Instagram followers. “This farm was like the seventh kid, seventh individual in our family.”

Amy with her kids Molly and Jacob (as well as Jacob’s wife, Isabel (left)…

As The Ashley has previously reported, the Roloff Family’s relationships have been strained since Matt decided to put part of the farm up for sale for $4 million back in May. While Jeremy and Zach had both expressed interest in buying Roloff Farm, they eventually purchased other properties for their families after they were unable to come to an agreement with Matt.

In his Instagram post announcing that the portion of Roloff Farm was for sale, Matt made it clear that he was unhappy that he had to sell the land to someone outside the family, and essentially blamed Zach and Jeremy for being unwilling to buy it. Zach would go on to comment on Matt’s post, stating that Matt’s words were “extremely misguided and false.” Zach accused his dad of manipulating the show’s fanbase to make himself look good.

Matt recently announced that he plans to turn the family’s former home on the farm into a vacation rental property. While Amy didn’t seem too happy about the idea, she did say that she longs for everyone in the family to finally put their differences aside.

“Matt owns all the property,….you guys have seen what he’s doing with it now…” Amy said. “It’s time for us to move on with our own lives…my hope and goal is always to, eventually, maybe we can get together more than just birthdays, maybe a holiday. It takes time for that to happen. It’s easier for some and takes a little longer for others.

“Um…you go first, Pops!”

“Ours is real life, we’re not like some of the other reality shows…this is a real family, you just get a snippet of it,” Amy added later.

While Season 24 of ‘Little People Big World’ is about to premiere, Amy confirmed in her Live that the family has not been offered a 25th season yet. 

“I can’t confirm this is the final season. I don’t know. I have no idea…” she said. “I hope you guys keep watching, I think you’ll still find some interesting things.”

She stated that, if the show does get renewed, she hopes that the future episodes will focus on more than the farm-sale drama.

“I mean…how many seasons can they milk out of this situation? I’m over it!”

“If there is another season after that, I’m going to try to make it into a season where you actually get to see a little more of us and what we’re doing in our lives…maybe getting together with everybody. We’re moving forward from this [farm sale stuff].”

‘Little People Big World’ Season 24 premieres November 1 on TLC. Click here to read about the new season and watch the season’s trailer! 

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17 Responses

  1. Time too move on…..Matt can do whatever he wants ..the gf don’t have. A dog in the fight. Or option ..grand .kids should inherit it problem solved and everybody is happy……. Amy don’t have a option. She sold her part!!!! The kids not on show Well figure it out. Matt is putting $ before family.

  2. When Matt said entitled that did it that farm belongs to all those kids it’s their legacy not his and they shouldn’t have to buy part of the farm or even the whole Farm it should be given to them Matt get over yourself

  3. When Matt said “entitled” about his children that was it. That farm his THEIR legacy NOT HIS. The farm should have been GIVEN to them, they shouldn’t have to buy it. My goodness Matt get over yourself!!

    1. Legally speaking, it’s “their legacy” only if the current owner deems it so, by a Will, Trust, Grant Deed, or Tenancy In Common Deed. Saying it’s theirs doesn’t cut the mustard. And yes, neither of the twins have the business background or acumen to keep the farm a success the way that Matt has. Sorry, but Zach has successfully morphed into the King of Entitlement. At least Jeremy is wisely keeping his mouth shut!

  4. Matt Roloff is 100% justified in selling the property that is HIS. His lazy ass kids would never take care of it because they have ZERO work ethic. The father spent decades of his life working this property. And if Amy wanted her kids to have it…..why didn’t SHE sell it to them??? You know why? Because she wanted the money!! Then she turns around and blames Matt when he wants to sell it! This is his retirement money for his lifetime of work. He offered it to the kids at half price and OF COURSE they wanted this valuable property for nothing. I see exactly why the dad was reluctant…they would not be able to maintain it and it would fall into disrepair. Plus, he has 4 kids, they should all get a piece. OR if Zach purchase it he could turn around and sell the property a year later and snag ALL the decades of equity the dad put into the property! He still has 93 acres which I’m sure his kids will inherit. They dad did the right thing by removing himself from years of stress, maintenance and worry of the property his kids would not be able to take care of and he’s tired! He’s disabled and 60 years old. He deserves a rest. The selfish brat Zach needs to get over himself because he hasn’t worked a friggin day in his life. The dad never promised them anything. He did the right thing.

    1. I have watched the show from the beginning and it is getting a bit boring! How much longer can it go on…it’s more about Tori and Zack and enough is enough! I feel bad for for Matt, it seems everyone is against him, everyone needs to move on!!

  5. I watched the new episode and find it boring. Everything is about Zach and Tori. This has no longer interesting. Sick of those two who blame Matt for everything but they fail to to credit him for what they have. If it weren’t for the show they wouldn’t have any money and they continue to collect there paycheck from TLC they are both slobs.He was given more when he was a little boy because he was the only dwarf of his siblings. Spoiled rotten

    1. So true. I sincerely hope that Zach and Tori are investing their TLC funds wisely and well. Zach brags about having his “tribe” of three children born with Dwarfism. I don’t think either he or Tori are thinking ahead. All of the children, as the years go by, will be facing endless medical problems, surgeries, etc. Do I have to say this is going to be costly??? And, many health insurance plans do not cover problems resulting from “pre-existing conditions.”
      Zach and Tori need to wake up and grow up!!

  6. I feel the family is a little too harsh on Matt. The kids did feel intited ,and at he same time they could not afford it. So pull up your big boy panties and be a man. Quit saying bad things about your dad. He’s trying to make amends. Yes, it’s time to move on but dont go with resentment or hate. Go with forgiveness in your heart. If you, Zach, and Tori are true Christians this is what you will do. Unforgiveness brings stress and pain and forgiveness will bring peace and understanding. Good luck to your family and may God bless!

  7. Why didn’t Amy sell to one if the lazy twins? Because she wanted top dollar from Matt, not 500k from the little spoiled twin or the other one.

    1. It was in their divorce agreement that if she sold her portion she would have to offer to Matt first, that’s why she couldn’t sell to the boys

  8. How amusing! Amy happily threw herself into the conflict and now she wants to “move on??” For starters, maybe she should tell whiny Zach to take a chill pill and also move on.

  9. Everytime, after a few seasons, you hear a reality star begin to say “show another side of me”or”focus on the real things in our life and not the drama” etc, it’s the end of the show.
    Sad, but we watch your show for the drama and/or whatever is unusual in your life.
    LPBW hadtheir highest rated season when there was lots of drama.

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