‘Little People, Big World’ Returns For Season 24; Zach & Tori Roloff Reveal Why They’re Skipping Roloff Farms’ Pumpkin Season: Watch the New Trailer!

“Unless I’m allowed to chuck gourds at my dad’s head, I’m out.”

Pumpkin Season is in full swing at Roloff Farms, but Zach Roloff and his wife Tori have yet to be seen taking part in the Oregon farm’s fall festivities as they have in past years. In the trailer for the upcoming season of Little People, Big World— which was released on Tuesday— Zach and Tori reveal why they’re skipping Pumpkin Season this year.

“I feel like it’s going to be a hostile environment,” Zach tells his mom Amy and her husband Chris in the trailer. 

“The farm is not a place of joy for me anymore,” Tori tells the cameras.

As The Ashley has previously reported, the Roloff Family’s relationships have been strained since Zach’s dad, Matt Roloff, decided to put part of the farm up for sale for $4 million back in May. While Jeremy and Zach had both expressed interest in buying Roloff Farm, they eventually purchased other properties for their families after they were unable to come to an agreement with Matt.

In his Instagram post announcing that the portion of Roloff Farm was for sale, Matt made it clear that he was unhappy that he had to sell the land to someone outside the family, and essentially blamed Zach and Jeremy for being unwilling to buy it. Zach would go on to comment on Matt’s post, stating that Matt’s words were “extremely misguided and false” and accuse his dad of manipulating the show’s fanbase to make himself look good.

In the new season’s trailer, Matt again seems to be blaming Zach and Tori for the family feud.

“Zach and Tori have really isolated from me and from [my girlfriend Caryn],” Matt tells the camera.

“I can’t imagine why they don’t want to be around me! Go figure!”

Zach tells his dad that he doesn’t want Caryn to meet his newest son Josiah, and later, Tori explains that Caryn thinks that Zach and Tori need to extend the “olive branch” to begin to make peace within the family. Tori makes it clear that she and Zach have no interest in approaching Caryn to settle their differences.

Later in the trailer, Matt tells the cameras that he’s preparing to “do something different” with the farm. (This was something Matt recently hinted at on Instagram Live, stating that, because the farm has been on the market since May and has yet to sell, he had some “big plans” to help it sell.)

“I am ready to go in a completely new direction,” Matt says, without revealing what that “new direction” is.

“I’ll reduce my price to $3,999,999. How does that sound Zach?”

Season 24 of ‘Little People, Big World’ premieres November 1 on TLC.

Watch the season’s trailer below!

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

33 Responses

  1. Did Amy pass in real life also watched TLC yesterday the 1st November there was no airing of big world little people what really happend looking forward for season 24 thank you I just love Zack an Toris kids so cute love to see them mostly Good Morning to all ?♥️

  2. OMG Matt is so full of himself and his girlfriend Caryn. ? Of course they didn’t do anything! Of course Zach did something and and Jeremy did something. Of course it was broken down by Zach & Tori. Of course they don’t have a right to say where & how their children will grow. Oh My Goodness! GET A GRIP MATT! LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF & CARYN! YOU NEED A REALITY CHECK!

  3. I feel for Amy & Chris–I hope they can maintain their good relationship without allowing other family issues to interfere.

  4. Matt is very needy! He’s managed to ruin his marriage with Amy, and family relationships and now his “job” is making sure he’s the center of attention. Caryn is too close not to be involved with the family issues… Its rather crazy how she just dropped the friend relationship she had with Amy and take up with Matt. Didn’t see that one coming.

  5. They are dragging this out to keep the rating going. When half farm gone will even be the show with out the family?

  6. I think Matt is a complete idiot. The boys wanted to buy the farm, Matt made it impossible. Ever since this show started, I’ve always disliked Matt. He has a huge ego.

  7. I’ve been watching this show from day one. I don’t know how much of this is fabricated by TLC to boost ratings or the exact truth behind it all. There are 2 sides to every story. I just feel sad that it does seem like family relationships have suffered and fallen apart. My family broke apart due to a business situation and we have never recovered. That was 10 years ago and we will never be the same. We have never completely healed and never will. What I hear them saying tells me they won’t ever be close again. I feel bad for all of the grandchildren who will never enjoy their grandparents and cousins.

    1. I agree with that statement. My father was a lot like Matt, always thought he was bigger than life. He met a woman,deacon of the church’s wife, they ended up running off together, leaving my Mama to raise 4 kids alone. We were always the bad ones, but his son has great teeth now, me I have none (store bought). You’re right, we were never the same.

  8. To Matt Roloff obviously money is more important than his family and the legacy of the Roloff farm remaining in the family for generations to come. So very sad.

  9. My, my, my. So King Zach of Entitled Land won’t grace pumpkin season with his majestic presence, but is still willing to appear in segments to whine, ANd GET PAID for doing so?
    Of COURSE he does!! It’s his only source of income, since he refuses to grow up and get a REAL job. Gag me…

    1. Matt is very needy! He’s managed to ruin his marriage with Amy, and family relationships and now his “job” is making sure he’s the center of attention. Caryn is too close not to be involved with the family issues… Its rather crazy how she just dropped the friend relationship she had with Amy and take up with Matt. Didn’t see that one coming.

  10. I think Zach got pissed because things didn’t go his way! I guess he wanted Matt to “give” it to him. He and Tori are being very immature in not letting them see the new baby. Tori seems like she can be a real Bitch!!! Matt should do what he wants.HE made the farm what it is! Amy was always against everything

    1. And you can comment about Tori by watching less than 15 hours of edited shows? Guess we can all play this game. You seem like an uneducated, low IQ’d, low rent bitch (just using your words sweetie)!

  11. I think it’s Unfair for Zak And Tori To keep the Children from the Farm and pumpkin season. Grow Up!!!!! No One Owes You Anything.I Didn’t see your Mom Selling you Her Share. SMH

    1. What good would that have done? King Matt would have just put some kind of wall up to block him off! And as he is not mature enough to take over, but now Jacob is? No, he is big enough to do the work. Jeremy was also turned down, why not say anything bad about him? Ugggggh!!!!!

  12. Matt needs to get rid of his girlfriend before he loses everything. Matt girlfriend only has her own intention at heart not the Roloff family.

  13. It is all crap. Zach is the laziest person I’ve ever seen. His wife isn’t much better. Just because Matt says it’s their legacy they should help him with the farm. They never helped Matt. They need to stop complaining and be grateful for what they have. By the way what was handled to them.

  14. whatever the issue is its your father you were the one who up and moved away when things didn’t go yoursand tori’s way and then you had your BABY tell him the news I think that you and tori both are spiteful kids who think that what you did warrants the way the situation is going

  15. Matt built Roloff Farms from nothing and he made it what it is today. I’m tired of hearing Zach and Tori whine about everything. They need to have respect for Matt and Caryn instead of acting so entitled. Neither of them even have jobs and are living on the gravy train Matt built! If this newest season is just about Zach and Tori complaining about everything I think I’ll pass.

    1. Agreed. I’ve been on Team Matt from the start of this mess. Accusations against Caryn are baseless. Matt is not going to let anyone else decide what he should do with the farm. But I really hope they work it out and can move on as a family, rather than go their separate ways.

  16. I totally agree. Matt has always been an arrogant sob who railroaded Amy into many decisions she didn’t agree with over the years. I still watch the show but fast forward all of Matt and Caryn’s contributions…

  17. Zack, should get his own business and stop leaning on his dad. He’s a grown man with a family now. When Amy sold her part of the farm, did he bother her for her part?

  18. Matt should have kept the farm all of it and divide it amongst is children. Which is the right thing to do. Has for his girlfriend she puts looks like a gold digger and not to sure whether she is in love with matt I think it’s money she is in love with and Amy husband has charming he is there is something not quite right with him. Has regards matt he was allways dominated towards Amy nerver included her in what project he took to do oon the farm she worked so hard for that farm. She should have stayed and paid matt off

  19. I’m Team Matt here. Zach and Jerm want this land given to them. What’s Matt supposed to retire on? These kids are making 75,000 an episode, so do the math they can afford to pay 2 million for that property they just refuse to. They won’t have a relationship with caryn but they sure can suck Chris a$$. I see the stoner is back in the family, he looks rough.

  20. IT’s sad what is happening with the ROLOFF FAMILY. ALL FAMILIES GO THROUGH THIS ,BUT A TV SHOW YOU’d think they would keep filming. A better version an let the real stuff go on in the background the show must go on we the Audience are Stil watching for one to get our mind off everyday real stuff we don’t want to see our troubles on TV.
    AMY,we don’t want her around she all ready thinks she’s the new queen of the farm. Like crap she is she’s already making it a contest of the grandchildren TRING to show Amy they love her better. Bull crappy you will never over rule AMY ANY DAY WITH UD FANS AROUND SO GET LOST YOU ALREADY TALKING DOWN TO MATT AN HE CONT LIKE THAT. BEST WISHES TO AMY AN REST OF THE FAMILY LOVE YOU ALL❤️❤️❤️?????the wises

    1. Matt always came across as my way and nothing else (in a quiet way…he hid it well). So suffered his marriage and now his kids. Not all his fault..
      But kind of a bully sheep in wolf’s clothing. Maybe getting out of the publics eye and getting some therapy would help.

  21. Zach Roloff is an ungrateful little bitch of a man. He’s nothing without his father. Truly a spoiled brat. Can’t even build a sandbox. Total joke.

  22. This is a very sad situation.
    We have some similar divisio in my family (not even over money) and it is just destroying to some family members and then we have some family members that don’t care to fix it.
    I hope they can fix things soon because as the years go by it gets harder and harder.

  23. These Roloff Boys Zach & Jeremy are a bunch of self entitled, men who think that the farm should be given to them.
    Matt, you created an easy life for this lot, who only want to take and take

  24. This crap has got to be for the show. Zach was never going to run that farm, he’s too lazy. If Amy can get her poodle skirt a$$ over to take a picture with her adulterous ex husband, so can Tori.

  25. Matt ruined his relationship with two of his kids by spending years telling them, this is their legacy, and the farm will be theirs. This a family business. And then when he saw potential dollar signs, he screwed over his kids.

    It’s not a family business anymore, they don’t profit off going to pumpkin season. They have no incentive to continue working at the Farm. Like best case scenario now he pays them $15/hr, I think they are good. Not worth the 2 hour drive, won’t even pay for gas there and back.

    Karyn is really a b*tch. Like she is the adulterous then the kids are able to work through that and keep a cordial relationship, even though her and Matt cheating is what tore their family apart.

    And now Matt literally tried to con his kids. Like his kids are right that the property isn’t worth what he wanted them to pay, and the proof is no one has bought it, and its almost been a year. Like they were willing to pay and it would have stayed in the family. And now she wants them to extend an olive branch, for what. Tori and Zach did nothing wrong. They have a right to be mad that Matt conned them for years, and now they just want to move on.

    The more Matt and Karyn are on TV, the more people realize they suck.

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